Cross platform mobile development

Cross platform mobile development isn't as hard as you might think. Here is a summary of how to develop for multiple mobile OSes and which tools to use. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Sony might allow PS4 cross-network play with PC, Xbox One

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that the PS4 and Xbox One would be capable of cross-platform play. Is Sony going to turn this happy relationship into a threesome? It's complicated... | Continue reading | 5 years ago


Nottingham (UK), 16-17 April 2016 The ART // GAMES // HACKATHON  is an intensive weekend workshop, which will allow artists, coders and technologists to collaborate, team up and develop prototypes of game art projects.  This exciting event will take place at Game City in Nottingh … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

How Thimbleweed Park updates classic adventure games for a modern audience

Ron Gilbert has written and designed some of the most influential adventure games around, including 1987's Maniac Mansion, the spark for the golden age of Lucasfilm Games. And his next release, the crowdfunded Thimbleweed Park, looks a lot like the classics that defined his caree … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Watch: Enter the Gungeon is my kind of roguelike

Since getting some hands-on time with the latest build earlier this week, I've spent a fair amount of time telling my friends about Enter the Gungeon. More often than not, this leads to the erroneous assumption I'm prattling on about a game filled with colourful buckets of slime. … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Jean-Claude Biver rechnet mit Hublot-Smartwatch in 2017 oder 2018

Hublot wird möglicherweise dem Beispiel von Tag Heuer folgen und 2017 oder 2018 ebenfalls eine Smartwatch in den Handel bringen. Auch eine schlaue Uhr von Zenith sei denkbar. Das sagte Jean-Claude Biver, Chef der Luxusuhrenmarken Hublot, Tag H... | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Digg’s new Slackbot brings the best of the Web into your work’s chat

A new Slackbot built by none other than Digg, the community came before Reddit for surfacing stories from around the Web, brings the best of the service right into your work’s chatroom. Diggbot is one of the more interesting Slackbots I’ve seen so far – once added, you can query … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Australia Post Explores Blockchain Technology for Digital Identity Credentials

A surprising news was announced over in Australia recently, as Australia Post is exploring the options of using blockchain technology for their electronic transactions and digital identity credentials project. However, it is important to note the blockchain is not the only form o … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

The new TMNT game feels like a proper successor to arcade classic Turtles in Time

One of my favorite gaming experiences ever was hanging around arcades in the early ‘90s and playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time. The core of Ninja Turtles has always been four brothers working together to fight bad guys, and the arcade game really captured that … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Social Activity Is the Missing Link in Your Branding Strategy

Social media isn’t just about sharing and distributing the content your company creates, nor is it something that should be left to your marketing team. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

OPPO unveils two new stylish selfie focused phones

OPPO has unveiled its new mid-range R9 and R9 Plus smartphones, which both feature a 16 megapixel ISOCELL front facing camera. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Study on Trump’s Earned Media Shows What’s Wrong with AVEs

Donald Trump has received plentiful media coverage in his presidential campaign – far more media coverage than any other candidate in the 2016 presidential campaign. The real estate mogul has more delegates than other Republican candidates while spending far less for paid adverti … | Continue reading

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2016 is the Year for Video Marketing

This year is predicted to be an explosion for video marketing. Read three ways marketers can get started with the video trend. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Wirex/E-Coin Launches Two-way Bitcoin Card, Lets Users Buy Bitcoin

Wirex Limited., the London, U.K. producer of the E-Coin bitcoin debit card, has introduced the first two-way bitcoin debit card. In addition to being able to spend bitcoin with the card wherever Visa and MasterCard are accepted in more than 130 countries, it will soon be possible … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

'Mr. Robot' stars Christian Slater and Rami Malek are techies at heart

What's Christian Slater's favorite emoji? If you send an email to Rami Malek, will he ever respond? Do the Mr. Robot stars agree on life's most fundamental question: Grumpy Cat or Marnie? Will you ever get tired of looking at these handsome men? You already know the answer to tha … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Okta expands partnership with Box to include enterprise mobility management

Okta, a company mostly known for cloud identity management, made a foray into enterprise mobility management (EMM) at the end of 2014. Today, it announced a partnership with Box to support device-level security for the Box mobile app. The company is hoping this is the start of a … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Fitbit taps Amazon Echo to let users check their fitness progress via voice

Amazon and Fitbit are teaming up to make it even easier to see your daily fitness progress. Or rather, hear about it. Fitbit users who own an Amazon Echo can now ask Alexa about their progress throughout the day via an integration with the Alexa API. All the user has to do is say … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Virtual reality has finally let me live my Star Wars dream

All I’ve ever wanted to do is hold a real lightsaber. Is that so much to ask? Well, according to science, yes. Yes, it is. So, the escape of digital entertainment has been my only hope. When Nintendo released the Wii home console in 2006, I thought maybe its motion controller wou … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Want to display in Startup Alley at Disrupt NY for free? Enter our giveaway

Is your startup looking to take that next big leap forward? Many companies have gotten their start by displaying in Startup Alley at TechCrunch Disrupt, and we want your company to be our next success story. Read More | Continue reading | 5 years ago

'Alexa, how lazy have I been today?' Amazon Echo now works with Fitbit

Continuing its quest to make the Amazon Echo the most central and indispensable part of your smart home, Amazon's smart speaker can now field your Fitbit questionsFitbit announced on Thursday you can now ask the Echo's voice assistant, Alexa, how many steps you've walked, calorie … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Amazon's Alexa can now shout your Fitbit stats at you

"Alexa, ask Fitbit how I’m doing today," is the latest phrase you didn’t expect to be saying to your living room in 2016.Starting today, users of both Amazon’s Alexa voice service and Fitbit wearables can ask Alexa health- and fitness-related questions on any Alexa-enabled device … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Rigs: Mechanized Combat League could be PlayStation VR's first great multiplayer game

One of the best surprise games of last year was Rocket League, which can be succinctly described as "soccer with rocket cars." In a similar vein, PlayStation VR's Rigs: Mechanized Combat League juxtaposes two disparate ideas — in this case, mech shooters and something I'm generou … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

An Uplifting Journey from Meditation Authority to Bold Business Builder

Morgan Dix has built two businesses that enable his customers to transform themselves. His story is this month's Hero's Journey feature. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

How Gender-Diverse Is the Digital Marketing Industry?

Marketing Strategy - More than two-thirds of online marketers are men, and that proportion is even higher in many technical roles, according to a report from Moz. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Why User-Generated Video Content Ups Your Credibility

User-generated video content provides your brand valuable exposure and an opportunity to boost credibility—all from an impartial source. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Amazon’s Alexa now lets Fitbit-owners request steps, sleep, other key fitness data using their voice

Health and wearables startup Fitbit is the latest company to embrace Amazon’s fledgling Internet of Things (IoT) technology, with the news that you can now ask Alexa for your fitness stats using just your voice. Fitbit claims to be the first wearables company to open up to Amazon … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

A global experiment in co-living

I’m moving into a columnist role at TechCrunch and onto some new projects. One is called Roam Co-Living. It adaptively re-uses space for communal living and location independent workers in other parts of the U.S. and world, starting in Miami and Indonesia. Although this work will … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Wholesale order app Handshake raises $14M Series B for international growth

Handshake, a maker of wholesale order apps for mobile, will target new overseas markets after raising a $14 million Series B. The round was led by Sozo Ventures and includes returning investors Emergence Capital, SoftTech VC, BOLDstart Ventures, MHS Capital, Point Nine, and Prima … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

UK graphics company Imagination Technologies is laying off 350 as it feels the iPhone pinch

Smartphone sales are slowing down, and it looks like Apple might see its first iPhone sales decline in the next quarter. That pinch is now being felt by one of Apple’s key suppliers. UK company Imagination Technologies announced today that it is restructuring its company. It will … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Kunststück: Jongleur löst 3 Zauberwürfel in 20 Sekunden (Video)

Das Rennen der Zauberwürfel-Rekorde wird dieser Tag immer rasanter und damit auch absurder. Der Klassiker (Mensch mit 3x3x3-Würfel) wird inzwischen in knapp 4 Sekunden durchgenudelt (amtliche Rekordzeit von 1981: 38 Sekunden!), Roboter ma... | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Sky’s first VR film will take you inside an F1 pit lane this Friday

Sky has unveiled that it’s opened an in-house VR production studio and its first creation, a look inside F1 racing in Barcelona, will be released on Facebook 360 Video this Friday. To experience everything from the pit lane to the team garages in full, you’ll need a VR headset, b … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Morning shootaround — March 17

VIDEO: Highlights from Wednesday’s games NEWS OF THE MORNING Warriors head on road looking sharp | New images of Bucks’ proposed arena unveiled | Bulls’ Gasol to miss more games | Waiters returns to OKC lineup No. 1: Warriors embark on road trip looking sharp — The Golden State W … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Should You Outsource Your Sales Copy?

Sales copy is your key to building great relationships with your customers, establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry and ultimately, great conversions. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Methane explosion craters off Norwegian coast linked to fringe Bermuda Triangle theory

Scientists researching craters in the sea floor off the coast of Norway have hypothesized that they could be linked to the so-called Bermuda Triangle. It's like kicking a hornet's nest, only the hornets are made of conspiracy theory buzzwords. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

What is SEO Copywriting and Why Is It Important?

Wondering what SEO copywriting is -- and if it's really important for your site? Check out this short video + transcript that answers your questions! | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Facebook’s Messenger Bot Store could be the most important launch since the App Store

If Facebook announces the “Messenger Bot Store” at F8, as many predict, it would be arguably the most consequential event for the tech industry since Apple announced the App Store and iPhone SDK in March 2008. Even Steve Jobs could not have foreseen the impact of what he describe … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Twitter begins switching its algorithmic timeline on by default

Twitter is in the process of making its algorithmic timeline opt-out, rather than opt-in, as the social network continues its push to appeal to new users. The move comes a little over a month after Twitter first announced the new feature, which surfaces the most interesting and p … | Continue reading | 5 years ago founders back dating app Mint

The founders of — the popular social Q&A app that became embroiled in a cyberbullying media storm before being acquired by IAC — have backed new dating app Mint. Read More | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Venezuelan Govt. Media Publishes Anti Bitcoin Rhetoric

A failing Venezuelan government has now published an article through a state-owned media outlet that sums up bitcoin as a currency used by criminals... | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Momo, a mobile payment firm in Vietnam, lands $28M led by Standard Chartered Bank

Vietnam is emerging as a technology market of note in Asia. Weeks after U.S. VC firm 500 Startups announced a fund for the country, Vietnam-based fintech startup Momo has landed a $28 million investment round from banking giants Standard Chartered (SCB) and Goldman Sachs. Read Mo … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Erschwerte Heimreise an Ostern / Grenzkontrollen verursachen laut ADAC lange Wartezeiten und Staus

ADAC: München (ots) - Dieses Jahr sollten sich Osterurlauber bei der Rückreise vor allem aus Italien und Österreich auf längere Wartezeiten an den Grenzen einstellen. Betroffen sind nicht nur die Autobahnen, sondern auch Bundes-, Landes- und Kreisstraßen. ... | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Assembly language and machine code – Gary explains

You might have heard the terms "assembly language" and "machine code" but what exactly do they mean? Let's find out. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Seeing is believing: the trick of the trompe l’oeil in art

Battle of Livorno, 14 March 1653, an incident from the First Anglo-Dutch War, anonymous. Rijksmuseum, public domain. At first, the painting above looks like many you’ve seen before. A grand, naval scene with clouds billowing above inflated sails. But hang ... | Continue reading | 5 years ago

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Continue reading | 5 years ago

Nike is finally making self-tying shoes but you’ll have to put up with lights too

Nike is yet to deliver on its promise to bring us the self-lacing MAG shoes made infamous by Michael J Fox in Back to the Future II, but it’s done the next best thing. The company’s new HyperAdapt 1.0 tightens around your foot as soon as your heel slips into the shoe and activate … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

In wenigen Wochen kommt das erste Smartphone mit dem 10-Kern-Prozessor von Mediatek

Quadcore? Octacore? Leckt uns doch am Silizium, sagt MediaTek, und hat die Verfügbarkeit des Helio X20 für den kommenden Monat angekündigt. Damit ist nicht die Herausgabe weniger Prototypen an interessierte Hersteller gemeint, im Geg... | Continue reading | 5 years ago

How Hiring a Journalist Can Help You Achieve Tremendous ROI

Adam New-Waterson, CMO at LeanData, joins the Content Pros Podcast to comment on educational content, ABM strategy, and drawing content inspiration from data with one particular success story involving synonyms and a dress. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

How IHOP Got Personal for National Pancake Day 2016

For National Pancake Day 2016, IHOP upped its social media ante by inviting 7.3 million of their closest Twitter friends—by name. | Continue reading | 5 years ago