Nosgoth launches soon after over a year in Early Access

Remember Nosgoth? The free-to-play competitive multiplayer action set within the Legacy of Kain universe? After over a year in Early Access, it's nearing launch.Nosgoth is the other game Rocket League developer Psyonix is working on. It's a team-based human versus vampire multipl … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Raiden 5 review

For 20 years the trend in shmups has been to pack the screen with as many bullets as possible, but Raiden likes to play things a little differently. This, after all, is a series that helped shape the modern scrolling shooter as we understand it today, so why should it follow even … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

FCC wants broadband providers to ask your permission before sharing data with third parties

Tom Wheeler, chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), took to The Huffington Post to share news of his latest proposal which would require internet service providers (ISPs) to ask subscribers’ permission before sharing their data with third parties. The FCC is … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Australian student's zero-emissions cargo motorcycle is pretty cool

This is a pretty neat way to get stuff moving around a bustling city.RMIT Industrial Design student Oscar Fehlberg designed this EsCargo motorcycle concept, coming second at the Australian university's Green Innovators contest. It's powered by a 15 kilowatt electric motor, with a … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Buchtipp: ITB Buch Award Gewinner!

Ein diesjähriger ITB BuchAward Gewinner für touristische Fachpublikationen ist diesmal der Buchtipp des tp-Blogs:   „eTourismus: Prozesse und Systeme, Informationsmanagement im Tourismus“, Hrsg. v. Schulz, Axel / Weithöner, Uwe / Egger, Roman / Goecke, Robert, Verlag DE GRUYTER O … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

59 percent of UK startups are aiming for acquisition, Silicon Valley Bank says

Some 59% of UK startups say that an acquisition is their long-term goal, while 17% note that their aspiration is to successfully complete an IPO. According to Silicon Valley Bank’s Outlook report – which surveyed tech and health businesses –  80% of those surveyed believe that th … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

The 55th Home Fair opened its doors in Ljubljana – the European Green Capital 2016

The GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre is once again hosting the annual Home Fair, the biggest specialized international fair promoting building and construction industry of Slovenia as well as of neighbouring regions. The fair is taking place from 8th to 13th March … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Email Marketing Success: Six Tips to Email Really Busy People

Email marketing, if done well, can consistently win you new leads while making it easy to build business relationships. For this reason alone, email marketing is something you must never ignore. But a problem arises when someone has already subscribed to your email lists and now … | Continue reading

@alltop | 4 years ago

Manus’ $250 gloves turn your hands into VR game controllers

I was blown away by how immersive HTC’s Vive VR demos felt when I first tried them at Mobile World Congress a few weeks ago. One of the things that differentiated it from mobile offerings like Google Cardboard was the ability to use handheld controllers to interact with the envir … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Non-Obvious Insights #5 | BMW’s Shape Shifting Car, Disney’s Brilliant $1Billion Idea and the Smartest News App Ever

Want these insights before anyone else? Join my email list to receive a curated list of top non-obvious stories of … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

CREATA entwickelt für McDonald's® Deutschland "Bücher, die mehr können!" (FOTO)

Creata (Germany) GmbH: München (ots) - "Bücher, die mehr können!" - mit diesem Slogan startet McDonald's® Deutschland am 11. März bereits zum 8. Mal seine Happy Meal® Bücheraktion, die auch wieder von der Stiftung Lesen unterstützt wird. Während des Aktionszeitraumes ... | Continue reading | 4 years ago

FCC won’t extend privacy proposal for broadband providers to Twitter, Google or Facebook

(Reuters) – The head of the U.S. communications regulator on Thursday released a long-awaited proposal to protect consumers’ Internet privacy, but it would not bar any data collection practices. The plan would require broadband providers to obtain consumer consent, disclose data … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Uber stands to gain big-time by ensuring passengers’ safety

Since the dreadful mass shooting by an Uber driver in Kalamazoo last month, it came to light that the cab service has been piloting an emergency hotline in 22 US cities since October 2015. The number (800-353-8237) patches callers through to an Uber call center, which escalates c … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

A $20 add-on will solve your MacBook power adapter problems

Apple's MacBook is a paragon of design, thin, sleek, and convenient — everything its power adapter isn't. The plug that ships with Apple's laptop in North America is awkward when not used with a power bar, a rounded white cube that juts out several inches from any wall it's inser … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 03/11/2016 – Eyes on Channel Resistance!

Bitcoin Price Key Highlights Bitcoin price has been stuck in consolidation for the most part of this week, as traders had been waiting for the top-tier catalysts to pan out first. Both the RBNZ and ECB eased monetary policy but it was the latter that eventually triggered an upsid … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Tesla’s electric-car racing series to debut next year, 10 teams to compete

Some car fans don’t connect with racing series because their purpose-built, open-wheel race cars bear no resemblance to anything they see on the street. And perhaps the same could be said of today’s Formula E circuit of electric-car races across the globe. But how about a race se … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Ethereum Price Technical Analysis 03/11/2016 – Buy Worked, Now What?

Key Highlights Ethereum price corrected a few points as forecasted in yesterday’s post to present a nice buying opportunity. The price found support near the 100 hourly simple and traded back higher to complete the buy trade idea. The price is again moving down and finding bids n … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Article: Poor Ad Targeting Rankles Across Generations

When it comes to targeted advertising, many US internet users across generations feel like they are often forgotten about by advertisers, according to November 2015 research. And they feel it is about time they are recognized. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Article: How Marketing Technology's Role Evolved at Dun & Bradstreet

Since eMarketer last spoke with Rishi Dave, CMO of Dun & Bradstreet, the business information services company had honed its utilization of marketing technology to help achieve its business goals. eMarketer checked in with Dave to discuss what is in store for 2016, and how Dun & … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Article: Total Media Ad Spending Rebounds in Spain

The worldwide recession hit Spain hard, and brought down ad spending significantly. Total media spending has still not recovered, but it is on the rebound. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Article: TV Viewers in Japan Shift Digital Viewing Time to Mobile

More viewers in Japan are choosing to watch TV and video content on their smartphones. Indeed, the number of viewers who used smartphones to watch TV and subscription video-on-demand services was significantly larger than viewers who watched such content on desktop or laptop comp … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Article: Adults Make Most Retail, Restaurant Purchases on Weekends

More adults make restaurant and retail purchases on the weekends than do so during the week, research found. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

'Miitomo', Nintendo's First Mobile Game, Launches in Japan on March 17th

We now know when Miitomo, Nintendo's first mobile app/game, will release in Japan: March 17th. As confirmed by an email release we've received, Japan will be able to download the game next Thursday. Worldwide preregistration has begun, and it's possible that Miitomo will hit west … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

A rubber band will let you tap and pay after a swim or surf

Australian telecommunications company Optus is pushing into the payment space with a rubber band that you can slap on your wrist to buy anything under A$100.Using Visa Paywave technology, which is already commonplace in Australia, you can put the rubber band up to any terminal to … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Cavaliers' Love sidelined because of knee problems

Kevin Love has been scratched from the Cleveland Cavaliers' lineup against the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday night because of discomfort and swelling in his knees. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

How to Use Periscope to Build Your Personal Brand - #infographic

Here are 12 important things to know about using Periscope as a tool for building your personal brand. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Watch how easy it is for someone to hack your iPhone

With all the hoopla surrounding the FBI-Apple controversy, it may surprise you how easy it is to hack into an iPhone. In this video, Skycure CEO Adi Sharabani demonstrated how simple it was to access my device.  He also offered some tips for keeping your smartphone secure. Read M … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Optimizely lays off 40 employees — around 10% of its workforce

Optimizely, a startup known for its cloud-based A/B testing service for Web and mobile apps, announced today that it’s laying off 40 people, which equates to 10 percent of its approximately 400 employees. The cuts are hitting all departments of the startup. “While it is sad to se … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Ending patent wars will be a huge boon to the tech industry

Because of these patent wars and patent trolls, technology companies are divesting huge resources to defend themselves rather than advancing their innovations. This is the equivalent of nuclear arms race and is a lose-lose situation. Read More | Continue reading | 4 years ago

All 17 Super Mario Bros. games, ranked

FEATURE: Nintendo says that today is Mario Day (March 10 … MAR10 … get it?), so let’s celebrate it by listing the Italian plumber’s main adventures. The Mario franchise is the best-selling in gaming history, with sales exceeding 500 million copies. Mario is global icon that has a … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Nate Robinson going for NFL dreams

From staff reports It looks like three-time NBA Slam Dunk champion Nate Robinson is trading his basketball high tops for football cleats. Robinson, 31, announced on Thursday that he will be pursuing an NFL job next season. Robinson was a two-sport start at the University of Washi … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

The best way to do SXSW from people who run SXSW

The thing about South by Southwest is that it’s huge. Like, mind-bogglingly huge. And, despite all of the best research and top-notch planning, it’s just impossible to be in the thick of the action all the time. As the festival goes into full swing Friday,  SXSW’s Director of Tec … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Apple calls DOJ's most recent response to San Bernardino case 'a cheap shot'

Tensions between Apple and the FBI flared up Thursday after the U.S. Department of Justice filed its latest response in the San Bernardino iPhone case.The FBI is asking Apple to help it unlock an iPhone used by Syed Farook, the gunman in the San Bernardino attackSee also: Everyth … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

RPG Reload File 072 - 'Oceanhorn'

Hello gentle readers, and welcome to the RPG Reload, the weekly feature where we smash our neighbor's jars looking for pennies. Each week, we take a look at an RPG from the App Store's past to see how it holds up in the here and now. It's an opportunity to revisit old favorites, … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Sources: India’s Flipkart in talks to raise up to $1b, likely in a down round

After years of raising hundreds of millions of dollars to tap into the burgeoning e-commerce market in India, one of the country’s biggest tech companies is facing a markdown in its valuation as it aims to pick up yet more investment. TechCrunch has learned from sources that Flip … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Google Translate could become more accurate soon thanks to deep learning

Google has smartened up several of its products with a type of artificial intelligence called deep learning, which involves training neural networks on lots of data and then having them make predictions about new data. Google Maps, Google Photos, and Gmail, for example, have been … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

GitHub wants you to shut up, so it added emoji reactions

There may soon be a lot less comments on GitHub, and that’s a good thing. Today, the company is introducing emoji reactions for comments, pull requests and issues — just as you find in chat services like Slack. Instead of a responding with a full comment agreeing or disagreeing w … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Dark Souls 3 will run at 60fps on PC

Dark Souls 3's PC version will run at 60fps, publisher Bandai Namco confirmed on Twitter.To see if you've got a good enough kit to run it, check out the Dark Souls 3 PC system specs.In other Dark Souls news, Bandai Namco just awarded $10k to the winner of its Dark Souls lore vide … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Nexon's Blocky Dungeon Crawler RPG 'Legacy Quest' Now Available

Nexon's Legacy Quest [Free] was originally announced more than a year ago, in February 2015, and just a week or so after that it ended up being one of my favorite games that I saw at GDC that year. The game had been in soft-launch since last September, and has undergone numerous … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

This electrified Corvette is now the fastest road-legal EV in the world

Yes, you read that correctly: An electrified Corvette is now the fastest road-legal electric vehicle in the world.See also: Sorry, Tesla: The world’s fastest electric car is made in... Croatia?The car in question is called the GXE and it was made by the Genovation green car compa … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Hyperloop pens deal that could connect Slovakia, Austria and Hungary

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies announced Thursday that it has signed an agreement with the government of the Slovak Republic to "explore" building a hyperloop system that connects Bratislava with Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary.See also: Sorry, Tesla: The world’s fas … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Grizzlies waive Chalmers after he injures right Achilles

Grizzlies guard Mario Chalmers will miss the rest of the season after rupturing his right Achilles tendon, and Memphis waived the veteran to clear up a much-needed spot on the roster. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Far Cry: Primal tops the US retail charts for February

Far Cry: Primal was February's top-selling game in US retail shops, according to chart-tracking group NPD.Interestingly, NPD noted that spin-off Far Cry: Primal had "greater sales than Far Cry 4 when adjusted for the number of days the games sold within their respective launch mo … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Chinese cloners copy Supercell’s Clash Royale hit in just a week

This was inevitable, but the speed at which it happened is surprising. A Chinese company has already come up with a clone of Supercell’s No. 1-ranked mobile game, Clash Royale, according to a Chinese web site. For sure, this isn’t good for Supercell. But it’s unlikely this cloned … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Co-op action-RPG Moon Hunters out now on Steam

Procedurally-generated co-op action-RPG Moon Hunters has launched for PC on Steam.Announced in 2014, Moon Hunters became part of the Square Enix Collective after a very successful Kickstarter campaign saw developer Kitfox Games raise $178,986 Canadian dollars.Moon Hunter's unique … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Latest News Republic for Android update brings some handy new social features

News Republic is a pretty solid Android app that provides users with many different sources of information, and today it's getting much better. | Continue reading | 4 years ago

Steve Ballmer, who once called Linux a ‘cancer,’ now says the potential threat is ‘in the rearview mirror’

(Reuters) – Fifteen years after calling the open-source operating system Linux a “cancer,” former Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer has softened his position. Speaking on Wednesday night at a dinner hosted by Fortune magazine, Ballmer said the position was right for the tim … | Continue reading | 4 years ago

The tone between Apple and the FBI is now openly hostile

As Apple and the FBI head to another hearing on the San Bernardino iPhone case, both sides are growing more aggressive — and the exchange is quickly turning negative. Hours ago, federal prosecutors filed a motion that said "Apple’s rhetoric is not only false, but also corrosive o … | Continue reading | 4 years ago