Must read: top 9 Android stories of the week

We round up the hottest news of the week, and nine Android stories you shouldn't miss. | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Pokémon: a guide to joining the party 20 years late

FEATURE: It’s never too late to become a Pokémon fan. The original games came out 20 years ago and spawned a franchise that stretches across cartoons (the show has over 900 episodes), movies (19 of them), a card game (that has 68 sets), and more. In total, the Pokémon brand earns … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

The Bitcoin Covenant — Defense Against Bitcoin Theft !

Don’t we all remember Mt Gox, the Pompeii of bitcoin which almost burnt the cryptocurrency to ground? For those who don’t, Mt Gox was a Japanese Bitcoin Exchange which held the distinction of being the largest exchange in 2013. The exchange later shut down claiming its bitcoin re … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Monetizing Mobile Gaming

The mobile gaming industry made $29 billion in 2015 — and it is only set to continue growing (with estimates as high as $49 billion by 2018). But the mobile gaming industry is in the “wild west” phase of its history right now, with the constant improvement of mobile devices and s … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Tokyo Thrift: that time Marc Newson designed a phone

Along with his Apple colleague Jony Ive, Marc Newson is one of the most famous and influential industrial designers in the world. The Australian has put his name to everything from furniture to aircraft cabins, and his design signature is all over the Apple Watch. But although Ne … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Morning shootaround — Feb. 28

VIDEO: The Fast Break: February 28 NEWS OF THE MORNING Steph Curry is a baaad man! | Durant’s lapses costly to OKC | Pelicans’ Davis sits down again | Carmelo’s dwindling NY days No. 1: Steph Curry is a baaad man! — Not all late-February, NBA regular-season games are created equa … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Report: 4-inch 'iPhone SE' and small iPad Pro will be revealed on March 21

Fans waiting for new Apple goodies will have to wait just a wee bit longer.According to multiple sources, Apple will announce a new 4-inch iPhone and new 9.7-inch iPad on March 21 and not on March 15 as previously reported.See also: 12 awesome Instagram features you're probably n … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Artists Turn to Bitcoin for Inspiration, Not Personal Finance

Artists are being inspired by bitcoin's mystery, but are they converting into digital currency users? | Continue reading

@CoinDesk | 3 years ago

Slovenian Meetings Industry Standards Weathers Test of Time

The standardisation of Meetings Industry suppliers in Slovenia was first introduced in spring 2008 and revised in 2012. Among other things, this project led by the Slovenian Convention Bureau is intended to simplify and shorten the client’s search for venues and event organisers | Continue reading | 3 years ago

The Great Wall of China Enters the Bitcoin Game

The Great Wall of China is one of the seven wonders of the world. The ancient wall (portions of it) dates back to 7th century BC. The wall was completed by the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang in 206 BC. Portions of the wall have been rebuilt from time to time by various … C … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Apple Vorstellung von iPhone SE und iPad Pro mini vermutlich eine Woche verschoben

Es scheint als würde der Kampf von Apple gegen das FBI jetzt zumindest schon mal Auswirkungen auf den Veröffentlichungstermin der neuen Geräte haben. Eigentlich geplant am 14. oder 15. soll nach Informationen von Re/Code und Buzzfeed... | Continue reading | 3 years ago

India - Check up! 2.8 lakh land records go missing in Telangana

*Hyderabad:* During computerisation of land records in the newly launchedwebsite, officials from the ChiefCommissionerate of Land Administration have realised that land records ofnearly 2.8 lakh survey numbers are missing. The CCLA has been asking … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

The Verge Review of Animals: the wildebeest

This column is part of a series where Verge staffers post highly subjective reviews of animals. Up until now, we’ve written about animals without telling you whether they suck or rule. We are now rectifying this oversight.One of nature’s most befuddling quadrupeds, the common … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Claimstudie 2016

Ob “Nice to sweet you” oder “Science for a better life”, für die Mehrheit der Deutschen sind englischsprachige Werbesprüche ein Rätsel; ihre Botschaft wird aber dennoch positiv wahrgenommen. Das ist das Ergebnisse einer aktuellen Claimstudie der Agentur Endmark und des internatio … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

MWC 2016 Podcast with special guests!

Join us for a special episode of our podcast from MWC 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. Josh Vergara is joined by Nicole Scott, Michael Fisher, Jaime Rivera and Myriam Joire. | Continue reading | 3 years ago

After The Gold Rush

The startup gold rush of the last ten years is over. Sorry. Those hordes of ambitious entrepreneurs still stampeding to the Bay Area in the hopes of building their Minimum Viable Product, getting into Y Combinator, and growing their app into the Next Big Thing–they’re already too … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Bitcoin Taxis to Soon Become a Norm around the World

Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world. It was stated to be worth over $7.6 trillion in 2014. Increased purchasing power combined with cheaper air travel has shrunk geographical boundaries. While travel becomes cheaper, more and more people now prefer to go for a v … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Oscars 2016: How to watch the Academy Awards online

Tonight is Hollywood's biggest awards show — and this year, its most controversial one. Some actors and filmmakers are boycotting the show in response to its repeated failure to recognize the work of non-white artists, but you should still expect most of the nominees to drag them … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Stufenbau in Bern

Früher diente der markante Bau, der sich wie eine Treppe den Hang hinauf zieht, als Produktionsstätte für Nitrozellulose, später wurde der Stufenbau Denkmalgeschützt und für Theateraufführungen, Konzerte, Ausstellungen und Seminare genutzt. Seit 2013 und nach einer aufwendigen Re … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Review: Gary Vaynerchuk’s new book taught me 369 lessons about business

Ten years ago, Gary Vaynerchuk took a Flip cam and created the first episode of what would eventually become a popular online show called Wine Library TV. In the time since, he has built not one but two multi-million dollar companies. That, along with his trademark “hustle” and c … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Weekly business update: The Oscars, Qubit and more

With another work week coming to a close, the weekend is a good time to catch up with the fast-paced tech scene. At Index we gather tech coverage into one platform for tech enthusiasts to keep up with the news and access that data. In this series, we fill you in every week on wha … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

The Truth About Creating Customer Experiences

  Bryan Kramer is just one of those people with whom you instantly bond. For those who don’t know him, he shot onto the social, digital, content marketing scene with fun and fervor. He’s highly regarded as a strategist, speaker and author. He’s also someone I think of as a good f … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Become a project management powerhouse with this pre-certification bundle

If you’re looking for new momentum in your project management aspirations, we have great news: you’re just two courses away from being fully prepared to earn your CompTIA Project+ & PMP Certifications. Level-up in your professional world for just $35.99 from TNW Deals. Get all th … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

6 coolest Ruby on Rails projects

Find a villa for your next vacation, watch Deadpool from your couch, and share your software projects with others. These are just a few examples of what Web applications built on Ruby on Rails can do for you. Ruby on Rails – or Rails – is written in Ruby, a pure object-oriented p … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Lenovo bringt Project Tango AR-Smartphone im Juli

Am Rande des MWC hat der Yang Yuanqing von Lenovo Neuigkeiten zu dem ehrgeizigen Project Tango Augmented Reality Smartphone fallen lassen. Es soll schon im Juli auf den Markt kommen. Wir hatten ja schon gehört, dass es unter 500 Dollar kosten... | Continue reading | 3 years ago

5 ways to investigate your competitors like Sherlock Holmes

“Eavesdropping is rude,” they say. “It’s not eavesdropping – it’s research and it’s awesome!” I yell back, because I yell when I get excited. Okay, so listening to your coworker’s private conversation with a family member? That’s bad. Don’t do that. But that’s not the kind of eav … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

13 genius ways Slack can help plan your wedding

Even the most simple of weddings between two loving people can become an unwieldy hydra of stress and trauma. The best way to handle this is through open communication and agreeable boundaries, but that can be a challenge when your mother-in-law is threatening to wear leopard pri … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

On the Shoulders of Giants

"We are like dwarfs sitting on the shoulders of giants." —John of Salisbury Two neighborhoods in my fair city, Washington, DC, take t... | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Lightning’s Balancing Act: Challenges Face Bitcoin’s Scalability Savior

What tech challenges face the bitcoin Lightning Network? Jameson Lopp analyzes in this in-depth feature piece. | Continue reading

@CoinDesk | 3 years ago

This week in patents: Google Cardboard, LinkedIn pairs your devices and more

This week, the US patent office issued 6,746 patents. Each patent adds a little something new to the human knowledge base. As we can’t list all six thousand, the PatentYogi team has selected the six most interesting patents. A better way to pair your devices Patent Number – US 20 … | Continue reading | 3 years ago, Crypto Loyalty Solutions on Blockchain

Customer Loyalty Programs is one of the marketing strategies to glue customers to the concerned brand. These programs incentivize people on their expenditure at outlets that are part of the network. The incentives are generally in the form of discounts or redeemable reward points … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Datenschutz nach Safe Harbor

Seit Oktober 2015 herrscht Rechtsunsicherheit, denn der sorgenlose Datentransfer in die USA unter dem Schutzschirm von “Safe Harbor” ist beendet. Das Webinar “Datenschutz nach Safe Harbor” der Kanzlei Spirit Legal LLP am 02. März zeigt Lösungsmöglichkeiten für Unternehmen der Rei … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Facebook Reactions: Die ersten Chrome-Erweiterungen für Trump und Sanders

Es kommt wie es kommen musste, die Facebook Reactions waren aber auch ein zu offensichtliches Ziel. Wer diese Smileys schon jetzt nicht mehr sehen kann, der wird wohl in Zukunft ohne Probleme seine eigenen dafür einfügen können, denn... | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Kryptokit Launches Jaxx Bitcoin And Ethereum Wallet For Android Tablets

Kryptokit, a browser extension that functions as a bitcoin wallet and encrypted messenger, has launched Jaxx, a unified platform that provides wallet services for bitcoin and Ethereum users, according to Nasdaq. Anthony Di Iorio, chief digital officer of the Toronto Stock Exchang … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Design fetish: Behold Eero, the most beautiful Wi-Fi router, ever

Somewhere, Eero Saarinen is smiling. If he were alive today, the towering figure of midcentury architecture and furniture design would be thrilled by his namesake, the eero – a gleaming white, beautifully curved 4.75 inch square with a 1.26 inch high domed top – Wi-Fi router. As … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Watch: Just Cause 3 DLC Sky Fortress turns you into a human F-14

If you've played Just Cause 3 you'll be familiar with hero Rico Rodriguez's wingsuit, with which he can glide and swoop gracefully around Medici. If that seems a bit sedate, you might be interested in the Just Cause 3's upcoming Sky Fortress DLC, which straps a missile-launching … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Russian Narcotics Claim Bitcoin has Doubled-Up Drug Trades

Bitcoin has often been referred to as a favorite tool for internet and offline criminals, particularly when drug dealing and trafficking is concerned. There are a lot of people under the illusion of how Bitcoin will protect them from being caught while it is only a matter of time … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

The irrational thing about trust

The obvious and rational equation is that being trustworthy plus being transparent will lead you to be trusted. Verification of trustworthiness should lead to trust. This makes sense. Being trustworthy (acting in a way that's worthy of trust) plus being... | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis – Can Buyers Make It?

Key Points Bitcoin price after trading near the $450 level found sellers and started to move down. There is a bullish trend line formed on the 4-hours chart (data feed from Bitstamp), which may be seen as a buy zone in the near term. On the upside, the $450 is a major resistance … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Digital Foundry's guide to the best PC controllers

Mouse and keyboard remains the interface of choice for a wealth of PC games, but the bottom line is that there are plenty of titles out there that play better using a gamepad - to the point where it has become required kit. Our aim with this guide is pretty straightforward - we'l … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Googles DeepDream ist endgültig in die Kunstwelt übernommen worden

Es ist soweit. DeepDream, diese künstliche Intelligenz neuronaler Netzwerke, die uns seit Veröffentlichung schon jede Menge trippige Bilder beschert hat, ist jetzt zum Zentrum einer Kunstaustellung geworden. In San Francisco wurden die Bi... | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Game jam at the top of the world

Outside, the snow is packed in glass sheets, peppered in places with stones that offer a shoe some hope of holding its grip. Here in Tromsø, the most northerly city on planet Earth (so long as you define 'city' as a place with more than 20,000 inhabitants; those people who live f … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Japan’s Mobingi, a cloud automation platform, secures additional seed funding

(The Bridge) – Tokyo-based Mobingi, offering a cloud automation service under the same name, announced last November that it had fundraised $125,000 from 500 Startups, and revealed soon afterward that it had additionally secured several tens of million yen (about several hundred … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Talkin' 'bout Steph

Ice water has Steph Curry running through its veins. Penguins look at him and shiver. The other side of the pillow thinks he's cooler. | Continue reading | 3 years ago

WhatsApp verabschiedet sich von BlackBerry und älteren Smartphones

WhatsApp, ohne Zweifel in Deutschland der beliebteste Messenger, hat aufgrund diverser Zukunftspläne schon mal vorzeitig den Support für nahezu alle BlackBerry Telefone verkündet. Gut, wenn selbst BlackBerry sein eigenes OS nicht meh... | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Ethereum Price Weekly Analysis – New Highs In Making?

Key Highlights Ethereum price surged higher and traded near a major resistance area of $6.60-65. There is a breakout structure forming on hourly chart of Ethereum price (data feed via Kraken), which may act as a catalyst for the next move. The price is well above the 100 hourly s … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Shark-spotting drones to patrol the skies above Australian beaches

Australian lifesavers work hard to protect beachgoers from hazards such as dangerous rips and sharks, but they are about to get some extra help from the sky.On Sunday, Westpac, which sponsors the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter Services, announced it would be supporting a tr … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Warriors secure playoff berth in 58th game

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors have clinched a playoff spot with more than six weeks to spare. | Continue reading | 3 years ago