#478 Hearing an old song that reminds you of someone you love

The song starts up. Suddenly your brain flashes back to late nights lying on the faded corduroy couch with your first boyfriend. Scratchy records spin in the background, the TV flickers on mute, and you cuddle under thin blankets while everyone sleeps upstairs. The chorus builds … | Continue reading

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#479 Actually seeing a goal when you’re watching soccer

Did you play soccer as a kid? I did and let me tell you something, brother: it wasn’t pretty. Nope, I was a baggy-shorts wearing, skinned-knees masterpiece of fumbly awkwardness. I would strap my glasses around my head, velcro up my sneakers, and keep the bench warm in case someo … | Continue reading

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#480 When your shoes are tight enough to stay on but loose enough to slide off

Congratulations on reaching Total Shoe Actualization. AWESOME! Photo from: here — Check out my Youtube channel — | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 2 days ago

#481 Licking the flavor powder off your fingers

Get your snack on long. Get your snack on strong. Yes, as your movie-watching group melts into the couch for some lazy, late night, limbs everywhere screen time, there’s nothing finer than pouring Pepsis and passing around potato chips, cheesy puffs, and crisp-cracking nacho snac … | Continue reading

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#482 Taking Friday off and making it a long week

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#483 Those beautiful Do Nothing Days

It’s like a mirage. You see that distant Do Nothing day coming up on the horizon of your kitchen calendar. You stare at its white squarey blankess beckoning you closer and closer and closer. Time moves forward, days march on, and still nothing gets planned on that beautifully per … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 7 days ago

#484 Getting the Emergency Exit row on the airplane and not having to pay for it

You don’t want to sit next to me on an airplane. Chances are good I’ll start drooling on your shoulder, accidentally crank your headset volume, or chat your ear off with boring anecdotes while you attempt to stare dreamily at cloudscapes out the window. Yes, you’ll politely nod a … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 8 days ago

#485 When someone saved you a seat

It’s time to get down with the get down… At the movies! Your arms bearhug fat tubs of popcorn and slippery jumbo drinks as you blindly stumble down the dark aisle. You scan the chattery crowd dotting the red plushy tundra before noticing your friend thirty rows up giving you the … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 9 days ago

#486 When a human answers the phone when you call a big company

Thank you for calling. We are experiencing lower than normal call volumes. AWESOME! Photo from: here       — Check out my podcast 3 Books — | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 10 days ago

#487 Fitting back into the jeans you haven’t been able to wear for a while

Brother, my closet is stuffed as a scarecrow. See, I’ve got too many clothes because I keep all my old faves from years gone by. My drawers are packed with tattered jerseys, fraying undies, and lonely socks praying for their partners to please come home. On top of all that, I’ve … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 13 days ago

#488 Using your pants as a towel

Swipe your dripping paws on those handy leg towels and let’s get back to business, baby. AWESOME!       — Check out my Youtube channel — | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 14 days ago

#489 Watching the sports highlights of the game you literally just finished watching

Couch potatoes of the world, hear my call. We all know it’s great capping off three crumb-covered hours on the sofa by watching the highlights of the game you just watched. Yes, you lasted through all the timeouts, challenges, and pitching changes, so now’s your chance to relive … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 15 days ago

#490 Driving around with all the car windows down on warm summer nights

Kids cruise on wobbly bikes, toddlers race on tipsy trikes, and you drift deep into the hot summer night. Swerve and curve on windy roads as darkness slowly falls and stars pop out to reveal a twinkly twilight glow. As you hit the gas and drop your windows the warm beating rush o … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 16 days ago

#491 The Party Save aka The Party Rescue

The Party Save happens anytime a friend yanks you from a bad party conversation by pulling off a thrilling and daring rescue mission. Here’s how it all goes down: Step 1:  The Plan. Say tonight you’re heading to a housewarming, office Christmas party, or New Year’s bash. As you a … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 17 days ago

#492 The first text message between brand new friends

“Alright, have a great weekend, see you Monday.” “Yup, you too… hey wait, what are you up to tonight, anyway?” “Oh, not much, really. Maybe heading into the city with friends.” “Cool, we’ll be down there too. Thinking dinner, maybe drinks.” “Oh yeah? Here, add my number to your p … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 20 days ago

#493 When that giant zit growing on your forehead suddenly just disappears

Acne is not our friend. Blackheads multiply, whiteheads spread, and pimples pop up before prom, people. Yes, our silky smooth skin gets junked up with oily messes as we’re straightening ties and squeezing into prom dresses. Baby, whether you’re rocking Forehead Volcanos, The Rudo … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 21 days ago

#494 Chopping your sandwich into triangles

Welcome back to Childhood. Gooey grilled cheese drips and oozes onto heavy ceramic dishes lying on wobbly kitchen tables. Dusty sunlight beams down on the dog as you sit with your brother on Saturday afternoon beside the whirring fridge with rainbow letter magnets in front of the … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 22 days ago

#495 When it all suddenly just clicks

I was bad at Kindergarten. Yes, growing up a small, frightened, sheltered kid meant my daily drip to Grade 0 was the same as blasting me to the moon for six hours a day. I was helpless and alone, down on my own, in a cold and distant unknown. Honestly, I was so shy I didn’t … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 23 days ago

#496 Seeing terrible weather on TV somewhere else

Now, we certainly don’t wish trouble on our neighbors around the world. It’s just that when we see rain filling up roads, snowdrifts burying mailboxes, and giant hailstones peppering people’s Preludes, there’s just one big thought that flashes through our brains and makes us feel … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 24 days ago

#497 That moment right after the show ends and just before the applause begins

Fat ladies hit the high note, trumpets blast in the pit band, and stage hands yank the curtains closed in that big booming finish at the end of the show. Yes, the guitarist slashes the final chord as that closing climax spirals up and up and up before just so suddenly … stopping. … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 27 days ago

#498 Those long comfortable silences between really close friends

. . . . . . . .. . … . “Mm, want the air conditioning on or anything?” “No, no, I’m good…” .. .. . .. . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . AWESOME! — … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 28 days ago

#499 When you realize you didn’t get a parking ticket but should have

Well, well, well. Look at you living life in the fire lane. Yes, you came, you parked, you went over time, and you know it. Now you’re scrambling out of the laundromat with a teetery stack of folded towels, racing out of the barber shop with a a freshly shorn neck, or running out … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 29 days ago

#500 Finally making it halfway

Maybe you’re running on the treadmill when you catch the clock tick past the middle of your sweaty jog. Maybe you’re reading late at night and notice you’re on the middle page where the left and right sides form one big rectangle of paper. Or maybe you’re on a long Sunday drive t … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 1 month ago

#501 Correctly picking the fastest moving line at the grocery store

You can do it. Motor around filling your basket with food before spying the checkouts and picking your poison. Here’s five tips for living life in the fast lane: 5. Skip your greens. Keep away from shopping carts full of strange produce. Anyone with little bags of cilantro or par … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 1 month ago

#502 Fully justifying whatever horrible thing you’re eating

Let the grease glisten, mayo drip, and soda fizz. Here are three ways to make the magic happen: 1. Veggie Validation. My friend Mike is king of this hilarious move. “Gotta get my greens,” he’ll say, while chomping dill pickles on the couch playing video games. “Carrots are good f … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 1 month ago

#503 Walking into class and seeing that it’s a substitute teacher

Postpone the pop quiz, torpedo that test, and forget about a tough math lesson today. No, now’s the time when energy bolts blast through brains as everybody revs up for forty-five minutes of whispering, passing notes, and tossing paper airplanes. AWESOME!   Photo from: here — Fol … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 1 month ago

#504 Acrobatic snoozing moves

Everybody loves a good snooze. That’s where you groggily dive back into the sleepy underworld for a few more minutes of lazy-boned bliss before waking up to get your day on. It’s even better when you tap the snooze button with a bit of acrobatic showmanship that keeps you dreamin … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 1 month ago

#505 The last few hours before the weekend

This is known as The Funrise. Chatty buzz fills office cubicles, laughs echo down high school halls, and the clock ticks a little bit faster as we all smile and get ready for a couple big days of AWESOME! Photos from: here   — Follow me on Facebook — — Email message — “Hey Neil, … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 1 month ago

#506 When the person you’re meeting shows up even later than you

Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap. You’re late. Racing, running, rushing, you’re checking your watch and picturing your friend tapping their foot and rolling their eyes while waiting for you. That’s why it’s great when you arrive hot, sweaty, and breathless just before they rush aroun … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 1 month ago

#507 Riding on someone’s shoulders

Blast off. Getting a six-foot liftoff when you’re two feet tall shoots you straight into the stratosphere. Suddenly you’re riding your own personal human in a bumpy living room safari in the clouds. Your diaper-padded ass bounces safely on sturdy shoulders as you giggle and grab … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 1 month ago

#508 Dropping your phone on the sidewalk but then realizing it’s totally fine

It’s a terrible scene. As that cell phone, digital camera, or pair of sunglasses crash lands on the concrete everyone gasps as it crunches, bounces, and skids hard… Suddenly your eyes blur, stomach twists, and world flips as you fade back and suddenly realize you’re covered in sc … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 1 month ago

#509 Riding your bike really late at night when the streets are totally empty

Now’s your time. As the sun dips down and the twilight fades to darkness there’s nothing sweeter than wheeling your bike out of the garage for a late summer night cruise. Those freewheeling adventures are great for a few reasons: • The sound of silence. Hello darkness, my old fri … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 1 month ago

#510 Hanging with mom

My mom and I saw a movie the other night. I zoomed up the highway from my downtown apartment and she got a lift through the quiet sidestreets of my hometown. She had a big smile when I got there and was waiting in the lobby wearing lipstick and a cream cable knit sweater. She … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 1 month ago

#511 The moment on vacation where you completely forget what day of the week it is

Let’s see here. Saturday we got here. Sunday we did nothing. Then after that we did nothing. The next day we did nothing. And we’re doing nothing now. AWESOME!   Photo from: here — Check out my Youtube channel — | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 1 month ago

#512 That really nice guy who stops to help you parallel park

I suck at parallel parking. Honestly, just look at me out there: tire-scraping, curb-bumping, seven-point turning in the middle of the busy downtown street. Yes, that’s why I always breathe a massive sigh of relief when someone stops by to lend me a hand: 1. Airport Crew Chief. S … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 1 month ago

#513 Peeling that weird sticky glue off the back of your new credit card

Peel the pleasure. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Smooth Roller who uses your finger to slowly wheel the sticky icky into a little jelly roll or a Stretch Inspector who grabs a glue corner and yanks it further and further until it eventually snaps. Nope, doesn’t matter at all. Jus … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 1 month ago

#514 Seeing a license plate from somewhere really, really far away

Every plate has a story. Maybe it’s a cab of college kids on an endless summer road trip. Beef jerky wrappers, stained T-shirts, and a sweaty cooler fill the backseat of the rusty Volvo as they cruise cross country to soak in some sunny freedom before school starts. You see them … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 1 month ago

#515 Nailing that perfect move in a board game to create destruction or victory

I’m terrible at board games. Look at me: trying to roll doubles to bust outta jail, putting down bill or door on a no-word score, and frantically stabbing my pencil at my scribbly drawing over and over while the hourglass sand drips down. You see, this why I love those rare momen … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 1 month ago

#516 Picking up a box that’s way lighter than you thought

It’s the grocery bag of paper towels, the suitcase of socks, or the moving box of mittens. AWESOME! Photo from: here — Check out my podcast 3 Books — | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 1 month ago

#517 That click-click-click sound of anything winding up

Mmmm, girl. You know it and I know it: that zip-zippery sound of winding anything up is a slow building crescendo of anticipation. You crank the plastic walking toy, spin the garden hose wheel, or twist the egg timer tightly until everything locks and loads. Don’t matter whether … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 1 month ago

#518 Napping with someone

Jam your elbows in that stomach, breathe in those shampoo fumes, and squeeze your knees into the puffy cushions while spooning into a quick catnap on the couch. As drool drips, skin warms, and a slippery sweatfilm slides between you, just smile, close your eyes, and fade into a q … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 1 month ago

#519 Those glue movies

What’s your glue movie? For me, I’m completely sucked in anytime I accidentally stumble on A League of Their Own while flipping channels. Yes, watching Tom Hanks and Geena Davis scratch out wins on the ball diamond always hooks me like a fish ’til the credits roll. See, glue movi … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 1 month ago

#520 When a cute little baby falls asleep on you

You’re a human pillow. Feel that tiny heart beating on your chest, that strawberry-sized hand gripping your finger, and those baby powder breaths softly whispering in and out… When you were a little baby you fell asleep on people all the time, too. Now that you’re all grown up yo … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 1 month ago

#521 Just calling a mulligan on the day

Do you play golf? Me, I’ve tried a couple times but it’s always the same: I lace up some stained sneakers, borrow rusty clubs from someone’s basement, and then scrounge around the parking lot for some dented balls for my once-a-decade tee shot. Now, I’ve mentioned my athletic abi … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 1 month ago

#522 Dancing by yourself when you’re home alone

Get your groove on strong. Yes, lock that door, shutter those blinds, and crank that bumping thumping music, baby. Because it’s time to get down with the get down: • The Microphone. Wooden spoons are ideal but there are good substitutes like toothbrushes, combs, or even a bulky p … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 2 months ago

#523 When you learn a new word and then start seeing it everywhere

Thanks, universe. Once in a while you send big blinking signs that everything’s unfolding according to plan. Yes, whether it’s a supersmooth drive home, some eerie deja vu, or a perfect time showing up on the clock, you drop buzzy little braintwists that always keep us guessing. … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 2 months ago

#524 When there are a couple hidden onion rings at the bottom of your fries

Dive in. Scoring some sweet and salty rings hidden in your fries is the fast food equivalent to finding a treasure chest at the bottom of the sea. Suddenly you’re an explorer stumbling upon a lost shipwreck way, way down in the darkness. While your friends linger above, you plung … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 2 months ago

#525 That one teacher

Put your hand up if you ran from doorbells, hid behind pant legs, and avoided eye contact with grownups as a shy little kid. Brothers and sisters, if your hand is up right now, you are not alone. Yes, mute as a mouse, quiet as a cat, I was a short, snotty, bedhead-smeared ghost o … | Continue reading

@1000awesomethings.com | 2 months ago