Whatever Holiday Gift Guide 2023, Day One: Traditionally Published Books

Welcome to the first day of the Whatever Shopping Guide 2023 — Our way of helping you folks learn about cool creative gifts for the holidays, straight from the folks who have created them. Today’s featured products are traditionally published books (including graphic novels and a … | Continue reading

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O Captain, My Captain

I deejayed a dance at a Star Trek-themed convention over the weekend. I set up my DJ stuff on the main stage of the convention, which, naturally enough, had a starship bridge on it. Krissy came up and sat in the captain’s chair, and, may I say, it was a natural fit for her. I […] | Continue reading

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Whatever 2023 Holiday Gift Guide Starts Monday!

Every year as the holiday season begins I run a gift guide for the holidays, and over the years it’s been quite successful: Lots of people have found out about excellent books and crafts and charities and what have you, making for excellent gift-giving opportunities during the ho … | Continue reading

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Announcing the John Scalzi Humble Book Bundle, Benefitting First Book

Humble Bundle is an organization that bundles up things like video games and books and other stuff that people like to have, offers them pretty cheaply, in various tiers, and then donates a portion of the proceeds to charitable organizations. A couple of months ago, Tor approache … | Continue reading

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The Existential Longing for Walkies, 11/23/23

When you really want to go outside and run around, but your human is busy, like, staring into that incomprehensible glowing rectangle of hers. Oh! The suffering! Yes, I realize this is the second “dog walk”-themed photo this week. But look at the pathos here! I couldn’t resist. H … | Continue reading

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The Big Idea: Alvaro Zinos-Amaro

Some writers have a “thing” – a niche, a trick, or a trope that they make their own. And then some other writers… wander. In this Big Idea for Being Michael Swanwick, a non-fiction exploration into the life and works of the multiple-award-winning author, Alvaro Zinos-Amaro explai … | Continue reading

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Why There’s No New Scalzi Novel Next Year, Why You’ll Get Two New Scalzi Novels in 2025, and What I’ll Be Up To in 2024

Let’s address that first thing first: Yes, I am currently writing a novel! Also, that novel will not be out in 2024. The reason is actually pretty simple: The date in 2024 that Tor had available for my book to come out was the first Tuesday in November. Which, if you check your c … | Continue reading

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The Big Idea: Naomi Kritzer

How is the ocean like space? Naomi Kritzer knows, and in her new novel, Liberty’s Daughter, she uses those similarities to the advantage of her tale – and for the adventure her protagonist finds herself on. NAOMI KRITZER: Liberty’s Daughter takes place on a seastead – a collectio … | Continue reading

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Walk? Walk!

Someone is excited about the possibility of a long walk at the local nature preserve! Can you guess who it is? The answer may surprise you! — JS | Continue reading

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The Big Idea: M V Melcer

Do you like puzzles? M V Melcer has puzzles for you – in space, no less – and a reason for the protagonist in Refractions to go literally lightyears from home to figure them out. MV MELCER: I’ve always been drawn to puzzles, to books that keep you guessing what’s really going on, … | Continue reading

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Music To Close Out the Work Week

I had traveling to do today, which kept me from updating earlier. To make up for it, please accept this really lovely traditional song, sung by boygenius, who are accompanied by Ye Vagabonds, in honor of Sinead O’Connor. It’s a stunner. Good night, and joy be with you all. — JS | Continue reading

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Yup, Done With the Former Twitter

Elon Musk, the most unfathomably insecure and pathetic billionaire the world has ever seen, has gone mask-off antisemite, and that means that while I had already reduced my participation on the former Twitter, now I’m off it entirely. I’m keeping the account so that no one can sw … | Continue reading

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The Big Idea: Marie Brennan

When history and myth provide you a tale that is… unsatisfying, what is one to do? If one is Marie Brennan, and the story is The Waking of Angantyr, the answer is: reimagine. MARIE BRENNAN: I wanted the story I was promised. When I was a senior in college and working on my thesis … | Continue reading

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A Somewhat Belated Annual Unsolicited Endorsement of WordPress

Usually in the second week of October I make mention that I use WordPress and that I find it extremely simple to use, easy to manage and is a thing that I can endorse for anyone who is looking to have their own space here on the Internet. However, this October I was traveling all … | Continue reading

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The Big Idea: Sharon Shinn

We sometimes say that someone with a talent has been “blessed,” but what happens when blessings are more real and concrete than just a note of admiration for skills? Sharon Shinn has been thinking about blessing for the world in which her new novel Whispering Wood exists, and is … | Continue reading

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I Have An Earworm And I’m Bestowing It Upon You

Last year, the band Bad Omens came out with an album called The Death of Peace of Mind, and I didn’t discover it until recently. Ever since I found it, I’ve been pretty hooked on them. I thought no song could top the one that the album is named for, “THE DEATH OF PEACE OF […] | Continue reading

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The Big Idea: Cory Doctorow

In today’s Big Idea, Cory Doctorow talks about his new novel The Lost Cause, but he also talks about why so many of science fiction writers work in the genre at all. Both topics are, unsurprisingly, fascinating. CORY DOCTOROW: Danger is scary, but helplessness is scarier. For the … | Continue reading

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The Abandoned Rose of Texas

I found this rose on the hallway floor of my hotel in Austin, Texas, this weekend, clearly the residue of a wedding that had been at the hotel at the same time I was there. Naturally I had to take a picture of it before disposing it. I hope it is not a metaphor for […] | Continue reading

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Seeing a Favorite Band For (Probably) the Last Time

Last night I went to see Depeche Mode in Cleveland, accompanied by friends of mine with whom I had not-so-coincidentally seen the band with in 1988. One of our number had earlier in the year suggested seeing the band as again as a bit of a mini-reunion, and, well, why not. The sh … | Continue reading

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Off to Depeche Mode, and Texas, Respectively

The photo you see above is me in May, 1988, when I and a group of friends went off to go see the band Depeche Mode at the Blossom Music Festival amphitheater outside of Cleveland (here’s the set list, from the Depeche Mode wiki, because of course there’s a Depeche Mode wiki). Ton … | Continue reading

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How to Get Signed & Personalized Books From Me For the Holidays, 2023 Edition

We’ve come to that time of the year again, where folks begin to think about their holiday gift giving, and at least some of you think about books as the perfect gift. Well, they are! But would make them even more perfect is getting those books signed and personalized. Every year … | Continue reading

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The Big Idea: Nick Bantock

Nick Bantock’s Big Idea for The Corset and the Jellyfish is intentionally short. NICK BANTOCK: In my ‘umble opinion, we the children of the 21st century, waste words appallingly. We are rarely succinct, and often fail to articulate our true meaning. This leads to confusing emails … | Continue reading

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FYI, I’m Writing a Film Column For Uncanny Magazine

Why? Because they asked me if I would like to, and also, I was a professional film critic and columnist for many years, as some of you know, for various newspapers and magazine and online sites and whatnot. Plus I wrote a couple of books on film back in the day, so there’s that. … | Continue reading

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Let’s Talk About Last Night In Ohio

If you’re not up on last night in Ohio, what happened was this: Ohioans voted to enshrine the right to abortion in the state constitution (Issue 1), by a margin that qualifies as “not even close,” and also voted to allow the use of marijuana in the state (Issue 2), by a slightly … | Continue reading

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The Big Idea: David D. Levine

The circle of inspiration: The work of others inspires creators to make work of their own, which in turn inspires another set of creators. David D. Levine is here to talk about a work that inspired his latest, The Kuiper Belt Job, and how it came to make a difference in his own c … | Continue reading

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Quick Reminder: Vote Today!

It’s election day in the US, and if you are registered to vote, and have not already availed yourself of early voting, guess what? Today’s the day to do it! All three Scalzis voted early because we believe in taking care of that business as early as possible, but if for some reas … | Continue reading

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Today I Nearly Made Myself Insane Trying to Remember the Name of the Singer Who Had an Album Cover With Her Wielding a Sword on the Hood of Car and Who Wasn’t Jenny Lewis

Turns out it was Neko Case. Here’s a song from that album. The reason that my brain insisted it was Jenny Lewis is that both musicians are redhead solo performers who also performed in bands (The New Pornographers for Case; Rilo Kiley for Lewis). It took me hours of extremely imp … | Continue reading

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(Just Past) Sunset, 11/5/23

The clouds were especially pretty tonight. Also, it’s the first night of Daylight Savings Time, so this picture was taken at (checks metadata) 5:49 pm. Which is awful. But this is our lives for the next few months: Early sunsets and the temptation to go to sleep at 7pm. I’m not a … | Continue reading

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Meanwhile, Krissy

It’s been a stretch since I’ve posted a picture of her here, which is, frankly, unlike me. Part of the reason is that I was away on book tour, but now I’ve been home for a whole two weeks, so I can only blame touring so much. Whatever the reason, it’s time to rectify this […] | Continue reading

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That New, Last Beatles Song

As I noted on Bluesky just after it debuted: It’s a sketch. But a lovely sketch. There’s some discussion of how much this song should be considered an actual Beatles tune, inasmuch as John Lennon and George Harrison are no longer with us, and the originating document of this is a … | Continue reading

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The Big Idea: Ryk Spoor

Author Ryk Spoor is back on the blog for the debut of his new novel, and first book of The Spirit Warriors trilogy, Choosing the Player. How does this trilogy fit in with and intersect with his other works? Read on to find out. RYK SPOOR: The publication of Choosing the Players – … | Continue reading

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Starter Villain Still a New York Times Bestseller

For the second month in a row, Starter Villain is on the New York Times Audio Fiction Best Seller list. Last month it arrived at number eleven, which was pretty cool when you note that it had only eleven days to rack up sales to make it onto a monthly chart; this month it’s at [… … | Continue reading

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Look At My Amazing New Stickers!

I am lucky enough to have two very kind friends in California that send me the most amazing things, and this week they sent me some seriously awesome stickers and goodies that I simply must share with you! You might have seen my other post from earlier this year where one of them … | Continue reading

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Oh, Look, It’s November Now

And it’s looking rather more clement than October went out as. So far, anyway. We’ll see if it holds. In the meantime, please enjoy this visual slice of rural America. I don’t imagine the corn will be standing for much longer in any event, so enjoy it while you can. And welcome t … | Continue reading

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The Big Idea: Greg van Eekhout

Is death truly the end? Not for the kids in The Ghost Job! Author Greg van Eekhout is bringing you a tale from beyond the grave(s) of his main characters who aren’t letting a little death stop them. Follow along in his Big Idea to see just how this “haunting” idea formed. GREG VA … | Continue reading

@whatever.scalzi.com | 27 days ago

Dear October: What is This Crap

Yes, I know, last day of the month and all, and Halloween, but that is no reason to dress up like late November. Simply unacceptable. Stop this. Now. No love, — JS | Continue reading

@whatever.scalzi.com | 27 days ago

The Big Idea: Elly Swartz

Sometimes, a good thing takes longer than you might thing. Elly Swartz knows a little about this, and in today’s Big Idea, she explains why Hidden Truths was worth the wait. ELLY SWARTZ: There are moments in life that define us. Moments in life that imprint on our hearts. But wha … | Continue reading

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New EP Out Today: “Travelogue”

I went on book tour last month, and along the way I was inspired to make a little music to approximate some of the experience of it, and of some of the places I went. And thus, Travelogue, a collection of five (mostly) ambient electronic pieces, recording my state of mind on the … | Continue reading

@whatever.scalzi.com | 28 days ago

The Big Idea: Annie Carl

Author Annie Carl is on a mission to bring the disabled writing community into the spotlight with her newest anthology, Soul Jar, written entirely by disabled authors. Come along in her Big Idea as she tells us how she came up with the idea for this anthology, and what led to her … | Continue reading

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Ach, Matthew Perry

I’m at that age where when people my age die it’s not entirely unexpected — Welcome to being No Longer Young, y’all — but it doesn’t make it less of a shock. It’s compounded in my case by the fact that of all the Friends characters, Perry’s Chandler Bing was the one closest to my … | Continue reading

@whatever.scalzi.com | 29 days ago

Catching Up With the Pixel 8 Pro: A Review, Mostly About the Camera

I got the Pixel 8 Pro a couple of weeks ago; it arrived at my house just before I came back from one leg of my book tour. I upgraded and updated everything the one day I was home so I could take it out with me on the last leg of the tour, and […] | Continue reading

@whatever.scalzi.com | 1 month ago

The Big Idea: Greta Kelly

Well-worn phrases can still have life in them, as author Greta Kelly discovered in the writing of her latest, The Queen of Days. What maxim has her attention, and will it have yours? Read on to find out. GRETA KELLY: Blood is thicker than water. It’s an idiom so well worn we bare … | Continue reading

@whatever.scalzi.com | 1 month ago

Trying Tinned Fish

I have a strange new interest, and if you couldn’t tell from the title, it’s tinned fish. Trust me when I say I had zero interest in tinned fish until recently, when I somehow stumbled upon TinnedFishTok, which is just like a section of TikTok in which enthusiastic tinned fish en … | Continue reading

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New Music: “Bridge Over the Danube”

Apparently thinking on my recent book tour is giving me feelings, because I’ve made another musical composition, this one relating to my time in Budapest. At one point and I and my Hungarian publisher, with a little bit of time to kill, hiked over the Árpád Bridge, just chatting … | Continue reading

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The Big Idea: Bethany Jacobs

Most great stories revolve around a compelling hero. Author Bethany Jacobs has taken a different approach in her new novel, These Burning Stars. Follow along in her Big Idea to see how she ended up crafting a devious, toxic, and likeable villain. BETHANY JACOBS: The funny thing a … | Continue reading

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Hey, Noticing Weird Ads From Me on Facebook and Instagram?

It’s because I was hacked last week and the hackers set up this nonsense. I have my private account back and am working on getting my public page squared away — they’re locked out now but this stuff was programmed earlier — so in the meantime, one, don’t click any of those links, … | Continue reading

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Catching Up On The World, As Briefly As Possible

Lots of things happened whilst I was on tour that I didn’t address because a) I was traveling, b) I was doing events, c) I was trying to sleep a bit between a and b. But now that I’m home, let me, as briefly as possible, catch up on some major events and what I […] | Continue reading

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Close To Home: Luca Bistro

After visiting the wonderful Household Books in Cincinnati, I thought I might as well grab some dinner since I had driven two hours to the big city. I wasn’t sure where to eat, so I looked up places around me and finally settled on one called Luca Bistro. It advertised itself as … | Continue reading

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