Where San Francisco startups are hiring talent now

As people leave coastal cities like San Francisco, Silicon Valley startups are finding talent outside of the Bay Area. Discover where they source talent. | Continue reading

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The profound ROI on having fun

Having fun can be just as an important as being productive. In fact, it can actually make you more productive. Learn why fun is a valuable tool for leaders | Continue reading

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Why most 'culture work' hurts your company

Most culture work does more harm than good for a company. Learn why and how can you ensure that the work you put into building your culture really works. | Continue reading

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For leaders, meditation is more useful than business school

Meditation makes people better leaders. Learn more from entrepreneur Ryan Vaughn about why meditation can be more effective than a business school course. | Continue reading

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Hiring for tech jobs has increased more than 100% in these Midwestern cities

The Midwest may not be known for its thriving tech startup scene. But jobs data show tons of Midwestern tech companies are hiring, making the region worth looking into for tech workers. | Continue reading

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