Where Basic Income Has Been Tested Worldwide

Amid the pandemic, the idea of Universal Basic Income has been gaining steam with policymakers. Where has it been tried, and has it worked? | Continue reading

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The $88T World Economy in One Chart

The world's total GDP crested $88 trillion in 2019—but how are the current COVID-19 economic contractions affecting its future outlook? | Continue reading

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Shapes of Recovery: When Will the Global Economy Bounce Back?

Economic recovery from COVID-19 could come in four shapes—L, U, W, and V. What do they mean, and what do global CEOs see as the most likely? | Continue reading

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What Happens Every Minute on the Internet in 2020

A lot can happen in an internet minute. This graphic looks at the enormous numbers behind the online services billions use every day. | Continue reading

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Who’s the Most Popular YouTuber in Every Country?

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Most Popular YouTuber in Every Country

This interesting graphic gives an overview of the world’s most popular—and the highest paid—YouTubers in 187 different countries. | Continue reading

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Mapping the Global Flow of Foreign Aid

This infographic looks at who is giving – and who is receiving – the billions of dollars in foreign aid that flows between countries each year. | Continue reading

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Energy Consumption by Source and Country (1969-2018)

For the last 50 years, fossil fuels have dominated energy consumption. This chart looks at how the energy mix is changing in over 60+ countries. | Continue reading

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Visualizing 200 Years of Systems of Government

At the start of the 19th century, less than 1% of humanity lived under democratic rule. See how systems of government have changed over the last 200 years. | Continue reading

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Ranked: The Most Popular Websites on the Web Since 1993

This animation provides an interesting overview of the websites with the highest traffic over the last few decades, and how the rankings have changed. | Continue reading

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Closest Stars and How They Compare to Our Sun

This graphic visualizes the 44 closest stars, revealing key facts such as distance from Earth, brightness, and whether potential planets are in orbit. | Continue reading

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The Multi-Billion Dollar Industry That Makes Its Living from Your Data

Though Facebook has been in the spotlight, it's only one part of a complex, multi-billion dollar industry that makes a living from your personal data. | Continue reading

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Infographic: Visualizing the Social Media Universe in 2020

Nearly half the world has tapped into the social media universe. Monthly Active Users (MAUs) quantifies the success of these giant platforms. | Continue reading

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Chart: Visualizing the 700-Year Decline of Interest Rates

Could interest rates enter negative territory permanently? This chart plots trend data over 700 years, showing that it could be a possibility. | Continue reading

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USA: The Decline of Upward Mobility in One Chart

Each generation of Americans has historically earned more than their parents, but declining upward mobility is putting this growth at risk. | Continue reading

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The Math Behind Social Distancing

Social distancing has been the first line of defense against COVID-19. We look at the math and science behind social distancing, to show how it works. | Continue reading

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By the Numbers: Are Tech IPOs Worth the Hype for Investors?

Technology IPOs draw massive investor and media attention, sometimes raising billions of dollars. But do tech IPO returns match up with the hype? | Continue reading

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Cognitive Biases in the Modern World

Our rapidly evolving world forces us to adopt distinct patterns of behavior, and in the process, paves the way for new cognitive biases to emerge. | Continue reading

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MegaMilk: Charting Consolidation in the U.S. Dairy Industry

This graphic charts the American dairy industry's shift in milk production from small commercial farms to fewer, larger farms. | Continue reading

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3D Mapping the Largest Population Density Centers

What does population density look like on a global scale? These detailed 3D renders illustrate our biggest urban areas and highlight population trends. | Continue reading

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Mapped: The Anatomy of Land Use in the United States

The U.S. covers an immense 3.8 million square miles—what is all this land currently used for, and what does that mean for the future? | Continue reading

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Ranked: The Most Innovative Economies in the World

A country's ability to innovate helps it stay competitive on the global stage. Where are the most innovative economies, and how has the list changed? | Continue reading

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What’s at Risk: An 18-Month View of a Post-Covid World

The WEF surveyed 347 risk analysts to uncover the most likely post-pandemic threats—and no area from the economy to the environment is untouched. | Continue reading

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How the S&P 500 Performed During Major Market Crashes

How does the COVID-19 market crash compare to previous financial crises? We navigate different contextual factors impacting crashes. | Continue reading

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And Least Profitable Companies, per Employee

The U.S. companies on the Fortune 500 boast $1.2 trillion in combined profit—but which bring in the best and worst profit per employee? | Continue reading

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From Bean to Brew: The Coffee Supply Chain

How does coffee get from a faraway plant to your morning cup? See the great journey of beans through the coffee supply chain. | Continue reading

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Chart: Which Universities Have the Richest Graduates?

Today's chart ranks the top 25 universities in the world by ultra-high net worth (UHNW) alumni and total wealth. Does your institution make the cut? | Continue reading

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Mapped: The Geology of the Moon in Astronomical Detail

Behold the glory of the Unified Geologic Map of the Moon, which brings decades of data into one map, revealing the potential for exploration. | Continue reading

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Animated Map: The History of U.S. Counties over 300 Years

This video highlights the history of American counties, and how their boundaries have changed over the last 300 years. | Continue reading

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Charting the Scale of the Digital Cloud

The size of the global datasphere is expected to hit 175 ZB by 2025, and this data is increasingly stored in the cloud. | Continue reading

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Visualizing the Covid-19 Impact on Advertising Spend

Global advertising spending is estimated to see $50 billion decline across various mediums and industries as a result of COVID-19. | Continue reading

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Visualizing the 4k Year History of Global Power

We examine an ambitious timeline that details the power of various civilizations going all the way back to 2,000 B.C. | Continue reading

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How Big Tech Makes Their Billions

The big five tech companies generate almost $900 billion in revenues combined, more than the GDP of four of the G20 nations. Here's how they earn it all. | Continue reading

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Visualizing the size of Amazon, the world’s most valuable retailer

Amazon's valuation has grown by 2,830% over the last decade, and the tech giant is now worth more than the other 9 largest U.S. retailers, combined. | Continue reading

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Charting the $1.7B Transfer of Military Equipment to Police Departments

This visualization tracks the last decade of the 1033 Program, which provides free military equipment to police departments around the U.S. | Continue reading

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Populous U.S. Cities, Every Decade Since 1790

How has the list of the most populous U.S. cities changed over time? This infographic shows the top 10 cities of every decade since the year 1790. | Continue reading

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How the World’s Most Iconic Logos Evolve over Time

Even though the world's biggest companies invest deeply in their brand identities, that doesn't mean they stay static. Here's how logos evolve over time. | Continue reading

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Visualizing Layoffs at Prominent Startups Triggered by Covid-19

As unemployment levels rise, we navigate the fallout of COVID-19 as layoffs ripple across the once-thriving startup ecosystem. | Continue reading

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All of the World's Money and Markets in One Visualization – 2020 Edition

Our most famous visualization, updated for 2020 to show all global debt, wealth, money, and assets in one massive and mind-bending chart. | Continue reading

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Mapped: The State of Facial Recognition Around the World

Mass surveillance is becoming the status quo. This map dives into the countries where facial recognition technology is in place, and how it's used. | Continue reading

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Covid-19 Has Impacted Media Consumption, by Generation

This visualization explores how each generation's media consumption is changing amid the frenzy of pandemic-induced quarantines. | Continue reading

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Zoom Now Worth More Than the World’s 7 Biggest Airlines

Zoom benefits from the COVID-19 virtual transition—but other industries aren't as lucky. The app is now more valuable than the world's seven largest airlines. | Continue reading

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How Many People Die Each Day?

COVID-19 deaths can be hard to interpret without context. This graphic shows how many people die each day globally, by cause. | Continue reading

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11 Cognitive Biases That Influence Political Outcomes

Humans are hardwired to make mental mistakes called cognitive biases. Here are common biases that can shape political opinion, and even elections. | Continue reading

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Visualizing the length of the fine print for 14 popular apps

We visualize the length of service agreements from popular apps, by counting the words and calculating how long it would take to read them. | Continue reading

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Map of Pangea with modern-day borders

Many millions of years ago, the world was one. This nifty map shows this Pangea supercontinent overlaid with modern country borders. | Continue reading

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Can a Shorter Workweek Make People Happier?

The idea of a shorter workweek sounds enticing to most, but would it actually lead to a happier population? We look at the data so far. | Continue reading

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7 Facts That Will Free You from the Fear of Stock Market Crashes

These key insights from the world’s top investors – like Ray Dalio and John Bogle – will free you from your fear of stock market crashes. | Continue reading

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