Mit Merkur könnte man einen Brief auf den Mond schreiben

Wollt ihr wissen, warum Merkur (Planet, dicht an der Sonne) so dunkel ist? Das wollten auch schon seit Jahren viele Wissenschaftler, die sich über den dunklen Teint wunderten, wo Merkur doch viel weniger Eisen und Titan an seiner Oberfläc... | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Innocent revives Unplugged festival, promises PR stunts in lead-up

Natural drinks brand Innocent has announced the return of its 'off-the-grid' Unplugged Festival, and has hired Taylor Herring to cover the event's PR. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Zupa soczewicowo-pomidorowa z kminem, cynamonem i jogurtem

Lubię zobaczyć w mojej lokalnej bibliotece w dziale „Nowości” książki, które tam zaniosłam. Mają tam drugie życie. Starannie ubrane w przezroczyste obwoluty cieszą mnie o wiele bardziej niż gdybym patrzyła, jak kurzą się na moich półkach. W ciągu miesiąca do moich rąk trafia przy … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Ketel One and Patrón to pop up at Cocktails in the City

Brands such as Ketel One, Patrón and Campari are teaming up with London's top venues as part of the three-day Cocktails in the City event, which kicks off tomorrow (10 March). | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S7 teardown reveals tiny heat pipe, gobs of glue

You've seen plenty of photos of Samsung's new Galaxy S7 smartphone from the outside. Now it's time to see how it looks from the inside, courtesy of iFixit's latest teardown. The S7's guts, when compared to those of the S6, are especially interesting for several reasons: The phone … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Two of Nintendo's biggest Wii U games get updates today

Splatoon and Mario Maker, two of Nintendo's biggest Wii U games, get shiny new updates today.Mario Maker gains a half dozen new items, including screen-filling Skewers (shake a Thwomp to make one appear) and Keys, allowing you to create more complicated levels (shake a P-Switch t … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Sky makes $45M strategic investment in Asia-based Netflix rival iFlix

iFlix, the video streaming service rivaling Netflix in Southeast Asia, has landed $45 million in fresh funding from UK broadcaster Sky. Read More | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Bitcoin Price Watch; Winding up for Action!

To say action overnight had been erratic would be an understatement. The chart we are using for today’s analysis doesn’t represent the erraticism perfectly, as it’s a contracted version, but the up and down volatility across the board in the bitcoin price was there nonetheless. W … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Are payments necessary?

For years, payments has been one of the hottest areas in fintech for several years, and everyone has been lining up to join the party.Now, hands free innovations from companies like Google and Paypal are paving the way for a new generation of payment innovations. Read More | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Impfausweis nicht nur vor Fernreisen kontrollieren (FOTO)

ABDA Bundesvgg. Dt. Apothekerverbände: Berlin (ots) - Der Impfausweis gehört neben der Reiseapotheke zu den wichtigsten gesundheitsbezogenen Urlaubsvorbereitungen eines jeden Weltenbummlers und Überseetouristen. "Reiseimpfungen gegen Tropenkrankheiten können je nach Region und Sa … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Samsung shipping both ISOCELL and Sony sensors in the Galaxy S7…again

Just as it did with the Galaxy S6 last year, Samsung is once again shipping the new Galaxy S7 models with either an ISOCELL or Sony IMX260 camera sensor. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

One year on from disappearance of MH370, UN says planes must use real-time tracking

On the anniversary of Malaysia Airline’s flight MH370’s disappearance, the United Nations Aviation Agency has announced changes that will require aircraft to report their location in real-time. The agency says it’s making three major amendments to the Chicago Convention that spec … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Big U.S. banks to take on tech rivals with instant payments

NEW YORK (By David Henry, Reuters) – Depositors at some of the largest U.S. banks are finally going to get the chance to do something quick and simple: send money to another person’s account instantaneously by mobile phone. The idea has been in the works for at least five years, … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Positive Besucherbilanz für Singapur

cegoh CC0 Public DomainSchon lange gilt Singapur als eine der fortschrittlichsten und sichersten Metropolen der Welt. Das spiegelt sich auch in dem kontinuierlich wachsenden Touristenstrom wider. Deutschland ist und bleibt ein wichtiger Markt und rangiert nach Großbritannien auf … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

SeeDoc launches in India to provide affordable primary healthcare by video

Finding affordable primary medical care can be a headache for people in India. SeeDoc is one of the newest companies using technology to solve that problem. Based in New Delhi, its mobile app connects pre-screened doctors and patients through video calls. Since launching in Novem … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Google’s DeepMind chalks up AI landmark after beating Go world champion Lee Sedol

There’s a notable moment in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) today, after DeepMind — the London-based company from Google — used its technology to defeat Go world champion Lee Sedol. Read More | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Update für Nexus 5X behebt schlimmste Fehler

Ein Handy darf viele Fehler haben. Aber es darf nicht langsam sein, instabil und crashig. Googles Eigenentwicklung Nexus 5X war bislang all das für einige Nutzer und Tester. Auf Reddit hat sich Nexus' Community-Manager Orrin mit einem Statusup... | Continue reading | 5 years ago BookingSuite mit neuen Revenue Management-Tool und verbesserten Funktionen

Amsterdam (ots/PRNewswire) - Der neue RateManager von BookingSuite ist zuverlässig, einfach zu nutzen und unterstützt Hotels und Unterkünfte mit Prognosen und Preisempfehlungen... | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Mit Oktoberfest und Hypnose übers Meer / Motto-Kreuzfahrten boomen - Egal ob in Lederhosen oder Abendkleid

Reisebüro Nees GmbH: Krombach (ots) - Themenkreuzfahrten sind in: Beinahe jede Reederei bietet in diesem Jahr Motto-Schiffsreisen: Von berühmten Ideen wie der für 2016 ausgebuchten Full-Metal-Cruise von TUI Cruises bis zur wenig bekannten Karnival-Kreuzfahrt in der ... | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Genesis Mining Launches the World’s First Bitcoin Mining Fund

Bitcoin Press Release: Genesis Mining, the world’s leading Bitcoin cloud mining provider, is pleased to announce the launch of the world’s first Bitcoin mining fund. The fund, which officially filed Form D with the SEC last week will be called Logos Fund and will cater exclusivel … | Continue reading | 5 years ago


Bill Bernbach, named by AdAge the most influential adman of the 20th century, had a beef with technicians. Before quitting Grey to star... | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Second Matrix director comes out as transgender in a powerful personal essay

In a lengthy, funny, mildly resigned statement made to Chicago’s LGBT weekly Windy City Times on Tuesday, The Matrix and Sense8 co-director Lilly Wachowski came out as a transgender woman, under the teasing headline "SEX CHANGE SHOCKER — WACHOWSKI BROTHERS NOW SISTERS!!!""There’s … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Reise-Studie: Die Portale und analysieren das typische Reiseverhalten

Pepper Media Holding GmbH: Berlin (ots) - Auf einen Blick: +++ Fernreisen (40 %) sind beliebter als Reisen zu Zielen der Kurz- (38 %) und Mittelstrecke (22 %) +++ Städtetrips nach Berlin, München und Paris sind die beliebtesten Kurzstreckenziele +++ London und der ... | Continue reading | 5 years ago

UN announces real-time flight tracking rules on anniversary of MH370 disappearance

The UN's aviation agency has announced new regulations that will allow for airplanes to be tracked in real-time, two years after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. The International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) governing council adopted the measures on T … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

EUROPA 2 art2sea: Eine Reise im Zeichen der Kunst

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises: Hamburg (ots) -- Kooperation mit dem Magazin Weltkunst - Renommierte Kunstexperten an Bord - Exklusive Museumsbesuche, z.B. im Whitney Museum of American Art in New York - Kreuzfahrt von Montreal nach New York In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Magazin ... | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Google AI beats one of world's best Go players

The ancient Chinese game Go is officially no longer too tough for artificial intelligence. Until recently, AIs from Google, Facebook and others were able to win against some human opponents, but not the top professionals. Then, in January, Google's AlphaGo AI beat the European Ch … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

1 / 5: AlphaGo gewinnt gegen Lee Sedol (Video)

Go-Weltmeister Lee Sedol (9. Dan. Pro) hat die erste von fünf Runden gegen Googles AlphaGo-Programm verloren. Das nächste Spiel findet am 10. März um 5 Uhr morgens hiesiger Zeit statt. Huge milestone in AI! AlphaGo beats the wo... | Continue reading | 5 years ago

TRO looks to develop global creative technology team

TRO is looking to expand its creative technology offering on a global scale, a move that will enable the agency to further enhance its events and service clients around the clock. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Flickr takes a big step backwards by making its photo upload tool a paid feature

Less than a year after it introduced the ability to automatically upload photos from your hard drive, Flickr is removing the feature from free accounts. Flickr users will now need to pay a monthly subscription fee to Flickr Pro to use the Flickr Uploadr desktop tool, a move that … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

New app Cryptomator encrypts files on iPhone or desktop before you send them to the cloud

Cloud storage has become the way we store much of our data, but it’s not encrypted. A new solution, Cyptomator, offers an open source solution for cloud storage encryption for your desktop or iOS. Rather than rely on cloud storage safeguards, Cryptomator encrypts your files befor … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

alltours profitiert vom Spanienboom und verzeichnet starke Nachfrage für Portugal, Kreta und Bulgarien / Fernreisen in die Karibik und nach Südostasien wachsen um 50% (FOTO)

alltours flugreisen gmbh: Düsseldorf/Berlin (ots) - - Alle spanischen Ziele liegen über Vorjahr; 25% Buchungsplus auf den Kanaren - alltourseigene Hotelkette allsun profitiert von großer Spaniennachfrage - Individualanreise/Mitteleuropa mit 20% ... | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Internationaler Vergleich: Die beliebtesten Airlines 2015 / Ranking des Online-Reiseportals eDreams: Luxair an der Spitze - gefolgt von Austrian Airlines und Swiss International Airlines

Hamburg (ots) - Luxair sichert sich die Spitzenposition unter den besten Airlines der Welt. So lautet das Ergebnis einer internationalen repräsentativen Passagierumfrage* des... | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Google’s AI just won against a human world champion in a game of Go

Google’s DeepMind-based AI scored a historic victory today in a game of Go against Lee Se-dol, the second highest ranking player in the world. Se-dol resigned after roughly three and a half hours of play in the first in a series of five matches. The win is huge for Google’s Alpha … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

'Anti-depressants made things worse'

George, 20, says he was put on anti-depressants by his doctor when he was 15, after a five minute consultation. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

The Artificially Intelligent Doctor Will Hear You Now

Continue reading

@RSSpreview | 5 years ago

AbilTo study shows its diabetes-focused remote visits program can lower depression, stress, anxiety

A diabetes-focused behavioral health remote visits program can help participants who complete it to lower their levels of stress, anxiety, and depression, while increasing their frequency of glucose self-testing, according to a retrospective study of 466 people published in Telem … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Hilton Worldwide will open its first Hilton Garden Inn hotel in Romania in 2017

Hilton Worldwide, one of the biggest hotel operators in the world, will open its first Hilton Garden Inn hotel in Romania in 2017. The new hotel is located in a historic building Bucharest’s Old Town, next to Romania’s National Bank’s headquarters. The unit will have 201 rooms. T … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Nvidia zieht problematischen Treiber zurück (aber kochte er wirklich GPUs?)

Kurz schien es so, als ob Nvidia vor einem gewaltigen Problem stehen könnte. Doch dann dementierte die Firma: Nein, wir wissen nichts von Grafikkarten, die durch unseren neusten Treiber durchgebrannt sind. Das schlimmste an Treiber Version 364... | Continue reading | 5 years ago

New Mercedes Benz models are conquering the streets of Dubrovnik, Croatia

It’s no secret anymore that the Daimler GMBH company, the German manufacturer of Mercedes Benz automobiles, organized its biggest annual event “The Mercedes Global Training 2016” in Dubrovnik, Croatia, taking place from 2nd February to mid April 2016 and inviting over 15.000 of i … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

How Microsoft's most-hated employee found hope in galactic disaster

On 4th April 2013, Adam Orth, a creative director at Microsoft Game Studios, walked through the front door of his home in Seattle and turned off his mobile… | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Pandora now lets artists beam audio messages to fans straight from their phones

Music streaming service Pandora has announced a new tool called AMPcast that lets artists record audio messages and share them with fans instantly, using just their mobile devices. If it seems familiar, it’s because Pandora released a similar but more rudimentary feature around t … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Google Destinations lets you plan a trip on your phone, no app required

There are a ridiculous number of apps and websites that will help you plan and book a vacation. There are so many, in fact, that choosing which to use can be overwhelming. Search behemoth Google would like to change that.Google launched "Destinations" on Wednesday to provide all … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Japan’s LifeRobotics closes series A round with $4.4 million in funding

Tokyo-based LifeRobotics, the Japanese startup behind a cooperative working robot called Coro, announced today that it has closed a series A round having fundraised about 5 million yen ($4.4 million). The company had secured 270 million yen ($2.2 million) before they announced th … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Neue Frage an den TP-Blog

Von unseren Lesern ist folgende Frage an uns herangetragen worden:   Braucht es 2030 noch klassische Landestourismusorganisationen?   | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Skype fürs Fernsehen gibt es nicht mehr

Die Geschichte von gestern, wonach es keine Skype-App mehr für Samsung-Fernseher geben wird, hat mehr Gewicht als zunächst gedacht. Skype hat in einem Support-Eintrag "Änderungen für Skype für den Fernseher" angekündig... | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Google's DeepMind defeats legendary Go player Lee Se-dol in historic victory

A huge milestone has just been reached in the field of artificial intelligence: AlphaGo, the program developed by Google's DeepMind unit, has defeated legendary Go player Lee Se-dol in the first of five historic matches being held in Seoul, South Korea. Lee resigned after about t … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Südafrika - Der Preis ist nice (FOTO)

South African Tourism: Frankfurt / Berlin (ots) - Traumhafte Landschaften, gastfreundliche Menschen und ein hervorragendes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis: durch den attraktiven Wechselkurs und den ohnehin niedrigen Nebenkosten erhalten Urlauber in Südafrika noch mehr für ihr ... | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin plans to start taking tourists into space in 2018

Blue Origin, the private space travel company founded by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, is planning to take its first paying passengers into space as soon as 2018. Bezos told journalists visiting Blue Origin's Washington state headquarters that groups of up to six tourists at a time migh … | Continue reading | 5 years ago