Meteor that exploded over Germany confirmed to be rare 'aubrite' as old as the solar system itself

A meteor that exploded over Germany on Jan. 21 was confirmed to be a rare aubrite, a type of asteroid as old as the solar system. | Continue reading | 9 days ago

1st fatal case of Alaskapox may have been tied to stray cat

The Alaskapox virus belongs to the same broad group as smallpox and mpox, but to date, it's infected fewer than 10 people. | Continue reading | 9 days ago

11,000-year-old submerged stone wall discovered off Germany was once used to trap reindeer

The wall may be among the oldest hunting structures on Earth and one of the largest Stone Age structures ever found in Europe. | Continue reading | 10 days ago

Oregon's 1st bubonic plague case in 8 years tied to patient's pet cat

Oregon saw its first human case of bubonic plague in eight years, and officials suspect the infected person's cat sickened them. | Continue reading | 10 days ago

Watch the 1st X-class solar flare of 2024 erupt from the sun in explosive fashion

An X-class flare, the most powerful type of solar flare, erupted from the sun on Feb. 9, 2024. Lucky for us, Earth wasn't in the direct firing line. | Continue reading | 10 days ago

Big, dead European satellite will come crashing back to Earth this month

The uncontrolled reentry of Europe's defunct ERS-2 satellite is expected in mid-February. It's highly likely that the 5,000-pound craft will land somewhere in the ocean. | Continue reading | 10 days ago

Medieval iron glove, likely worn by a knight, discovered near Swiss castle

The right-handed glove would have been worn by a knight in the 14th century. | Continue reading | 10 days ago

Is it possible to have too many antioxidants?

Antioxidants have long been touted as disease-fighting molecules, and it's easy to assume that the more of them you eat, the healthier you will be. But research shows that larger doses can actually be harmful. | Continue reading | 10 days ago

Ultrasonic headband induces lucid dreams using AI, its creators claim — but an expert remains skeptical

Could we master the power of dreams using ultrasound and advanced artificial intelligence to control our dreamscape? | Continue reading | 10 days ago

How do insects know which flowers have pollen?

Flowers use a variety of strategies to inform pollinating insects about their pollen reserves, including color, smell and even electrical changes. | Continue reading | 10 days ago

Space photo of the week: Bruce McCandless II floats untethered as the 1st 'human satellite' in history

Forty years ago this week, the first untethered spacewalk resulted in one of space exploration's most iconic images. | Continue reading | 11 days ago

How do marine mammals sleep underwater?

How can animals that need to breathe air manage to sleep underwater? | Continue reading | 11 days ago

Diving bell spider: The only aquatic arachnid that creates a web underwater to live in

Diving bell spiders are also weird when it comes to sex, with males occasionally gobbling up females in reverse sexual cannibalism. | Continue reading | 12 days ago

'Ice printing' tiny sculptures could help scientists engineer blood vessels

A technique for printing 3D structures from ice could be used to help make artificial veins and arteries. | Continue reading | 12 days ago

Is copper magnetic?

The reason for copper's unique properties comes down to the configuration of its electrons. | Continue reading | 12 days ago

'We are approaching the tipping point:' Marker for the collapse of key Atlantic current discovered

A vital Atlantic current that includes the Gulf Stream and keeps our climate in check may be giving off a warning sign of collapse. | Continue reading | 13 days ago

Gene mutation helps Andean highlanders thrive at altitude, and 'living fossil' fish live deep underwater

Researchers discovered an example of convergent evolution in the Peruvian and Tibetan highlander communities. | Continue reading | 13 days ago

Haunting 'mummified dolphin' found on US beach may have been dead for months

The highly desiccated remains of a suspected bottlenose dolphin were recently found on a beach in South Carolina after "mummifying" for weeks or even months. One expert believes the animal may have deliberately beached itself. | Continue reading | 13 days ago

This coding laptop just became a student laptop thanks to a huge $300-off deal

Get this Dell Inspiron 14 laptop for just $699.99 at Best Buy. | Continue reading | 13 days ago

Stunning 'Einstein engagement ring' from the early universe is one of the oldest ever discovered

The Hubble Space Telescope has snapped a stunning photo of one of the most distant Einstein rings ever found. The luminous halo of light aligns perfectly with another galaxy, making it look like a cosmic engagement ring. | Continue reading | 13 days ago

'You can get the feeling that you are touching another human': New prosthetic device detects temperature

A prosthetic limb modified with a new device allowed an amputee to detect temperature changes in objects and also sense when they were touching another human being. | Continue reading | 13 days ago

3,500-year-old burial of Nubian woman reveals 1 of world's earliest known cases of rheumatoid arthritis

Lesions found on the bones of a Nubian skeleton reveal evidence of an ancient rheumatoid arthritis case. | Continue reading | 13 days ago

Lava bleeds from Iceland volcano into the frozen landscape in incredible satellite image

A volcano on Iceland's Reykjanes Peninsula erupted for the third time in three months, sending lava 2.8 miles west from the huge fissure in Earth's surface. | Continue reading | 13 days ago

Should people get their health information from YouTube? Retired surgeon and content creator Liz O'Riordan on 'breaking through the nonsense'

Retired breast cancer surgeon Liz O'Riordan is one of many health care professionals whom YouTube says it trusts to make reliable videos. In this interview, she explains why this seal of approval is so important and what it actually entails. | Continue reading | 13 days ago

Colossal 'Martian sunspot' is so big it was seen from Mars. Now it's facing Earth.

A group of sunspots measuring more than 15 times the diameter of Earth was imaged by NASA's Perseverance Rover last week; now, the spots are pointed toward Earth, with strong flares possible. | Continue reading | 13 days ago

'Universal memory' breakthrough brings the next generation of computers 1 step closer to major speed boost

Universal memory promises to replace both RAM and flash storage in computers with a better, faster and more energy-efficient alternative — and researchers have just moved this one step closer to reality. | Continue reading | 13 days ago

Undeciphered script from Easter Island may predate European colonization

A wooden tablet inscribed with the undeciphered rongorongo script from Rapa Nui (also known as Easter Island) dates to the 15th century, long before Europeans arrived. This early date suggests that the Rapa Nui people invented their own script without European influence. | Continue reading | 13 days ago

CERN proposes $17 billion particle smasher that would be 3 times bigger than the Large Hadron Collider

CERN's proposed $17 billion particle collider would search for new and unknown physics, but it has drawn fire for its hefty price tag. | Continue reading | 14 days ago

Nuclear fusion reactor in UK sets new world record for energy output

The JET nuclear fusion reactor in the UK has set a new world record for total energy output. However, the reactor's record-smashing test will be its last. | Continue reading | 14 days ago

'We were very surprised': Magma under Reykjanes Peninsula rushed into Grindavík dike at a shockingly fast rate

Magma flowed into the dike beneath Grindavík at a rate almost 100 times higher than what was seen in the eruptions that took place between 2021 and 2023. | Continue reading | 14 days ago

Massive hydrogen reservoir discovered beneath an Albanian mine could be an untapped source of clean energy

A portion of ancient oceanic crust that sits atop Albania and hosts one of the largest chromium mines on Earth also contains a huge hydrogen reservoir, offering a potential source of clean energy. | Continue reading | 14 days ago

Viagra alternatives? Study of mouse erections hints at new ways to treat erectile dysfunction

A new study reveals the importance of specific cells in triggering erections in mice, and the finding could someday help treat erectile dysfunction in people. | Continue reading | 14 days ago

Colossal underwater canyon discovered near seamount deep in the Mediterranean Sea

Researchers have discovered a 33,000-foot-wide (10 kilometers) underwater canyon that was carved out of the Mediterranean seabed shortly before the sea dried up around 6 million years ago. | Continue reading | 14 days ago

Pick up a pair of excellent Beats earbuds for under $130

The Beats Studio Buds are excellent for listening to music while exercising, and are now $40 off at Best Buy. | Continue reading | 14 days ago

3D-printed human brain tissue works like the real thing

The printed tissue grows and functions like that in a normal human brain, according to the authors of the new study. | Continue reading | 14 days ago

City-size seamount triple the height of world's tallest building discovered via gravitational anomalies

Researchers found and mapped four seamounts in the deep sea off the coast of Peru and Chile. The tallest of these new peaks rises around 1.5 miles above the seafloor. | Continue reading | 14 days ago

New mRNA 'cancer vaccine' trial launches in UK

The first U.K. patient has received a dose of "cancer vaccine" in a new trial. | Continue reading | 14 days ago

Iceland volcano erupts for 3rd time, triggering lava fountains over 200 feet tall

The underground volcano near Grindavík has begun its third major eruption in three months, opening up a 2-mile-long fissure that is pumping out large amounts of lava and ash. | Continue reading | 14 days ago

Greenland is losing so much ice it's getting taller

The bedrock of Greenland is expanding upward as the land mass sheds ice. | Continue reading | 14 days ago

MadRadar hack can make self-driving cars 'hallucinate' imaginary vehicles and veer dangerously off course

The MadRadar hack bypasses the anti-spoofing protections in the radars of self-driving cars and can trick targets into imagining vehicles that aren't there — or hiding other ones that are. | Continue reading | 14 days ago

Saturn's 'Death Star' moon Mimas may have an underground ocean scientists never believed could exist

A new study of Saturn's 'Death Star' moon Mimas finds evidence of a young, underground ocean that may be hospitable to early forms of life. | Continue reading | 14 days ago

Romans kept poisonous, narcotic seeds concealed in bone vials, new discovery reveals

A hollowed-out animal bone was used by Romans to store a stash of poisonous seeds and is the first-ever evidence of the seeds' use during the Roman era. | Continue reading | 15 days ago

Scroll charred in Mount Vesuvius eruption partially deciphered, earning researchers $700,000 prize

Machine learning has helped decipher part of an ancient carbonized scroll found in a villa that likely once belonged to Julius Caesar’s father-in-law. | Continue reading | 15 days ago

Star-killing 'black hole wind' spotted in a distant galaxy could explain a major mystery at the Milky Way's center

For the first time, scientists discovered a powerful 'black hole wind' that blew through a nearby galaxy for hundreds of days, crushing star formation and reshaping the galaxy. Something similar may already have happened in the Milky Way. | Continue reading | 15 days ago

Our universe is merging with 'baby universes', causing it to expand, new theoretical study suggests

The universe is expanding faster and faster, but not all scientists agree that dark energy is the cause. Perhaps, instead, our universe keeps colliding with and absorbing smaller 'baby universes,' a new theoretical study suggests. | Continue reading | 15 days ago

We may need a new 'Category 6' hurricane level for winds over 192 mph, study suggests

Scientists argue that adding a Category 6 to the hurricane scale will be needed as the climate changes. | Continue reading | 15 days ago

10 old shoes found in archaeological excavations from around the world

10 shoes from around the world give insight into what people used to wear. | Continue reading | 15 days ago

'Unnerving' rise in fatal shark attacks recorded last year. Should we be worried?

The number of unprovoked shark attacks spiked slightly last year, while the number of fatal bites doubled compared with the previous year. However, the statistics are not as concerning as they initially sound, experts say. | Continue reading | 15 days ago