How much Uber pays to use Google Maps ($58M)

Uber has revealed how much it pays Google to integrate Maps as part of its service — and why it relies on the navigation system. | Continue reading | 7 days ago

Nepal bans PUBG over concerns of addiction and aggression

According to Nepal authorities, the ban on PUBG takes effect from today onward. | Continue reading | 9 days ago

Still using Google Play Music? Time to start thinking about moving on

Google is removing a Google Play Music feature, which is a bad sign for fans of the service. | Continue reading | 16 days ago

T-Mobile hit with $40 million fine for “pre-ringing” your outbound calls

T-Mobile fined $40 million after the FCC discovered the company practiced "pre-ringing" calls made to recipients in low-service areas. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

10 best drone apps for Android

The easiest way to enhance your drone flying experience is to incorporate your mobile device. Here are some of the best drone apps for Android (and iOS.) | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Google and Amazon said to have lost money on smart speakers during the holidays

But it may be just the price to pay for an early lead in the fledgeling connected speaker market. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

‘Spectre’ and ‘Meltdown’: New CPU vulnerabilities affect most smartphones and computers

Fundamental vulnerabilities in CPU design expose billions of devices to malware and data theft. Here's what you need to know about Spectre and Meltdown. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai cancels CES 2018 appearance, reason unknown

Pai, one of the major proponents of the controversial net neutrality rules repeal, was scheduled to have a "candid conversation" on stage next Tuesday. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus (2018) heading to India as Amazon exclusive

Amazon India has snatched up Samsung's newly-announced Galaxy A8 Plus as a regional exclusive. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Samsung Exynos 9810 promises 2x performance boost and enhanced AI

Samsung's next generation Exynos 9810 application processor is boasting major performance boosts, as well as improvements to AI and machine learning. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

AT&T might be first US carrier to deliver true 5G, coming “late 2018”

Only Verizon could launch 5G ahead of the carrier, with Sprint and T-Mobile planning to launch their 5G networks in 2019. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

LG reveals smart ThinQ Speaker with Google Assistant ahead of CES 2018

LG's new AI-focused sub-brand, ThinQ, will kick off with the ThinQ Speaker - a premium Google Assistant-powered device for audio connoisseurs. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Huawei PSmart (Huawei Enjoy 7S) leaked with 5.7-inch 18:9 display and Android Oreo

The Huawei Enjoy 7S, expected to be labelled the Huawei PSmart outside of China, has been leaked by Evan Blass — find out the details here. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

LG G6 update tracker (Update: Oreo beta rolling out in China)

The LG G6 has started to receive the Android 8.0 Oreo beta update in China — find out what's included here. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Qualcomm appoints new president amid Apple legal battle and Broadcom takeover threat

Qualcomm appoints a 22-year company veteran as its new president as it enters what could be another turbulent year of potential ups and downs. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Snap reportedly working on ‘Stories Everywhere’ to share content beyond Snapchat

The feature would allow Snapchat Stories to be seen outside the app for the first time, with the idea being to improve slowed user growth and more. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Recommended posts are coming to your Instagram feed

Instagram is now rolling out a feature that will show users recommend posts right in their feeds. The feature is rolling out on Android and iOS. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Report: HTC will release fewer phones, focus on R&D in 2018

HTC will reportedly release fewer devices in 2018 so it can better focus on research and development. The company will also focus on marketing efforts for the limited number of phones it releases. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Huawei’s alleged 2018 roadmap shows a very busy year

The alleged roadmap should be taken with a grain of salt, but if it's accurate, expect at least 13 Huawei and Honor smartphones for 2018. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

OnePlus 5T may soon be getting Android Oreo Open Beta

According to OnePlus Germany, the Android Oreo Open Beta program for OnePlus 5T “starts now,” but no one seems to know what “now” means. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

15 best Android games released in 2017!

2017 was actually a pretty decent year for games. We didn't have any super viral releases, but there were a ton of great games that came out. Join us as we round up the best Android games released in 2017! | Continue reading | 1 year ago

LastPass’ Authenticator app might not be as secure as you think

An exploit has supposedly been found that allows you to view 2FA codes in the LastPass Authenticator app without the need for a fingerprint or PIN. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

ZTE Axon 7 users have a long wait ahead before official Oreo update

ZTE Germany confirmed that the Axon 7 will be updated to Android Oreo in April 2018. By then, it’ll all be about Android P. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Google’s voice AI is more human than ever before

Google has published a new research paper, and some audio examples, of the recent developments it has made in AI voice technology — and the results are incredible. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Report: Huawei’s Mate 10 is coming to America on AT&T in February

According to a new report, Huawei will bring its Mate 10 to U.S. AT&T stores in 2018. This marks the first time a Huawei device has been sold by a major carrier on its main network. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

As good as it gets: has the smartphone peaked?

Phones have gotten bigger, faster, and more powerful, but the overall form factor of every successful smartphone today is the same. Is this it? Has the smartphone peaked? | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Huawei’s consumer sales chief suspected of taking bribes

It is unknown what the extent of the charges are against the Huawei executive, though he is currently detained as part of a corruption investigation. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

OnePlus names stars after 37 OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition customers

OnePlus is awarding the first 37 customers to buy the OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition with a star named after them and a personalized Star Wars constellation. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Sharp’s smartphone hits TENAA with minimal bezels and dual cameras

Known for making smartphones with minimal bezels, Sharp looks to have another such smartphone cooking in the oven, though we don't know when it will be available. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Some Galaxy Note 8 phones not turning on after battery hits zero

Just over a year on from the Note 7 debacle, Samsung could be facing another battery-related headache with its current flagship phablet. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Echo Dot, Fire TV Stick with Alexa topped Amazon’s holiday sales

Alexa-powered devices topped the charts over the holiday sales, says Amazon, as smart home products continue to grow in popularity. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

10 best Android apps released in 2017

2017 was a better than average year for apps. We saw some huge releases and some really good indie apps as well. Here are the best Android apps from 2017! | Continue reading | 1 year ago

HQ Trivia, the real money quiz app, set to hit Android January 1

After success on iOS, HQ Trivia, the free-to-play quiz app that offers a $2,000 cash prize twice daily, is now coming to Android. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

The tech behind Christmas: Google Cloud Platform

Google's latest post on their Cloud Platform blog shows how Santa and his elves take advantage of the cloud. This is a funny way to show the usefulness of Google's cloud. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Why noise cancellation is the most important tech in mobile right now

You probably don't think about it, but noise cancellation is a hugely useful technology inside smartphones, enabling everything from crystal clear calls to virtual assistants and better audio. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Asus’ ZenFone 3 Max gets the ZenUI 4.0 update it was promised

Asus says that ZenUI 4.0 for the ZenFone 3 Max will be rolling out during the next week, so be patient if you don't see it for your devices yet. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Become a master at Excel with this extensive course for a 96 percent discount

This online course will make you a master at learning Microsoft Excel with over 70 hours of lessons for just $49, a 96 percent discount. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Tesla now lets you precondition your car’s battery from your phone

With an update to its mobile app, Tesla is now allowing owners to precondition the batteries in their cars and avoid the limitations that come with driving in colder environments. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Amazon strengthens its smart home chops, buys smart camera and doorbell maker Blink

Amazon's decision to purchase Blink is most likely due to the online retailer's smart home aspirations. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Why the Honor 7X puts all other sub-$200 handsets to shame

The Honor 7X is miles above what you typically get from a sub-$200 phone. Join us as we discuss why. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

OnePlus might face a lawsuit over its face unlock feature

A lawsuit does not appear to have been filed against OnePlus just yet, though the company is accused of infringing on at least one existing patent. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

EngineerMode backdoor discovered on another Android handset

The security researcher who discovered the backdoor on OnePlus devices has done it again, this time with a handset from Archos. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Tidal makes its way to Android TV as Pandora throws in Google Assistant and more

It's a good day for music streaming fans on Android TV, since Tidal makes its debut on the platform and Pandora was updated with new features. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Honor 7X international giveaway!

Would you like a free Honor 7X? Of course you would! Here's how you can win a brand new Honor 7X from Android Authority. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

What is the Kirin 970’s NPU? – Gary explains

Huawei's Kirin 970 has a new component called the Neural Processing Unit, the NPU. Sounds fancy, but what is it and how does it work? | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Gionee launches S10 Lite with 16 MP front camera in India

With a focus on selfies, the smartphone packs in a 16 MP front camera with a customized selfie flash to spread light onto faces more evenly and softly. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Moto Z2 Force update tracker (Update: Verizon rolling out Android 8.0 Oreo OTA update)

This is the Moto Z2 Force update tracker for Android 8.0 Oreo, covering unlocked, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and international models. | Continue reading | 1 year ago

Some Google Pixel 2 XL users reporting buzzing sounds coming from front-facing speakers

A growing number of Pixel 2 XL users are reporting yet another problem with Google's second-generation flagship. This time it's the speakers. | Continue reading | 1 year ago