Microfluidics: DARPA is betting embedded water droplets could cool next-gen chips

DARPA and Lockheed Martin have a plan to build microfluidic cooling into modern microprocessors. This could dramatically improve CPU cooling and break the bottleneck on clock speed scaling -- at least, for a little while. | Continue reading

@extremetech.com | 4 years ago

Fantasy Weekly: Return of 'Hassanity' off the bench

A demotion to the bench is the last thing most players want to happen the season before they enter free agency. | Continue reading

@nba.com | 4 years ago

Discovery of plastic-eating bacteria could lead to new ways to recycle

A newly-discovered bacterium that feeds on plastic could help develop new recycling methods. The discovery was made by researchers from Japan, who say that the microorganism is remarkable for its ability to breakdown completely a common type of plastic known as PET. This digestiv … | Continue reading

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Vergecast will be live today at 4:30PM ET!

This week on The Verge's flagship podcast, Nilay and Dieter are joined by news editor Jake Kastrenakes; discussing Google's Android N, Samsung's Galaxy S7, while our very own space cadet Loren Grush talks Blue Origin news. Stay tuned for an all-new episode of Vergecast at 4:30PM … | Continue reading

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Amazon.com is down

Amazon.com went down for some users on Thursday afternoon.Users trying to access the Amazon website as well as the mobile app were greeted with error messages.This story is developing... Read more...More about Amazon, Marketing, Tech, and Apps Software | Continue reading

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Amazon.com is down: ‘We’re sorry! An error occurred when we tried to process your request’ (Update: It’s back)

Amazon.com is having a little trouble loading today. Amazon Web Services and Amazon Prime Music also seem to be struggling, while the company’s regional ones like Amazon.ca appear to be working just fine. We first spotted the outage at 11:20 a.m. Pacific. The site is displaying a … | Continue reading

@venturebeat.com | 4 years ago

A federal judge just blew the cover off the NSA’s worst-kept secret

In a ruling last month, Federal Court Judge John Gleeson has become the first to admit the existence of the NSA’s infamous PRISM program by name, according to documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLUO. PRISM, as you’ll recall, was a program that gained a fai … | Continue reading

@thenextweb.com | 4 years ago

PR Firms Sue to Block New York Lobbying Rule

PR firms are justifiably fighting back against a New York State agency’s ruling that would require PR firms involved in public policy issues to register as lobbyists. Five New York PR firms filed a lawsuit in the Southern District of New York in Manhattan against New York’s Joint … | Continue reading

@alltop | 4 years ago

Why Apple is announcing the next iPhone on the day before its big encryption fight

Apple just pulled off a major scheduling coup. After months of rumors, the company announced today that its next product announcement will come on March 21st, just one day before the company defends itself against government efforts to break security on a phone linked to the San … | Continue reading

@theverge.com | 4 years ago

Fisher: Barnes altercation not behind firing from Knicks

Derek Fisher says his altercation with forward Matt Barnes had nothing to do with his firing as New York Knicks coach. | Continue reading

@nba.com | 4 years ago

SPLT brings ridesharing to you and your colleagues

SPLT is bringing ridesharing to the corporate world. Instead of pairing you up with strangers who happen to be heading the same way, SPLT is targeted at large organizations to help ease the logistical and environmental impact of ping-ponging back and forth between the home and th … | Continue reading

@techcrunch.com | 4 years ago

WeWork sued by former employee over California Labor Law

Billion-dollar coworking startup success WeWork is now added to the growing list of tech companies clashing with former employees in court over proper treatment, as a report from BuzzFeed indicates that it will go to court over improperly terminating an employee who had raised co … | Continue reading

@thenextweb.com | 4 years ago

Microsoft releases new Windows 10 Mobile preview with Phone app, Outlook, and Calendar improvements

Microsoft released a new Windows 10 Mobile preview today, although the company still isn’t ready to share when the operating system will be available for older devices. The latest build includes improvements to the Phone app, Outlook, and Calendar. Like the last mobile build, thi … | Continue reading

@venturebeat.com | 4 years ago

NASCAR Pulls Into NVIDIA SHIELD in Real Racing 3 Update

One of the finest racing experiences to date available for Android devices, and more specifically NVIDIA SHIELD, is Real Racing 3 from Electronic Arts. However, what was already a comprehensive racing package has shifted up another gear with the release of a major new NASCAR upda … | Continue reading

@androidauthority.com | 4 years ago

Microsoft Research’s biggest area of investment is quantum computing

Microsoft spends a lot of time and money developing many technologies that could end up being part of the company’s next products. For instance, the company has many researchers working on artificial intelligence, which powers real-time speech translation with Skype Translator. B … | Continue reading

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If you’re on Verizon, Samsung Pay is now available for your Galaxy S7

You know. If you’re one of the few who have already managed to get their hands on a Galaxy S7. | Continue reading

@androidauthority.com | 4 years ago

Lamassu Bitcoin ATM Now Supports Ethereum

Lamassu Bitcoin ATMs are now capable of supporting Ethereum too. read more | Continue reading

@newsbtc.com | 4 years ago

Netflix is buying Hush, a low-budget horror movie premiering at SXSW

Netflix's latest movie acquisition is Hush, a micro-budget thriller from director Mike Flanagan that's premiering at SXSW this weekend. Flanagan also wrote and produced the movie, which stars co-writer Kate Siegel as a reclusive author suffering from hearing loss who's being hunt … | Continue reading

@theverge.com | 4 years ago

How GamesBeat will be a part of GDC next week

We’re busy getting ready for a full week of coverage of the Game Developers Conference. Our team includes GamesBeat news writer Jeff Grubb, GamesBeat community manager Mike Minotti, and GamesBeat managing editor Jason Wilson. We’ll be covering everything from Monday through Frida … | Continue reading

@venturebeat.com | 4 years ago

LG G5 and its Friends will make their way to the US early April

LG has just sent out a press release with word that the LG G5 is coming to the United States sometime in early April. | Continue reading

@androidauthority.com | 4 years ago

Nocanwin's 'destructSUN' is a Frantic One-Tap Color Matching Game Coming March 24th

Solo developer Jared Baily of Nocanwin has long been one of my favorite developers, not just because he has the best first name in existence, but because he's constantly trying new and interesting ideas for games. After his well-received Rocket Ski Racing [Free] released back in … | Continue reading

@toucharcade.com | 4 years ago

Toki Tori developer Two Tribes is shutting down

Toki Tori developer Two Tribes will be closing its doors this autumn, but not before releasing shmup Rive in September.So why shut down the studio when it still has one final game on the docket? According to Two Tribes, it's because they're "dinosaurs".The studio explained in a n … | Continue reading

@eurogamer.net | 4 years ago

Deloitte: Blockchain Systems Could Rival ACH Network By 2025

A new Deloitte report suggests that blockchain-based transactions are likely to surge over the next decade. | Continue reading

@CoinDesk | 4 years ago

Can crowdfunding bring solar energy to small businesses?

Solar energy is one of the fastest growing new industries in the United States, earning a shout out from President Obama at his State of the Union speech. The president noted that it is now a bigger business than coal, and typically pays its workers a higher wage. Now a Colorado- … | Continue reading

@theverge.com | 4 years ago

Getting Past the "Shotgun" Approach to Treating Mental Illness

We treat depression by trying different drugs until we find one that works—a highly imprecise approach to treating the most sophisticated of organs, the brain | Continue reading

@blogs.scientificamerican.com | 4 years ago

We need to talk about how we talk about hoverboards

Oh, hoverboard, how do we describe thee? These exploding toys are a far cry from what Back to the Future promised us — but "a hoverboard-esque board that doesn't really hover" doesn't have quite the same ring.Hence, the very real struggle to accurately describe these ..things. Th … | Continue reading

@mashable.com | 4 years ago

Performance Analysis: The Division

Finally released into the wild after two beta tests, The Division fully opens its incredibly detailed recreation of New York City to the masses. Besides a few issues, the game seems to be holding up well. Online connections have been consistently stable for us, while in terms of … | Continue reading

@eurogamer.net | 4 years ago

Sony Xperia Eye could thrust AI-based ‘lifelogging’ into the limelight

Sony's betting that voice recognition and face detection can finally take lifelogging mainstream. We're not so sure. | Continue reading

@extremetech.com | 4 years ago

Zube’s project management tool helps developers communicate with the team

Developers love using GitHub, and when it comes to managing projects, they’re likely to go through the platform’s task management offering — GitHub Issues. While it works well for developers, it can be a bit complex for less technically inclined members of the team, resulting in  … | Continue reading

@venturebeat.com | 4 years ago

Xerox-Drucker übersetzt gescannte Texte in 40 Sprachen

Xerox hat seinen Multifunktionsdruckern mit ConnectKey-Funktionalität ein neues, im Zweifelsfall ziemlich praktisches Feature spendiert: Die Maschinen können in einem Aufwasch Textdokumente scannen, den Inhalt in eine von 40 Sprachen &uum... | Continue reading

@de.engadget.com | 4 years ago

Olympus Pen-F review: a marvelous marriage of old and new

Humans have a hard time letting go of the past. Sometimes it's a good thing — nostalgia helps people fight loneliness and can even make them more tolerant. Other times it feels like a weakness, mostly because of how easily it gets exploited in the name of reunion tours and shows … | Continue reading

@theverge.com | 4 years ago

Wikipedia’s new iOS app focuses on discovery, personalization

Wikipedia today launched an upgraded version of its iOS application aimed at helping users better discover content matching their own interests, including both articles and images. In addition, the app has been optimized for Apple’s newer OS and latest iPhones (6s and 6s Plus) wi … | Continue reading

@techcrunch.com | 4 years ago

Fred Wilson to rep New York at TechCrunch Disrupt in May

Fred Wilson is a name that needs no introduction, but we’re going to do it anyway. TechCrunch is excited to announce that Fred Wilson will be speaking at TechCrunch Disrupt New York, which goes down May 9 through May 11, in a fireside chat. Fred is a veteran at TechCrunch Disrupt … | Continue reading

@techcrunch.com | 4 years ago

Theatrically Composed Scenes Highlight Human’s Impact on Earth

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison have been a collaborative duo for the last 20 years, mixing Shana's interest in dance with Robert's background in photography to produce environments specifically for their combined practice. A constant theme throughout the couple's two decade long … | Continue reading

@thisiscolossal.com | 4 years ago

Analysis: ECB Cuts Main Rates

The European Central Bank ramped its efforts to boost the eurozone's economy with a package of measures it unveiled on Thursday. Luca Paolini, Pictet Asset Management chief strategist, joins Tanya Rivero to discuss the ECB's move. Photo: Getty | Continue reading

@live.wsj.com | 4 years ago

You can now sign up for a Yahoo account with any email address

Yahoo today announced an update that will allow people to sign up to use its services and make new Yahoo accounts — but with any email address. No longer will you need to create a Yahoo email address if you want to use, say, Yahoo Fantasy Sports. Yahoo senior product manager Assa … | Continue reading

@venturebeat.com | 4 years ago

FCC wants internet providers to ask your permission before sharing data

The Federal Communications Commission hopes to strengthen rules around online privacy. The commission is circulating a proposal today that would require internet service providers — like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T — to get your permission before sharing information about you with … | Continue reading

@theverge.com | 4 years ago

The death of sharing: 20/20 with Wickr’s Nico Sell

Whether anyone cares about what you share is debatable. Perhaps worse, it’s going out of fashion. That’s according to Nico Sell, the evangelist for keeping yourself to yourself online and co-founder of secure messaging service Wickr. | Continue reading

@blog.websummit.net | 4 years ago

Spider-Man's new suit is beautiful fan service

Spider-Man just leapt into the final shot of the Captain America: Civil War trailer, tingling spidey-senses across social media. The clip lasts only a couple seconds, but gives fans their first... | Continue reading

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XCOM 2 gets its long-awaited performance patch

XCOM 2 should now run better on your PC, thanks to its first major patch."The XCOM team has been working hard to improve performance, balance, and stability issues reported by our fans," explains the official blog post. "We will continue to improve the XCOM 2 experience with addi … | Continue reading

@eurogamer.net | 4 years ago

Ulysses powerful text editor app is now available for your phone

Ulysses is a popular writing app aimed at people who regularly write, like poets, journalists, novelists, or academics. Up until now it was only available on desktop or iPad but the company has just released its iPhone version as well. Its clean, text-centric interface and organi … | Continue reading

@thenextweb.com | 4 years ago

Pinball FX2 VR is coming to Oculus Rift this month

Zen Pinball is bringing its acclaimed franchise to Oculus Rift on 28th March with Pinball FX2 VR.This VR debut for the studio will include three tables: Mars, Secrets of the Deep and Epic Quest.Since it's set in VR, Zen has constructed a virtual "stunning beachside mansion" housi … | Continue reading

@eurogamer.net | 4 years ago

Drag and drop text between apps in multi-window mode [Diving into Android N]

There's a new feature in Android N that lets you drag and drop text between applications in multi-window mode! | Continue reading

@androidauthority.com | 4 years ago

Teslas will battle in a new global all-electric racing series

A new all-electric racing series has been announced that will pit Tesla sedans against each other on famous race tracks around the world. The series was created by a company called Electric GT Holdings, and the first race could take place as soon as 2017. News of the series comes … | Continue reading

@theverge.com | 4 years ago

A 7-Yr Prison Term for Bitcoin Use, Says Russian Finance Ministry

A new amendment to the Criminal Code by the Ministry of Finance in Russia sees the regulator – for the use of bitcoin – propose up to 7 years in prison for management and executives of banks and financial services firms. For the everyday citizen adopting bitcoin, the proposed ter … | Continue reading

@cryptocoinsnews.com | 4 years ago

Honeycomb 3.0: The Collaborative Economy Market Expansion #SXSW

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@web-strategist.com | 4 years ago

Shitistics: Startup slang that should exist but doesn’t (yet)

There’s plenty of corporate and startup speak that exists but shouldn’t, so TNW’s founder Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten got together with Pep Rosenfeld from Boom Chicago in the Netherlands for a live show to come up with a few (potentially vomit-inducing) new bits of tech slang th … | Continue reading

@thenextweb.com | 4 years ago