This 1984 video explaining how to send email is a blast from the past

It’s hard to imagine people going online more than three decades ago, but email’s been around since at least 1972. This British program from 1984 tries to show people what email is and why they should use it. Just like other computer shows of the area, it’s got a particular awkwa … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

10 gifs that will get you a date on Tinder

Tinder users have caught the gif bug that the rest of the Web has gorging itself on for some time. But, while most of us are content with using the animated images to sum up how we’re feeling each morning, when it comes to finding a mate, it’s a little more, er… technical. Accord … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

IBM buys UK’s Optevia to ramp up in public-sector, cloud-based CRM services

IBM has made an acquisition to help it grow its business in cloud services for government and other public sector organizations — one of the areas that IBM hopes will offset declines in its legacy business. The company has acquired Optevia, a UK-based consultancy that specialises … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Like bacon? You should get a job at Jive Software

Tech companies are notorious for offering cool perks in a bid to convince people to take a job with them over a cushy gig at a bank or consultancy firm. But team collaboration platform Jive Software takes the bacon with its offer of free pork products every Thursday for its staff … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Video: Outdoor-Counter-Strike im norwegischen Winter

Der norwegische Mobilfunkprovider Telenor Norge hat ein interessantes Experiment gestartet. Eine Gruppe von norwegischen YouTubern und Profi-Spielern treten gegeneinander im Spiel Counter-Strike an. Ein Team spielt allerdings outdoor, im nordische... | Continue reading | 4 years ago

5 ways adblockers are changing your entire online experience

Adblocking is a provocative topic. With reform imminent, aside from the economic and legal implications of its utility, there are further reaching user-centric implications at play here. Adblocking is the Tiananmen Square moment for the online advertising industry. Cultural icons … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Morning shootaround — March 18

VIDEO: Highlights from Thursday’s games NEWS OF THE MORNING Spurs gearing up for Warriors | Okafor’s surgery delayed | Barnes, Henson get chippy at end of game | Biyombo delivers for Raptors No. 1: Spurs handle Blazers, start prepping for Warriors — The San Antonio Spurs surged p … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

All the Apple rumors that are fit to podcast

It's time for another big Apple event.Ahead of Monday's Apple event, we share our predictions and run through all the rumors, particularly those of a 4-inch iPhone and a new iPadSee also: Apple vs. the FBI: This is digital security on trialWe also analyze the news that Instagram … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Marketing Marvels – Build Remarkable Content Marketing Hubs with Uberflip

This is episode two of my new show: Marketing Marvels. There is A LOT of marketing technology out there, and it’s difficult to know what all the platforms and packages do, whether it makes sense for your business, how it stacks up to competitors, and a bunch of other key question … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

GDC 2016: Drop Bombs from Your Zeppelin in 'ApeStorm: Full Bananas'

In the (possibly) not too distant future, humans end up destroying the planet, and the world's apes are not super happy about that. So they retaliate in the only way they know how: By stealing a zeppelin and bombing the crap out of everyone. That's the premise behind ApeStorm: Fu … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Organic Social Media Isn’t Dead: 3 Ways to Connect with Your Followers Without Ads

Managing Editor magazine | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Organic Search Vs. Paid Search: Which is More Beneficial for Your Company?

Paid search or organic search...which is better for your company? | Continue reading | 4 years ago

How to Manage Your Content Workflow Like a Boss

Your processes might include spreadsheets everyone can access, or maybe you're still stuck in email hell--either way, you need more of a method to your madness. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Marshmallow for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge rolls out in India

Android 6.0 Marshmallow updates have begun rolling out to the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, and S6 Edge Plus in India today. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Hyrule Warriors to get Link's Awakening, Phantom Hourglass DLC

Hyrule Warriors may be 18 months old, but it's still set to get fresh DLC - Nintendo just announced a new Season Pass full of the stuff.New characters from Zelda games such as Link's Awakening, Phantom Hourglass and A Link Between Worlds are headed to the game, along with fresh w … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

275,000,000 Android devices at risk from hacking says report

Israeli-based software research agency, NorthBit, has released a report that claims millions of Android devices might be vulnerable to hacking. According to NorthBit’s research (see full PDF here), the security concern comes from Stagefright, Android’s mediaserver and multimedia … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Coinbase Enables Stop Orders for Bitcoin Traders

Leading bitcoin wallet and exchange services provider Coinbase has announced stop orders, a new feature that will allow customers to buy or sell the cryptocurrency at a previously specified set price in the Coinbase Exchange. Bitcoin services provider Coinbase has now added stop … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Give your Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge grip and texture with dbrand skins

From carbon-fiber-textured skins, to metallic textures, to skins that look just like natural leather, dbrand has a variety of skins for your Galaxy and Galaxy S7 Edge. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Dota 2's first monetised custom game gets off to a rocky start

This week Valve launched the Custom Game Pass system for its hugely popular MOBA, Dota 2.It lets custom game creators monetise their mods by selling access to extra features.The first Custom Game Pass went on sale this week, priced $1. It's for popular mod Roshpit Champions, and … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

There's a problem with The Division's Dark Zone

It's been just over a week since The Division's launch, and it's been a successful start for Ubisoft's online RPG so far - week one sales for the game saw it topple Destiny as the the biggest new IP launch, with it taking in some $330 million in just five days. With around 50 hou … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

LG’s intriguing modular G5 smartphone really needs to be released this month

Mobile World Congress 2016 might be a fast-fading memory, but one of the more unusual launches at the show was LG’s modular G5 smartphone. However, the Korean company didn’t say exactly when it would be released. Now, however, it reportedly has – and it’ll be on shelves before th … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Tanken in Österreich und Luxemburg am günstigsten / ADAC: große Unterschiede bei Spritpreisen in den Autoreiseländern

ADAC: München (ots) - Wer in den Osterferien mit dem Auto ins Ausland verreist, muss laut ADAC mit stark unterschiedlichen Spritpreisen rechnen. In Luxemburg und Österreich können Autofahrer am meisten sparen. Im Alpenland kostet der Liter Super im ... | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: Overcoming multiplayer VR hurdles and defusing virtual bombs

Since I first saw Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes in action, I was curious about how it came to be, why it works the way it does, and how difficult it was to make. Thankfully, Steel Crate Games co-founder Brian Fetter was kind enough to answer a few of my most burning questions, … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

First Click: 10 virtual reality experiences you can try this weekend

It’s been three years since we awarded a Frankensteined version of the Oculus Rift our best of CES 2013 award. Now, here we are in 2016, on the precipice of virtual reality becoming a true mainstream trend. This week Sony gave us final pricing and a release date for its much anti … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Kickstarter übernimmt Musik-Service Drip

Kickstarter hat die Firma Drip übernommen. Eine Musik-Community für Indie-Labels und Künstler, die eigentlich ihren Betrieb beinahe eingestellt hätten, wäre nicht kurzfristig der zahlungswillige Käufer eingestiegen. D... | Continue reading | 4 years ago

ProtonMail launches an encrypted email service that even your mom could use

I often get asked “what email service should I use if I don’t want to use Gmail?” and now I finally have what I think is an excellent answer. ProtonMail is an ad-free, end-to-end encrypted email client that’s been invite-only since 2014 – but it’s now opened its doors to ordinary … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Café Central Wien ist 140: Eine Institution feiert Geburtstag - BILD

Verkehrsbüro Group: Wien (ots) - Das Café Central Wien ist seit 1876 Mittel- und Entstehungspunkt österreichischer Kulinarik, Literatur, Weltanschauung und Lebenskultur. Ab 1900 war das Café Central Treffpunkt von Vordenkern wie Sigmund Freud, Arthur Schnitzler, Alfred ... | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Yahoo Mail just got a whole lot smarter

Yahoo has added some new features to its Mail service that will enhance the links you send in emails by transforming them into visual, informative cards to give recipients a snapshot of the content right in the message. The new previews will allow people to play video and audio c … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Someone at Netflix hates horror movies and is mocking them in the summaries for our amusement

Nobody has ever accused the horror movie genre of being a fountain of artistic genius. And let’s face it, a pretty high percentage of horror movies are so terrible that it’s often hard to tell whether they are satire or not. Which means that if you’re like a lot of people, you kn … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Want to see Mickey Mouse get run over by a truck? Disney Crossy Road is coming…

Disney has announced its own version of Crossy Road, to be made by developer Hipster Whale and featuring over 100 Disney and Pixar characters. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

A new year at meSch, where do we stand

Last week, on March 10 and 11, the meSch project was reviewed by the European Commission and passed with flying colours. A number of products have been developed in the last year and will be improved in the next. For the user, this range of products and outcomes might be a bit ov … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

A Simple Formula for Success in Online Content Marketing

A colleague once asked me to come up with a simple formula for success in online content marketing. After pondering the question for far too long, I came up with this response: Write as yourself. Write for your audience. | Continue reading

@alltop | 4 years ago

Fallout 4 Season Pass currently free on UK PlayStation Store

Fallout 4's Season Pass is currently free on the UK PlayStation Store. Clearly, this is not meant to be the case. Sony will likely rectify this as soon as possible - so it's worth grabbing while you can.Here's a link.Read more… | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Dynamic Fees For Users Are A Welcome Change has been under a lot of stress in recent times, as the platform has been facing several outages over the past few months grinding services to a halt. Moreover, the current Bitcoin transaction delays on the networks were annoying as well, since wall … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

10 Ideas to Make Your Event’s Social Media Better

Social media makes people interested, inspires people to join, and increases excitement surrounding your event. It’s much too important to do half-way. Try these tips to rev up your efforts. Social media is one of the best ways out there to reach your ideal audience for a minimal … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

20 Apps that will Ensure Monumental Growth to Your Startup

Running a startup is no easy feat. Here are different 20 apps to help you get the job done. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Sheltered review

Sheltered has turned me into a child slaver. Sort of.. I mean, my children are regularly fed and watered. They get sleep whenever they need it and opportunities to use the restroom, even shower when we've had a proper rain. The only thing I ask of them in this post-apocalyptic su … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Bang & Olufsen partners with LG to make OLED TVs

LG and Bang & Olufsen got together earlier this year to make one of the modules for LG's new flagship smartphone, but now the companies are taking their relationship to the next level. Bang & Olufsen announced this morning that it is entering a "strategic technology partnership" … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

March security updates heading to US carrier Galaxy S7s

T-Mobile and Verizon have begun rolling out security updates to their Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge handsets. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Sernik krakowski

Wielkanoc już bardzo blisko, czas na zaplanowanie świątecznych dań i wypieków :-) Tradycyjnie biały barszcz lub żurek, faszerowane jajka i sałatka wielkanocna. Koniecznie mazurek i babka. Jeśli chcemy pozostać w klimacie tradycyjnym, sernik krakowski będzie idealnym dopełnieniem … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Michael Kors Access: Android Smartwatches jetzt von Modedesignern

Es ist nicht die erste Smartwatch dieser Art, aber die Natürlichkeit mit der Michael Kors seine Smartwatches (Android Wear) als Teil der eigenen Uhrenlinie präsentiert, lässt darauf schließen, dass sich auf dem Sektor Smartwatc... | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Three sponsors new venue at Snowbombing festival

Telecoms brand Three has created a new stage for 2016's Snowbombing festival, which will take place in the Austrian town of Mayrhofen from 4-9 April. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Stifle Yourself

Impatient with blabbermouths, Archie Bunker was prompt to say,"Stifle yourself." Of the two greatest sins B2B marketers cannot resist... | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Indian smartphone startup Creo releases more details about its new take on Android

Creo, the Indian startup that recently received $3 million in funding to create a new twist on Android, has unveiled its first smartphone, called the Mark 1. A promotional video has been posted, but the company hasn’t released hardware details yet. Founder Sai Srinivas tells Tech … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Project Cars on Oculus Rift looks intense

This week Oculus revealed a virtual reality version of racing game Project Cars. It's due out alongside the Rift headset later this month.Now, via developer Slightly Mad Studios, we see how Project Cars' virtual reality version looks - and it's pretty impressive.The video, below, … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Online Marketing News: Jaw-Dropping Stats, Instagram’s New Algorithm and Google Boosts Mobile

This week's top marketing news from the @toprank blog featuring jaw-dropping stats, Instagram's new algorithm and Google boosts mobile. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Deal: Xperia Z5 Compact gets $100 price cut to $399 on Amazon

Sony has just discounted the Xperia Z5 Compact — with the best camera of any small-screened smartphone around right now — to just $399 on Amazon. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Dubai’s Global Blockchain Council Draws Plans for Initiatives in 2016

The Dubai Museum of the Future Foundation held the second meeting of its Global Blockchain Council to consider initiatives it will address this year, according to a release from the Dubai government. The council formed last month as part of the foundation’s efforts to adopt the l … | Continue reading | 4 years ago