OUTBio: the first LGBTQ biopharma community group

In June, Jennifer Petter, the founder and chief scientific officer of biotech startup Arrakis Therapeutics, got an e-mail from a stranger. His name was | Continue reading

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Xconomy's 2018 Top 15 Innovation Areas to Watch

With the first quarter in the books, it's time to step back and lay out Xconomy's editorial map for the rest of the year. As readers know, we strive to cov | Continue reading

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Watch MIT-born robotic kitchen startup Spyce cook a meal

The Thai chicken bowl from Spyce Food’s new restaurant in downtown Boston wasn’t life-changing, but it’s one of the better meals I’ve had from a “fast casu | Continue reading

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California’s Top Court Sets Tougher New Rules on Hiring “Gig Workers”

California employers who classify their workers as independent contractors will be consulting their lawyers today, says A. Mark Pope, an attorney who helpe | Continue reading

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