Tibetan and Bhutanese Instrumental And Folk Music Volume 2

I’d forgotten how incredibly good this record is. The follow-up to John Levy’s astonishing ‘Tibetan Buddhist Rites from The Monasteries of Bhutan’, this second volume again sees the London ethnomusicologist (fit that on your passport!) delving deep within a sacred culture and bri … | Continue reading

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Filtered For: Writing And Process

A short selection of previous notes on writing and process: status 1nov22: Zero Draft – “The zero draft is the draft you will never show anyone….” On Writing In Layers On Winging It: Work, Planning And Growing Your own Luck It Doesn’t End When You Think It Does: The Penultimate C … | Continue reading

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I’d love to hunt down a copy of this one day. Check out that cast. It also included Ciaran Hinds. I remember Tim Roth’s performance being one of his most exuberantly evil. It was a tv play on BBC 1 in 1990, part of The Play On 1 strand that I think was a belated… | Continue reading

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Dirt, Life, Death, Dirt

An international team of archaeologists have analyzed hundreds of ancient human remains found in Europe’s wetlands, revealing these “bog bodies” were part of a tradition that spanned millennia. People were buried in bogs from the prehistoric period until early modern times. The t … | Continue reading

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We are pleased to announce the audio drama podcast serial THE DEPARTMENT OF MIDNIGHT. THE DEPARTMENT OF MIDNIGHT stars James Callis (Battlestar Galactica, Castlevania, Picard), is created and written by Warren Ellis and is produced by Kevin Kolde, Fred Seibert, Brian Guicciardo a … | Continue reading

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Visit the post for more. | Continue reading

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Earliest Comic Strip?

While similar art has been found at other ancient settlements in the region, the Sayburç images are unique in that they appear to be related to one another. The two panels are horizontally adjacent, creating a progressing scene. Each features similar images—someone facing off aga … | Continue reading

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Kim Simonsson’s Moss People

Gallery of Kim Simonsson’s latest sculptural work here. Atmospheric images taken outdoors capture the self-assured figures as they wander through woodland, equipped for an expedition. The most recent characters feature edible greenery and cabbage that grows from their limbs, tors … | Continue reading

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How CASTLEVANIA Season 3 Started

This was the first line. I’d written a short document. I printed it off and pasted the pages into a large Field Notes Dime Novel Edition notebook. And I went to a hotel room in London and did… | Continue reading

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Warren Ellis's Blog Diet: A Starter List for Your RSS Reader

People keep asking me where I find stuff, or where to start with an RSS reader. I exported my subscruptions, and damn, there are a LOT of dead blogs out there. Here is a selection of blogs from the… | Continue reading

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