6 Tips For Scaling Content

Content is always in demand, but scaling content can be tricky without sacrificing quality. Check out CopyPress' tips on scaling high quality content. | Continue reading

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Optimizely X launches so marketers can experiment everywhere, including TV

Conversion optimization tools are critical to the success of modern businesses. When I wrote my 18,000-word in-depth study about this segment of marketing technology, the average return on investment — across almost 3,000 practitioners — was almost 224 percent. But to get the mos … | Continue reading

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CMW: We Came, We Learned, We Instagrammed

D Custom takes a trip to Cleveland for Content Marketing World and comes back a new (slightly orange) team. | Continue reading

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Defensibility creates the most value for founders

Some advisers tell founders, “Don’t worry about defensibility. Focus on doing something to delight customers and do it better.” That’s okay. But, if I have a choice, I’d rather start a business where I know if it works, it will be defensible… that I can really protect it from com … | Continue reading

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More bad news for Samsung: more Note 7 bans and a dramatic car fire

The bad news keeps piling on for Samsung, who just a few weeks ago was looking forward to a very successful holiday season. | Continue reading

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Facebook Ads vs. AdWords: How to Decide and Start Optimizing for ROI

Is it smarter to run Facebook ads or AdWords ads? Which will result in more conversions? Find out how to decide. Plus, learn how to optimize your campaigns. | Continue reading

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How to Recruit Engineers in 2016 – Advice from Facebook’s Yoav Shapira & Craig Daniel of join.me

OpenView's Blake Bartlett sits down with Yoav Shapira and Craig Daniel to discuss how to recruit engineers in 2016. Find out here. | Continue reading

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Lenovo hopes its snarky new ad will stop you from buying an iPhone or Galaxy

It's hard to compete with smartphone makers like Samsung and Apple, but Lenovo has a new plan of attack: a bold newspaper ad. Oh, and a YouTube video, too.Lenovo launched an ad campaign today called "Skip the Sevens," encouraging people to buy a Moto Z instead of an iPhone 7, Gal … | Continue reading

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Brad Pitt visited D-Resort in Šibenik

The post Brad Pitt visited D-Resort in Šibenik appeared first on KONGRES – Europe Meetings Industry Magazine. | Continue reading

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The Flops and Successes of Shock Advertising

If you want to use shock advertising, it's important that you do your research on what's worked in the past — and what hasn't. | Continue reading

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Pandora revamps its $5 subscription service with Pandora Plus

Today, Pandora has announced that its new Pandora Plus service will replace Pandora One. Fortunately, the $4.99 monthly subscription cost remains the same. | Continue reading

@androidauthority.com | 2 years ago

Ritter der Kokosnuss als intensives Kriegsdrama

Klar: Selbst Python-Klamauk wie die Ritter der Kokosnuss lässt sich durch geschickte Szenenwahl zu einer anderen Art Film zurechtschneiden. Das geht, weil im Urfilm diese Emotionen angelegt sind und nur durch, ach... braucht man nicht erklären:... | Continue reading

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How To Use CoSchedule’s Team Workflow Features [Demo]

CoSchedule’s Team Workflow features will help you publish consistently, have awesome team communication, and stay accountable. CoSchedule for Team Workflows – [Deep Dive Demo] Click To Tweet CoSchedule Is Great for Content Teams Share […]The post How To Use CoSchedule’s Team Work … | Continue reading

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Food Festivals Help Sell Homes

Real-estate developers and brokers are increasingly using food festivals, private dinner parties and other epicurean events to sell homes. Photo: Wiqan Ang for The Wall Street Journal | Continue reading

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The complete guide to every single new emoji in iOS 10

Amidst all the crazy news at Apple's iPhone event last week, the announcement of new emoji may have gotten lost in the shuffle. (Remember the shuffle? RIP.)As part of the iOS 10 update that rolled out this week, a slew of new – and for the most part, progressive – emoji are avail … | Continue reading

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The Water Project Receives an Anonymous Bitcoin Donation worth $23,000

At CCN we provide you with the latest Bitcoin news, including cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, NEO, Litecoin and different ICOs. | Continue reading

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Pandora now has an ad-free $5 monthly tier called Pandora Plus

Pandora is getting better and better. It just rolled out a paid ad-free service called Pandora Plus, which introduces features never seen before in the service, including unlimited song skipping, “replays”, and an offline mode. Pandora Plus will cost $5, and will replace the exis … | Continue reading

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Scrum Master – Defining Roles & Responsibilities – Free eBook

This Scrum Master e-book is an effort to define, analyze and understand the innovative methodology in much more detail. | Continue reading

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Gavin Smith: BitFinex Hack has Strengthened Bitcoin Industry

The last month’s security breach at BitFinex had lost traders more than $60 million worth of Bitcoin. It sparked confusion and anger in a community which had already posed victim to many such hacking incidents in the past. Gavin Smith, the CEO of Bitcoin margin trading firm First … | Continue reading

@newsbtc.com | 2 years ago

How to Recruit Top Millennial Talent Using Instagram (Really!)

Workplace culture has long played a key role in boosting employee productivity and improving engagement. Companies with engaged employees outperform those with disengaged employees by up to 202%, reports Stackhands. Now, employers are also discovering that workplace culture is ke … | Continue reading

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The latest Final Fantasy 15 trailer has loads of cutscenes

Square Enix has released a new Final Fantasy 15 video to coincide with the ongoing Tokyo Game Show, and it has over four minutes of cutscene.The game's set-up is this: Crown Prince Noctis and his friends escape after their homeland is invaded. They journey through the land of Eos … | Continue reading

@eurogamer.net | 2 years ago

Domino’s now lets you order pizza through a Facebook Messenger bot in the U.S.

Domino’s is now letting hungry Americans order their favorite pie through Facebook Messenger — without conversing with a human. The pizza giant has launched a Facebook Messenger bot that promises “conversational” ordering through the messaging app. The new service lets those with … | Continue reading

@venturebeat.com | 2 years ago

Conan O'Brien turns Apple's own classic iPod commercial against it

Apple is taking a fair deal of flak for its new wireless Bluetooth headphones, appropriately known as AirPods. Not only do they look quite goofy — like a failed attempt at bringing Spike Jonze's Her to life — but there’s genuine concern the devices will easily fall out of users’ … | Continue reading

@theverge.com | 2 years ago

Sydney Stock Exchange Confirms Public Blockchain Platform for Instant Settlements

The Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX) has confirmed its project to build a public blockchain platform that will drastically reduce settlement times of trades and equities. The Sydney Stock Exchange is pressing ahead with a new blockchain settlement system that will position itself as a … | Continue reading

@cryptocoinsnews.com | 2 years ago

MIT Digital Currency Initiative Seeks To Loosen Institutions’ Hold Over The Internet

Cryptocurrency stands at the forefront of technology’s efforts to utilize the power of the Internet for positive change. And according to Neha Narula, director of research at MIT’s Media Lab Digital Currency Initiative, such change is needed.curity to participants to support a ne … | Continue reading

@hacked.com | 2 years ago

Microsoft reproduces Google’s battery life test to show Edge beats Chrome, Firefox, and Opera

Microsoft is at it again — touting Edge as the most battery-efficient browser on Windows 10. The company has rerun its battery tests from the previous quarter using the latest versions of the major browsers, open-sourced its lab test on GitHub, and published the full methodology. … | Continue reading

@venturebeat.com | 2 years ago

Qualcomm Clear Sight: Doppelkameras für Android-Smartphones

Qualcomm treibt den Trend zu Doppelkameras in Smartphones zielstrebig voran: Mit einem Kameramodul namens Clear Sight will man es Herstellern möglichst einfach machen, Dual Cameras in ihre Android-Geräte zu integrieren - solange diese die... | Continue reading

@de.engadget.com | 2 years ago

Microsoft says its Edge browser is still more energy-efficient than its competitors

Once upon a time, browsers were all about getting faster and scoring better on JavaScript benchmarks than their competitors. While speed still matters, many developers have recently focused more on energy efficiency than speed (which makes sense, given that most users now browse … | Continue reading

@techcrunch.com | 2 years ago

Ranku’s eCollege optimizer bought by edtech giant for ~$25 million

The online learning market is becoming as crowded as the app stores. Ranku offers the equivalent of SEO assistance to make sure colleges with electronic courses convert visitors into students. Now Ranku (pronounced ran-koo) is being acquired by publicly traded education conglomer … | Continue reading

@techcrunch.com | 2 years ago

500px’s new app helps photographers get hired

Photography-centric social network 500px has released a new app designed to help photographers land jobs. Called RAW, this iOS app enables users to sign up for a marketplace that will notify them of companies or individuals looking to hire a photographer. In addition to its match … | Continue reading

@venturebeat.com | 2 years ago

CastAR opens Salt Lake City studio led by former Disney Infinity developers

Augmented reality startup CastAR is opening a new mixed reality studio in Salt Lake City today, with talent recruited from the former developers of Disney’s Infinity toy-game franchise. Disney closed its Avalanche Studios division in Salt Lake City in May after it decided to end … | Continue reading

@venturebeat.com | 2 years ago

Microsoft trashes Google’s latest Chrome battery life claims

Microsoft kicked off a battery life war with Chrome and Opera earlier this year, and Google finally responded last week. Microsoft's original tests showed exactly how bad Chrome is for laptop battery life, but Google's response was packaged in the release of Chrome 53 with CPU an … | Continue reading

@theverge.com | 2 years ago

Some Disney Infinity alumni are now working on augmented reality games

When Disney Infinity shut down, so too did Avalanche Software, the Salt Lake City-based studio that created the popular toys-to-life series of games. But now at least some of those developers have found a new home in the world of augmented reality.CastAR — an AR platform created … | Continue reading

@theverge.com | 2 years ago

What Do Journalists Like to See in PR Email Subject Lines?

Public Relations - Journalists say they respond best to email subject lines that are tailored to their beats, according to recent research from Fractl. | Continue reading

@marketingprofs.com | 2 years ago

3 Ways Influencer Marketing Impacts Your SEO

Influencer marketing can promote your brand more effectively than paid advertising. But did you know it can also be a boon for your SEO? | Continue reading

@convinceandconvert.com | 2 years ago

Beach Boys' Mike Love on Brian Wilson and 'Kokomo'

Beach Boys co-founder Mike Love, author of the new memoir "Good Vibrations," reacts to the news that Brian Wilson thought that the group’s hit song “Kokomo” was about a real place (it's not). | Continue reading

@live.wsj.com | 2 years ago

The Most Powerful Way to Persuade

When it comes to persuasion, online or off, there still isn't any strategy that works better than telling a good story. | Continue reading

@copyblogger.com | 2 years ago

Big Banks Invest $55 Million in Blockchain Startup Ripple's Series B

Ripple raised $55 million from banks, including its own customers, and in a change for previous growth strategies, is considering making acquisitions. | Continue reading

@CoinDesk | 2 years ago

Xiaomi to launch its affordable Mi Air Purifier 2 in India next week

After taking Indians by storm with its affordable smartphones and tablets, Xiaomi plans to bring its Mi Air Purifier 2 in the country. The product will also mark the launch of the company’s Mi Ecosystem in India.SEE ALSO: Inside Xiaomi's plan to dominate the connected worldXiaomi … | Continue reading

@mashable.com | 2 years ago

Android-x86 releases its first stable Android Marshmallow build

Android-x86, a project that is working to bring Android to your laptop and desktop, has just released its first stable build of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. | Continue reading

@androidauthority.com | 2 years ago

“I love Apple no matter what” – this is how strong Apple’s brand loyalty is

Imagine how you would respond to being told the phone you'd just lined up for days to buy wasn't going to be available. | Continue reading

@androidauthority.com | 2 years ago

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Increases for the Fourth Time Since Halving

The Bitcoin mining difficulty has increased once again. A 2.3 percent increase from the previous existing difficulty levels was reported on September 12, 2016, making it the fourth raise (fifth correction) since the Bitcoin mining rewards halving in early July 2016. At present, t … | Continue reading

@newsbtc.com | 2 years ago

French Connection to host Fashion Week party

Retailer French Connection is hosting a party at its Oxford Street store this weekend, in honour of London Fashion Week (LFW). | Continue reading

@eventmagazine.co.uk | 2 years ago

You won’t be able to purchase an iPhone 7 Plus on launch day

If you’re planning to visit your local Apple Store on Friday to purchase a shiny new iPhone 7 Plus, you may want to think again. The Cupertino company has revealed today that it has completely sold out of its initial stock of the handset. Apple will, however, have a limited quant … | Continue reading

@thenextweb.com | 2 years ago

Why World of Warcraft’s lead designer just started his own studio

On July 3rd, 2014, after 17 years of working at Blizzard, Rob Pardo penned a farewell post on the Battle.net forums. He was leaving his role as Blizzard’s chief creative officer to "pursue the next chapter" in this life. At the time, he had no idea what that was going to be. He s … | Continue reading

@theverge.com | 2 years ago

All five Battlefield 4 expansions free until next week

EA has made all five Battlefield 4 expansions free until next week.China Rising, Second Assault, Naval Strike, Dragon's Teeth and Final Stand are all free to download for all platforms until 19th September (this coming Monday).The promotion also includes new themed Community Miss … | Continue reading

@eurogamer.net | 2 years ago

Goldman Sachs Files Patent for Blockchain-based Forex Trading

Goldman Sachs is quite an intriguing financial institution. Even though they rejected Bitcoin and its technology for some time, they now want to go all-in on the blockchain. A new patent filing goes to show the group is working on blockchain-based forex trading. Quite an interest … | Continue reading

@newsbtc.com | 2 years ago

South African Tourism promotes destination with VR experience

South African Tourism (SAT) is hosting a #FindYourWild pop-up experience on London's South Bank from 22-25 September. | Continue reading

@campaignlive.co.uk | 2 years ago