Mac Power Users #746: All About iMessage

This week on MPU: iMessage is one of the stickiest parts of the Apple ecosystem, and this week, the guys discuss some of its features, explore its security credentials, and share some tips for making it run smoothly. | Continue reading | 15 hours ago


If you don’t want a bunch of AI nonsense showing up in your Google results, Ernie Smith’s new project may be for you. He writes over on Tedium: Forget AI. Google just created a version of its search engine free of all the extra junk it has added over the past decade-plus. All you … | Continue reading | 2 days ago

Surprising No One, Google’s AI Overviews are Ludicrous

Google has begun rolling out AI-powered search results, and it’s not going super well. While many of the screenshots floating around social media are probably fake, there are some real examples that are pretty troubling, as Kylie Robison reports for The Verge: Imagine this: you’v … | Continue reading | 2 days ago

Apple Says Database Corruption Was to Blame for Recent ‘Oh No, My Deleted Photos Are Back’ Bug

Chance Miller has more over at 9to5Mac: Earlier this week, Apple released iOS 17.5.1 to address a rare problem where deleted photos would reappear on a user’s device after installing iOS 17.5. In the release notes, Apple said this was caused by “database corruption.” The company … | Continue reading | 2 days ago

Connected #503: The King of Moderating

This week on the podcast: Stephen has a new user name, Myke has a new iPad, Sonos has new headphones, Federico has a new MacPad screen, OpenAI has new drama, and Microsoft has a new vision for the PC. | Continue reading | 4 days ago

Repairing a DTK

Filipe Espósito, writing at 9to5 Mac: Back in 2020, Apple offered selected developers a custom DTK Mac mini with the A12Z Bionic chip inside, so that they could develop apps for the Apple Silicon platform. After the official launch of the M1 Macs, developers had to return their D … | Continue reading | 5 days ago

LEGO Ideas: The iMac G3

On Mastodon, @bullware sent me something amazing. This is a concept put together by Terauma on the LEGO Ideas website, which collects projects designed by the community for voting. Some of these projects become reality, with the designer earning royalties. You know I voted before … | Continue reading | 5 days ago


Mario Guzman is back, with yet another nostalgia-powered music player for macOS: Control Apple Music with this simplified controller that has the look and feel of QuickTime 7 and Mac OS X “Tiger”. JUST LOOK AT THIS THING: | Continue reading | 6 days ago

Apple Releases iOS 17.5.1, Fixing Issue with Deleted Photos Reappearing

This update fixes a horrific bug that was reported late last week: This update provides important bug fixes and addresses a rare issue where photos that experienced database corruption could reappear in the Photos library even if they were deleted. Tim Hardwick wrote about the bu … | Continue reading | 6 days ago

Sponsor: Magic Lasso Adblock: Incredibly Private and Secure Safari Web Browsing

Online privacy isn’t just something you should be hoping for – it’s something you should expect. You should ensure your browsing history stays private and is not harvested by ad networks. By blocking ad trackers, Magic Lasso Adblock prevents you from being followed by ads on the … | Continue reading | 6 days ago

Mac Power Users #745: “Inventing the Future” with John Buck

John Buck published a book covering the “Apple Technology Group,” a division within Apple that operated back in the 1980s and 1990s and experimented with many forward-looking bits of technology that we take for granted today. On this week’s MPU, David and I spoke to John about th … | Continue reading | 7 days ago

The Forged Apple Employee Badge

This story by Caleb Sasser is just wild. | Continue reading | 9 days ago

Connected #502: Overcome by the Thinness

This week on Connected: With Myke on vacation, Stephen and Federico discuss what’s going on with iPadOS, then cover the news from Google I/O and OpenAI’s recent event. | Continue reading | 11 days ago

On Craftsmanship & Consideration

This is from a lovely blog post by David Smith: This last year has been a complicated one as an indie app developer. I’ve been in this community for long enough to know that there are always ebbs and flows in sentiment, and this year has lots of reasons to be feeling the ebb side … | Continue reading | 11 days ago

Stop Trying to Make Fetch Happen

MacRumors, on Threads, just four days ago: Apple’s thinnest device ever.#ipadpro #bendgate Tim Hardwick, writing on MacRumors today: Despite videos indicating that the 2018 iPad Pro models bent more easily than other models, Apple said the bend did not worsen over time or negativ … | Continue reading | 12 days ago

Nine Years Later

Speaking of Jason, I re-read his original iPad Pro review this weekend, and this part really jumped out at me: But let’s pull back and get the big picture. No, keep pulling back, this thing’s huge. The iPad Pro is a tremendous piece of hardware. It’s the fastest iOS device ever. … | Continue reading | 13 days ago

‘Why iPadOS Still Doesn’t Get the Basics Right’

Speaking of Federico, he just published a banger of an article over on MacStories, discussing all the ways that iPadOS is still a mess, 14 years after the launch of the original iPad and 9 years after the launch of the first iPad Pro: I started using the iPad as my main computer … | Continue reading | 13 days ago

Upgrade #512: Pros Are the Little Boats

Federico and I joined Jason on this week’s perfectly-numbered episode of Upgrade: The new iPad Pro is here, and Jason is joined by Federico Viticci to discuss the new model, Jason’s review, and the limitations of iPadOS. Stephen Hackett also joins the show not to crush some creat … | Continue reading | 13 days ago

Sponsor: Black Ink for iOS

Calling all crossword fans! Black Ink, the beloved Mac app for solving crosswords from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and more, is now available for iOS. Download it from the App Store and enjoy nearly-endless crossword-solving fun on your iPhone, iPad, … | Continue reading | 13 days ago

Connected #501: My Heart Skipped a Beat

This week on Connected: Federico and Myke are back from Apple Battersea to join Stephen in grading the group’s picks for this week’s iPad event. | Continue reading | 16 days ago

NYT: Apple’s AI Push to Focus on Siri

Tripp Mickle, Brian X. Chen and Cade Metz: Apple is expected to show off its A.I. work at its annual developers conference on June 10 when it releases an improved Siri that is more conversational and versatile, according to three people familiar with the company’s work, who didn’ … | Continue reading | 16 days ago


The Verge’s Emma Roth: Apple has apologized after a commercial meant to showcase its brand-new iPad Pro drew widespread criticism among the creative community. In a statement provided to Ad Age, Tor Myhren, Apple’s vice president of marketing, said the company “missed the mark.” … | Continue reading | 17 days ago

Mark Gurman: John Ternus on Future Apple CEO Shortlist

Mark Gurman, writing at Bloomberg, about who could be the next CEO of Apple, assuming Tim Cook sticks around long enough for the torch to pass over Jeff Williams, who is 61 years old, just two years younger than Cook: If Cook were to stay that long, people within Apple say, the m … | Continue reading | 18 days ago

Mac Power Users #744: Apple’s “Let Loose” iPad Event

This week on MPU: Apple has unveiled new iPad Pro and iPad Air models. Stephen and David talk through the news and discuss why hardware isn’t at the heart of the iPad’s struggles. | Continue reading | 18 days ago

The Problem’s Never the Hardware

Today’s Apple event has come and gone, and in its wake are some new iPads, a slightly saner iPad lineup, and some questions. The biggest one for me is this: Does Apple know what the iPad actually needs? Right before debuting new iPad Pros, John Ternus said that Apple was “gonna c … | Continue reading | 19 days ago

What Goes Around Comes Around

Jason Snell has written what a lot of us have been thinking: that the best thing for the future of the iPad could be the Mac: It’s funny how the Mac keeps coming back into this, isn’t it? There’s a good reason. The Mac is Apple’s do-it-all computing platform, and thanks to the bo … | Continue reading | 20 days ago

Kbase Article of the Week: Identify Your iPad Model

Apple Support: Find out which iPad model you have. I wonder how much more complicated this page will be in 24 hours. | Continue reading | 20 days ago

Mac Power Users #743: The Current AI Moment

This week on MPU: AI is suddenly everywhere, from online services and software to bespoke hardware products. This week, David takes Stephen on a journey to talk about the tools he has found useful, as well as what’s not ready for prime time yet. | Continue reading | 21 days ago

Apple Files Q2 Results with Record Service Revenue

Jason Snell: Apple announced its financial results for its second fiscal quarter of 2024 on Thursday. The company booked $90.8 billion in revenue (down 4% versus the year-ago quarter) with $23.6 billion in profit. Mac revenue was up 4%, presumably buoyed by the release of the M3 … | Continue reading | 24 days ago

Apple Announces Changes to the CTF

John Voorhees: One of the most controversial aspects of Apple’s response to the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) was the introduction of a Core Technology Fee (CTF), which must be paid by developers who opt into Apple’s alternative business terms. Today, in a post on its developer … | Continue reading | 24 days ago

The WWDC Index

Tom Lokhorst has put together a wonderful site that catalogs WWDC sessions dating back to the year 2000. I bet this one was fun. | Continue reading | 25 days ago

Connected #500: The Rickies (May 2024)

Somehow, we have arrived at episode 500 of Connected,1 and I’m so glad Apple waited to release new iPads until next week, so we could play our traditional game before the event next week: Apple’s first iPad event in over a year is next week, so the guys have dusted off their head … | Continue reading | 25 days ago

The EU Loops iPadOS Into the DMA

John Voorhees at MacStories: Today, the European Union announced that it has added iPadOS to the products and services subject to the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The designation gives Apple six months to comply with the DMA. iOS is already subject to the DMA, and Apple’s response … | Continue reading | 27 days ago

Sponsor: Magic Lasso Adblock: 2.0x Faster Web Browsing in Safari

Want to experience twice as fast load times in Safari on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac? Then download Magic Lasso Adblock – the ad blocker designed for you. It’s easy to set up, blocks all YouTube ads, and doubles the speed at which Safari loads. Magic Lasso Adblock is an efficient … | Continue reading | 27 days ago

Mac Power Users #742: All About Mimestream, with Neil Jhaveri

I’m very happy with this particular episode of the podcast: Neil Jhaveri founded Mimestream, a macOS email app for Gmail users. Stephen and David talk to Neil about his time at Apple, Mimestream’s roadmap (including an iOS version and supporting non-Google services), and email’s … | Continue reading | 28 days ago

The Apple ID System Had a Bad Weekend

This weekend, my Mastodon and Thread timelines exploded with people being locked out of their Apple IDs. While it didn’t happen to me, it did to Michael Tsai: I had another instance of my Apple ID mysteriously being locked. First, my iPhone wanted me to enter the password again, … | Continue reading | 29 days ago

A Week With St. Jude

I spent the week with ALSAC — the fundraising organization at St. Jude — with half a dozen Relay folks and a few hundred other content creators who are using their platforms for fundraising. View this post on Instagram A post shared by St. Jude PLAY LIVE (@stjudeplaylive) (Most o … | Continue reading | 29 days ago

Reflecting on the Fusion Drive

Howard Oakley: When Apple introduced Fusion Drives back in late 2012, they were an attractive option for many iMacs and Mac minis. At a time when SSDs of 1 TB and greater size were expensive, the Fusion Drive seemed to offer the best of both worlds, with a capacious hard disk and … | Continue reading | 1 month ago

Apple Announces Event for May 7

I think it’s finally iPad time: The event is scheduled for 7 AM Pacific. | Continue reading | 1 month ago

Logitech’s Mouse Software Now Includes ChatGPT Support, Adds Janky ‘ai_overlay_tmp’ Directory to Users’ Home Folders

I recently noticed a new folder in the root level of my Home directory, named ai_overlay_tmp: In preparation for a future Mac Power Users episode, I’ve been playing with a bunch of AI software, and I assumed something I downloaded generated this folder. I deleted it, just to be f … | Continue reading | 1 month ago

Voyager 1 is Back Online

Robert Lea, writing about our far-flung friend: NASA’s interstellar explorer Voyager 1 is finally communicating with ground control in an understandable way again. On Saturday (April 20), Voyager 1 updated ground control about its health status for the first time in 5 months. Whi … | Continue reading | 1 month ago

Charles Edge Passed Away on Friday

Adam Engst, writing at TidBITS: This one is way too close to home. News started to spread this morning on the MacAdmins Slack, Rich Trouton’s Der Flounder blog, and Tom Bridge’s site about how our friend and Take Control author Charles Edge died suddenly and unexpectedly on 19 Ap … | Continue reading | 1 month ago

Mac Power Users #741: In the Apple Trust Zone

This week on MPU: On this feedback episode, the guys catch up on listener feedback, share some unique uses for Freeform, discuss some good Apple Watch apps, and talk about the Mac’s startup sound. | Continue reading | 1 month ago

FineWoven is Unraveling

Hartley Charlton, writing at MacRumors: Apple has stopped production of FineWoven accessories, according to the Apple leaker and prototype collector known as “Kosutami.” In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Kosutami explained that Apple has stopped production of FineWoven accessori … | Continue reading | 1 month ago

Widgetsmith 6.2

Earlier today, David and I shipped version 6.2 of Widgetsmith. This release is for both iOS and visionOS, and packs some cool goodies: Widgetsmith 6.2 brings a brand-new widget type: Background Sounds! Beyond the standard White and Brown Noises, this release includes sounds from … | Continue reading | 1 month ago

Connected #498: He Sees You When You’re Sleeping

This week’s episode of Connected got weird: The guys try AltStore and the Delta game emulator live on the show before discussing reviews of the Humane AI Pin and the response to those reviews. Then they judge their picks in the first-ever scoring of the EUies. | Continue reading | 1 month ago

Soulver 3 for iOS

I adore Soulver for Mac, and am so glad version 3 is now out for iOS. | Continue reading | 1 month ago

Mac Power Users #740: “From The Beatles to The Libertines,” with Lee Garrett

This week on the podcast: Lee Garret is the new owner of ScreenCastsOnline. He joins Stephen and David to discuss his background in technology, his Apple gear, and how clear communication and processes are key to any successful endeavor. | Continue reading | 1 month ago