A Nanotech Cermet Coating Is Just One of Many Gen3 CSP Innovations

Innovating new energy technologies is more akin to making a movie with a cast and crew of thousands than the stereotype of the one lone inventor in a garage coming up with the whole thing alone. An example is the US Department of Energy grant to try three different pathways to re … | Continue reading

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Beam-Down Demos First Direct Solar Storage at 1/2 MWh Scale

What if the molten salts in the thermal energy storage tank could simply be heated directly by concentrated solar energy? | Continue reading

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Thermal Storage Test Milestone at the 700 MW DEWA CSP Plant

SHANGHAI, June 11, 2021 /PRNewswire Shanghai Electric announced positive results of the first molten salt tank hydro test for the Parabolic Trough Plant-II which forms part of the 1GW Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Dubai. The test was carried out on May 9, and its s … | Continue reading

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SolarPACES 2021 – First Announcement and Call for Papers

SolarPACES 2021 – First Announcement and Call for Papers September 27 - October 1, 2021 SolarPACES (Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems) is pleased to announce the SolarPACES 2021 conference to be held from September 27 - October 1, 2021 as an online event. SolarPACES is the … | Continue reading

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MW Redstone Solar with 12 Hours Daily Thermal Energy Storage Closes Financing

PRESS RELEASE ACWA Power has led South Africa’s largest renewable energy project Redstone CSP to financial close The ZAR 11.6 billion Redstone concentrated solar power (CSP) plant will power 200,000 households upon completion Commercial operation scheduled to start in Q4 2023 Joh … | Continue reading

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For 100% Renewables, Doe Speeds-Up Storage Policy

DOE workshops educate regulators on long duration energy storage (LDES) A Federal energy project funded through the US Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Electricity has initiated workshops designed to help state utility regulators determine best practices in policies to enable … | Continue reading

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March 1 Deadline for Sandia R&D Funding Awards for CSP Technologies

Sandia’s National Solar Thermal Test Facility launches R&D Voucher Program to further Concentrating Solar Power technologies January 29, 2021 9:21 pmPublished by Kelly Sullivan Sandia National Laboratories is currently seeking applications from industry, academia, research labora … | Continue reading

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Experiment with Liquid Metals in Thermocline Energy Storage at Karlsruhe

One of the ways to cut costs in thermal energy storage, whether standalone or as part of tower Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) is to use heat transfer fluids able to reach higher temperatures, and with a wider working range between hot and cold than today’s molten salts with their … | Continue reading

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Botswana Is Now Looking for Bids to Build 200 MW of CSP

Under a new integrated resource plan published by the government in December 2020, Botswana plans to build 200 MW of CSP capacity by 2026. The procurement process will start this year, it said. The plan, which received the backing of Botswana and Namibia government officials and … | Continue reading

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HelioHeat Commercializes DLR's 1000°C Solar Receiver

HelioHeat's 1,000°C heat at just 1 Cent/kWh potentially ends the use of fossil energy for the production of steel, cement, food and chemicals | Continue reading

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Texel Explores US Market for 2-Cent Thermal Energy Storage in Metal Hydrides

Research - and deployment - of low cost and sustainable energy storage technologies are crucial to the long term survival of humans | Continue reading

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CSP in South Africa and Spain Is Meeting or Exceeding Projected Ops Targets

“They are performing kind of like Swiss clocks. The owners here are very satisfied how the plants are performing,” he noted. | Continue reading

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Aalborg CSP Cuts Tubing Costs Up to 42% with an Asymmetric Receiver

“With the asymmetry of flux levels from the solar field; why not make the receiver also asymmetric to fit better with that,” she explained.
 | Continue reading

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US Doe Announces Quarterfinalists in $9M Solar Desalination Prize

Solar thermal technologies advance among 19 quarterfinalists for $9 million DOE Desalination Prize | Continue reading

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Where Hot Solar Thermochemistry Research Is Today: What’s Needed Next

A state of the art assessment of day or night solar thermochemistry at very high temperatures 1,000ºC to 2,000ºC | Continue reading

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TuNur CEO Kevin Sara: Why Invest in Concentrating Solar Power?

[Note: SolarPACES previously interviewed the author of this guest post, Kevin Sara, on his firm's plan to ship solar energy from CSP plants in Tunisia to the EU] Why is Bill Gates backing a Concentrated Solar Power company?  What is oil major ENI doing with a CSP start-up? Why ha … | Continue reading

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Could Congress Commission a Government Agency Like WAPA to Build CSP?

When Bernie Sanders proposed building publicly owned renewables it was dismissed as pie in the sky. But a US agency once did exactly that | Continue reading

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Concentrating Solar Power Best Practices Study [pdf]

Continue reading

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IEA Clean Energy Transitions Summit Convenes 80% of Emitters Online July 9th

Ministers representing almost 80% of global energy consumption and carbon emissions: "Accelerating Clean Energy Technology Innovation" post-pandemic | Continue reading

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Worlds First Utility-Scale Molten Salt Fresnel CSP Plant Connects to Chinas Grid

The China Dunhuang Dacheng 50MW molten salt linear Fresnel CSP project plant has now officially begun commercial operation on June 19, 2020. To celebrate the occasion of commercial operation of the first ever molten salt Fresnel CSP occasion, the developers and contractors held a … | Continue reading

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