3000-year-old toolkit suggests warriors crossed Europe to fight an epic battle

Rare bag of metal scraps bolsters idea of sophisticated warfare in Bronze Age Germany | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 1 day ago

Uyghur scientists swept up in China’s detentions

Science organizations speak out in defense of Uyghur academics | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 3 days ago

First-ever observations of sugar-coated RNA could alter the face of biochemistry

Never-before-seen chemical modifications set biochemists abuzz | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 4 days ago

Why are adult daughters missing from ancient German cemeteries?

DNA and artifacts reveal marriage and inheritance patterns among Bronze Age farmers | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 5 days ago

To boost transparency, bioRxiv begins posting peer reviews next to preprints

A related experiment will provide new test of “portable” peer reviews | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 6 days ago

Why did a humpback whale just save this seal's life?

First study finds multiple cases of humpback whales going on the offensive | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 7 days ago

How to Keep a Lab Notebook

Researchers from a variety of disciplines and career stages share what works for them | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 7 days ago

Warm-blooded velociraptors? Fossilized proteins unravel dinosaur mysteries

New laser-based method unlocks chemistry of ancient life | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 8 days ago

How the 'Thermal Grill' Illusion Tricks the Mind

Strange burning sensation may provide clues to how brain registers pain | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 8 days ago

Could robots be psychology’s new lab rats?

Science speaks with researchers putting AI brains into robot bodies | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 9 days ago

Echolocation in blind people reveals the brain’s adaptive powers

Spatial maps in “visual” processing areas help interpret echoes | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 11 days ago

Ancient DNA Traces the Black Death to Russia’s Volga Region

There, a single strain of Yersinia pestis is ancestral to all other strains studied | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 13 days ago

Windborne mosquitoes may carry malaria hundreds of kilometers

Discovery of high-altitude migration has big implications for disease control | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 14 days ago

First alien gases detected from interstellar comet

Comet 2I/Borisov is releasing cyanogen—similar to comets from our own solar system | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 15 days ago

‘Planet Nine’ may be a black hole

Physicists suggest searching for gamma ray flashes to find it | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 16 days ago

NIH reveals its formula for tracking foreign influences

National Institutes of Health official points to threat from China’s talents program as agency watchdog calls for better vetting of peer reviewers | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 16 days ago

Planet 9 may be a black hole

Physicists suggest searching for gamma ray flashes to find it | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 18 days ago

Ultrasound can “see” when tumor cells turn genes on and off

New technique may overcome limits of older fluorescent imaging methods | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 19 days ago

Watch AI help basketball coaches outmaneuver the opposing team

Program could predict moves of both offensive and defensive players | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 19 days ago

Three billion North American birds have vanished since 1970

Even common birds are in steep decline, spurring hunt for causes | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 20 days ago

New Federal Rules Limit Police Searches of Family Tree DNA Databases

Privacy experts welcome policy on use of ancestry sites | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 20 days ago

Artificial intelligence could predict El Niño up to 18 months in advance

Program could help threatened communities better prepare for disaster | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 23 days ago

Microbe that got man drunk could help explain common liver disease

Bacterium could have far-reaching implications | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 27 days ago

Human semen can host up to 27 different viruses (2017)

But how many of them are transmissible is unknown | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 27 days ago


Felon said he liked “rebels” and “rarefied air” in 2017 interview | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 27 days ago

Can the world make the chemicals it needs without oil?

With solar and wind booming, the chemical industry dabbles with forgoing petroleum as its source | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 27 days ago

Study on DNA spread by genetically modified mosquitoes prompts backlash

Company and some scientists dispute suggestion that released strain may have made local mosquitoes fitter | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 28 days ago

New device generates light with help from the darkness of space

Thermoelectric generator can power a light-emitting diode after the sun goes down | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 1 month ago

Finding balance: The professor/entrepreneur (2012)

For academics who recognize that their discovery or innovation can be commercialized, it is key to find avenues to balance professorial and entrepreneurial activities. | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 1 month ago

Common pesticide makes migrating birds anorexic

Seeds contaminated with neonicotinoids may cause birds to lose weight and delay migration | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 1 month ago

Evolution of the spine fueled the rise of mammals–and human back problems (2018)

Fossils show how lumbar vertebrae were freed up to adapt to myriad lifestyles | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 1 month ago

U.S. EPA to eliminate all mammal testing by 2035

Move makes Environmental Protection Agency the first federal agency to put a deadline on reducing animal use | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 1 month ago

Open-access megajournals lose momentum as the publishing model matures

Concerns include declining volume, slower publication, and softening citation measures | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 1 month ago

Three suicide prevention strategies show real promise

Crisis hotlines, standardizing mental health care, and restricting lethal means are all saving lives | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 1 month ago

Genome of nearly 5000-year-old woman links modern Indian to ancient civilization

DNA from Harappan suggests South Asians can trace their ancestry to Indus Valley Civilization | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 1 month ago

Strange microbes found in earth oldest water

The sulfate-reducing organisms provide evidence of a hidden subterranean biosphere | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 1 month ago

Human speech may have a universal transmission rate: 39 bits per second

No matter how quickly you speak, you still share the same amount of information | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 1 month ago

White barn owls’ feathers reflect moonlight to stun prey

The light on their bright plumage causes prey to freeze for longer, study shows | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 1 month ago

Could autism be caused by an overly masculine brain?

Work finds no evidence for “extreme male brain” hypothesis | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 1 month ago

A study finds four controversial ways to fight online hate groups

A new study maps the “ecology” of online hate groups across platforms | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 1 month ago

Crystalline nets harvest water from desert air, turn CO2 into liquid fuel

Having solved stability problems, chemists think metal-organic frameworks are ready for a commercial ascent | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 1 month ago

A global look at the uneven toll of suicide

As rates fall in many countries, those in the United States climb | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 1 month ago

Crispr now cuts and splices whole chromosomes

New ability gives biologists tool to rework bacterial genomes in many ways | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 1 month ago

Slow-motion video reveals how ants deliver their painful venom

Insects can deliver 13 drops of venom per second | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 1 month ago

No microbiome is an island, unprecedented survey of Hawaiian valley reveals

Plants and animals acquire their microbial partners from organisms below them in food chain or from wider environment | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 1 month ago

Australia plans to tackle foreign influence at nation’s universities

Growing Chinese presence on campus has triggered concerns about cybersecurity, academic autonomy, and freedom of speech | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 1 month ago

Bus-size robot set to vacuum up valuable metals from the deep sea

Scientists will monitor trial next month to assess collector’s ecosystem damage | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 1 month ago

‘Ethical’ eggs could save male chicks from mass slaughter

Scientists find ways to sex chicks before they hatch | Continue reading

@sciencemag.org | 1 month ago