It’s time to boycott Amazon

Amazon is easily the most successful company of the Internet age. It boasts online retail operations in five different continents. Wherever it goes, it inevitably dominates. But there’s a huge human cost to this. Amazon’s success is partly fueled by exploitative practices. For th … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Crypto YouTuber hacked out of $2 million during a livestream

Another day, another heist: Ian Balina, a cryptocurrency YouTuber known for his (sponsored) ICO reviews, was apparently hacked out of $2 million during a livestream session. Balina was reviewing ICOs on his channel as usual, when a viewer suddenly notified him that “someone” had … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Got questions for a marijuana mogul? Socrates Rosenfeld is joining us on TNW Answers on 4/20

What are the most innovative tech projects in the cannabis industry right now? How did your military training prepare you for your role as a CEO? Silicon Valley VC’s have a newfound intense fascination with cannabis. Any trepidations there? How has your company dealt with America … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

13 ways AI will change your business in 2018

Artificial intelligence is here to stay. It has proven itself as a valuable and effective way to perform routine tasks in a variety of industries. While AI may not have poked its head around the corner of your office door yet, it doesn’t mean that it is not on the horizon as a to … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Open links on any web page in Chrome using just your keyboard with this handy extension

I can’t be the only one who sometimes can’t be arsed to reach for my mouse when I need to click on things at my desktop; it’s more of an issue than usual when I’m practicing guitar and scrolling through tutorials or scrubbing back and forth on YouTube jam tracks. Thankfully, ther … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

You shouldn’t have to buy coasters for your $350 smart speaker, but here we are

Earlier this week, Apple was called out in the press over the white stains its HomePod smart speakers were leaving on wooden surfaces in owners’ homes. Unsurprisingly, accessory makers rushed to make a quick buck by launching coasters to prevent this from happening: AppleInsider … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Apple says all new iOS apps must accommodate the iPhone X’s notch

If you’re building a new iOS app this year, you’ll have to ensure that it fully supports the iPhone X’s Super Retina Display – which means that it’ll have to accommodate the notch, reports 9to5Mac. The rule comes into effect from April 2018 and concerns apps submitted from then o … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Gmail Go is almost identical to the original Android app, but half the size

Google’s Gmail Go is now available in the Play store for Android devices, bringing most of the functionality of the original app, while shaving off half the file size. It’s part of the company’s Go suite of apps, which are designed to work well on low-end phones with low memory a … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

FCC chief Ajit Pai is being investigated for corruption by his own agency

US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) head Ajit Pai made headlines through 2017 as he fought to repeal net neutrality guidelines that prevented internet service providers from messing with your web traffic – and won. Things aren’t looking quite as rosy for him now, as that’s … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

FCC threatens arrest, hardware seizure for those using popular bitcoin miner

After determining a popular piece of bitcoin mining hardware was interfering with local internet connections, the Federal Communications Commission today took action. T-Mobile first complained to the FCC about interference to its LTE network in Brooklyn, stating radio emissions c … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

E-waste recycler gets 15 month prison sentence for creating worthless backup discs

You may recognize the name Eric Lundgren. In 2017, he was all over the news for creating a $13,000 DIY electric car with a 380-plus mile range, easily besting a Tesla. Today he’s on his way to jail. Lundgren has always been a tinkerer. His LA-based company specialized in managing … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Intel just put a quantum computer on a silicon chip

Dutch quantum computing company QuTech, in conjunction with chip-maker Intel, yesterday unveiled a programmable two-qubit quantum computer running on a silicon chip. Quantum computers are supposed to be capable of doing things no “classical” computer could possibly accomplish, su … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

3 reasons augmented reality hasn’t achieved widespread adoption

Augmented Reality (AR) is a visual modification technology that overlays virtual imaging on top of the natural world around the user. AR is very similar to Virtual Reality (VR), both requiring a device such as a tablet or a headset for viewing; however, AR integrates with the rea … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

How technology is helping me learn piano

I’ve spent the past few months trying to teach myself the piano, pretty much from scratch. It’s been tough, and sometimes disheartening, but also hugely rewarding. You might be wondering by now what an article about learning to play piano is doing on a tech blog. The answer is si … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Skycoin: Anatomy of a cryptocurrency scam

What if someone told you there was a cryptocurrency that could help you fight the repeal of net neutrality by getting paid to be on a badass futuristic internet? Furthermore it’s uncensorable, can’t be centralized, and is impenetrable to hacks. Enter Skycoin, the sounds-to-good-t … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Twitter tested its local news stream during the Florida school shooting

Twitter tested a new livestreaming service which allows users to watch local news coverage of events live — by broadcasting during a terrifying school shooting. During the crisis in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where a former student shot and killed 17 people, Twitter sh … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Coinbase admits it accidentally overcharged tons of cryptocurrency buyers

Following numerous complaints from concerned users on Reddit, popular cryptocurrency exchange desk Coinbase has confirmed a bug in its system resulted in accidentally charging tons of users multiple times for the same purchase – some complained being charged 17 times the original … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Facebook partners with business and nonprofits to offer help in crisis

Facebook today announced it would allow certain businesses to post to Community Help, where they may offer aid during a crisis. Hopefully this will make it easier for people to get efficient, organized help. At present, the company is partnering with Direct Relief, Feeding Americ … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Windows 10’s new ‘Ultimate Performance’ mode sacrifices efficiency for raw power

Microsoft generally rolls out new features in its Insider builds for testers before they are released to the public. Yesterday’s build 17101 includes a feature that may be particularly intriguing for power users and professionals: an ‘Ultimate Performance’ mode. It’s basically ex … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Will the freelance economy disrupt workplace realities as we know them?

The freelance economy is taking over. According to recent reports, solopreneurs and independent consultants are expected to become the workforce majority in the U.S. within 10 years. Similar trajectories can be seen in many other regions of the world as well. Let’s think about th … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Cryptocurrency news 2/15/2018 – ask a priest edition

Editor’s note: The following column is written as intentional satire and may or may not have deliberate or undeliberate errors. Nice guys finish last when you run out of gas your Litecoin fork will get you left behind. That’s right it’s your damn cryptocurrency newsletter not del … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

This startup is bringing transparency to the weed industry — with blockchain

Now that cannabis is being legalized in more countries and American states, the industry has seen explosive growth and transformative innovation. Because cannabis has been illegal, or only partly legal, in huge markets like the United States, there is no advanced supply chain in … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Big brands are now using blockchain to fight ad fraud and fake views

Remember when advertising was simple? That all changed when the industry became a digital one. Now that more and more ads are shown on mobile devices, advertisers cannot be sure if every impression they pay for is shown to the right audience. Moreover, the procedure of real-time … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Want to hack a million iPhones? Target SDKs, finds security researcher

John Donne once said, “no man is an island.” If he lived in the 21st century, he might have said the same thing about software. Programs which, on the face of it, appear to be completely distinct entities, actually consist of dozens of other components made by other developers an … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

What is the true value of cryptocurrencies?

Nine years ago, when “Satoshi Nakamoto” released the research paper titled, “Bitcoin,” she/he/they laid the foundation for the cryptocurrency craze we’re experiencing today. Despite the spike in popularity of cryptocurrencies, not everybody is fond of them. People call cryptocurr … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Here’s a digital marketing playbook — and it’s yours for under $10

It’s almost malpractice at this point not to have a well-constructed, finely-tuned social media marketing plan for any business or cause. Thankfully, you’ll have the background to put that plan into motion with the Complete Digital Marketing Course, available right now for just $ … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

PSA: You can’t remove WhatsApp messages once they’ve been quoted

A couple of months back WhatsApp introduced the ability to delete embarrassing messages you sent by mistake before your contacts have had a chance to peruse them. But it seems that the feature doesn’t always work as intended – especially when someone has already quoted the text y … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Cryptocurrency malware will pop up in ‘most unexpected places’ in 2018, researchers say

One of the more unfortunate trends that shaped up as a result of the massive blockchain boom last year was the sudden proliferation of crypto-jacking scripts – malware designed to steal your CPU power to surreptitiously mine cryptocurrency. And new research suggests the trend is … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Here’s how Google Chrome will block ads starting today

Google has previously outlined its plans to kill annoying ads on web pages in its Chrome browser, and it’s turning the feature on in version 64 of the desktop and mobile app today. Essentially, an industry group called the Coalition for Better Ads – of which Google is a member – … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Facebook’s Messenger Kids is now on Android, but there’s something you should know

Following its iOS launch last December, Facebook’s Messenger Kids app is now available on Android. It’s like Messenger, except it comes with parent-friendly features like the ability to manage your child’s contact list, a registration process that’s independent of the social netw … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Florida school shooter’s Instagram account shows a gun-obsessed, deeply troubled teen

At least 17 people are dead after a Florida teen opened fire on his former school. The shooter, identified by the Associated Press as 19-year-old Nicolas “Nick” de Jesus Cruz reportedly fired the first shot at around 2:30pm local time, moments before students were dismissed from … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Litecoin surges ahead of upcoming hard fork

Litecoin (LTC) has had a rough few months. From its all-time high of $375 in December, the Bitcoin fork dropped to a mere $105 just nine days ago. Along the way it seemingly lost support from its creator, Charlie Lee, who sold all of his holdings late last year. But things are lo … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Google becomes the latest tech giant to join the ‘let’s rip off Snapchat’ club

Google this week announced a feature called AMP Stories, a shortform visual medium through which Google could deliver curated news. Within minutes of this announcement, everyone was calling it a copy of Snapchat. I checked out the feature and, yeah, it’s pretty much Snapchat. Spe … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

How cloud computing will change by 2020

For the last decade, technology companies have been hyping the idea of “the cloud” and cloud computing. Recent advancements in technology have borne out the initial hype and are creating new excitement around this space. One of the first major milestones for cloud computing was t … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Report: Facebook releasing its own smart speakers in July

Facebook is reportedly releasing two smart speakers later this year to compete with the Amazon Echo. The two devices, apparently codenamed “Fiona” and “Aloha,” could be released as early as July. Reports about the speakers first surfaced last year, with Business Insider naming Al … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Apple’s HomePod bested by Google Home Max, Sonos in blind test

Apple’s HomePod has, by all measures, been a huge success. In a week of reviews, I’ve yet to stumble on any strong criticism of the device, or any notable shortcomings that can’t be fixed via a future software update. Noted Apple fanboy John Gruber even waxed poetic about the pow … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

NBC releases 200k deleted tweets from the Russian propaganda machine

NBC News today made available a database of more than 200,000 tweets from the (allegedly) state-sponsored Russian troll farm known as the Internet Research Association (IRA). The accounts responsible for the tweets come from the list Twitter submitted to congress last year as par … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Dutch library puts massive collection of historical occult books online

One of the world’s biggest collections of occult texts is going online, meaning anyone will be able to access and read hundreds of obscure and fascinating books for free. The Dutch Ritman Library is digitalizing its collection of occult texts as part of its Hermetically Open proj … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Learn the tools for mastering software development from top to bottom for only $35

You can assure yourself an evergreen degree of job security creating the latest and greatest web apps and programs with this Software Engineering Mastery bundle of courses. It’s on sale right now for only $35 (an 88 percent savings) from TNW Deals. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Hacker tricks official Vatican News site into declaring God an onion

A Belgian security researcher has discovered a vulnerability on the website of Vatican News — the official news publication of the Holy See — that could allow anyone to publish their own fake news. The vulnerability was discovered by independent researcher Inti De Ceukelaire. Pro … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Binance suspends all cryptocurrency trading due to technical issues and users are mad

Yesterday popular exchange desk Binance abruptly closed down its platform in order to perform a temporary “system maintenance,” promising the website will be fully operational again within 12 hours. But it seems the company has run into further trouble – and it now says its site … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

I used neural networks to see what a self-driving car sees

I recently won first place in the Nexar Traffic Light Recognition Challenge, computer vision competition organized by a company that’s building an AI dash cam app. In this post, I’ll describe the solution I used. I’ll also explore approaches that did and did not work in my effort … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

This handy app turns your LinkedIn profile into a gorgeous CV

While most websites let you apply for jobs straight with your LinkedIn profile, it doesn’t hurt to keep a polished CV around in case you need to submit one for the vacancies you’re eyeing. But building up a sleek resume could be a hassle, especially if you struggle with designing … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

This crypto exchange platform brings pair trading into the 21st century

Part of the reason cryptocurrencies exist is to create a financial system without the control of banks. But this leaves a vacuum in which some actors are needed to innovate and improve the crypto industry. Although exchanges may seem pretty straightforward — they mainly just chan … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

I went to work as a telepresence robot to see if it can cure loneliness

While difficult to observe, loneliness and isolation are major social issues leading to problems like anxiety, depression, and a mortality rate four times higher than obesity, to name a few. One Norwegian startup, however, is on a mission to conquer this problem and believes tele … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

EU’s new anti-geoblocking law doesn’t apply to online games, ebooks, and more fun stuff

The vote had barely been taken before the self congratulations started. “The European Union makes shopping without borders a reality,” claimed one press release. “The European Parliament today voted to get rid of one of the major obstacles to the Single Market: unjustified geoblo … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

The SCIC and the Blockchain pave the way to a new era

Blockchain technology has made leaps and bounds in recent years and the reason is not just because of market speculators, traders, technology theorists and coders; it’s also due to heads of industry like CEOs, business development managers, investors, and so on, who all recognise … | Continue reading | 1 year ago

These Chinese facial recognition glasses are a dystopian nightmare come true

Chinese officials recently showed off the latest tool in their already impressive surveillance arsenal: facial recognition eyeglasses. Each set is equipped with bleeding edge optics and advanced facial recognition algorithms capable of pinpointing a single fugitive in even the mo … | Continue reading | 1 year ago