Opinion: WeChat threat is Cook’s greatest Trump challenge yet

A report earlier today cited a potentially huge WeChat threat to the future of the iPhone in China. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is concerned that the Trump administration could force Apple to remove the WeChat app not just from the US App Store, but globally. Kuo warned that this could … | Continue reading

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Tim Cook's Style of Leadership

A new profile from The Wall Street Journal offers an inside look at how Apple has evolved under the leadership of CEO Tim Cook. The report highlights the differences in leadership between Cook and Steve Jobs, including Cook’s more hands-off approach to product engineering and des … | Continue reading

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macOS 11 Big Sur adds option to disable Desktop Tinting to make Dark Mode even darker

The fourth developer beta of macOS 11 Big Sur was released yesterday, and it brings a small but notable change. With the latest beta of macOS Big Sur, there is a new option in System Preferences to disable Desktop Tinting while using Dark Mode. If you’re unfamiliar with the wallp … | Continue reading

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MS ends tests with xCloud gaming platform on iOS due to App Store policies

Microsoft started testing its xCloud gaming platform on iOS in February, but things have been complicated since then. The company announced today that it’s ending tests with xCloud on Apple’s mobile operating system due to strict App Store policies. The xCloud Project allows user … | Continue reading

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Automated mistake by Apple kills all Mac developer’s apps

An automated mistake by Apple resulted in the company remotely killing all of a Mac developer's apps. Users were unable to open them, and a message ... | Continue reading

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Apple veteran Schiller transitions to 'Fellow' role, Joswiak to SVP of marketing

Apple announced today that Phil Schiller will transition into a new Apple Fellow role. Schiller has long served as Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, but that is a position that will now be occupied by Apple’s Greg Joswiak. In his new role as an Apple Fellow, S … | Continue reading

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1k Fake iPhones From Hong Kong Used in AppleCare Fraud

More than a thousand 'deceptively real-looking' fake iPhones were used to carry out an AppleCare fraud operating between Hong Kong and Switzerland ... | Continue reading

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New ‘Unpatchable’ Exploit Found in Apple’s Secure Enclave Chip

One of the major security enhancements Apple has brought to its devices over the years is the Secure Enclave chip, which encrypts and protects all sensitive data stored on the devices. Last month, however, hackers claimed they found a permanent vulnerability in the Secure Enclave … | Continue reading

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Apple acquires startup that turns iPhones into payment terminals for $100M

Apple has acquired a startup, Mobeewave Inc., that developed technology to turn iPhones into mobile payment terminals, according to a new report from Bloomberg. Citing people familiar with the matter, today’s report says the deal was worth around $100 million. Apple confirmed the … | Continue reading

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Facebook raises concerns that iOS 14 could harm its ad business

iOS 14 introduces a range of features to let users control which data each app can access, including clipboard notifications and also an option to disable tracking between apps. These features are already causing problems for some developers, and Facebook in particular is concern … | Continue reading

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Amazon ad prompted Steve Jobs to block in-app-purchases of kindle books on iOS

As part of the House Judiciary Committee’s antitrust probe into Apple, lawmakers have released a variety of internal emails from Apple. A collection of those emails offer new details on Apple’s longstanding battle with Amazon over allowing in-app purchases of ebooks in the Kindle … | Continue reading

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Instagram caught keeping iOS camera on during usage

We have already covered here some apps that were caught accessing users’ clipboard thanks to a new feature of iOS 14, but that’s not all. The next major update to Apple’s mobile operating system also indicates when an app is using the camera or microphone, and that has just expos … | Continue reading

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Want Face ID on the Mac? macOS Big Sur Suggests the TrueDepth Camera Is Coming

Some iPhone and iPad models feature Face ID, which allows users to unlock the device through advanced facial recognition. While Face ID is not yet available on any Mac, 9to5Mac found references to the TrueDepth camera on macOS Big Sur, which suggests Apple is working to bring fac … | Continue reading

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278k Instacart customer records reportedly hacked, includes order history

Some 278,531 Instacart customer records have reportedly been hacked, and are for sale on the dark web. The data includes names, email addresses ... | Continue reading

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Only four states plan to use Apple/Google coronavirus API; none yet in use

Not a single US state currently offers an app which uses the Apple/Google coronavirus contact tracing API – and only four states plan to do so ... | Continue reading

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iPhone and the rumored periscope lens

We've heard reports before that Apple plans to include a periscope lens on future iPhones, and a new Ming-Chi Kuo report today suggests this is coming ... | Continue reading

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Steve Wozniak sues YouTube for allowing scammers to use his name and likeness

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has sued YouTube for allowing his name, photos and videos to be used by Bitcoin scammers. Videos have been posted to the video sharing site which mirror the scam carried out in the recent Twitter hack … Bloomberg reports. Scammers used images and vi … | Continue reading

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Apple being sued for refusing to help iTunes gift card scam victims

Apple is being sued for allegedly refusing to help those who have fallen victim to a iTunes gift card scam. An 11-count class action lawsuit ... | Continue reading

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Apple partners with Verizon to offer free six months of News+ for new iPad buyers

Beginning later this week, Verizon and Apple are partnering on a new promotion for Apple News+. Any iPad activated through Verizon will qualify for a free six-month subscription to Apple News+. The deal arrives as Apple is trying to juice interest in the News+ service, which incl … | Continue reading

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iOS 14: Here are 7 ways iPhone is improving as a camera

Although Apple didn’t mention it during WWDC 2020 last month, iOS 14 brings improvements and new options to the iPhone camera. This includes faster shots, an option to use the volume up button to control Burst Mode, and even QuickTake available for older iPhones. Read on as we de … | Continue reading

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Apple News+ sees another free month promotion as audio stories are set to launch

Apple News+, the company’s paid offering is running a new promotion for users who have tried the service and canceled their subscriptions. The new deal offers previous customers another free month of Apple News+ as the new audio stories are set to launch with the upcoming release … | Continue reading

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Apple Stores now offer reservations to shop, one-on-one, with a Specialist

Apple is introducing a new service to help customers browse their local Apple Store in a way that’s safe and convenient. Shop with a Specialist appointments will allow anyone to schedule a time online to visit an Apple Store and explore products with one-on-one service. COVID-19 … | Continue reading

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US TikTok ban more likely as Justice Dept checks child privacy

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo yesterday raised the prospect of a US TikTok ban over concerns that the app may share data with the Chinese government ... | Continue reading

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COVID-19: How to have a safe and successful Apple Store visit

COVID-19 has changed the Apple Store experience you’ve come to know. Modified shopping and support services encourage social distancing. New safety procedures protect employees and customers. If you need to visit an Apple Store in the US during the pandemic, here’s how to make yo … | Continue reading

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Apple is working on QR Code payments for Apple Pay, iOS 14 code reveals

Apple today released the second developer beta of iOS 14 with some small changes across the system. And now 9to5Mac was able to find a hidden feature in the Wallet app to allow users to make payments with QR Codes using Apple Pay. References found in the iOS 14 code reveal that A … | Continue reading

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Tim Cook and other CEOs to testify in antitrust subcommittee on July 27

Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook agreed to testify in the U.S. House Judiciary Committee antitrust probe later this month, with the date to be announced. The House Judiciary today confirmed that Cook and other CEOs of big tech companies will be heard on July 27. Congress aims to fin … | Continue reading

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WhatsApp and Telegram will not hand over user data to Hong Kong authorities

Both WhatsApp and Telegram have announced that they will not – for now, at least – hand over user data to Hong Kong authorities. The move follows China ... | Continue reading

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Apple surveys iPhone users on USB charger included in the box ahead of iPhone 12

Apple has recently started sending surveys to iPhone users about how they use the USB charger that comes in the box. This comes ahead of the iPhone 12 announcement later this year and also rumors about Apple not including the USB charger and EarPods in the box for the first time. … | Continue reading

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Safari can now stream 4K HDR and Dolby Vision content on Netflix with macOS Big Sur

We recently mentioned that macOS Big Sur includes a new version of Safari with several enhancements, including support for HDR videos. It turns out there’s a platform that’s already benefiting from these Safari updates, as users can now finally watch 4K HDR content on Netflix wit … | Continue reading

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Apple Watch handwashing detection was years in development; may be more to come

One of the more timely WWDC announcements was Apple Watch handwashing detection. The coronavirus crisis means everyone is being encouraged to wash ... | Continue reading

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What’s new in the Apple Music app for iOS 14

iOS 14 brings major new features like the home screen updates, widgets, new privacy controls, and updates to features like Siri and HomeKit. But Apple has also taken the time to work on some pretty big feature improvements for many of its core apps. One of these is the Music app. … | Continue reading

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iOS 14: Shortcuts gains new automation triggers, Apple Watch app, folders, more

Shortcuts on iOS and iPadOS 14 is getting some great upgrades to make automations better than ever. Arriving with the latest software is new trigger and automation functionality, Shortcuts landing on Apple Watch with watchOS 7, Shortcuts folders, and more. Apple shared all of the … | Continue reading

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Most US states have no plans to use Apple and Google's contact-tracing API

Apple and Google announced plans to build COVID-19 tracing into iPhone and Android operating systems on April 10. The move marked a major partnership between the top two mobile operating system competitors in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19. Platform updates to enable t … | Continue reading

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Apple Silicon

Apple has just announced its plans to switch from Intel CPUs in Macs to silicon of its own design, based on the ARM architecture. This means that Apple is now designing its own chips for iOS devices and its Mac desktop and laptops. Apple said it will ship its first ARM Mac before … | Continue reading

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New AirPods features: automatic switching between devices, spatial audio

Apple is upgrading AirPods with new automatic switching modes and a spatial audio experience for AirPods Pro owners. With iOS 14, AirPods will automatically connect to the device that you are currently using. If you are watching a movie on your iPad, and you accept a call on your … | Continue reading

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iOS 14 will let you change your default email and web browser apps

As part of iOS 14’s new features, users will be able to switch their default app preferences for the first time. Details are scarce currently, but one of the slides in the WWDC presentation featured a block that announced users will be able to change their default browser and def … | Continue reading

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Slo Mo Guys created a great video of the Apple Watch water-ejection system

You might think that the Apple Watch water-ejection system is old news, having been part of the feature set since the Series 2 way back in 2016. It works ... | Continue reading

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App Store rejects “Hey” email app from Basecamp

Today, Google announced that Google Meet—the company's young videoconferencing platform—would imminently be bundled into the Gmail | Continue reading

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T-Mobile experiences widespread outage, and what people thought was happening

A nationwide outage has hit T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint today that has many customers without the ability to call, text, and more. | Continue reading

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Apple Discontinuing iBooks Author and iTunes U

Apple is discontinuing iTunes U and iBooks Author and schools and publishers need to plan for transitions with their existing content and classes. | Continue reading

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Stacktrace 087: An ARM and a Leg

A deep dive into the iOS background operations model and how it could potentially be improved, rumors about both ARM Macs and a new iMac design being unveiled at WWDC20, and a discussion around designing custom systems for apps. That, and your regular updates from both John and R … | Continue reading

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Apple to announce its first ARM Mac chips at WWDC

Hold officers accountable who use excessive force. But there’s no evidence of widespread racial bias. | Continue reading

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Boarded up Apple Stores become unofficial canvases for peaceful protest

Activism sparked by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has spread across all 50 US states. Apple Stores have been swept up in the momentum, looted and vandalized as some protests turned to violence. Now, some peaceful protestors are reimagining the boarded up windows of App … | Continue reading

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Apple, Apple TV, and sports

Apple continues to hire professionals to improve its Apple TV+ on-demand video service. The company has now hired executive James DeLorenzo, who has led Amazon Video’s sports division since 2016. DeLorenzo was also Senior Vice President of Audible, Inc., an Amazon company focused … | Continue reading

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First look at the Apple News+ Audio beta

Apple is releasing a new Apple News+ Audio feature as a part of the stock News app in iOS 13.5.5. News+ Audio includes currated audio articles. | Continue reading

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Apple TV gains Peloton app, but not quite there yet

Peloton members will soon be able to turn the Apple TV into a living room fitness instructor. Subscribers were notified on Tuesday that a new Peloton app for the Apple TV is on the way. The company recently released Chromecast support for smart TVs after launching a Fire TV and A … | Continue reading

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Apple Music joins wider music industry Black Out Tuesday awareness campaign

Apple Music is joining in a music industry wide ‘Black Out Tuesday’ campaign, to raise awareness for Black Lives Matter in the wake of Minneapolis resident George Floyd being killed whilst under police arrest. Apple CEO Tim Cook previously tweeted his support of the protests happ … | Continue reading

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Apple allowing Apple Card customers to defer payments due to COVID-19

In response to the continued coronavirus outbreak, Apple and Goldman Sachs are allowing customers to skip their Apple Card payments without incurring interest charges. Apple Card holders should receive an email announcing this “Customer Assistance Program.” Update #1 4/1: Apple a … | Continue reading

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