Greek Researchers determine effects of Recycling on ABS filament

New research from Hellenic Mediterranean University investigates the change in ABS filament’s mechanical properties in response to recycling. The scientists set up an experimental simulation of the recycling process, focusing on the thermomechanical treatments and conducting a nu … | Continue reading | 5 days ago

MIT engineers use conducting polymers to 3D print soft and flexib brain implants

Researchers and engineers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are using 3D printing to develop soft, flexible brain electrodes using a conductive polymer liquid material.  Carrying out research into the 3D printing of conducting polymers, MIT engineers are working on d … | Continue reading | 1 month ago

Northwestern large scale SLA HARP 3D printer with record throughput

Researchers at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, have developed a new 3D printer that they claim can print half a yard (457.2 mm) in an hour, a reportedly record-breaking throughput in 3D printing.  Called HARP (high-area rapid printing), the speed and size of the sy … | Continue reading | 4 months ago

Virginia Tech’s Source Form method eliminates need for 3D printer .stls file

A team of researchers from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) have developed Source Form, a 3D printer capable of creating objects using crowdsourced data. Displayed at the recent ACM SIGGRAPH 2019, held in Los Angeles, California, Source Form … | Continue reading | 9 months ago

Liquid magnets made possible by Berkley lab 3D printing

A team of scientists from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a Department of Energy (DOE) office lab managed by the University of California, have used a modified 3D printer to produce liquid droplets imbued with magnetic properties. Their research, published in the Scien … | Continue reading | 10 months ago

US Marines 3D Print Replacement Part and Save $70,000

1449shares144900A team of U.S. Marines 3D printed a part for the F-35 stealth fighter saving $70,000 in costs for a whole new landing gear door. The component is a small part mounted on the door pressing it into the latch. It was designed and 3D printed by Marines from Combat Log … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Biodegradable 3D printer filament can be used to grow mushroom, make cheese

41shares24170Readers of 3D Printing Industry may remember Kai Parthy from our earlier interviews and coverage of the 3D printer filaments made by the German inventor. Now Kai Parthy is back with anoth | Continue reading | 1 year ago