Tesla cleared in investigation of fatal Autopilot crash

Last year, Tesla's Autopilot tech suffered its first casualty when a Florida man was killed while using the semi-autonomous driving system. Now the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has completed its investigation of the incident and says Tesla was not at fau … | Continue reading

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Plunging Public Trust in Business Calls Loudly for PR & Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

Public trust in government, business and the media has plummeted to new lows. Some urge PR to take a leading role in restoring trust. The 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer shows the largest-ever drop in trust across the institutions of government, business, media and nongovernment org … | Continue reading

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Sign Up To Buy Limited 2-For-1 Tickets To Disrupt NY 2017

We’re giving you an unprecedented opportunity to purchase a limited supply of tickets at a special rate of two for the price of one. Only 50 pairs of tickets will be released on January 27 to those who sign up. To take advantage of these limited-supply tickets, sign up at our web … | Continue reading

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Tesla’s crash rate dropped 40 percent after Autopilot was installed, feds say

Tesla’s crash rate dropped 40 percent after the electric carmaker installed its semi-autonomous Autopilot software, government regulators reported today. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration just released its report on the May 2016 fatal accident involving a Tesla M … | Continue reading

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Split review: M. Night Shyamalan’s low-budget comeback continues

The director of The Sixth Sense goes grindhouse Continue reading… | Continue reading

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History’s Most Memorable American Inaugural Addresses

As Donald Trump’s presidency begins, here is a look back at some of the most memorable and noteworthy inaugural addresses in U.S. history. Photo: Getty | Continue reading

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Steemit to Offer Native Mobile Apps among Other 2017 Upgrades

Steemit, a decentralized social media platform that rewards users for delivering commentary, images, videos, and articles to the site, is creating native Steemit apps for use on mobile iOS and Android among several upgrades for 2017, the company announced. Among the upgrades, Ste … | Continue reading

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XCOM 2’s Long War 2 fan mod is now available for PC

XCOM fans are going to have a busy day. 2K announced today that the free Long War 2 mod is available for its strategy game XCOM 2 on PC via the Steam Wokshop. It gives player a longer campaign than the original game (about 100 to 120 missions), smarter enemies, and new soldier cl … | Continue reading

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Senators' Heated Exchange at Mnuchin Hearing

Before a contentious confirmation hearing for Treasury nominee Steven Mnuchin at the Senate Finance Committee, Sen. Pat Roberts (R., Kansas) suggested that Sen. Ron Wyden (D., Oregon) take a Valium sparking a heated exchange. Photo: AP | Continue reading

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NHTSA’s full final investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot shows 40% crash rate reduction

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released its full findings following the investigation into last year’s fatal crash involving a driver’s use of Tesla’s semi-autonomous Autopilot feature. The report clears Tesla’s Autopilot system of any fault in the in … | Continue reading

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Facebook just replaced your desktop inbox with Messenger

Facebook has changed the way we read our private messages. Again. In the latest update sure to stir up the user base — even if it's just for a little while — the social network appears to have ditched the old layout of its desktop website's inbox, replacing it with Facebook Messe … | Continue reading

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Audible’s iTunes exclusivity ends following antitrust pushback in Europe

Since 2003, Amazon-owned Audible has been the sole proprietor of audiobook on iTunes, a deal that has ruffled plenty of publishing feathers and raised some antitrust red flags around the world. According to The European Commission, the two tech giants have agreed to put an end to … | Continue reading

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Apply now for TechCrunch Include Office Hours with Betaworks in New York

TechCrunch Include Office Hours are back and will take place in New York on January 25th from 3-5 p.m. Betaworks partner Matt Hartman will be hosting private feedback sessions for startups. For a chance to participate, apply here. In 2014 TechCrunch started Include, our diversity … | Continue reading

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'Super Gridland', a Survival Match-Three From the Creator of 'A Dark Room', Is Out Now on the App Store

It's been over two years since we were initially enamoured by the iOS port of A Dark Room [$0.99]. Having started off as an open-source release on PC from Canadian developer Michael Townsend, A Dark Room's eventual transition to the App Store by Amir Rajan managed to capture a cu … | Continue reading

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Deliveroo begins UK trial of subscription service for restaurant food delivery

Restaurant food delivery company Deliveroo has begun trialing a subscription service in the U.K. — presumably targeted at its most frequent and loyal customers. Read More | Continue reading

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong | Continue reading

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Twitter doesn’t have quite as many white employees as it did last year

But there are still a lot. Twitter just released its first diversity report since hiring Jeffrey Siminoff, the former director of worldwide inclusion and diversity at Apple, in December 2015. Overall, Twitter is 57% white, 32% Asian, 3% black, 4% Hispanic/Latinx, 3% multi-racial, … | Continue reading

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Yakuza 0 on PS4 is the perfect introduction to this weird, wild crime series

If you haven’t played a Yakuza game before, you might be picturing something along the lines of Grand Theft Auto, only set in modern-day Japan. After all, like GTA, Sega’s Yakuza is an open-world action game series with a focus on crime. But despite their thematic similarities, t … | Continue reading

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MongoDB Ransomware is being sold online

January has been a rough month for anyone that a.) uses the popular MongoDB database software, and b.) doesn’t really know how to secure it. A flurry of ransomware attacks have targeted the platform, taking advantage of installations that have the administrator account configured … | Continue reading

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This ingenious device can test how well you can see

'EyeQue' is an optical device that can test your vision right at home. All you need is a smartphone.  Read more...More about Technology, Tech, Iphone, Optometrist, and Eye Contact | Continue reading

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The Gorillaz release their first single since 2011 to take on Trump

The Gorillaz have been promising a return to form for nearly a year, but with Donald Trump about to claim the White House, the group saw fit to finally release new music. Titled “Hallelujah Money,” the track, released through UPROXX, takes aim at the president-elect’s love of mon … | Continue reading

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Global: Woolworths creates multi-sensory food experience

Australian food brand Woolworths has created a multi-sensory food experience at the Australian Open tennis tournament, which aims to enliven all five senses. | Continue reading

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Hitman to add HDR support this month

Hitman is coming to retail at the end of the month and the game will receive a free update adding HDR (High Dynamic Range) support to Io Interactive's assassination adventure.This will make the lighting more dynamic as bright areas will become more blindingly bright, while dark a … | Continue reading

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You’ll soon find Samsung Exynos chipsets in Audi vehicles

The System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions will be implemented into Audi’s next-generation In Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) system. | Continue reading

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Gravity Rush 2 is stunning in 4K

This lengthy follow-up to the original 2012 Vita game is receiving high praise from critics, and it seems that those of us fortunate enough to have a PS4 Pro are in for a real treat.The post Gravity Rush 2 is stunning in 4K appeared first on ExtremeTech. | Continue reading

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War-torn South Sudan gets its very first Global Game Jam, despite UN warnings of genocide

As violence escalates in the worlds youngest nationstate of South Sudan, an unexpected event has popped up; the countries’ very first Global Game Jam in capital city Juba. I spoke to organizer Lual Mayen to ask him how he went about organizing such a lighthearted event in a count … | Continue reading

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Korea bewirbt Kampfjet mit Game-Footage

Das ist wohl saublöd gelaufen: Der als nationales Prestigeobjekt entwickelte südkoreanische Kampfjet Kai KF-X wurde letztes Jahr mit einem Promo-Filmchen angepriesen, in dem neben Material von Korea Aerospace Industries auch solches aus den... | Continue reading

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Ancient Rhetoric for the Modern Persuader: How to Argue for Conversions

Aristotle, Plato and Cicero were some of the greatest persuaders in history. Here's how to argue for conversions using their ancient theories. | Continue reading

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Old Google Plus Is Dead – New Google Plus Brings Back Events

The trouble with Google is that everything they do could be the next big thing. Google Plus, despite its history of neglect still falls into that category. Once Again, Google has been tweaking the service. We look into what’s new. A New Google+ Back in 2015, Google launched a new … | Continue reading

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Hands on with Fujifilm’s new X100F and X-T20

Fujifilm announced two new cameras today, the fixed-lens X100F and the interchangeable lens X-T20. Both cameras are updates to prior models in Fujifilm’s lineup, and introduce the 24.3-megapixel sensor and new processor from the company’s higher-end cameras. While the biggest upd … | Continue reading

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U.S. traffic safety agency to close Tesla Autopilot investigation without recall request

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will close the investigation it began six months ago into a driver death that occurred while using Tesla’s Autopilot highway semi-autonomous driving feature, Reuters reports. The investigation did not find cause for … | Continue reading

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Report: $12BN invested in European startups last year, but fewer $30M+ deals

Investment in European startups held up last year despite fears of a slowdown, with some $12 billion invested during the year, according to an annual report compiled by French investment advisors Clipperton, working with Digimind’s WhoGotFunded database. Read More | Continue reading

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SeatGeek’s new Pano feature gives ticketbuyers a 360-degree view of the stadium

SeatGeek is launching a new way to give ticketbuyers a better sense of exactly what they’ll see from a given seat. The new feature, called Pano, offers a 360-degree view of the empty venue — you can look around in all directions, Street View-style, and you can also jump to differ … | Continue reading

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Galaxy S8 or LG G6: which are you most looking forward to?

With the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 launches on the horizon, we examine what to expect from these handsets and ask which is the most exciting prospect. | Continue reading

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LinkedIn launches huge Facebook-like redesign to be less confusing

LinkedIn’s Website gets a huge redesign to be less confusing. If you’re like me, chances are you’ve used LinkedIn a few times while looking for a job, filled in your information, and then rarely touched it again. LinkedIn’s new design overhaul wants to make sure you stick around. … | Continue reading

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Fatal Tesla Autopilot accident investigation ends with no recall ordered: report

The federal investigation into the fatal accident involving a Tesla Model S in Autopilot mode has ended, with no vehicle recalls being ordered, according to Reuters.BREAKING: U.S. closes Tesla Autopilot death investigation without demanding recall - source— Reuters Tech News (@Re … | Continue reading

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Oracle boosts cloud offering with Apiary API management tool acquisition

Oracle acquired API management startup Apiary today for an undisclosed amount. Apiary, which launched in 2011 and has raised a modest $8.5 million, helps companies manage APIs, which is an increasingly important job. As every company becomes a software company, they are building  … | Continue reading

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How to Win at Native Advertising Before You’ve Even Started

Know what will work for your native advertising campaign before it's been set live by placing Nudge across your owned content first. | Continue reading

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Facebook limits posts from media outlet RT during the inauguration, following copyright dispute

Facebook has limited the ability of media outlet RT to post to the site ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration, RT says. Formerly known as Russia Today, RT has been accused of acting as an English-language propaganda arm for the Russian government.Banned from posting photos, videos … | Continue reading

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ET deals: Dell Latitude 14 5000 14-inch laptop for $449

Looking for a small laptop that can handle a big workload? Check out the 14-inch Latitude 14 5000 from Dell. Not only does it offer a Core i5 CPU and three USB 3.0 ports, but it'll only cost you $449 when you use today's coupon code.The post ET deals: Dell Latitude 14 5000 14-inc … | Continue reading

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'Don't Starve: Shipwrecked' Review - Sail the Ocean, Don't Die

The original Don't Starve [$4.99] started a revolution of sorts in my house. My wife, who typically doesn't enjoy punishing or permadeath games, took to it for weeks on end, and started a revolution of sorts in terms of her gaming habits. She's spend days trying to perfect a cert … | Continue reading

@toucharcade.com | 2 years ago

FINRA Believes Blockchain Could Impact its Regulatory Rules

FINRA, the self-regulatory organization for US brokers, could see some of its rules impacted by blockchain.Source | Continue reading

@coindesk.com | 2 years ago

Yext hires new president as it looks to IPO

Yext, the company that powers business location data in search results, is announcing that Jim Steele will be joining the company full-time as president and chief revenue officer. Steele was previously on the board at Yext and was most recently at InsideSales.“I found a new young … | Continue reading

@techcrunch.com | 2 years ago

Halo Wars 2 shows how The Creative Assembly is adapting its PC chops for consoles

I’ve had an awful time learning how to play real-time strategy games on consoles. RTS games are so much easier with a mouse and keyboard on the PC. But I gave Microsoft’s Halo Wars 2 on the Xbox One a try, and I’m happy with the results so far. Halo Wars 2 debuts on Xbox One and … | Continue reading

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Finally, a juicer that doesn't need cleaning

With an innovative cold pressing technique and specially designed juicing bags, the 'JUISIR' is completely mess-free. Read more...More about Kickstarter, Cold Pressed, Juice, Healthy Eating, and Health | Continue reading

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Did Nintendo download a Mario ROM and sell it back to us?

Nintendo's stance on emulation has always been a rigid one. As far as the company is concerned, if you're downloading and playing games from unofficial sources, you're a software pirate."It's that simple and not open to debate," says its corporate FAQ.And yet, here's a thing. If … | Continue reading

@eurogamer.net | 2 years ago

Apple and Amazon end decade-long audiobook exclusivity deal

Apple and Amazon have agreed to end an exclusivity agreement that made Audible the only seller of audiobooks inside of iTunes.The agreement had been in place for over a decade, since 2003, but came to an end earlier this month following complaints from German publishers and inves … | Continue reading

@theverge.com | 2 years ago

Improved Apple Pencil 2 could launch with new iPad Pro

A new, improved version of the Apple Pencil could be introduced alongside a new iPad Pro this year, according to rumblings from Asia's supply chain.According to the Chinese website Wei Feng, the updated stylus and rumored 10.5-inch iPad Pro could be announced as soon as March — j … | Continue reading

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