Battle Stormtroopers with a Lightsaber in the new Star Wars VR experience

Lucasfilm’s latest creation should get Star Wars fans rushing to pick up an HTC Vive headset. The studio’s immersive media arm, ILMxLab, has released a new VR experience titled ‘Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine’. Road to VR reports that it’s a 10-minute long experience that sees you … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Japan’s Gunosy invests $5M in Indonesia-based Kurio, a fellow news reading app

In a case of one news reader app helping another, Japan’s Gunosy has invested $5 million in Indonesia-based Kurio. Read More | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Blockai Raises $547k for Blockchain Digital Rights Platform

Blockai has announced $547,000 in seed funding to relaunch as a blockchain copyright startup. | Continue reading

@CoinDesk | 3 years ago

F.lux finally comes to Android to save your eyes

F.lux has been a staple on the desktop for some time already – with versions existing for Mac, Windows and Linux. Hell, there’s even been a version for jailbroken iPhones and iPads since 2011. Now, finally, Android users are getting a version of their own – sort of. The app, like … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Vetting Influencers? Questions to Ask and Information to Require

Influencer marketing has emerged as one of the most successful online PR and marketing strategies. Various studies illustrate the effectiveness of influencer marketing. Marketers who implemented an influencer marketing program in the first half of 2015 received $9.60 in earned me … | Continue reading

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Kenes Group Launches a New Service: M+

Kenes Group, a leading Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) and Association Management company, has just launched a new service dedicated to small and medium sized events, Kenes M+. The new service line will be bringing to the table fresh entrepreneurial spirit and agility and … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Morning shootaround — March 15

VIDEO: Highlights from Monday’s games NEWS OF THE MORNING Cavs deny lack of composure in loss | Bogut blasts his ‘dirty’ label | Bosh surprises Heat, sits on bench vs. Nuggets | Anthony: Knicks ‘gotta do something’ this summer No. 1: Cavs deny lack of composure in loss to Jazz — … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Chapter 1: Consistency in the Customer Journey

Learn to use marketing content to create best-in-class customer experience journey that drives business growth, starting with Chapter 1 of The CX Management Guide. | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Honda Civic LX: Selbstfahrende Alltagskutsche für 20.440 Dollar

Selbstfahrende Autos tönen immer noch ein wenig wie Zukunftsmusik, auch wenn sie ihre SciFi-Anmutung schon mal ganz real auf der Straße zeigen oder im Testbetrieb ganz banal einen kleinen Unfall bauen. In den USA soll sich das aber noch... | Continue reading | 3 years ago

There’s now a tiny $45 hard drive specifically made for your Raspberry Pi

Fans of the Raspberry Pi now have a hard drive specifically built for their tiny devices: Western Digital’s PiDrive. The drive, which was built by the company’s incubator, WDLabs, is a 314 GB spinning disk drive that’s available for just $45.81 – a great price point for people ti … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Chapter 2: Understanding, Mapping, and Delivering Effective Customer Experience

Marketing content can move a customer from questions to conclusions. Learn to understand, map, and deliver content experiences for an effective customer journey. | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Chapter 3: The Marketing-Driven Customer Experience Map

With customer experience maps, marketers can visualize and manage all content, for an aligned buyer's journey—and a best-in-class customer experience. Here's how... | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Letterboxd launches its movie social network on the iPhone

I've been using Letterboxd for more than a year now, and I've really enjoyed the movie pages. For instance, if you look at Mustang (which is my favorite movie of 2015 – seriously if you haven't seen it stop reading this right now, go and watch it), it's an inf … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Google announces Analytics 360 Suite for enterprise marketers

Google is launching a new product for enterprise marketers today that will directly challenge Adobe’s Marketing Cloud and similar services. The Google Analytics 360 Suite will combine Google Analytics Premium (now called Google Analytics 360) and Adometry (which it acquired in 20 … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Google has 6 new analytics apps to help marketers mine customer data for insights

Whether you’re building an app or running an online store, analytics can help you figure out what your users are trying to achieve and how you can serve them better. To that end, Google has launched a new set of enterprise-grade tools to help marketers gain insights about their c … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Uber’s food delivery service opens in San Francisco, Chicago, and Houston

Two weeks after its debut in Los Angeles, Uber’s on-demand food delivery service is expanding to three more cities: San Francisco, Chicago, and Houston. If you live in one of those areas, you can now use Uber’s newest standalone app to place an order from hundreds of partner rest … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

How to Use Social Media to Delight Customers Across 11 Brands

Dan Moriarty, Director of Digital Strategy and Activation for the Hyatt Hotels Corporation, joins the Social Pros Podcast to share his approach to cohesively yet uniquely managing a global brand's social across different platforms. | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Salesforce takes on ServiceMax, Microsoft and Oracle with new field service product

Salesforce has its fingers in many pies when it comes to tracking customers, customer service and marketing, but up until now it left field service to third parties like ServiceMax. That changed today when the cloud giant announced a new field service product they have dubbed Fie … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Fossil launches 9 new fashion-forward smartwatches, trackers

Fossil Group is hard at work delivering its tall-order promise of launching 100 connected devices by the end of this year across brands like Michael Kors, Armani and Tory Burch. Now, it's 9 devices closer to meeting that goal.The parent company announced on Tuesday a series of fa … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Uber's standalone food delivery app will launch in 12 more cities

UberEats, the rideshare company's standalone food delivery app, is rolling out in a dozen more cities over the next several weeks. Starting today, the app is live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Houston. And in the coming weeks, it will be available in New York City, … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 makes it a design leader

When Nokia’s cellphone star faded, it was Samsung that stepped into the role of the world’s biggest phone vendor while others took over the mantle of being design leaders. The most copied designs today still come from Apple, but now that Samsung has introduced the superb Galaxy S … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

The 5 Key 2016 Podcast Statistics

Podcasting consumption is on the rise again, according to Edison Research. The 5 key podcast statistics you need to know, from Jay Baer | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Chapter 4: The Steps to Effective Customer Experience Management

Disjointed customer experiences curtail revenue growth. Experience maps and interlock are the solution. Here's a 4-phase approach to put this solution into practice. | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Wilson's smart basketball keeps track of how good (or bad) your shooting is

Video: Rill Causey, Quincy LedbetterTechnology has enabled us to quantify everythingFitness trackers and wearables tell you how many steps you’ve taken, the distance you’ve run, and the amount of calories you’ve burned. So why shouldn’t your basketball tell you how well you're sh … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

How to write an Android CPU benchmark tool (part 1)

This is part one of a two-part series showing you how to create your own CPU benchmark app using SHA-1 encryption and other algorithms. | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Wiosenna sałatka z jajkami, kiełkami słonecznika, migdałami i sosem koperkowym

Prosta sałatka, której wielkim atutem są niebanalne dodatki: ciekawe w smaku kiełki słonecznika, lekko zrumienione chrupiące płatki migdałów i sos koperkowy z gęstej śmietany. Po prostu pycha! Pięknie wygląda na stole, wspaniale pachnie i jeszcze lepiej smakuje! Koniecznie do zro … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

8 Must Use Content Marketing Tools for Social Media Marketers

If you're one of these marketers, here's a list of tools that let you find and share great content and help with time management. | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Microsoft close to testing browser extensions for Edge

Microsoft came close to publicly testing its browser extensions support for Edge last year, before delaying it to early 2016. Now it appears Microsoft is close to offering an early look at the feature to Windows 10 testers. MSPowerUser spotted that Microsoft's official website fo … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Digitale Urlaubsplanung leicht gemacht / Mit der neuen ADAC Camping App 2016 können Urlauber unter mehr als 13.000 Plätzen auswählen (FOTO)

ADAC: München (ots) - Die neue Version der ADAC Camping- und Stellplatzführer App macht die Urlaubsplanung noch leichter. Sie bietet neben aktualisierten Platzinformationen von mehr als 8.500 Campingplätzen und 5.000 Stellplätzen in Europa jetzt auch eine ... | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Enterprise security service Skyport raises $30M Series C round led by GV

Skyport Systems helps enterprises keep their data and applications secure by allowing them to host their services in a hardened appliance with embedded security features. The company today announced that it has raised a $30 million Series C round led by GV (the firm previously kn … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

4 Content Marketing Lessons from Video Games

We explore the gameplay and storytelling techniques that make video games so popular and discuss how to use them content marketing. | Continue reading | 3 years ago

2016 is turning out to be an amazing year for augmented reality

Augmented reality hasn't been nearly as hyped as VR, but there is plenty going on in the field that is worth paying attention to. | Continue reading | 3 years ago

First Click: A month with Apple Watch as my wallet

It all started when I left my house without my wallet. I had ventured out to grab some lunch with no cash or cards to pay for it, only my iPhone or Apple Watch. I've used Apple Pay on my iPhone and Watch before, but this was the first time it was actually useful. I paid for a san … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Nur noch 39 Dollar: Smartphone-Mikroskop mit 400facher Vergrößerung

Erst Ende letzten Jahres haben wir das Mikroskop µPeak von der ETH Zürich bestaunt, das aufs Smartphone geclippt wird, 350fache Vergrößerung bietet und dabei nur etwas mehr als 100 Euro kosten soll. Aber noch während die... | Continue reading | 3 years ago

This startup wants to turn your dead loved ones into trees

We get a lot of pitches here at TNW, but none of them caught our attention as much as the Bios Incube. This device – and the people behind it – want to turn your cold, dead body – or even the mortal remains of a friend or loved one – into a lovely tree. The team, based in Barcelo … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Google Maps rolling out heads-up navigation bubbles for upcoming turns

Google Maps is finally enabling the ability to show heads-up bubbles announcing upcoming turns and street or exit names while in navigation mode. | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Man Charged With Unlicensed Money Laundering In Bitcoin-Related Case

A federal grand jury has charged one man with operating an unlicensed money transmitting business and two others with money laundering in a bitcoin case. | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Deal: 16GB Motorola Moto X Pure, 32GB microSD card & more for $300

B&H Photo is selling the Motorola Moto X Pure Edition with a 32GB microSD card and a photography accessory bundle for just $299.99. | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Apple’s about to start running News ads that look suspiciously like regular stories

Advertising is one beast that Apple hasn’t really been able to tame as it’s grown its tech empire. Now it’s about to borrow a technique first pioneered online by the likes of Buzzfeed and Upworthy: native in-feed posts, advertorial in old media terms, within its aggregated News a … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Twitch wants every game to have built-in streaming

Live-streaming platform Twitch has announced a new initiative that wants to make sure developers are building its broadcasting capabilities directly into their games. Stream First‘s mission is to make live-streaming part of every game’s design process rather than being an after t … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Altiscale’s latest cloud service brings Hadoop to business users

Altiscale, a company that has always been about reducing the complexity related to using Hadoop, has taken that to the next level today with the release of Altiscale Insight Cloud, a cloud service aimed at making Hadoop accessible to business users.Altiscale Insight Cloud provide … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

State-Sponsored Chinese Hackers Deploy Bitcoin Ransomware En Masse

Assuming the findings of this report are true, the question becomes why Chinese hackers would be resorting to Bitcoin ransomware for attacking companies. | Continue reading | 3 years ago

AmyTV #33 Using Contrast in Your Copywriting

Today we’re talking about the power of contrast in your copywriting. So, painting a bleak picture of what your customer’s life looks like without your product, and the rainbow and unicorn universe … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be an Event Planner

The event planner’s job comes with a lot of stress but also with great rewards. So why do we always focus on the negative side? This is not your usual EventMB’s post. Let’s call it an editorial, a divertissement or a digression. Off topic, but not so much. I need to start by maki … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Six Ways To Spring Clean Your Content

It's time to focus on Spring cleaning. If your content has become cluttered, here are 6 ways you can clean up your content to get better results. | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Lindsay Lohan's Grand Theft Auto lawsuit gets ugly

Lindsay Lohan's lawsuit against the makers of Grand Theft Auto 5 has been given the go-ahead by a US judge. The news sparked an angry reaction from fans of the game, and from the voice actor behind GTA5's main character Michael."It's a stretch but MAYBE there's a resemblance", Ne … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Mozilla’s super speedy new browser will be available for testing in June

A new browser built by Mozilla Research called Servo is close to becoming reality, with a post from one of the team’s developers on the organization’s forum confirming a first release should land in June. Servo is a browser engine that was built from the ground up in the Rust lan … | Continue reading | 3 years ago

Hilton Prague triumphs at the 2016 Hilton Worldwide EMEA GMS

The post Hilton Prague triumphs at the 2016 Hilton Worldwide EMEA GMS appeared first on KONGRES – Europe Meetings Industry Magazine. | Continue reading | 3 years ago