The Venue of the Future [New Report]

We are very glad to announce the release of our latest report, The Venue of the Future. Grab your free copy now. At EventMB we take innovation seriously. Our commitment to you, dear reader, is to bring you prime analysis of the trends affecting event planning, with special attent … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Make Former Pediatric Dental Patients Lucrative Again

It seems that pediatric dentists often have a difficult time retaining patients. Successful pediatric dentists work hard to keep their patients, even those whose treatments have lapsed. Because it costs five times more to attract a new patient than it does to keep an existing one … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

5 Common Editing Headaches (and How to Solve Them)

After polling editors in the content marketing world on the struggles of their daily work, here are the most common issues that plague our kind: | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Oppo’s new battery tech can fully charge your phone in 15 minutes

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today, Oppo showed how far it’s come in mobile battery tech. The company demoed a prototype device with 2,500mAh power that charged fully in just 15 minutes. That’s crazy fast by any standard. On stage, the device equipped with Oppo’s new Sup … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

The most powerful Ubuntu phone is still not good enough

If there's one thing tech enthusiasts love more than an underdog, it's an underdog with high specs. The Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition is just such a device. It's powered by the same 14nm Samsung Exynos processor as the flagship Galaxy S6. It has a 21-megapixel camera with laser-assi … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is making this iPhone fan jealous

It’s been a while since I paid any serious attention to Samsung devices, but at MWC the company caught my eye. The S7, which was announced on Sunday at the company’s Unpacked event doesn’t look all that different from last year, but it’s making me jealous. Samsung’s embrace of bu … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Mediachain is Using Blockchain Tech to Create a Global Rights Database

CoinDesk profiles Mediachain, one of the more novel startups attacking use cases for blockchain technology in media. | Continue reading

@CoinDesk | 7 years ago

Using Curiosity to Break Bad Habits

“People who have better control of their attention, emotions, and actions are better off almost any way you look at it. They are happier and healthier. Their relationships are more satisfying and last longer. They make more money and go further in their careers. They are better a … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Event TV: Adidas gives Man U fans the chance to play at Old Trafford

Adidas Football has launched a new campaign that will offer a select group of Manchester United fans the chance to play a game of football at Old Trafford Stadium. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Personalie: Apple stellt PR-Expertin aus der Fernseh-Branche ein

Zehn Jahre war Bernadette Simapo bei Viacom, danach zwei Jahre PR-Chefin des US-amerikanischen Kabelsenders AMC (Mad Men, Breaking bad, The Walking Dead, Halt And Catch Fire). Jetzt – so berichtet Variety – wechselt sie zu Apple, um sic... | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Most Americans Support FBI Over Apple, Finds Pew

Pew Research Center has released a study on the dispute between the FBI and Apple. 51 percent of Americans think Apple should assist the FBI and unlock the iPhone 5c while 38 percent of Americans side with Apple. Read More | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Encrypted Messaging App Telegram Hits 100m Monthly Active Users, 350k New Users Each Day

That didn’t take long. Telegram launched just two and a half years ago and is today announcing at Mobile World Congress 2016 it has 100,000,000 monthly active users. Shortly after launching, the messaging app claimed it had 100,000 users communicating on its encrypted platform an … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

The thing about "wolf!"

...The little boy cried wolf, and the villagers didn't come. But the media often does. When bad things don't happen, we often forget about who cried wolf. And so they do it again. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Increasing hosted buyer numbers lead to promotion for The Meetings Show’s Julie Mayeras

The post Increasing hosted buyer numbers lead to promotion for The Meetings Show’s Julie Mayeras appeared first on KONGRES – Europe Meetings Industry Magazine. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

If you pre-order the new Doom on Xbox One, you get Doom 1 and Doom 2

If you pre-order the Xbox One version of the new Doom, you get Doom 1 and Doom 2. So says the Xbox Store.Doom 1 and Doom 2 are already playable on Xbox One via the Backward Compatibility feature.According to the game description, if you pre-order the new Doom the codes will be de … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

bdv setzt Zeichen für mehr Umweltverträglichkeit in der Branche

Die Galashow des Live Entertainment Awards (LEA) am 04. April 2016 wird dieses Jahr zum ersten Mal klimaneutral durchgeführt. Dafür wird der CO2-Fußabdruck der Veranstaltung von der First Climate AG berechnet und durch die Unterstützung eines zertifizierten Klimaschutzprojekts au … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Six of the best brand activations at London Beer Week

The second London Beer Week is well underway in the capital this week (22-28 February), with a host of brands activating at its east London hub and beyond. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Google is shutting down Google Compare

Google is shutting down a service that allowed web users to compare offers for car insurance, credit cards, and mortgages, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. The site, called Google Compare, launched in March 2015, and is currently available in the US and the UK. … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Google Is Closing Google Compare, Its Financial Services Comparison Service

Google is closing down its advertising product which served suggestions for a range of financial products, including credit cards, mortgages and insurance policies. Read More | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Imagineers: Meet food delivery pioneer Jitse Groen

What do you call people who are stretching the limits of their imaginations to engineer a new future? At The Next Web, we went with imagineers.  We want to offer our favourite entrepreneurs and pioneers a platform to share the visions and insights that will shape our future. This … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Chocolate Oat Shake

If you love chocolate milkshake, you’re going to love this chocolate OAT shake! Blended oats and water makes the most creamiest “milk” substitute and provides a subtle, delicious malty taste. Plus, with these ingredients, this oat-shake is healthy enough for breakfast.  Chocolate … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Yo-Kai Watch faces April release date

Japanese smash hit Yo-Kai Watch will finally arrive in Europe on 29th April. The 3DS role-player is frequently compared to Pokémon for its m… | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Ricoh's new action camera has an absurdly wide 204-degree field of view

Ricoh is updating its rugged action camera line with the new WG-M2. It's 40 percent lighter and smaller than the WG-M1, and it shoots 4K video at an absurdly wide 204-degree field of view. You can drop it, freeze it, and knock it around all without using a case. Ricoh will start … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Brandfuel creates outdoor garden for Android at MWC 2016

Android has enlisted agency Brandfuel to activate its presence at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016, which is taking place from 22-25 February. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Indian Juice Company Raw Pressery Soaks Up $4.5M In New Funding Led By Sequoia

Raw Pressery currently delivers cold-pressed juices to homes in six Indian cities, but it aspires to grow into one of the country’s leading health food makers. The company just raised a $4.5 million Series B from returning investor Sequoia Capital, Saama Capital, and DSG Consumer … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Software-Piraten schmuggeln App Store in Apples App Store

Apples ansonsten so strenge Software-Kontrolle ist ein peinlicher Fehler unterlaufen. App Store für iOS war über drei Monaten lang eine trojanische App verfügbar: 开心日常英语 ("Fröhliches Englisch jeden Tag"), ein als Sprachlern-App... | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Star Wars Battlefront patch adds film grain, new map, mission

Ever think Star Wars Battlefront doesn't look filmy enough? Well, phew, because now it does - now it has a film grain effect you can layer on top.Film grain comes in the free new February update that's rolling out now (not yet available on PlayStation 4 in the UK, for what it's w … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Bitcoin Price Watch; Recovery Today?

Yesterday we mentioned that, as a response to the tight, sideways action we had seen throughout the afternoon session in the bitcoin price, we would tighten up our range but set up against a possible sharp move on the back f price breakouts. As things turned out, we got just this … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

The next Fallout 4 patch improves settlements

Fallout 4 1.4 update is now in beta on Steam, and due out proper on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One soon, Bethesda has said.The patch paves the way for the add-on content announced last week, but now adds new features that improve the post-apocalyptic open-world role-playing game' … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

How Target evolved from selling items to selling experiences

Rocking a red nightgown, red lips, and red nails, Gwen Stefani performed live as part of a four-minute marketing extravaganza last week during the Grammy’s commercial break. The musical number was filled with subliminal red and white spheres, not as advertising per se, according … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Fortbildungs- und Netzwerkplattform der österreichischen Kongressindustrie

Zum siebten Mal organisiert das Austrian Convention Bureau (ACB) die Convention4u, den Jahreskongress der österreichischen Tagungsbranche. Vom 20. bis 21. Juni findet das “Tagungslabor” der Kongressspezialisten als Green Meeting in der Messe Congress Graz statt. Dabei steht auch … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Telegram now has 100 million monthly active users, a 60% increase in 9 months

Telegram has passed 100 million monthly active users (MAUs), the company announced today. During a keynote at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Pavel Durov, Telegram founder & CEO, took to the stage to reveal the new milestone figure, which represents an increase of 38 mi … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

BQ stellt das Aquaris X5 Plus vor

BQ verpasst dem Aquaris X5 ein Update. Die neue Plus-Variante des Smartphone, das es sowohl in einer regulären Android-Variante als auch mit CyanogenOS gibt, ist mit dem Snapdragon 625 ausgestattet, verfügt je nach Ausbaustufe über 1... | Continue reading | 7 years ago

London-Based Dribble Launches Daily Fantasy Soccer App

Dribble, the London startup founded by Nicholas Wright, Daniel Qu (whom I’m told met at TechCrunch Disrupt) and Rupert Brenninkmeijer, kicks off today with the launch of a daily fantasy app for soccer. Read More | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Airmageddon is a drone combat show for kids that needs an adult version

A new TV show in the UK is bringing drone warfare to children. The game show, Airmageddon, debuted this month on CBBC, the BBC kid's network. It pits children aged nine to 14 against one another in a series of drone-related challenges, including obstacle courses, aerial challenge … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Scrambl3 encryption app lets you make secure calls on your mobile phone

USMobile is launching its Scrambl3 encryption app for iPhones and Android smartphones today. The app enables users to make secure calls or send secure messages without worrying about eavesdropping, according to USMobile, which includes people who worked with the National Security … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Latvia’s Mintos Scores €2M Investment For P2P Loans Marketplace

Latvia’s Mintos, a fintech startup that operates a p2p loans marketplace to let investors invest in varous loans from a growing number of loan originators, has raised €2 million in seed funding. Backing comes from Riga-based VC Skillion Ventures. Read More | Continue reading | 7 years ago

British Airways takes out Superbrands list for a third year

British Airways has been recognised as the strongest consumer brand in the UK, after taking the number one spot in the consumer Superbrands 2016 league table. | Continue reading | 7 years ago

A day in the life of the founder of the world’s leading sleep startup

Philip Krim launched Casper in April 2014. 28 days later, it generated more than $1 million. He has become a notable entrepreneur in the New York tech scene, after the startup raised nearly $70 million. What does a day in the life of a founder of an award-winning startup look lik … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Pop vom Feinsten auf hoher See: MS EUROPA 2 UNPLUGGED mit Max Mutzke

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises: Hamburg (ots) - - Musiker und Sänger Max Mutzke gibt Akustik-Konzert an Bord der EUROPA 2 - Reisetermin: 30.04. bis 07.05.2016 - Zwei weitere MS EUROPA 2 UNPLUGGED Kreuzfahrten mit Mieze Katz und Alexa Feser Gäste der EUROPA 2 ... | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Der Schlüssel zu van Goghs Schlafzimmer / Peninsula Chicago ermöglicht VIP Zugang zum Art Institute Chicago

Peninsula Hotels: Hongkong (ots) - Zu Lebzeiten verkaufte er gerade einmal ein Bild, heute erzielen seine Werke Rekorderlöse - in diesem Jahr jährt sich Vincent van Goghs Todestag zum 125. Mal. Nun widmet das Art Institute Chicago dem legendenumwobenen Künstler eine ... | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Snapchat verkauft jetzt Geofilter

Was für ein interessantes Detail, dass Snapchat so interessant die Fragmentierung spannender Aspekte ihres Produktes in kostenpflichtige Sonderfunktionen vorantreibt. Nach kostenpflichtigen Bildeffekten (schon wieder deaktiviert) und Extra-Und... | Continue reading | 7 years ago

How AppLovin, BaubleBar, and Moet Hennessey measure marketing success

What if you could get 100 percent return on every advertising dollar spent? Or increase your company’s average order value by 300 percent? Tougher still, what if you could measure marketing effectiveness when you don’t directly touch the customer and don’t control the point of sa … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

"The Honourable Order of International Hotel General Managers" nimmt weltweit seine Arbeit auf

The Honourable Order of International Hotel General Managers: Dubai, Vae (ots/PRNewswire) - HOIHGm ist eine einzigartige Organisation mit einem Direktorium bestehend aus den weltweit erfahrensten Hotelprofis "The Honourable Order of International Hotel General Managers (HOIHGm)" … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Helio P20: Der neue MediaTek-Prozessor setzt auf mehr Effizienz

Prozessoren von MediaTek? Bei vielen Herstellern seit geraumer Zeit sehr beliebt und oft eine gute, wenn nicht sogar die bessere Alternative gegenüber Qualcomm. Im vergangenen Sommer brachte das Unternehmen den Helio P10 in Umlauf, mit acht K... | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Razer Raises At A $1.5B Valuation, With $75M From China’s Digital Grid For Immersive Gaming

Razer, the gaming technology company based out of Southern California, has raised another round of funding, a Series C that values it at $1.5 billion, TechCrunch has learned. The backing comes in part from China, specifically the Digital Grid subsidiary of IT company Hangzhou Lia … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Toshiba Nixes Wearvue, Its Smart Glasses, Less Than One Week Before Launch

Toshiba has canceled its smart glasses less than one week before the devices were to start shipping. In an announcement today, the Japanese electronics company said it made the decision to stop developing and selling Wearvue TG-1 as part of an effort to streamline its business po … | Continue reading | 7 years ago

Bill Gates Says Apple Should Unlock The iPhone

Bill Gates is siding with the FBI and says Apple should unlock the phone of the San Bernardino shooter. In an interview with FT, the Microsoft founder simply reiterates the Justice Department’s claim that this is a one-off case and the FBI is not asking for a general unlocking to … | Continue reading | 7 years ago