Publishers pour money into paid marketing for their subscription products

The amount of money publishers are spending on Facebook to drive subscriptions is up more than 150% compared to 2018. | Continue reading | 6 days ago

‘It can be demotivating’: Digital media’s all-stock deals are the new normal

With banks more reluctant to lend, venture capitalists are no longer interested in buying digital media companies that are no longer growing quickly. | Continue reading | 7 days ago

What the Taboola-Outbrain combination means for publishers - Digiday

The content-recommendation wars have ended, and Taboola won. | Continue reading | 13 days ago

'It's found money': YouTube stars look for ways to expand to Facebook

YouTube stars continue to look for low-stakes opportunities to syndicate their YouTube videos to other platforms to become competition for YouTube. | Continue reading | 22 days ago

‘I can’t see how my ads work if I can’t target people’: Confession of a marketer

In our latest Confessions, a marketer reveals the high cost of remolding their ad-tech stack to handle cookie-less targeting. | Continue reading | 1 month ago

Advertising Casualties of the Pivot to Privacy

Tighter data protection regulations and the privacy agendas of the browsers are putting pressure on certain kinds of ad-targeting techniques. | Continue reading | 1 month ago

‘The scale of the problem is enormous’: Apple flexes strong anti-tracking stance

Apple tightened its anti-tracking policies in order to prevent ad tech vendors from using loopholes in its existing user privacy policy. | Continue reading | 1 month ago

Facebook tries again by hiring journalists to staff its news tab

The small team of full-time employees will be stretched across time zones from California to London, and its job will be purely curatorial. | Continue reading | 1 month ago

Amazon offered ‘Amazon’s Choice’ to vendors who bought ads and lowered prices

Amazon has previously offered vendors the ability to "bid" for an Amazon’s Choice badge by lowering prices and spending more money on advertising. | Continue reading | 2 months ago

Media buyers are frustrated with Google and Facebook ad reps

Media buyers say their relationships with Facebook and Google have become worse especially when compared to improvements that Twitter and Snap have made. | Continue reading | 2 months ago

To increase retention, The Financial Times is using newsletter polls

The Financial Times has started adding polls into its email newsletters in an effort to encourage readers to interact more regularly with its content. | Continue reading | 2 months ago

Some publishers are making more money from Apple News

Publishers like Vice Media and The Stylist Group say they've gotten traffic and more importantly, revenue lifts from Apple News in the last three months. | Continue reading | 2 months ago

Inside EasyList, the community-run ad-blocking list disrupting the internet

The adblocking filter list, which helps power browsers including Brave and adblockers including Adblock Plus, is community maintained, and it requires site owners to submit to an unusual review process if EasyList causes any problems. | Continue reading | 2 months ago

How China’s Baidu Works with Snap, Pinterest and Reddit on Ad Sales

While Baidu’s Sunnyvale office focuses on AI and autonomous vehicles, the Chinese tech company also has grown a sales team there to work with US platforms. | Continue reading | 2 months ago


Continue reading | 2 months ago


Axel Springer's Upday has grown programmatic revenue by 30% with tactics like adjusting ad floor prices and making inventory available at a lower cost. | Continue reading | 2 months ago

The Washington Post is preparing for post-cookie ad targeting

The Washington Post has internally developed a first-party data ad targeting tool called Zeus Insights, which offers contextual targeting capabilities. | Continue reading | 3 months ago

Quartz lays off employees for second time this year

The business news publisher has laid off 11 commercial-side employees over two stints in 2019. Some of those roles remain unfilled, as Quartz pours more resources into its nascent membership program. | Continue reading | 3 months ago

Quartz is shutting down its Quartz Brief mobile app July 1

Quartz Brief, the award-winning news mobile app, is being put out to pasture so the digital news publisher can focus on a newer one launched in the fall. | Continue reading | 3 months ago

Brand dollars pooling in, podcasters are trying to figure out attribution

Brands have begun to invest in podcast advertising after years of sitting out the audio format. Now podcasters have to prove their ads stack up against digital, terrestrial radio and other ad formats. | Continue reading | 3 months ago

Digiday: Airpods are changing office life

One 24-year-old agency employee told Digiday he “never takes them off” because he’s afraid to lose them. Some cite the restroom as the no-go zone. Others say anywhere’s fair game, as long as they’re not actually being used. | Continue reading | 4 months ago

‘There are some real sales to be had there’: Costco is figuring out strategy

Compared to its biggest competitor Sam’s Club, Costco has been slow to push omnichannel features like buy online, pickup in-store, and digitize the in-store experience, but that's starting to change, as the company is paying greater attention to its e-commerce business.  | Continue reading | 4 months ago

‘Something enormous’: Inside Walmart’s ambitious streaming video plans

With its Vudu streaming service, Walmart is hoping to carve out a piece of the free video streaming market -- with a shoppable twist. | Continue reading | 4 months ago

'Beyond nine lives': Salon's new owners look to trim costs as they seek easy profit - Digiday

Traffic to the digital news pioneer's site had fallen by 85 percent over the past two years. | Continue reading | 4 months ago

When it comes to consulting firms, some advertisers aren’t convinced

Accenture's acquisition of creative agency Droga5 shows just how close the consulting firms are getting to ad budgets. | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Walmart grows e-commerce sales 37% with focus on grocery

Walmart’s e-commerce business continues to grow at double-digit rates. | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Incognito no more: Publishers close loopholes as paywall blockers emerge

Although it’s difficult to measure how many people circumvent meter paywalls, it's unlikely paywall blockers will reach the epidemic that ad blockers did. | Continue reading | 5 months ago

‘It’s an arms race’: Publishers prepare for an anti-tracking-dominant future

Publishers believe Apple's anti-tracking updates and Google's expected roll-out of a Chrome version will have upsides and downsides. | Continue reading | 5 months ago

High-end gyms are becoming publishers

A growing number of high-end gyms and fitness studios are dabbling in media as a way to increase revenue. | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Amazon is pulling the plug on hybrid selling

Amazon is shifting its retail strategy in order to maximize profit, and sellers are starting to feel the effects. | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Can ‘slow journalism’ work? Delayed Gratification is finding out (2016)

Delayed Gratification serves up news three months after the event has happened. | Continue reading | 6 months ago

LinkedIn has a fake-profile problem

Fake profiles are rampant across platforms, but nowhere are they more annoying than on LinkedIn. | Continue reading | 6 months ago

Inside Univision’s Troubled Acquisition of Gizmodo and the Onion

Univision spent roughly $200 million on Gizmodo Media Group and The Onion. Here's why it sold those properties for less than $50 million. | Continue reading | 6 months ago

Despite struggles, Facebook isn’t giving up on Watch

Facebook wants TV-ad dollars and will continue to tinker away at a video product that can draw users and brand budgets. What that leaves is a platform that's having an identity crisis. | Continue reading | 6 months ago

‘Auditing as we know it is dead for online media’: Advertisers seek alternatives

Advertisers rely on big auditing firms to pore over their media investments and warn them of impending disasters. Now they're seeking alternatives. | Continue reading | 6 months ago

Facebook won't renew two-thirds of existing Facebook Watch news shows - Digiday

Facebook is moving towards canceling Facebook Watch news shows that aren't working. | Continue reading | 7 months ago

Amid bad news in the industry, Business Insider parent says it crossed $100m revenue mark and is profitable - Digiday

Axel Springer-owned Insider Inc.'s revenues were up 20 percent year over year as the company hit profitable. Next up: Sustainable growth. | Continue reading | 8 months ago

'HGTV effect': IKEA is testing a subscription model for furniture

Ikea is testing a furniture leasing program that it hopes could lead to a subscription-based model. | Continue reading | 8 months ago

Vice Media is laying off hundreds in an effort to reduce costs – Digiday

Vice Media is laying off hundreds of employees, with departments such as digital, editorial and international seeing the most impact. | Continue reading | 8 months ago

Leaked Pitch Deck: How TikTok Is Selling Ads in Europe

TikTok users in the U.K are spending 41 minutes per day on the app, according to the company's pitch deck. | Continue reading | 8 months ago

Ghost sites, domain spoofing, fake apps: A guide to knowing your ad fraud

Digital ad fraud is a volume game. Here’s a primer on how to spot the core techniques used to generate CPM fraud. | Continue reading | 8 months ago

Dented by layoffs, BuzzFeed charts a path to a sustainable business - Digiday

Cuts to employees responsible for some of BuzzFeed's most memorable successes stunned many employees. | Continue reading | 8 months ago

Confessions of a former Facebook exec on the platform’s struggles with video

A former Facebook executive candidly shares his thoughts on Facebook's video business and its ongoing relationship with publishers. | Continue reading | 9 months ago

After GDPR, The New York Times cut off ad exchanges and kept growing ad revenue

The New York Times shortly tested re-introducing open-exchange programmatic ad buying last fall but didn't pursue it. | Continue reading | 9 months ago

Inside Facebook’s ad platform clean up

Facebook is looking at some really privacy-safe clearinghouse-type solutions to tackle calls from marketers on its ad platform. | Continue reading | 9 months ago

Forbes is building more AI tools for its reporters

The publisher's 2,500 contributors could soon rely on AI to pre-write stories for them. | Continue reading | 9 months ago

Comscore and Nielsen are racing to become cross-platform measurement providers

With new CEOs at both companies, Comscore and Nielsen are looking to address advertisers' and media companies' cross-platform measurement frustrations. | Continue reading | 9 months ago

‘Going where the customer is’: Marketers are coming for messaging apps

Aa more traditional spaces like Facebook’s News Feed and Google search get more competitive, marketers are looking for other cheaper but effective options. | Continue reading | 9 months ago