On the Other Side of the Woods: A Stop-Motion Story About a Small Clay Girl Lost in an Artist’s Studio

Created in 2014 by Estonian animator Anu-Laura Tuttelberg, On the Other Side of the Woods is a beatfully realized stop-motion fairy tale about a small clay girl lost in a creaky painter's studio. The film was shot mostly with natural light streaming in from nearby windows causing … | Continue reading

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No Joke: Humor Is Your Secret Weapon in the B2B Content Struggle

Enliven your B2B marketing content by injecting humor and creating a greater emotional response. | Continue reading

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The HTC Vive is coming April 5th, and you can preorder it now

Preorders have just opened for HTC's Vive virtual reality headset. Created in partnership with Valve, the Vive is going to start shipping on April 5th at a price of $799 in the US; international prices were also announced in a blog post yesterday. In addition to the headset, two … | Continue reading

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How to Set Up a Local AdWords PPC Campaign That Kills the Competition (Part 1 of 2)

Search Engine Marketing - Are the leads you're getting from Google in too short supply for your taste? That no longer has to be the case, because you now have the definitive guide to ... | Continue reading

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Watch: The problem with video game asylums

When it comes to the depiction of mental health institutions and psychiatric wards, video games don't really have the greatest track record. All too frequently, games fail to make the distinction between modern psychiatric units and the cruel, misguided asylums of old. Worse, the … | Continue reading

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Empower Your Indirect-Sales Marketers

Sales - You want your network of resellers, distributors, and channel partners to promote your products and services, but everyone's swamped with info from your competitors and focused on their own agendas. ... | Continue reading

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YouTube stellt Team ein, um besser mit Videosperren umzugehen

Firmen wie YouTube haben viel zu tun, wenn es darum geht, Content auf der eigenen Plattform zu überprüfen und auch zu schauen, ob bspw. Urheberrechtsverletzungen vorliegen. Dafür lassen sich im Regelfall Algorithmen nutzen, um alles... | Continue reading

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Check out the Galaxy S7 filming 240fps slow motion video

Here's a clip showing off how the camera in the Samsung Galaxy S7 performs while recording 240fps slow motion video. | Continue reading

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10 fun things we learned from Twitter’s annual report (hint: goodbye 140 character limit)

Twitter filed today its annual report with securities regulators. While there are no earth-shattering revelations, there are plenty of nuggets that show how recently re-minted CEO Jack Dorsey continues to put his stamp on the company as well as the challenges it faces. Here are 1 … | Continue reading

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Meet the internet-connected water jug that orders its own filters from Amazon

You’ve always wanted to connect everything in your house to the internet, right? Well, it’s your lucky day! Meet the internet-connected Brita water jug. It’s one of the first devices to integrate with Amazon Dash, so it can order its own replacement filters whenever it’s time for … | Continue reading

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Microsoft HoloLens comes with these holographic games

It’s official: Microsoft’s HoloLens costs $3,000 for developers and will ship in just 30 days on March 30. The device ships with a number of apps and games bundled, for free, so developers are able to get an idea of what the device is capable. The first, called Fragments, is a “m … | Continue reading

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You'll need $3000 to pre-order a Microsoft HoloLens dev kit today

Microsoft will begin accepting HoloLens developer kit pre-orders later today, the company has officially announced.Thought the HTC Vive was expensive? Wait until you see the pricetag for this - oh, it's there in the title. $3000 - that's £2160.Then again, this is for the develope … | Continue reading

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Researchers Create Matrix-Like Instant Learning Through Brain Stimulation

You know Kung Fu. Researchers at HRL Laboratories have discovered that when you use transcranial direct current stimulation to send the brain activity of commercial and military pilots into the heads of novice pilots, subjects can essentially learn to fly in a realistic flight si … | Continue reading

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Google Maps Brings Its “Add A Pit Stop” Feature To iOS

Last fall, Google announced the addition of a long-requested feature to Google Maps, which allowed users to – finally! – add a stop along their current route. That way you could route your way to a gas station or restaurant ahead of your final destination. However, at launch, the … | Continue reading

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Amazon and Brita launch a $45 water pitcher that reorders your filters automatically

Amazon has partnered with Germany-based water-filtration giant Brita to launch a new smart water pitcher. As with most products that come with “smart” as part of their branding, the $45 device is Wi-Fi enabled and sports a built-in feature that monitors the amount of water that p … | Continue reading

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HTC Vive international pricing set 25% higher than US at €899

HTC has posted the international price list for the HTC Vive VR headset, with Euro-zone countries getting a 25% higher price than the US, although it does include sales tax. | Continue reading

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Draft Text Of EU-US Privacy Shield Deal Fails To Impress The Man Who Slayed Safe Harbor

The draft text of an agreement between the EU and the US to establish a new self-certification framework governing transatlantic data flows aimed at ensuring data protection and privacy compliance when Europeans’ data is taken to the US for processing has now been published. But … | Continue reading

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The Walking Dead Quitter’s Club season 6, episode 11: 'Knots Untie'

No show likes to troll its audience quite like The Walking Dead. Game of Thrones may kill off people you love, and Homeland may test your patience, but there’s something unique about The Walking Dead’s ability to get you invested, hold your hand through long stretches of dialogue … | Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi 3 launches with faster 64-bit processor and Wi-Fi for the same $35

The Raspberry Pi is arguably the world's most successful and accessible computer platform that anyone can program. Today, the Raspberry Pi foundation has launched the Raspberry Pi 3, an upgraded model that is on sale now for the same $35 price. | Continue reading

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Russia’s Central Bank Establishes Blockchain Working Group

The Bank of Russia has announced the establishment of a ‘working group’ that will seek to study blockchain technology. | Continue reading

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Samsung bewirbt Galaxy S7 mit Lil Wayne, Wesley Snipes und anderen Stars

Im Rahmen der gestrigen Oscar-Verleihung hat Samsung den neuesten Werbeclip für das Galaxy S7 ausgestrahlt. Mit dabei sind zahlreiche Stars. Unter anderem Wesley Snipes, William H. Macy und auch Rapper Lil Wayne fragen sich, wieso ihr Smartpho... | Continue reading

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Entspanntes Reisen abseits der Wintersportrouten / Stauprognose für das Wochenende 4. bis 6. März

ADAC: München (ots) - In Hamburg beginnen an diesem Wochenende die zweiwöchigen Frühlingsferien. Viele Urlauber aus dem Norden nutzen die freie Zeit für einen Aufenthalt in den Skigebieten der Alpen, daher erwartet der ADAC vor allem auf den ... | Continue reading

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Custom, template and the new block builder trend: What you should know before creating your site

This post was brought to you by Simbla website builder.Are you looking to get a new website up and running? If you’ve been doing any research on what it takes to get a website launched these days, you’re likely finding various options and ways to go about it. Anything from hiring … | Continue reading

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Cyberpunk short film shows transhuman martial arts and the future of computer love

A couple of years ago, we were treated to a fan-made take on a live-action Akira movie, and it was amazingNow the same director has returned with another cyberpunk short that is not only an original story, but even better than the previous filmSee also: Valentine's Day is also th … | Continue reading

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Leonardo DiCaprio's Best Actor win was the most-tweeted Oscars moment ever

Last night, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his first Oscar after being nominated on six separate occasions. While the win was expected, it was still big news, and it became the catalyst for more than 440,000 tweets per minute. This deluge of tweets made Leo's win the most-tweeted … | Continue reading

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Bobbi Brown celebrates birthday with high tea experience

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is to celebrate its 25th anniversary with a new branded afternoon tea experience in London. | Continue reading

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Microsoft HoloLens available for pre-order if you have $3,000 to spare, ships March 30

The HoloLens is here… sort of. If you’re a developer, Microsoft is taking pre-orders for HoloLens development edition from today, in anticipation of a March 30 launch. It’ll set you back $3,000 to get a development edition of HoloLens, which is intended for those interested in bu … | Continue reading

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Disrupt NY Startup Battlefield Applications Close Today, Why You Should Apply Now

Have you always dreamed about participating in the Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch Disrupt? Great news! We are still accepting applications for the Battlefield at Disrupt NY 2016, but you’re going to have to act incredibly fast, as the deadline to submit your application is tod … | Continue reading

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Microsoft starts taking pre-orders for HoloLens Development Edition, shipping March 30

Microsoft today announced that it’s starting to send developers invitations to pre-order the $3,000 HoloLens Development Edition version of its HoloLens augmented reality headset. The kits will ship to people in the U.S. and Canada starting on March 30. Microsoft had said pre-ord … | Continue reading

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Dashlane Brings YubiKey Support To Its Password Manager

Using password managers like Dashlane or LastPass is probably one of the best ways to stay safe on the Internet (because you really don’t want to recycle your passwords), but when your password manager itself is only protected by a basic password, you set yourself up for problems … | Continue reading

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Microsoft HoloLens will ship to developers on March 30

No more guessworkMicrosoft HoloLens, the company's highly anticipated augmented-reality headgear finally has an official ship date: March 30th.This is good news for developers who started submitting applications to buy the $3,000 headset back in October of last year. Now, once th … | Continue reading

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Microsoft reveals HoloLens hardware specs

Microsoft is letting developers pre-order the HoloLens development edition today, but it's also detailing exactly what's inside the headset. HoloLens is fully untethered and self-contained, which means you do not need a PC or phone to use it. Microsoft has built an entire Windows … | Continue reading

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Microsoft’s HoloLens developer kits available on March 30th for $3,000

Microsoft is opening up pre-orders for HoloLens development edition today. "Broad consumer availability is further down the line," says Microsoft's Alex Kipman, but today developers can start to pre-order the device for $3,000. Microsoft started applications for the development k … | Continue reading

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These are the first apps and games for Microsoft's HoloLens

Microsoft is unveiling exactly what apps and games will ship on its HoloLens headset today. Developers will be able to start testing their own apps and games on March 30th once devices start shipping, but Microsoft is bundling seven apps / games on the HoloLens development editio … | Continue reading

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Amazon and Brita team up for Wi-Fi water pitchers

Back when Amazon first revealed plans for its Dash Replenishment Service, its automatic-reordering system that would be triggered by "smart" appliances, it named Brita as a partner. Now, that partnership has come to fruition. Starting today, Brita will sell a sensor-filled, WiFi- … | Continue reading

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Microsoft Launches Pre-Orders For $3,000 HoloLens Development Kit, Will Start Shipping March 30

When Microsoft first announced HoloLens, its mixed-reality hardware platform, many of us assumed it was little more than a cool demo that was meant to stir up excitement for the company. But it was clearly more than that and starting today, Microsoft will start taking pre-orders … | Continue reading

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13 Content Marketing Statistics and Why They Matter

Do you have a pulse on the content marketing world? Here are 13 content marketing statistics and what you can learn from them. | Continue reading

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Content Marketing and Advertising Meet in a Dark Alley: Who Wins, and Why?

What are the differences, advantages, and disadvantages of content marketing and advertising? We answer that question, plus much more, in this article. | Continue reading

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How To Rock A Data-Driven Content Calendar Template That Will Boost Results By 299%

Download our 2018 content marketing calendar template to make planning and organizing your strategy easy all year long. Includes bonus templates. | Continue reading

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Russia's Central Bank to Study Blockchain Tech

The Bank of Russia has set up a working group to investigate potential applications of blockchain technology within finance. | Continue reading

@CoinDesk | 5 years ago

London announces major international medical congress win 

London & Partners, the official Convention Bureau for the city, today announced that the European Association of Urology (EAU) will return to the capital in 2017, after almost thirty years, to host its annual congress.  As part of the congress, the European Association of Urology … | Continue reading

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LG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5

The LG G5 versus the Samsung Galaxy Note 5: everything you need to know to make the call between LG's 2016 flagship and 2015's favorite phablet. | Continue reading

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Morning Shootaround — Feb. 29

VIDEO: The Fast Break: February 28 NEWS OF THE MORNING Cavaliers don’t look title ready | Curry’s greatness at heart of skepticism about Warriors | Carmelo brushes off Stoudemire’s barbs about Knicks | Thunder had no answer for Warriors’ death lineup No. 1: Cavaliers don’t look t … | Continue reading

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Nominations For The 2016 Europas Awards Now Open, TechCrunch Partners

Nominations are now open for The Europas Awards 2016, the European Tech Startup Awards. The Europas will be held on June 14, 2016, in London. You can nominate an individual (founder, investor etc) or startup that you think in the last year deserves to be recognized RIGHT HERE. Th … | Continue reading

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8 essential things you need to know about the new US-EU spying deal

The United States and the European Union have finally aired the details of their new post-Safe Harbor spying arrangements – which are designed to alleviate fears about the extent of America’s power over European data. Although not officially part of the deal, perhaps the most sig … | Continue reading

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23 hidden ways to use Twitter advanced search

Every second, on average, around 6,000 tweets are sent on Twitter, which translates to over 500 million tweets per day! Did you know you could search every single one of them? (Plus the multi-million profiles attached to them!) Twitter has an amazing, yet somewhat little-known Ad … | Continue reading

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Komplizierte Komplikationen: Diese Uhr tickt nicht, sie blubbert

Diese Uhr zeigt die Zeit nicht mit Zeigern an, sondern mit einer gelben Flüssigkeit. Mit diesem Konzept hat Uhrenhersteller HYT Preise abgeräumt. Aber das Konzept Micro-Flüssigkeitssysteme kann viel mehr als nur Uhren hübsch mac... | Continue reading

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Microsoft HoloLens up for pre-order today, if you can afford it

Rumor has it that Microsoft's HoloLens will go up for pre-orders today, with shipments following March 30. This is Microsoft's largest peripheral launch since Kinect -- here's hoping the company makes better decisions around HoloLens than its motion controller. | Continue reading

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