15 places on Earth that look like alien planets

These stunning locations feel out of this world, but are actually right here on Earth. | Continue reading

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What is El Niño?

El Niño is a climate cycle in which waters off the tropical eastern Pacific are warmer than usual, which in turn affects global weather patterns. | Continue reading

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Mercury reaches its highest point in the sky this weekend. Here's how to see it.

A bright, yellowish spot in the morning sky is actually Mercury making a rare daytime appearance. Here's how to see it at its highest and brightest this week. | Continue reading

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2 rare Roman cavalry swords from 1,800 years ago discovered by UK metal detectorist

A metal detectorist unearthed a pair of swords once used by the Roman cavalry. | Continue reading

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Scientists in China find mysterious virus at the bottom of the Mariana Trench

Researchers have found a new virus, identified as a bacteriophage, at a depth of 29,199 feet (8,900 meters). | Continue reading

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Oops! US Space Force may have accidentally punched a hole in the upper atmosphere

A rocket carrying a Space Force surveillance satellite may have created a hole in the ionosphere as it shot into space. The launch was carried out with just 27 hours' notice, which is a new record. | Continue reading

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Save $100 on the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 at Best Buy

This fantastic smartwatch is now under $180 thanks to a hefty discount. | Continue reading

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Palatial 1,500-year-old Maya structure unearthed in Mexico

Archaeologists discovered the palace-like building ahead of railway construction in Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula. | Continue reading

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Save 30% on the Fitbit Sense at Walmart

Get this fantastic Fitbit for less at Walmart. | Continue reading

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Nuclear 'pasta' cooked up by dead stars could unravel the secrets of stellar afterlife

In the extreme hearts of neutron stars, fundamental particles are twisted into strange 'pasta' shapes that could reveal untold secrets about how dead stars evolve. | Continue reading

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Haunting new moon images reveal enormous crater deeper than the Grand Canyon near the lunar south pole

This striking composite shot of the lunar south pole appears in National Geographic Magazine's special space issue out on Sept. 19. | Continue reading

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This fantastic Amazfit fitness tracker is under $140 at Amazon

This Amazfit GTR 3 Pro fitness tracker is reduced by $50 at Amazon. | Continue reading

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Sunken temple and sanctuary from ancient Egypt found brimming with 'treasures and secrets'

Archaeologists discovered a cache of treasure inside a sunken underwater temple and sanctuary in Egypt. | Continue reading

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Watch: NASA spacecraft flies through a violent solar explosion for 1st time ever — and survives unscathed

NASA's Parker Solar Probe plunged through a hellish coronal mass ejection (CME) to capture its mysterious swirlings on film. | Continue reading

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Cup crafted from prehistoric human skull discovered in cave in Spain

A new study suggests that Spain's ancient peoples shared complex beliefs about death and the afterlife. | Continue reading

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How many cells are in the human body? New study provides an answer.

A new analysis of more than 1,500 papers and 60 types of tissue has revealed the total number of cells in the human body. | Continue reading

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See extremely rare photos of alien-looking '7-arm octopus' spotted near Washington coast

The seven-arm octopus, which actually has eight arms, is one of the largest octopus species and is rarely seen by people because it normally dwells in the deep sea. | Continue reading

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Archaeologists in Zambia discover oldest wooden structure in the world, dating to 476,000 years ago

A new finding in Zambia reveals the oldest known wooden construction shaped by the hands of a human ancestor and demonstrates the ingenuity and technical prowess of our ancient relatives. | Continue reading

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'True rarity': Gigantic alligator gar caught and released in Texas reservoir could break 2 world records

Anglers in Texas reeled in a 283-pound alligator gar after a lengthy battle with the enormous fish. Experts say the catch likely breaks a 72-year record. | Continue reading

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See the stunning facial approximation of a medieval man with dwarfism

Researchers used 3D scans of a medieval man's skull to recreate a facial approximation of what he may have looked like when he was alive centuries ago. | Continue reading

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'Ghost' particles from the sun could lead us straight to an invisible trove of dark matter

New research suggests that the sun may hold dark matter in its fiery heart, and ghostly particles called neutrinos could lead us to it. | Continue reading

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Should we rethink our legal definition of a human embryo?

Scientists can now create realistic human embryo models in the lab, leading some to suggest that we rethink how we legally define an embryo. | Continue reading

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'Grand cosmic fireworks': See the stunning winners of the 2023 astronomy photo of the year contest

The winning images from the Royal Observatory Greenwich's 15th annual astrophotography contest will blow you away. | Continue reading

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Indian crocodiles seen saving dog from feral pack attack, but scientists divided over what it means

Crocodiles appeared to rescue a dog that had been chased into a river, and scientists said this unusual behavior could indicate empathy — but others are skeptical. | Continue reading

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Save $100 on the world-class Garmin Enduro 2 running watch at Amazon

The Garmin Enduro 2 adventure watch has been reduced by $100 at Amazon, perfect if you're looking for masses of features and super-long battery life. | Continue reading

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Snake choking on invasive fish the size of its head saved by scientist

A snake in France had a lucky escape after attempting to eat a fish with a spiny dorsal fin that had gotten lodged into the reptile's esophagus. | Continue reading

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Bizarre blob-like animal may hint at origins of neurons

Placozoans, animals so simple they look like blobby pancakes, have been found to contain cells that may hold the ancestors of modern neurons. | Continue reading

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Paleolithic 'art sanctuary' in Spain contains more than 110 prehistoric cave paintings

Cave paintings and engravings dating to at least 24,000 years ago were discovered near Valencia in Spain. | Continue reading

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Our entire galaxy is warping, and a gigantic blob of dark matter could be to blame

An invisible halo of misaligned dark matter could explain the warps at the Milky Way's edges. | Continue reading

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RNA extracted from an extinct species for the 1st time

Researchers analyzed RNA from the 130-year-old tissue of a Tasmanian tiger, a carnivorous marsupial that went extinct nine decades ago. | Continue reading

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DARPA is funding AI to help make battlefield decisions

The U.S. military research agency DARPA is spending millions to develop artificial intelligence that can help make strategic battlefield decisions. | Continue reading

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Green comet Nishimura survives its superheated slingshot around the sun. Will we get another chance to see it?

Comet Nishimura, which was only discovered in August, has survived its closest approach to the sun and will brighten over the next week. But is it still visible from Earth? | Continue reading

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James Webb telescope snaps rainbow 'lightsaber' shockwaves shooting out of a newborn sun-like star

The James Webb Space Telescope captured a new image of a young sun-like protostar spitting out gas and dust that forms stunning shockwaves when viewed in infrared. | Continue reading

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Earth's biggest cache of pink diamonds formed in the breakup of the 1st supercontinent 'Nuna'

The Argyle formation in Australia, which hosts 90% of the world's pink diamonds, formed when the first supercontinent broke up. | Continue reading

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Knife blade lodged in a man's belly mysteriously 'floated' to the other side of his body without causing damage

Doctors report an "unusual and spectacular injury" in which a knife blade lodged in a man's belly drifted through his abdomen. | Continue reading

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Some Patients Who 'Died' but Survived Report Lucid 'Near-Death Experiences,' a New Study Shows

In some cardiac arrest patients, a flurry of brain activity during life-saving CPR may be a sign of a "near-death experience" | Continue reading

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Mysterious source of water on the moon traced to Earth's magnetic shield

Some of the moon's surface water may have an Earthly origin, due to high-energy interactions between the sun and Earth's magnetic shield, new research suggests. | Continue reading

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Weight-loss products labeled as 'Nuez de la India' contain highly toxic yellow oleander, FDA warns

The FDA warns that some products labeled to be "Nuez de la India" actually contain a poisonous plant called yellow oleander. | Continue reading

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Watch slime-covered penis mushroom that smells like rotting flesh grow and decay in mesmerizing timelapse

A video of a stinkhorn fungus — a 10-inch penis-shaped mushroom — bursting from the ground, growing and decaying has been captured in a forest in Germany. | Continue reading

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Early medieval warrior found buried with his weapons in Germany

Archaeologists think the man died during the Merovingian period, an early stage of the Germanic-speaking empire of the Franks. | Continue reading

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Cancer screening may not extend lives, new study suggests. But experts say it's flawed.

A new analysis of screening tests for four types of cancer suggests that only one actually increases life span, on average. But what do scientists think? | Continue reading

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Mysterious flashes on Venus may be a rain of meteors, new study suggests

Bright flashes in the clouds of Venus once thought to be lightning strikes may have a cosmic origin. | Continue reading

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2 liver-eating orcas forced an entire population of great white sharks to flee their home waters

Researchers have discovered that hundreds of great white sharks that vanished from their home off the Western Cape of South Africa have moved east in order to survive — but this could spell trouble for both the sharks and the people living there. | Continue reading

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Watch elusive, sucker-less squid in rare footage captured off the Galapagos

Footage of the rare squid, Grimalditeuthis bonplandi, was captured for only the 2nd time ever during an expedition to explore hydrothermal vents off the Galapagos Islands. | Continue reading

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'Modest, humble, and uncommonly smart': How a Soviet mathematician quietly solved the mystery of planet formation

In the 1950s, Viktor Safronov, a young Soviet mathematician, was tasked with solving the problem of how the solar system's planets were formed. A decade later he had the answer — but it was largely ignored until an American graduate student passed Safronov's ideas on to NASA. | Continue reading

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'Outstanding' 2,200-year-old child's shoe discovered deep underground in Austrian mine

A second century B.C. leather shoe found in an Austrian mine offers 'extremely rare insight into the life of Iron Age miners.' | Continue reading

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Astronomers measure dark matter 'haloes' around hundreds of ancient black holes for 1st time

Studying the mysterious form of matter around ancient quasar galaxies could have profound implications for our understanding of how the cosmos evolved. | Continue reading

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Humanity's future on the moon: Why Russia, India and other countries are racing to the lunar south pole

Half a century after the first humans landed on the moon, global interest is once again rising to visit our celestial neighbor. This time, nations have their sights set on the lunar south pole. Why? | Continue reading

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