Why Most LED Headlight Upgrades Don't Really Work: An Expert Explains

Plug-and-play LED replacements for halogen headlight bulbs are a popular car mod. LEDs often look brighter than incandescent lights, but “looks brighter” and “illuminates better” are not the same thing. I got a stern talking-to from an actual lighting expert about LED retrofits, … | Continue reading

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Chevy's 1987 MS-DOS 'Build and Price' Program Was Totally Rad

If you go to pretty much any car company’s website in 2020, you’ll find a “build-and-price” page where you can pick colors and options for any model, see how specs look and get an MSRP. That’s been around for ages, but you might not have seen an older example of a digital car con … | Continue reading

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Cassette Tape-Based Navigation System from 1971

This clip from a 1971 episode of the BBC television show Tomorrow’s World has so many appealing details to me, most notably the featuring of a lovely UK-spec 1962 Volkswagen Beetle, but the true star of it is the remarkably forward-thinking navigation system the Beetle is fitted … | Continue reading

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EV Transmission Adapters Give You More Options for Electric Motor Swaps

Electric GT has done some cool EV-swap projects for old cars. The outfit’s probably best known for building the electric manual-shift Ferrari that made the rounds a few years ago. Now its offerings are expanding to enable more electric retrofits for a wider range of classics. | Continue reading

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Electric Truck Startup Founder Angered by Bloomberg Article, Threaten to Sue

Today, a story about Nikola, a startup that is valued in the billions despite having no revenue, appeared on Bloomberg, headlined “Nikola Founder Exaggerated the Capability of His Debut Truck.” Within about an hour, Nikola’s founder was rage-tweeting, calling for the author of th … | Continue reading

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The Case for Ending All Traffic Stops

As millions of Americans warm up to an old idea (cops are bad!) and Minneapolis appears ready to disband its police department, let me offer another step on the path toward abolishing America’s police and forming a more just country. Let’s straight up give up on all traffic stop … | Continue reading

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Honda seems to be the victim of a ransomware attack

We have received several reports from Honda employees that the entire Honda network is down, and seems to have been compromised by a ransomware attack. The attack happened yesterday, June 7, and is impacting Honda’s overall business operations globally, in what seems to be both b … | Continue reading

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The Golden Gate Bridge Is Horrifying Now

San Francisco’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge was recently renovated, but something the engineers failed to take into account was the terrifyingly eerie noise the new changes would project throughout the entire Bay area. | Continue reading

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The BMW X5 Was Designed in Two Hours on a Plane

When BMW bought Rover group in 1994, it got the Land Rover brand which had rapidly expanded the SUV market in the 1980s. To keep the trend alive, BMW took what tech it could from Land Rover, and with a two-hour sketch, produced its own SUV—the BMW X5. | Continue reading

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An Update on the $900 Chinese EV I Ordered from Alibaba

Sure, the world may be collapsing all around us thanks to the relentless march of that spiny little bastard, the Coronavirus, but some important things are still pressing on, undaunted. One of those things is the progress of my order of a $900 Chinese-built electric car from the … | Continue reading

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Toyota Still Thinks Hydrogen Fuel Cells Are the Future

Toyota’s made no secret of its hydrogen fuel cell ambitions. A new joint venture with five companies in China means it’s digging in even deeper. | Continue reading

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Unboxing the World’s Cheapest Car

It’s been months since I first had this ridiculous idea to buy the cheapest car I could find on Alibaba, and there’s been so much convincing the bosses, fees to be paid, paperwork to be filled out, logistics to be handled, and just getting it from the warehouse to my house in Dav … | Continue reading

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Tesla Model 3 Drives into Overturned Truck in Apparent Autopilot Failure

Earlier today, on Taiwan’s National Highway 1 near the Zhongshan High Chiayi Water Section, a Tesla Model 3 crashed right smack into the roof of an overturned truck trailer. It appears that the wreck was caused by the Tesla’s Autopilot system not detecting the large rectangular o … | Continue reading

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How Fast Cars Would Be If They Advanced at the Pace of Computers

The idea of comparing the pace of development of computers to cars has been around a while. Snopes traces the idea all the way back to some early-internet joke in 1997, even. Fundamentally, it’s sort of an absurd comparison—the two technologies are so different, they’re really no … | Continue reading

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Ford Cop Cars Can Now Heat Interiors to over 133 Degrees to Kill Coronavirus

Ford announced new software Wednesday that will allow police to kill “99.9 percent of viruses” that may be hiding on surfaces in 2013-2019 Ford Police Interceptor SUVs. The software is already in use in some police precincts and is available for all current-generation vehicles. | Continue reading

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Hertz Car Rental Files for Bankruptcy

After weeks of hardship due to decimated demand, the car rental giant Hertz filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy late Friday night. Hertz has been struggling to keep its head above water since the Covid-19 crisis began, and it seems the company has held out for as long as it could. It … | Continue reading

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The Differences Between People Who Can and Can’t Drive Stick (2011)

The latest infoporn from Hunch.com delves into the site's proprietary user data system to uncover the characteristics of people who can drive cars with a stick shift vs. those who can't. | Continue reading

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Tesla Media Units Are Full of Owner's Private Data Even After a Factory Reset

There’s a hacker/security researcher with the Twitter handle GreenTheOnly that has been doing some interesting work with used Tesla parts. This time specifically, he’s acquired three Tesla Model 3 integrated media control units (MCU) and Autopilot (HW) units (known as the ICE com … | Continue reading

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Volvo Plans to Be the First to Include Lidar on a Production Car

Autonomous cars will need to see the world, just like we human drivers do occasionally when we glance up from our phones to peek out the big window up front with the wipers. Currently, all production cars with semi-autonomous features (remember, there are no completely self-drivi … | Continue reading

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Elon Musk and Grimes Named Their Kid X Æ A-12

As you may be aware, Elon Musk and Grimes have rubbed their space-genitals together over a Tleilaxu Axolotl tank and crafted themselves a human child. That child is now complete, and it’s a little boy, and, contrary to recent rumors, he’s not named Influenza. That would be ridicu … | Continue reading

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Cars Made Before Grant Became President

I know Mercedes-Benz likes to crow about “inventing the automobile” in 1885, but we all know that’s complete bullshit. Motorized, wheeled vehicles capable of transporting a human being have existed since at least 1769, and there were actually quite a number of these very early ca … | Continue reading

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Build a $100 Drive-In Movie Theater to Hang Out While Social Distancing

In an attempt to hang out with friends without risking the spread of coronavirus, I’ve built a drive-in movie theater in my backyard. Here’s how I did it. | Continue reading

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Let's Chat About How Weird This Research Boat Is

I don’t spend much time thinking about boats or marine research these days, as I gave up on the marine biologist dream when I was 9 years old and found out the plesiosaur was extinct. But when I run across a boat as weird as the RP FLIP, as happened to me today, my brain goes int … | Continue reading

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Tesla Model Y Deep Dive Reveals a Much Better Engineered Car Than the Model 3

Automobile benchmarking company Munro & Associates is well known for having criticized the Tesla Model 3, with founder Sandy Munro calling the car’s quality flaws similar to “A Kia In The “90s.” But now Munro has a Tesla Model Y, and after looking at it and talking with Munro … | Continue reading

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Elon Musk Has Played an Extremely Dangerous Game

First, Tesla CEO Elon Musk dismissed the spread of the Coronavirus that causes covid-19. Then he called the general alarm over the pandemic “dumb.” Then he doubted that there was a shortage of ventilators and said that children were “essentially immune.” He said that “false posit … | Continue reading

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Failure of Self-Driving Truck Co Tells You All You Need About Self-Driving Vehs

Starsky Robotics is a self-driving truck company that was the first company to run an unmanned semi on a public highway. It’s now shutting down though, and its co-founder has some unusually sensible and honest things to say about the industry, unusual only because the industry is … | Continue reading

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Tesla's Autopilot Is Once Again Under Investigation by the Feds

Tesla will be held accountable for Autopilot crashes, Nio has big plans to expand, and there are fewer traffic deaths in the United States than in past years. All this and more in The Morning Shift for Tuesday, February 25, 2020. | Continue reading

@jalopnik.com | 4 months ago

Can a Tesla's Bioweapon Defense Mode Protect You from the Coronavirus?

As you’ve likely heard, the hot new virus everyone’s talking about and slowly descending into paranoia regarding is the Coronavirus (COVID-19), a new and rapidly-spreading virus that’s already caused over 2,700 deaths. Nobody wants this mess, so, naturally, its caused a resurgenc … | Continue reading

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A Tesla X Has Driven over 400k Miles. List of Parts That Had to Be Replaced

Recently sold on the website Only Used Tesla is what is believed to be the highest-mileage Tesla Model X in the world—a 2016 “90D” rental car/shuttle with over 400,000 miles on the odometer. The company that owned it, Tesloop, gave me the vehicle’s full maintenance records, so le … | Continue reading

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Two Days into F1 and Mercedes Has a New Part That Definitely Looks Illegal

Formula One preseason testing is well underway, and so are all the rumors. This time around, those rumors center around Mercedes, which appears to have developed a neat little steering trick to create more toe by pushing or pulling on the steering wheel. | Continue reading

@jalopnik.com | 4 months ago

Test Confirms a Tesla Can Be Fooled into Speeding in a Hilariously Dumb Way

Computers are absolutely, unquestionably amazing, incredible things that have radically transformed the entire human experience, and will very likely continue to do so. The progress that’s been made on systems to drive cars via computers over the past decade has been absolutely a … | Continue reading

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WD-40 Is Stranger Than You Think

First off, let me be clear that while, yes, I am talking about WD-40, a commercially available product, I in no way care if you buy it or not. This is not sponsored content, and I have no dog in this pond. I don’t care if you never, ever buy WD-40 ever again to use on your car pr … | Continue reading

@jalopnik.com | 5 months ago

Tesla Remotely Removes Autopilot Features from Used Tesla Without Any Notice

One of the less-considered side effects of car features moving from hardware to software is that important features and abilities of a car can now be removed without any actual contact with a given car. Where once de-contenting involved at least a screwdriver (or, if you were in … | Continue reading

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Vermont Might Become the First U.S. State with Emoji Vanity Plates

As if personalized and vanity license plates could not get any worse, folks might soon be able to add emojis to them, if this new Vermont bill passes. And I always thought Vermont was such a nice place. | Continue reading

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Bridgestone Says Airless Tires Are Coming Soon to Bicycles and Big Rigs

Japanese tire giant Bridgestone is hoping to beat Michelin’s so-called Tweel to the airless tire market with a new model launching soon for semi trucks, according to a report from Automotive News. Bridgestone’s airless tires use a web of recycled thermoplastic instead of pneumati … | Continue reading

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There Are Too Many Screens, Time to Go Back to Gauges

Byton had an unveiling at CES this year that went over, among other things, the partnered content it is going to shove into its massive 48-inch screen, and I couldn’t help but think that this is a step in the wrong direction. | Continue reading

@jalopnik.com | 5 months ago

Daimler Announces Production Electric Garbage Truck

Garbage trucks are amazing. They work in continuous stop and go driving in every possible environment, from incredible desert heat to being cold-soaked in temperatures so low that it doesn’t matter if we’re talking Celcius or Fahrenheit. They’re driven on icy roads with the tires … | Continue reading

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A Slot Machine Mechanic Flew 150k Miles over 64 Days Without Landing

Maybe you've never heard of the Hacienda Hotel, but you may have seen a Cessna 172 with "Hacienda" plastered on the side in big, goofy letters hanging in the Las Vegas airport. They're connected. | Continue reading

@jalopnik.com | 5 months ago

In Real World Testing These Electric Cars Don't Get as Much Range as Claimed

What happens when you take six brand new electric cars and drive them until they run out of juice? The delightful blokes at Carwow decided to put it to the test. There are so many questions to answer here, and the scientific method will provide. Obviously, by testing these cars i … | Continue reading

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Quindar Tones: Those Beeps You Hear in Recordings of Astronauts in Space

The American space program, I think we’d all agree, has its own very particular set of audiovisual signatures that immediately evoke all kinds of images and feelings. There’s a certain NASA look to the objects of space travel—that gold foil stuff, lightweight aluminum frameworks, … | Continue reading

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Audi Is Designing Extra Loud Horns for India (2012)

In India, honking is not used as a sign of aggression; it's just how you get through the country's massive, chaotic streams of traffic. Audi is now designing louder, longer-lasting horns specifically for the Indian market. | Continue reading

@jalopnik.com | 6 months ago

What It's Like to Drive the Narrowest Car in the World

There’s always a push by carmakers to get automotive superlatives—fastest production car, best fuel economy, longest electric range, cheapest or most expensive car, whatever. Carmakers eat that crap up and then inscribe it on plaques. But they’re not eager for just any superlativ … | Continue reading

@jalopnik.com | 6 months ago

It's Time to Let Go of Commuter Culture

Jonathan Leo loves his cars, but not commuting in them. He lives in San Diego and works for the Navy, so he takes the city’s trolley to work as often as he can. Then, on the weekends, he unloads his 2012 Mercedes Benz C250 on some of California’s best roads. | Continue reading

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Tractors from the 80s Becoming Popular with Farmers Sick of HighTech Bull-Shit

While modern agriculture is filled with very modern technology, farmers have been butting heads with some of the biggest farm equipment builders over tech issues, specifically the fight for their own rights to repair equipment they own. This has led to strange, maybe not-so-legal … | Continue reading

@jalopnik.com | 6 months ago

How to Operate a Steam Locomotive

If you ever manage to take a peek inside the train operator’s compartment on the subway, the whole operation might strike you as kind of simple. There aren’t a whole lot of controls to work with. But that’s just an electric train. When it comes to steam engines, things look a lot … | Continue reading

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Tesla’s Decade of Survival

In June of 2008, the very-wealthy co-creator of PayPal, Elon Musk, and then-California Governor (and actor) Arnold Schwarzenegger, confirmed codename WhiteStar. This was not the plot to an Expendables movie. This was reality, and the groundwork for the Tesla Model S had been set. | Continue reading

@jalopnik.com | 6 months ago

Uzi Nissan Nearly Lost Everything to Win in a Fight Against Nissan Car Company

Nissan the car company never really cared who Uzi Nissan was. Then it decided he had something it wanted very much—the website www.nissan.com, which he created for his small retail computer business in 1994—and it sued him for $10 million. When the two Nissans went to war, Uzi Ni … | Continue reading

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What 2020 Would Look Like If Automakers Had Seriously Invested in Hydrogen

As we head into 2020, the number of hydrogen cars available to the public is still dreadfully low. There are less than a handful of them and existing infrastructure is woefully behind anything that would sustain any realistic, widespread usage. But had automakers invested in hydr … | Continue reading

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