Today’s Collection of Flower Photos That Are Also Secretly Covers to Goth Albums

Threw you a curveball on that last one, didn't I. Hey, goths can have color from time to time, they just have to be morose about it. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Today in “Things I’m Doing That I’ve Never Done Before”

I agreed to do a 5k run with my friend later this year. I made clear to them that I couldn't promise I wouldn't vomit at, like, mile three, but they were undeterred. It's a few months away so I have time to prepare, at least. Honestly who am I and what have I done… | Continue reading | 5 years ago

The Big Idea: Richard Kadrey

In his new novel The Grand Opera, author Richard Kadrey takes a bit of swerve -- and creates a world both like and unlike our own, in a particular time, and in a particular place. RICHARD KADREY: I’ve been thinking about The Grand Dark for a long time. Years, in fact. But I could … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Love Death + Robots Renewed for Season Two

And Oscar-nominated animation director Jennifer Yuh Nelson is coming on board as Supervising Director. All the details (that has been announced anyway) are in this Hollywood Reporter article. Before you ask, I don't have any other information that I can share about anything, so a … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Announcing A Very Scalzi Christmas, From Subterranean Press

Surprise! I have a short book of (mostly) Christmas stories coming out this year, each featuring art from Natalie Metzger. It'll be out in November, and available in a signed, limited hardcover edition (perfect for holiday giving!), and also in eBook. And it features three new st … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

The Scalzi Theory of Strawberries

In our front yard we have a very small garden in which we grow strawberries and oregano, and one of the things I really enjoy is for a few months out of the year being able just to step out of my house and have a fresh, tart strawberry whenever I want. The strawberries we… | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Two Somewhat Contrasting Views of Athena

Looking very serious, and then less so. Either way, she's pretty great. It's nice to have her home for the summer. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

New Books and ARCs, 6/7/19

Another Friday, another ample stack of new books and ARCs that have come to the Scalzi Compound. Lots of good stuff here -- what in this stack is catching your eye? Share in the comments! | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Spice and Smudge, 6/6/19

Patrolling the yard, as they are wont to do. There is, after all, a lot of yard to patrol. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Hey, Wanna See the Cover for The Last Emperox?

If you do, it's over here at As with the other covers in the series, it's done by Sparth, and as with the other covers in the series, I kinda love it. Also, I'm still writing it. It needs to be done soon. Sooooooooon. But I think you'll like it. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

A Thought About Writing About Your Marriage Online

Was reading elsewhere someone noting their opinion that when people are posting online about how great their marriage is, that marriage is probably in trouble in some way, in the manner of how our online presentation of ourselves is highly mediated and controllable, unlike our re … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

View From a Hotel Window, 6/3/19: Denver

And unusually, this view is from the day I'm leaving the hotel room, rather than checking into it. What can I say, I was busy the whole weekend in Denver. Better late than never. Denver Pop Culture Con was lovely as usual, and I got to see lots of friends, and an Amanda Palmer co … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

New Books and ARCs, 5/31/19

As May winds down and June begins, here's a stack of new books and ARCs to help you greet the new month. Which of these would you like to welcome June with? Share in the comments! | Continue reading | 5 years ago

The Big Idea: Anna Kashina

In today's Big Idea for her novel Shadowblade, author Anna Kashina reminds us that behind all the swashbuckling, there's often a serious purpose. ANNA KASHINA: During my Shadowblade blog tour, I have written several posts emphasizing the fun I had writing this novel, and I hope t … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

In Which I Learn That I Live In Me

There's a site out there that scraped Wikipedia entries from the last few years, and then put up a map of the United States where the place names were replaced with the person associated with that place (in apparently whatever capacity) whose Wikipedia article was looked at the m … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

E-Mail Issues Today

My mail provider is telling me they're having a major outage regarding mail services today, so if you've sent me email today it may be a while before I see it and/or am able to respond. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Agent to the Stars, Fuzzy Nation and The Android’s Dream: Now Out in Trade Paperback

Today's the first time I've ever had three books out on the same day: Tor is re-releasing my stand-alone novels Agent to the Stars, Fuzzy Nation and The Android's Dream in spiffy new trade paperback editions. These new editions come with spiffy new covers, which all share type tr … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Good Morning, Moon

Here was the moon just before sunrise today. Not bad. Also, and somewhat unrelated, some of you may have heard there were tornados in my area last night. There were, but none of them hit anywhere around me. I'm fine, the house is fine, the cats are fine. We're good. Not everyone … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Smudge the Ninja Claims Another Victim

It was brutal. Brutal. (Actually Smudge and Roxy, the shih-tzu in question here, are very good friends. But brutal interspecies carnage sounds so much more interesting than "and then they booped noses.") Hope your Memorial Day is going well. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Oh, Hey, I Had an Impossible Burger Finally

I had it when I was in California. It was fine! And I would eat another one. For those of you unawares of what an "Impossible Burger" is, it's a burger made with plant-based "meat" made by Impossible Foods. It's mostly soy and a few other ingredients, including "heme," which is w … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

The View From Harris Creek

Here's a view I'm not sure I've shared with you before: a picture of Harris Creek, which more or less parallels the street I live on, from the bridge that goes over it. I took the picture as I was taking a walk yesterday (I pulled a leg muscle last week, so I've been walking… | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Marketers Hate This One Weird Trick, Discovered By a Dad, To Keep Your Gmail Inbox Uncluttered!

Which is: Make a filter that takes any email with the word "unsubscribe" in it and punts it directly into archived mail, rather than sending it to your inbox. Since nearly all marketing email has a footer that explains (in very small type) how to unsubscribe to the mail, all of i … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

The Big Idea: Bryan Camp

Even when you write fantasy, the real world can influence your work. So Bryan Camp discovered when recent events caused to rethink the design of his latest novel, Gather the Fortunes. BRYAN CAMP: When I sold my first novel, The City of Lost Fortunes, I was lucky enough (and had a … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

New Books and ARCs, 5/22/19

Here's a very excellent mid-week selection of new books and ARCs that are available for your perusal. What here would you want on your own shelf now or in the near future? Share your thoughts in the comments. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

I Had an Overnight Flight and Then Slept Until 1pm and My Brain is Mush, So Here’s Smudge, Posing Dramatically

I figure that will hold you until my brain comes back. Also: What a great weekend at the Nebula conference, and not just because one of my best friends won the Nebula Award for Novel. It was good enough that I don't actually mind my brain is mush today. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

The Big Idea: Maurice Broaddus

Honestly, Maurice Broaddus had me as a reader of The Usual Suspects when he described it as "Encyclopedia Brown meets The Wire," but as this Big Idea shows, there's so much more going on here. MAURICE BROADDUS: The Usual Suspects is a bit of a departure for me. It’s a middle scho … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Sunset, With Wife and Cat

Seriously, this photo has everything (photographic-wise, anyway) you come to Whatever for! I'm traveling tomorrow and will be in Los Angeles through Monday, taking meetings and also taking part in the Nebula Weekend, where among other things I will be participating in the mass au … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Tim Conway Gone

Comedian Tim Conway passed away today, and I posted a thought on Facebook which I'll share here as well: "It occurs to me that one day every celebrity I ever loved growing up will be gone, and it will feel a little bit like being orphaned." I will add that at age 50, their ranks… | Continue reading | 5 years ago

The Big Idea: W.M. Akers

In novels, detectives follow the "big cases" -- but what about the other cases, which need solving? W.M. Akers considers them, and the person who would chase those down, in Westside. W.M. AKERS: You will probably never solve a murder mystery. You will probably personally investig … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Krissy and Athena, Mother’s Day 2019

My two favorite people on the planet, but of course you know that already. Happy Mother's Day to you, if you are, or have ever had, a mother. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Smudge Is Here to Announce the Results of the Birthday Pledge Drive

Two days ago I encouraged people to donate to RIP Medical Debt, a non-profit that wipes out medical debt here in the US, and in return I would (if pledge goals were met) write a short story and do an audio version of the story as well. This pledge drive was in commemoration of my … | Continue reading | 5 years ago


You didn't know this because I didn't say anything about it, but I recently had a brief mid-life crisis, which I thought was about turning 50. And because I was efficient about it, I had it last year. What had happened was, after I was done with my book tour for The Consuming Fir … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

My Birthday Challenge: Donate to Wipe Out Medical Debt, Get a Brand New Story

(tl;dr -- Donate to RIP Medical Debt, which forgives medical debt, then come here and tell me in the comments how much you donated. If the amount donated reaches $5k, I write brand new short story.) RIP Medical Debt is a non-profit organization that buys up the medical debt of pe … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

The Big Idea: Wendy Nikel

If you're a time traveler, keeping the time stream clear of possible contradictions is not your only problem. Author Wendy Nikel knows another one, and it's at the heart of The Cassandra Complex. WENDY NIKEL: In my previous Big Idea entry, I talked about The Grandmother Paradox a … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Spice, Mid-Yawn

So majestic. Truly a magnificent specimen of the common house tiger. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

The Big Idea: Seanan McGuire

How long did it take Seanan McGuire to write her latest novel, Middlegame? It depends on how you look at it. There's the typing of it... and then there's everything else. SEANAN McGUIRE: This is the book that took me ten years of writing basically constantly before I could call m … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Work-Related Semi-Hiatus Through the End of May

Hey! I have a book (The Last Emperox) that's due reeeeeeeeal soon, so to avoid the world pulling focus on that, for the next few weeks (i.e., probably through the end of the month, possibly shorter, hopefully not longer) I'm going to be doing a semi-hiatus from social media and t … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

A Goal Mostly Hit

Back in October I groused about my weight and how it was making me feel physically, and proposed that I should lose twenty pounds by my birthday, which is, as it happens, this Friday. Today I'm happy to announce that indeed, I have lost twenty pounds from my top weight! So that's … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

The Big Idea: Rudy Rucker

In this Big Idea for Million Mile Road Trip, author Rudy Rucker describes how he wrote himself into a bit of a corner -- and what it was that helped him get out of it. His path is not recommended for others, but it makes for some very fine reading here. RUDY RUCKER: I always… | Continue reading | 5 years ago

A View Through the Backyard Maple

It's a very relaxing view.  No reason for this other than I thought it might be nice to a have a bit of tree and sky in our lives today. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

The Big Idea: Lewis Shiner

For the novel Outside the Gates of Eden, acclaimed author Lewis Shiner goes back in time, just a bit, to uncover the what it is people of his generational cohort have brought into the present moment. LEWIS SHINER: As I got close to finishing my seventh novel, Dark Tangos, it was … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Nerds! On a Boat!

In the New York Times today, a story by reporter John Schwartz about the JoCo Cruise, which is the "nerd cruise" I and roughly two thousand other people go on every year, hosted by musician Jonathan Coulton. It does a pretty good job of figuring out what's pretty great about the … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Review: Avengers: Endgame

(Note: No specific plot spoilers in the review, but I'm going to allow people to post spoilers in the comments, so if you're one of the three people in the world who haven't seen the film yet, you might want to skip the comments until you do.) Avengers: Endgame is a once-in-a-lif … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Happy Birthday(ish), Smudge

We're pretty sure that when Smudge scampered his way into the Scalzi household last year, he was around eight weeks old. Which means that he was very likely born today a year ago, give or take a few days on other side. That's close enough when it comes to cats, so I'm just going … | Continue reading | 5 years ago

New Books and ARCs, 5/3/19

I was traveling for two weeks, so it's no surprise that we have a double load of new books and ARCs here at the Scalzi Compound this week. Which of these books is especially appealing to you today? Let me know in the comments! | Continue reading | 5 years ago

New Books and ARCs, 5/1/19

First of May, First of May, outdoor reading starts today! Anything in this stack you would take with you for a little outside book enjoyment? Share in the comments, please! | Continue reading | 5 years ago

This Week’s Interesting Personal Achievement

When I was in Budapest, one of the folks standing in line asked me to sign his arm so he could go get it tattooed. Well, okay; I used a blue sharpie to do it. A day later I got a picture of the above tattoo, in black. And there you have it -- I'm… | Continue reading | 5 years ago

The Big Idea: Clark Thomas Carlton

In the immortal words of Steve Martin, "Let's get small." How small? Well, in Clark Thomas Carlton's latest novel, The Prophet of the Termite God, it's going to be very small indeed. CLARK THOMAS CARLTON: Yep, it came to me in a dream, the Big Idea about a far-flung future where … | Continue reading | 5 years ago