When did neobanks get so boring?

In the first half of 2020, overhyped neobanks went from a contrarian opinion to a major industry talking point. What happened? | Continue reading

@thistooshallpass.blog | 9 days ago

The Office characters represented by tech companies

The Office is home to clashes and cliques — Silicon Valley is no different. Let's explore the characters of Dunder Mifflin as Bay Area tech companies. | Continue reading

@thistooshallpass.blog | 15 days ago

Twitch Will Never Lose

Mixer was created to disrupt Twitch's market leadership. This week, though, the underdog, well... died. Let's explore, what went so wrong with Mixer? | Continue reading

@thistooshallpass.blog | 1 month ago

Twitter Should Out-Clubhouse the Clubhouse

Twitter is uniquely positioned to create Clubhouse natively on the platform. We explore the strategy of audio tweets, and what they mean for the future. | Continue reading

@thistooshallpass.blog | 1 month ago