This Treehouse Perched in a Century-Old Oak is a Bird Nest for People

If you’ve ever glanced at a bird nest, maybe been awed by the little bird’s engineering skills and thought the dwelling looked cozy and woodsy, this treehouse in northern France is for you. Or, even if you aren’t particularly envious of a bird’s nest, this still looks like a terr … | Continue reading | 1 day ago

The Tour de France Winning Smuggler Who Saved Hundreds of Lives in WW2

The Tour de France winner crisscrossed Italy on his bike, delivering messages and documents to the underground, and saved hundreds of Jews. | Continue reading | 1 day ago

Beloved California Surf Spot Has a Nuclear Waste Storage Problem

San Onofre, one of California’s most historic and idyllic surf spots, an irregular cobblestone pointbreak that produces gently breaking but well-shaped waves perfect for longboarding, sits in the shadow of a decommissioned nuclear power station. San O’ (as locals and surfers call … | Continue reading | 2 days ago

Here’s What it’s Like to Hike the Entire Appalachian Trail in 45 Days

Back in 2017, Joe McConaughy set the FKT of the Appalachian Trail, hike/running the whole thing, 2,190 miles, in just 45 days. Normally, we’re not all that interested in FKTs around here, but that is a monumental achievement. McConaughy—trail name: Stringbean—did it unsupported, … | Continue reading | 2 days ago

Rainbow Curry Burritos Are An Easy, Art Project of a Camp Meal

Desolate highways are no place to fulfill cravings for curry. If variety is the spice your life craves, you better pack your own. There is no limit to the types of veggies or color of curry that you can use in this recipe. Choose your own adventure and make this meal an art proje … | Continue reading | 2 days ago

The Most Beautiful Day Hikes In America

Spring is here and if you haven’t dusted off your hiking shoes you better have a good excuse-like a broken leg or recent ACL surgery. The whole season is spread out before you for walking out into the showy extravagance of nature, and here are the best places in America to do tha … | Continue reading | 2 days ago

Arches NP Shelves Entrance Reservation Plan—Will Other Parks Follow?

Back in 2017, NPS officials announced that due to crowds overwhelming the infrastructure at Arches National Park and making visits something of a nightmare of traffic snarls and elbow-room only trails on busy weekends, a mandatory reservation system would be instituted in the com … | Continue reading | 3 days ago

Run Yikes-Inducing Mountain Ridges with Kilian Jornet

In this installment of Kilian Jornet doing impressive mountain things, he’s running along razor-thin mountain spines in Åndalsnes, Norway. Exposed? You bet. Fun? Absolutely, if you’ve got the hooves of a mountain goat, which, clearly, Jornet does. | Continue reading | 3 days ago

They Come in Peace—Historic Butterfly Migration Swarms the West Coast

They begin their migration in recent days fluttering north from the deserts of Mexico and Southern California, to the forests and beaches of the Pacific Northwest. Millions of bright orange butterflies, called painted ladies, their numbers swollen because of intense rains in Cali … | Continue reading | 3 days ago

Humans, Like Migratory Animals, Might Sense Magnetic Fields Too

New research shows some people's brains register shifts in magnetic fields, just like migratory animals. | Continue reading | 3 days ago

You Learn a Lot of Lessons Canoeing Across Canada With a Five-Year-Old

It started with a broken-down car and an offhand joke. After five years in Edmonton, Benoit Gendreau-Berthiaume and Magali Moffatt planned a months-long road trip home to Montreal, indulging their love of rock climbing as they toured throughout North America. Then their old Mazda … | Continue reading | 4 days ago

Meet the Native Alaskans Fighting Against Drilling in ANWR

The Gwich’in people of Alaska are in a fight to save their homelands from the encroachment of mining and oil interests. | Continue reading | 4 days ago

Mélise Edwards on Overcoming Fear in Climbing—and Life

Mélise Edwards, professional climber and PhD student in neuroscience, talks through climbing and fear, and the state of the outdoor industry. | Continue reading | 4 days ago

Ride a Bike, Get a Tax Break?

Bike commuting may soon earn you a tax break. May as well make that trip to work a bit of an adventure. | Continue reading | 4 days ago

95-Year-Old Badass Embarks on Second Cross-Country Run in 5 Years

At 90, he took off on a run across the country. Now, at 95, Ernie Andrus is at it again. | Continue reading | 5 days ago

Biketouring the Cairngorms Looks Cold, Wet, and Really Fun

Snow, rain, muddy trails, gear-strapped bikes, and fire-warmed pubs. Must be biking in Scotland. | Continue reading | 5 days ago

K2 Quest is Over—Mountain Remains Unclimbed in the Winter

Alex Txikon, Pasang Sherpa, and Cheppal Sherpa abandon bid for first-ever winter K2 climb. | Continue reading | 5 days ago

Giving Up on the Ski Town Dream

When the fantasy and reality of living in an expensive mountain town collide, reality usually wins. | Continue reading | 5 days ago

Racing Against Cold to Photograph a Rarely Seen Caribou Migration

The landscape below is white. Cold white, with stunted black trees – the type of trees that are found north of the Arctic Circle. Beneath our little bush plane, a pair of wolves sprints towards what could loosely be called a forest. In the middle of the small lake below us is a r … | Continue reading | 6 days ago

New Film Looks at What a Wall Would do to the Border’s Wildlife

A couple years back, filmmaker Brad Masters and a crew set out to look at the land that an extended border wall along the Rio Grande would pass through. They paddled, hiked, and rode horses and bikes along a 1,250-mile section of the US/Mexico border during the making of the new … | Continue reading | 6 days ago

This Off-Grid Mediterranean Cabin Moves Walls to Let the Seasons In

Edirne, Turkey, is a medium-sized city in the country’s northwest, near the borders of Greece and Bulgaria. On weekends, a young family retires to this off the grid cabin for a getaway, a reconnection with nature. Since they visit the cabin year-round, warm summer days and during … | Continue reading | 8 days ago

Thoreau’s Real Lesson is that Wildness is a State of Mind

When Americans quote writer and naturalist Henry David Thoreau, they often reach for his assertion that “In Wildness is the preservation of the world.” This phrase elicited little response when Thoreau first read it during a lecture in 1851. A century later, however, it had becom … | Continue reading | 8 days ago

Mau Piailug, One of the Last Wayfinders, Followed the Stars to Tahiti

Mau Piailug helped spread the ancient art of wayfinding—navigating by swell, winds, and currents—to Hawaii and the modern world. | Continue reading | 8 days ago

Van Lovers Take Note—Ford is Releasing AWD Transit Vans

Ford throws its hat into the very trendy, off-road panel van world. | Continue reading | 8 days ago

Hello, Here’s a Glimpse of the New Issue of Adventure Journal

The time to subscribe for AJ12 is nigh. Actually, it's now. | Continue reading | 9 days ago

Billboards With Photos of the Mountains They’re Blocking

Jennifer Bolande's "Visible Distance" showed drivers the views they were missing. | Continue reading | 9 days ago

Why Celebrate the Killing of a Mountain Lion?

I split my time between living outside Yosemite National Park and in Los Angeles. That I have the chance to see mountain lions in both places provides me with unending awe, and with hope: If a mountain lion can live in the middle of Los Angeles, wildness and wild things just migh … | Continue reading | 9 days ago

Maybe that Grand Canyon Radiation Wasn’t So Bad After All, Says NPS

Threat of radiation announced last month may have been overstated, say Grand Canyon National Park officials. | Continue reading | 10 days ago

For the Love of Travel. And Adventure. And Life

Love travel? You'll love this short. | Continue reading | 10 days ago

Well, That Huge Public Lands Bill is Now Officially Law

It happened rather quickly, but the Land Water Conservation Fund is now permanent, after historic bi-partisan Dingell Act sails through Congress and the White House. | Continue reading | 10 days ago

Thru-Hiking Bosses on Their Food Tips and Fantasies on Big Treks

I can say from experience that the two most common topics of conversation on a long hike are eating and pooping. While the latter should be somewhat self-explanatory, we asked four incredibly accomplished long-distance hikers—with a collective total of over 56,000 miles of hunger … | Continue reading | 10 days ago

The Newest Vasque Breeze is the Light, Comfy Future of Hiking Shoes

Normally, I like to leave my final thoughts about a piece of gear until the end of a review, but I’ll say it right up front with this one: The brand new Vasque Breeze LT GTX ($170) boots are the most comfortable hikers I’ve ever worn. Not just comfortable—they’re badass hikers. T … | Continue reading | 11 days ago

There’s Nothing Quite Like the Beauty of Skating on Thin Nordic Ice

Per Sollerman, the self-proclaimed “oldest Swede in Norway” is a photographer and devoted natural ice skater, taking to the frozen lakes, rivers, and ponds near his Oslo, Norway, home. This short features Sollerman walking us through how he fell in love with Nordic Skating, the p … | Continue reading | 11 days ago

Why North Carolina May Force All Cyclists to Pay Bike Registration Fee

It’s not a huge amount of money, but a North Carolina state legislator has introduced a bill that would require every bike owner 16 years of age or older in the state to fork over $10 annually for bicycle registration for every bike they ride on a city street. State representativ … | Continue reading | 11 days ago

Meet the Coldwater Freediver Living Full Time in a Ford F150

Home is where the Ikigai is…one’s reason for being. For Magali Côté, home needs to be parked at the very edge of every other human’s comfort zone. A page from her life playbook is to change the game as often as necessary to stay passionate about this finite experience, and what b … | Continue reading | 12 days ago

Be Charmed by Bruce Gold, Patron Saint of Hobo Surfers

Jeffreys Bay, South Africa, mostly called J-Bay, is one of the world’s finest waves. For decades, it’s attracted surfers from around the world, the rich and the poor, the famous and the unknown. Many of those surfers, either because they were down on their luck, or because they’d … | Continue reading | 12 days ago

Scientists Spot Potentially New Species of Killer Whale

A mystery for more than 60 years, biologists have finally spotted the long-rumored "Type D" killer whale, possibly a whole new species. | Continue reading | 12 days ago

Surprise Typewriter Let Hikers Peck Out Love Notes to Grand Canyon

NPS Ranger Elyssa Shalla's "Towers & Type Project" collected notes written to the Grand Canyon at one of the world's most scenic typing locations. | Continue reading | 12 days ago

Skiing Rainier in a Unicorn Onesie: A Technical Review

If you’re in the market for an adult onesie but are holding out due to performance concerns, I’m here to help. I recently tested the Unicorn Onesie at 10,000 feet in Washington’s most unforgiving wilderness: Mt. Rainier. Read on for all of the beta on the technical performance of … | Continue reading | 13 days ago

Explore the Claustrophobic Magic of Caving

"It's like kneeling in a bath of porridge with a rainstorm coming down on your head." | Continue reading | 13 days ago

Watch This Dude Build a Log Cabin By Himself, From Scratch

No power tools, no talking, no stress. A cozy off-grid cabin takes shape before your eyes. | Continue reading | 15 days ago

Can a Natural Place be Saved Simply by its Beauty?

New book explores the mystique and beauty of the American West. | Continue reading | 15 days ago

Dept of Interior Proposes Removing Protections for Wolves in Lower 48

Citing increased population, the US Fish and Wildlife Service proposes allowing states to resume hunting and trapping gray wolves. | Continue reading | 15 days ago

If You Don’t Already, You, Too, Can Learn to Love Snow Camping

Our own Shawnté Salabert, who leads wilderness courses about camping in snow, offers some advice to the cold adverse. | Continue reading | 16 days ago

As Search Nears End, Sliver of Hope for Lost Climbers on Nanga Parbat

As search winds down for lost climbers on Nanga Parbat, one rescuer may have spotted two figures on the mountain. | Continue reading | 16 days ago

Here’s a Peek Behind the Curtain at Adventure Journal

Bootstrapped and proud of it, we wanted to take some time to show you how we put together your favorite outdoor magazine and website. And to offer a reminder: We can't do this without you, our loyal print subscribers. | Continue reading | 16 days ago

New Aussie Biz Wants to Turn Old Land Rovers into Electric 4×4 Icons

Pretty cool idea here—Rent out old Land Rovers fitted with electric motors. | Continue reading | 17 days ago

A Simply Sublime Visual Story About the Power of Bicycles

"It's not about being the first, the fastest, or the best. It's about choosing my own path and creating my own trail." | Continue reading | 17 days ago