Master the JavaScript Interview: What is a Pure Function?

Pure functions are essential for a variety of purposes, including functional programming, reliable concurrency, and React+Redux apps. But…Continue reading on Medium » | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Nowitzki expects to opt in, retire as a Maverick unless…

When Dirk Nowitzki climbed higher one night earlier this season on the NBA’s all-time scoring list – the one that doesn’t count points from the old American Basketball Association, and thus pushes Julius Erving and Moses Malone farther down in the pecking order – a reporter remar … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

VR Sports, Ninja Trainer reveal VR’s potential for destruction

I hit a man last week. Actually, I hit him three times. Now, these were not deliberate acts of violence. No — they were accidental moments of virtual reality havoc. If you remember the early days of Nintendo’s Wii motion-controller console, you can probably recall people breaking … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Who can hack an iPhone for the FBI? Clues point to Cellebrite in Israel.

The FBI has been trying to hack into the iPhone used by the San Bernardino shooter for months. But this week, when the Justice Department suddenly announced that a mysterious "outside party" was helping investigators access the data, security experts wondered who might be capable … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge vs Nexus 6P

The Samsung Galaxy S7 hype is calming down and it is time to make a more sensible decision. Will you go for the Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge, or is the Nexus 6P still the better bet for your needs? | Continue reading | 3 years ago

The TouchArcade Show - 250 - Nobody Got Sick!

We kick off this week's podcast with a quick health check, and it'd appear that miraculously no one got sick at GDC. Mike regales us with a tale of meeting "young people," and then we dive deep into talking about games. Those discussed include Thomas Was Alone [$1.99], Basketball … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

DARPA kicks off $2m Grand Challenge focused on intelligently splitting up radio spectrum

DARPA has a new Grand Challenge underway, but it’s not an automation moonshot like the self-driving car challenges of the early 2000s or the recent Robotics Challenge. The Defense Department’s R&D wing wants to revolutionize something with a bit less sex appeal, but plenty of rea … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Live is having a moment

Twitter, which turned 10 this week, has apparently made Live its entire organizing principle. At an all-hands meeting last month, Mark Zuckerberg declared live video a top priority for Facebook. Clearly, Zuck’s directing his fight toward Twitter’s Periscope, a mobile live streami … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Verizon says security breach leads to customer data leak

(Reuters) – Verizon said an attacker had exploited a security vulnerability on its enterprise client portal to steal contact information of a number of customers. The company said the attacker however did not gain access to Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) or other … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

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Winning in The Subscription Economy

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Build your own Amazon Echo with Raspberry Pi

Amazon has released the official instructions for how to build your own knock-off Amazon Echo using Raspberry Pi. | Continue reading | 3 years ago

2020 is set to be the biggest year yet for Mars exploration

2020 is set to be a good year for Mars exploration. The United States, China, the United Arab Emirates, Europe, and Russia all have planned Mars missions that are scheduled to launch, or likely to launch, in that year. There have been over 40 missions to Mars throughout history. … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

TouchArcade Game of the Week: 'King Rabbit'

The idea behind the TouchArcade Game of the Week is that every Friday afternoon we post the one game that came out this week that we think is worth giving a special nod to. Now, before anyone goes over-thinking this, it doesn't necessarily mean our Game of the Week pick is the hi … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Lawmakers pushing to make owning an unregistered prepaid phone illegal

If this bill passes, anyone who purchases a prepaid cell phone will be forced to register their identity with their device. | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Bitcoin Prices Steady As Subsidy Halving Inches Closer

Markets Weekly is a weekly column analyzing price movements in the global digital currency markets, and the technology's use case as an asset class. | Continue reading

@CoinDesk | 3 years ago

Microsoft’s giant Surface whiteboard is finally shipping after numerous delays

After a whole series of delays, Microsoft is finally ready to release its up to $22,000 Surface Hub to the businesses. If  you’re not familiar, the Surface Hub is giant all-in-one touchscreen PC designed for conference rooms and teams. It supports dual pen input (the pens are mor … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Amazon reveals how to build an Echo speaker with the Raspberry Pi

Amazon wants to push its Alexa voice assistant as far and wide as possible, so much so that one of the company's employees has released a step-by-step guide to building an Alexa-powered speaker yourself with a Raspberry Pi. The do-it-yourself Echo can be made with a $40 Raspberry … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Prison Break Action Platformer 'Prison Run and Gun' Hits the App Store March 30th

Back in January we told you about Prison Run and Gun, an action platformer shooter that was a mobile spinoff of the desktop action platformer shooter Hot Guns that's currently on Steam Early Access. While both games look pretty similar, Hot Guns is actually designed around 2-4 pl … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Report: Snapchat users spend roughly 30 minutes daily in-app

In an attempt to look good in front of advertisers, Snapchat is touting its ability to hypnotize its fervent teen base into consuming content. According to a report from Business Insider, citing a source familiar with the matter, Snapchat is now saying that its users spend betwee … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Third Resident Evil CGI film announced

A third CGI Resident Evil film has been announced. This one's called Resident Evil: Vendetta. Animation studio Marza Animation Planet (Harlo… | Continue reading | 3 years ago

The FAA logged more than 500 drone incidents in six months

Airplanes and helicopters no longer have the skies to themselves. A new report from the FAA lists 583 separate drone incidents reported from August 2015 through January 2016. The majority of the incidents are minor, with pilots or bystanders reporting drones that are flying in re … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Do not blame Google Maps when you tear down the wrong house

I think it's a good thing to give people second chances, and often even third and fourth chances, and to be accepting of people's mistakes, because mistakes happen and everyone makes them and often life goes on. But if you are tearing down someone's house, please take the time to … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Wander the Batcave with Google Maps

Google Maps hasteamed up with Batman v Superman to create a 360-degree tour of Bruce Wayne’s home and the Batcave. | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Billionaire investor Peter Thiel nabs another $1.3 billion for Founders Fund

Peter Thiel’s decades old Founders Fund pulled together another $1.3 billion dollars today for Founders Fund VI. Thiel, a billionaire investor in Facebook and SpaceX and co-founder of Paypal, will remain at the helm, with partners Lauren Gross, Ken Howery, Geoff Lewis, Scott Nola … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

This is your next jam: Baauer, Whitney, and more

Welcome back to The Verge’s weekly musical roundup. I’m Jamieson, I’m still your host, and I’m excited to get back to your regularly scheduled jamming after spending last week in Austin for SXSW. Of course, half of the artists featured this week had some kind of SXSW presence to … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Microsoft apologizes for hijacked chatbot Tay’s ‘wildly inappropriate’ tweets

The colossal and highly public failure of Microsoft’s Twitter-based chatbot Tay earlier this week raised many questions: How could this happen? Who is responsible for it? And is it true that Hitler did nothing wrong? After a day of silence (and presumably of penance), the company … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Wolves owner Taylor plans to keep Newton as GM for now

Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor says he plans to keep general manager Milt Newton on through the draft and free agency to fully evaluate him. | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Focus on Social Media – Weekly Roundup

Continue reading | 3 years ago

'Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP' Just Turned 5, Play or Revisit This Classic

One of the best and most important games in iOS history, Superbrothers Sword and Sworcery EP [$1.99], just turned 5 today. It's an utter classic, and if you haven't played it, then you really, really should – it's a stunning artistic achievement, features amazing sound and music, … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

What Came First, Bitcoin or Ransomware?

In a ransomware attack, our assumptions that the hackers prefer the ransom paid in bitcoin due to the anonymous nature of its transactions may not be true | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Doom details its four playable demons

Id Software's Doom reboot will be the first game in the long-running series to let you play as a demon and publisher Bethesda has outlined how hoofing it as a baddie will work.As it turns out, there are four demons you can transform into by snagging a demon rune in multiplayer.Th … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Microsoft apologizes for ‘offensive and hurtful tweets’ from its AI bot

Microsoft today published an apology for its Twitter chatbot Tay, saying in a blog post that a subset of human users exploited a flaw in the program to transform it into a hate speech-spewing Hitler apologist. Author Peter Lee, the corporate vice president of Microsoft Research, … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Casio Android Wear watch hits the market at $500

Casio has just launched their inelegantly named but elegantly designed Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 on the Google Play Store, Amazon, REI, and the Casio store. | Continue reading | 3 years ago

'Final Fantasy Record Keeper' Gets Rewards and Special Dungeons for its First Anniversary

DeNA and Square Enix's Final Fantasy Record Keeper [Free] is celebrating its first birthday as a worldwide game. There was a time when several TA staffers were deep in the thrall of this game, and I'm pretty sure a certain unnamed RPG expert on staff has sunk triple-digit hours i … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Beware the pitfalls of Silicon Valley

A recent article in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung titled “Will Facebook Enslave Us?” captures a sentiment prevalent among companies around the world: admiration for Silicon Valley — albeit, with a dash of fear. International media outlets eagerly cover disruption developing in l … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Hyperledger On the Verge of Merging Blockchain Code from IBM, Digital Asset

Hyperledger today announced it successful created linked code from Digital Asset, IBM, and Blockstream. But that's just the beginning. | Continue reading

@CoinDesk | 3 years ago

Jay and Silent Bob’s Jason Mewes on crowdfunding and pot leaf throwing stars

First they were just a couple of stoners hanging outside a convenience store. Now they could be video game stars. The characters Jay and Silent Bob have been in numerous movies, comics, and more since their debut in the 1994 Kevin Smith film Clerks. Now, developer Interabang Ente … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Game developers weigh in on the openness of Microsoft’s Windows 10 platform

Tim Sweeney is one of the best-known technical experts in the game industry and the CEO of Gears of War creator Epic Games. He kicked off a big debate over the openness of Windows earlier this month when he wrote an opinion piece that warned about Microsoft’s moves with Windows 1 … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

April and the Extraordinary World finds the heart in a retro-mechanical Paris

Read enough Franco-Belgian comics, especially in the fantasy/science-fiction/horror genre, and you’ll start to recognize a shared tone: a certain mix of straight-faced humor and a wild, almost improvised-feeling narrative. From serious world-builders like Jean Giraud, Jean-David … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

A new bill seeks to kill anonymous ‘burner’ phones by requiring registration

A bill proposed in congress this week would require that all users provide identification and register prepaid ‘burner’ phones upon purchase. Earlier this week we reported that burner phones are what kept Islamic extremists a step head of law enforcement in the days and weeks lea … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

The Tribeca Film Festival is screening an anti-vaccine documentary

Robert DeNiro, the actor and co-founder of the Tribeca Film Festival, defended the festival’s controversial decision to screen an anti-vaccine documentary, Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe. In a statement to BuzzFeed News, DeNiro explained why:"[My wife] Grace and I have a ch … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Microsoft apologizes for its AI chatbot turned racist tweet machine

Two days ago, we wrote about Tay, Microsoft’s AI chatbot modeled to talk like a millenial and learn from its conversations. Unfortunately, by the next day, Twitter users had ‘taught’ her to be racist, homophobic, and all around bigoted. Though the chatbot was promptly shut down, … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Check Out the Fun 'BioBeasts', Just Updated with Survival Mode

If you're looking for a good time-waster to enjoy this wekeend, may I recommend BioBeasts? [Free] This game released earlier this year, and I didn't get around to playing it right away, but it intrigued me enough to at least download. And then one day after release, I got around … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Gillmor Gang LIVE 03.25.16

Gillmor Gang – Frank Radice, Robert Scoble Keith Teare, John Taschek, and Steve Gillmor. LIVE recording session today, March, 25, 2016, at 1pmPT/4pmET.Gillmor Gang LIVE chat during show recordingGillmor Gang on Facebook HEREG3 on Facebook HEREG3 archives on Ustream Read More | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Microsoft exec apologizes for Tay chatbot’s racist tweets, says users ‘exploited a vulnerability’

Peter Lee, the corporate vice president of Microsoft Research, Microsoft’s research and development wing, today apologized for the behavior of Tay, the artificial intelligence-powered chatbot the company unveiled earlier this week and soon thereafter took offline. “We are deeply … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Apple wants to replace your laptop with the powerful iPad Pro 9.7

Apple just released its latest iPad. Though the iPad Pro 9.7 is smaller than the last model, the tech giant hopes this replaces your laptop as your main productivity toolMashable Chief Correspondent Lance Ulanoff gives this powerful machine a spin and lets you know how great this … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Cruz Blames Trump for 'Tabloid Smear'

Ted Cruz blamed presidential rival Donald Trump on Friday for a tabloid story that aired rumors about Cruz's personal life. Trump responded that he had nothing to do with it. Photo: AP | Continue reading | 3 years ago