The quick case for WeWork as an disruptive business

So. WeWork, in whose co-working locations I’m sure many of you have spent time, is going public. It’s going for it at a time where – if you believe the news – the world economy is threa… | Continue reading | 6 days ago

The players are the artists; the game is the venue

As a general rule, I try to read everything that Matthew Ball writes about media at REDEF. His work is high-quality, perceptive, and I always learn something. So I was surprised, but also intrigued… | Continue reading | 12 days ago

A Midsummer Night's Term Sheet

Cast of characters: Alaina: Founder/CEO of Wirefly, a startup about to raise their Series A. Mia: Founder/CEO of Titanium, also a startup about to raise their Series A, and good friend of Alaina. E… | Continue reading | 22 days ago

I’m writing a book, and I want your help

Hello everyone! I have some exiting news that I’ve hinted to some of you for the past few months. It is… First: I am writing a book. The book will be called Scarcity in the Software Century, a… | Continue reading | 1 month ago

Would you accept cheaper rent in exchange for a monthly Amazon purchasing quota?

I’m sure many of you either have an Alexa-powered device in your house, or at least have played around with one somewhere. So it won’t be surprising to you that Amazon has been partnering with home… | Continue reading | 2 months ago

Google Chrome, the perfect antitrust villain?

Which of these tech products is most deserving of antitrust scrutiny, and arguably the best candidate for forced divesture in a Big Tech Breakup? A) Apple’s App StoreB) Amazon’s Third Party Marketp… | Continue reading | 2 months ago

What happens if building more housing doesn’t work?

I just spent the past week it the Bay Area, and it’s hard not to come away with an acute sense that there’s something wrong with the way that housing is working in the new economy: not just in San … | Continue reading | 3 months ago

Crowds, Power and Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a crowd. Crowds can be understood. I’m currently reading a fascinating book called Crowds and Power by Elias Canetti, recommendation courtesy of @HipCityReg. Since Bitcoin’s having a fun… | Continue reading | 3 months ago

Cooking as a Service

This tweet made me think a lot: First of all, as much as I hate this idea, I think this notion is correct. This trend has been happening for a long time, and it’s going to keep happening. I think i… | Continue reading | 3 months ago

The rise of the access economy (2015)

I’d like to talk about something very important today: the monumental shift that I believe will be the defining feature of the 2020s and beyond. That shift is the rise of the access economy. What i… | Continue reading | 3 months ago

Taylor Swift and the Access Economy: Why the Normal Distribution Is Vanishing

(Note: although I originally wrote this as a stand-alone post, it may make sense to think of it as Part Two of a series, beginning with The Rise of the Access Economy.)   There’s a classic exercise… | Continue reading | 3 months ago