WG: Employees should know colleagues' salaries, if they suspect discrimination

The proposal could help employees who suspect pay discrimination. | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 11 days ago

Finland turns red on European Covid map – Yle Uutiset

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has red-listed Finland in its latest coronavirus update. | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 1 month ago

Finland lobbied EU to declare nuclear power sustainable supported by Greens

The EU Commission decides this autumn if nuclear power will be classified as sustainable. | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 1 month ago

Data protection ombudsman raps Finnish police over controversial facial ID app

Clearview AI uses publicly-posted social media photos scraped from the web for use in law enforcement agency investigations. | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 2 months ago

Using Klarna one can order goods in another's name with only email and zip code

Huippusuositun maksunvälitysyhtiö Klarnan tietoturvassa on vakava aukko, joka mahdollistaa petosten tehtailun. Ruotsalaisyhtiö kertoo panostavansa petosten kitkemiseen. | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 4 months ago

Covid-era telecommuting behind 30% drop in heart attacks

The chief doc emphasised that the actual number of heart attacks had declined, and not a matter of people hesitating to seek treatment. | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 6 months ago

Helsinki Mayor pledges €1m for idea to replace coal-fired energy plants (2019)

Jan Vapaavuori said he's serious about a contest to come up with a coal replacement – but preferably not biomass or nuclear – to heat the capital city. | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 6 months ago

Finnish nasal coronavirus vaccine firm scrambles for financing

The professors behind an open source nasal vaccine say that the effort needs tens of millions of euros in funding. | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 8 months ago

Emilia Seikkanen on Kremlin's Information Operation

American in Finland, Emilia Seikkanen, 33, wants to make amends for having worked at Ruptly, Russian state media meddling elections and promoting extremism in the West. | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 8 months ago

Nuclear watchdog gives green light for restart of Olkiluoto reactor

The Olkiluoto 2 (OL2) reactor has been turned off since an emergency shutdown last Thursday. | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 11 months ago

Psychotherapy centre data breach victims receive extortion emails

The extortionist wants payments in Bitcoin. | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 1 year ago

Psychotherapy centre's database hacked, patient info held ransom

The company did not reveal when the hack took place, nor how extensive it was. | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 1 year ago

Finnish-developed, open-source coronavirus vaccine nearly ready for testing

A Finnish team has developed a coronavirus vaccine for testing, but fears nags in production. | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 1 year ago

Finland's basic income trial: More happines but little employment effect

The coronavirus crisis is renewing calls for basic income as economies struggle to cope with the financial fallout. | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 1 year ago

Finland's police board requests investigation into carbon-offsetting foundation

The carbon offsetting scheme may be in breach of Finland’s strict fundraising laws. | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 1 year ago

Beached “ice eggs” astound strollers on Finnish island

The oval ice formations created by wave action were piled up on a Hailuoto beach. | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 2 years ago

Hitler's secretly recorded conversation in Finland

Adolf Hitler as Mannerheim's surprise guest in 1942 | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 2 years ago

Google investment in Hamina data centre rises to €2bn

Google CEO Sundar Pichai called Finland's infrastructure "supportive and welcoming". | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 2 years ago

Google to invest €600m in new data centre in Finland

The new server farm will be located in Hamina, where the American tech giant previously opened a data centre in 2011. | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 2 years ago

Finland's basic income findings: More happiness, but no effect on employment

Finland’s basic income trial increased participants’ sense of happiness but didn’t improve employment, the government said on Friday. | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 2 years ago

Helsinki woman survives on salvaged food for 20 years

Initially disgusted by the idea of noshing on discarded food, Jessica Suni said she quickly realised that ditched plastic-wrapped items were safe to eat.  | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 2 years ago

Finland's Flagship Library Oodi Opens to the Public in Helsinki

Finland's newest public library, a wood-clad behemoth called Oodi, had its grand opening on Wednesday, but celebrations continue on Thursday, Independence Day. | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 2 years ago

Finland’s digital-based curriculum impedes learning, researcher finds

A Helsinki University researcher says Finland's current digital and 'phenomenon-based' learning methods used in schools may not be suitable for all students. | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 3 years ago

Finland offers free online Artificial Intelligence course to anyone, anywhere

Helsinki University hopes that one percent of the Finnish population - some 54,000 people - will take the online course this year. So far 24,000 have signed up. | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 3 years ago

Finland has the world's cleanest air

According to statistics from the World Health Organisation, the air in Finland is the cleanest in the world. | Continue reading

@yle.fi | 3 years ago