Hands on with unusually designed Yamaha-powered headphones

SINGAPORE — There are a mindboggling amount of different headphone types to suit user habits, but this could be by far the most unusual design we've seen yet.The Shair from Japanese startup Vie does away with the cushion padding seen on regular headphones and replaces it with a 3 … | Continue reading

@mashable.com | 3 years ago

Stirring the Swarm: A Hoard of Ceramic Beetles Crawl Across Gallery Walls

Like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, UK artist Anna Collette Hunt leads swarms of 10,000 ceramic insects in a traveling exhibition that first appeared several years ago in the towers of Wollaton Hall, England, home to a significant natural history collection. Hunt compares her marchin … | Continue reading

@thisiscolossal.com | 3 years ago

Doom closed beta begins later this month

The Doom closed beta runs from 31st March to 3rd April 2016, Bethesda has announced.That's for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.The beta lets people try out Team Deathmatch and the new Warpath mode on two maps: Heatwave and Infernal. It's available only to those who bought Wolfenst … | Continue reading

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How to get a refund for apps purchased from the Google Play Store

Ever purchased an app or game on the Play Store and it didn't match your expectations? Well, there's a simple way to get a refund. But you must act quickly. | Continue reading

@androidauthority.com | 3 years ago

Fresco News teams with FOX to bring citizen journalism to local newsrooms around the U.S.

Crowdsourced journalism startup Fresco News has just scored a notable partnership which will bring photo and video footage shot by ordinary citizens to several local Fox newsrooms around the U.S. Using the company’s iPhone app, participating Fox-owned stations will be able to sen … | Continue reading

@techcrunch.com | 3 years ago

E-Space network enlarges: welcome to Rokiškis regional museum

The museum is interested to test Blinkster app and share results with other partners in Lithuania Rokiškis regional museum is an institutional member of the Lithuanian Museums Association. The beginnings of Rokiškis Regional Museum date back to 1933, when enthusiasts assembled in … | Continue reading

@digitalmeetsculture.net | 3 years ago

Citymaps Offers Downloadable Offline Maps

Citymaps, the curated mapmaking company, has updated its iOS and Android application to include a downloadable option so users can access maps offline. Read More | Continue reading

@techcrunch.com | 3 years ago

Keep It Simple, Stupid: 3 Rules For Front-End Web Development

Need insights into the latest content marketing trends? Get answers from our leadership on the D Custom blog. | Continue reading

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The Dragonslayer

Two years ago, John Oliver called Tom Wheeler a dingo.The host of Last Week Tonight had set his sights on the then-raging net neutrality debate, acerbically calling out broadband providers like Comcast and Verizon for their throttling antics and intense Congressional lobbying. Mi … | Continue reading

@theverge.com | 3 years ago

Doom’s closed beta test begins on March 31

It looks like the beginning of April is … doomed. Sorry. I’m so sorry. That was awful. Developer Id Software revealed today that the closed beta test for Doom’s multiplayer will begin on March 31 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It will last until April 3. Anyone who bought W … | Continue reading

@venturebeat.com | 3 years ago

Don't Wage War Against Ad Blockers Until You Know Who You're Really Fighting

Content - You know readers are using ad-blocking software, but you also need to understand what motivates such behavior. It's a little more complicated than you think. | Continue reading

@marketingprofs.com | 3 years ago

Extend Your Marketing Video's Shelf Life: How and When to Iterate

Content - Video can be an amazing marketing tool, yet it has a short shelf life. Luckily, it's also a dynamic asset that can be edited, tweaked, and optimized over time. Here ... | Continue reading

@marketingprofs.com | 3 years ago

The Division is scrappy, but utterly engrossing

Editor's note: This is an early impressions piece based on our first two days playing The Division. We're looking to have our full review up early next week.A tourist can get more of a bead on a city in their first few hours than those who've lived there for years, Bill Burroughs … | Continue reading

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The Most Effective Lead Follow-Up Strategies: Adam Bluemner on Marketing Smarts [Podcast]

Sales: Marketing Podcast - Adam Bluemner shares strategies for following up with B2B website leads based on his study that analyzed 63,256 phone calls. | Continue reading

@marketingprofs.com | 3 years ago

Facebook will soon let you ignore Live Videos

Facebook announced that it’s rolling out its Live Video feature to all of its users last month, which is great. But you know what isn’t great? Getting a notification every time anyone you’re friends with or follow is live. Well, Facebook has decided that this won’t need to be a b … | Continue reading

@thenextweb.com | 3 years ago

Proxama partners with Google on MyStop, beacon-based transport alerts from your Chrome app

Google has been working for a while now on ways to bring more Bluetooth beacon projects into its ecosystem, including the launch of its Eddystone open beacon format and its concept of the “app-free” Physical Web. Today one of its partners unveiled a new project that shows how tra … | Continue reading

@techcrunch.com | 3 years ago

Indochino nabs $30 million to grow its custom-made clothes emporium

Indochino, a Vancouver-based online made-to-measure menswear company, has raised “up to” $30 million in strategic financing from Dayang Group, a China-based clothing manufacturer. Founded in 2007, Indochino serves to make buying stylish clothing for men easier, covering suits, sh … | Continue reading

@venturebeat.com | 3 years ago

iOS growth slowed in China in the three months ending January 2016, says Kantar

The rate of growth of Apple’s iOS in urban China slowed in the three months ending January 2016, according to the latest data from smartphone market watcher KantarWorldpanel. Read More | Continue reading

@techcrunch.com | 3 years ago

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs FPA

Identifier: COS-EYE-FPA-2016-4-01Pillar: Supporting entrepreneursOpening Date: Deadline: Tue, 5 Apr 2016 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)Modification Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2016Latest information: The submission session is now available for: COS-EYE-FPA-2016(COSME-FPA) | Continue reading

@ec.europa.eu | 3 years ago

Huawei confirms April 6th event, hints at dual-camera system for the P9

Leaked images of Huawei's next flagship smartphone, the P9, have suggested that the device will have a rear-facing dual camera system. Now, invites from the company to an event in London on April 6th have hinted at the same setup, using the hashtag "#OO" and the slogan "change th … | Continue reading

@theverge.com | 3 years ago

Facebook Lite, now Facebook’s fastest-growing app, reaches 100M monthly users

Facebook Lite, Facebook stripped down version of its service for Android, just past the notable landmark of 100 million monthly active users and became the social network’s fastest growing mobile app. Read More | Continue reading

@techcrunch.com | 3 years ago

Valencia Penthouse: Naturalness, Neutrality and Brightness

Valencia penthouse is an interior design project completed by designer Josep Ruà. Located in Valencia, the apartment has an area of 70 sqm. | Continue reading

@homeworlddesign.com | 3 years ago

Why is Google's Go win such a big deal?

DeepMind’s dramatic victory over legendary Go player Lee Se-dol earlier today is a huge moment in the history of artificial intelligence, and something many predicted would be decades away. "I was very surprised," says Lee. "I didn't expect to lose. I didn't think AlphaGo would p … | Continue reading

@theverge.com | 3 years ago

Amazon will lease 20 Boeing 767s to get its long-rumored cargo service off the ground

Amazon is about to lease 20 Boeing 767 aircraft, according to Reuters, confirming months of speculation that the online retail giant is building up an air-delivery service. The planes are being leased by a company called Air Transport Services Group Inc. Rumors of Amazon's involv … | Continue reading

@theverge.com | 3 years ago

Give Peace a Chance: 7 Steps to Ending the Sales and Marketing Conflict

It’s coming up on 10 years since the Harvard Business Review (HBR) laid out a strategy to end “the war between sales and marketing.” Decrying the negative impact on corporate performance due to misaligned sales and marketing departments, the prestigious publication offered severa … | Continue reading

@content4demand.com | 3 years ago

Trick 17: Wie man eine Weinflasche mit einem Schlüssel öffnet (Video)

Tricks, wie man Weinflaschen ohne Korkenzieher öffnet, kann man nie genug auf Lager haben, also gut aufgepasst, wenn YouTuber DaveHax demonstriert, wie der Trinker-Stunt mit einem Schlüssel funktioniert, wobei dann auch noch ein Handtuch... | Continue reading

@de.engadget.com | 3 years ago

Coleco formally pulls out of Chameleon, retro console disappears in a puff of vapor

The too-good-to-be-true Retro VGS console has been proven exactly that. Coleco has pulled out of the project and the Coleco Chameleon -- billed as being able to play games from multiple console generations via FPGA emulation as opposed to relying on software implementations -- is … | Continue reading

@extremetech.com | 3 years ago

Bring your website ideas to life with these great WordPress deals

Building your own website doesn’t require the coding expertise it used to. Thanks to user-friendly WordPress themes and tutorials, virtually anybody can create an eye-catching and enjoyable website – but where to start? The options are nearly limitless, so TNW has put together a … | Continue reading

@thenextweb.com | 3 years ago

MIT researchers found a way to load websites 34% faster on the same connection

A group at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have found a way to speed up the Web without actually increasing the connection throughput or making fundamental code changes. It created Polaris, a framework that determines how to overlap the objec … | Continue reading

@thenextweb.com | 3 years ago

Meanwhile, at Rare...

Kinect Sports developer Rare - the British studio Microsoft did not decide to close this week - has an update for its fans.The studio has released a video i… | Continue reading

@eurogamer.net | 3 years ago

Bitwage Now Lets Employers Pay Workers With Credit Cards

Bitcoin payroll startup Bitwage has added support for credit and debit card payments. | Continue reading

@CoinDesk | 3 years ago

Amazon to lease 20 Boeing aircraft for cargo delivery

(By Sai Sachin Reuters) – Amazon.com Inc will lease 20 Boeing 767 freighter aircraft, lessor Air Transport Services Group Inc said on Wednesday, as the online retailer moves closer to setting up its own air delivery network. The deal comes at a time when Amazon, which offers fast … | Continue reading

@venturebeat.com | 3 years ago

Gefragtes Spanien, beliebtes Russland: Aktuelle Trends bei Studienreisen

Studiosus Reisen: München (ots) - Wohin zieht es Studienreisende im Urlaubsjahr 2016? In Europa stehen beim Marktführer Studiosus derzeit die westlichen Mittelmeerländer sowie viele naturreiche Reiseziele wie zum Beispiel Island hoch im Kurs. Auf der Fernstrecke ... | Continue reading

@presseportal.de | 3 years ago

I wish I could have saved him: Mikko Hyppönen’s mistakes

Mikko Hyppönen carries his failures with him. Having worked in computer security for a quarter of a decade, he says he’s racked up a long list of mistakes. And not the good kind of mistakes either.“Many have been mistakes where there's been no lessons learned, or ones I haven’t b … | Continue reading

@blog.websummit.net | 3 years ago

Gavin Andersen: Bitcoin Network is Increasingly Unreliable

Since attending the invite-only Satoshi Roundtable last week, Gavin Andresen, the Chief Scientist of the Bitcoin Foundation has offered some reflection on the happenings on his blog. As is to be expected, Andresen mainly focused on the main subject of the weekend, which was the v … | Continue reading

@cryptocoinsnews.com | 3 years ago

Is Ethereum Overtaking Bitcoin as the Top Digital Currency?

With all of the attention on the Ethereum project right now, there are a fair few digital currency enthusiast who would love nothing more than to see this project overtake Bitcoin in every way. More importantly, when Ethereum reached the market cap threshold of US$1bn, a lot of p … | Continue reading

@newsbtc.com | 3 years ago

Immy grabs patent on how to do AR/VR glasses in a natural way

Immy, a tech startup based in Michigan, said it has been granted a patent on a way to design a new generation of augmented reality and virtual reality products. The Troy, Michigan-based company said it has been awarded a patent for “natural eye optics” technology, which the compa … | Continue reading

@venturebeat.com | 3 years ago

Drupe is a cleverly designed dialer every Android user should try

I’ve been impressed by Drupe’s clever design since I discovered it a year ago. It lets you connect with your contacts just by dragging and dropping their pictures onto the app of your choice, whether it’s WhatsApp, SMS or phone. Drupe integrated a dialer a few months ago and toda … | Continue reading

@thenextweb.com | 3 years ago

Made-to-measure menswear maker Indochino raises $30M as it eyes the wedding market

Indochino is following up on the recent appointment of a new CEO with a big new round of funding. The company, which allows you to purchase made-to-measure menswear on its website and in physical showrooms, is announcing a $30 million strategic investment from China-based clothin … | Continue reading

@techcrunch.com | 3 years ago

YouTube cofounder Steve Chen launches Nom, a livestreaming service that’s Twitch for food shows

With backing by Gangam Style's PSY and Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto, the services lets professional and amateur chefs and foodies create their own food-related livestreaming channels in much the same way Twitch has enabled video gamers to broadcast themselves. | Continue reading

@venturebeat.com | 3 years ago

What Makes Audiences Trust Your Influence Marketing

What happens when an influencer becomes so sought-after, they run the risk of losing the hard-earned trust of their audience? | Continue reading

@convinceandconvert.com | 3 years ago

Imgur revamps iOS and Android apps for all you millennial memehounds

In an attempt to keep up with its mobile-ready audience, image platform and meme capital of the Internet Imgur revamped apps today for both iOS and Android as well as a new iPad experience. The newly updated apps for iOS take advantage of both 3D Touch and Spotlight search, makin … | Continue reading

@thenextweb.com | 3 years ago

Microsoft launches new Dynamics AX service out of public preview

Microsoft today announced that the new version of its Dynamics AX cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for business management is now available to all companies. The service, which runs on top of Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure, includes the Power BI bus … | Continue reading

@venturebeat.com | 3 years ago

Imgur updates mobile apps to support iPad, 3D Touch, and Material Design

Imgur, the image sharing and hosting service, is shifting its focus from its desktop website to its suite of mobile apps, where the company is now seeing a majority of interactions. The transition... | Continue reading

@theverge.com | 3 years ago

The Ultimate Guide On How To Use Pinterest For Marketing

Pinterest is that fun platform where people plan unrealistic weddings, right? They can do that, but they can also do more. They look for recipes, plan their homes and so … | Continue reading

@coschedule.com | 3 years ago

4 Reasons Natural Authority Rocks and 4 Ways to Build It

Discover how to build natural authority that makes doing business easier and start benefiting from a number of advantages authoritative businesses enjoy. | Continue reading

@copyblogger.com | 3 years ago

How to Increase Marketing Productivity [Tips from Noah Kagan]

Are you making a conscious effort to increase your marketing productivity? Here's how AppSumo founder Noah Kagan stays productive and happy. | Continue reading

@xoombi.com | 3 years ago

Watch: The Culling is a survival game that plays like The Hunger Games

Released this week on Steam Early Access, The Culling is a brand new take on the recent craze for Battle Royale / Hunger Games inspired modes in survival games. While fun to play, The Culling could still benefit from a lot of work. Graphically it's quite similar to Ark: Survival … | Continue reading

@eurogamer.net | 3 years ago