"Sounds Like Somebody's Got A Case Of the Mondays!"

Screenshot from the movie Office SpaceJust ignore that PC Load Letter problem, leave those TPS reports for later, and come celebrate 25 years of the movie Office Space! NotMyselfRightNow created a post about the iconic movie that parodying working in an office and others are chim … | Continue reading

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The Music is the Life!

Photo by Clinton Steeds, via Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/cwsteeds/)Today we highlight an example of mixing Gilbert and Sullivan with Dracula, as presented by Faint of Butt! This is nine minutes of pure fun and hilariousness, click to enjoy it :emoji:‍♂️:emoji:‍♀️ | Continue reading

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Wait, What Measurement System Are We Using?!

Photo by Scott Akerman, via Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/sterlic/) Measure twice, cut once is very good advice. But please make sure you (or your team) are using the same measurement system. Otherwise, as autopilot's post points out, your powerful warship might sink less … | Continue reading

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What Would Martin the Warrior Eat?

"suitcase food" by Krista on Flickr (cropped)skycrashesdown would just like to enjoy a nice homemade slab of bread and is looking for recipes that will turn out a loaf "dense and packed full of fiber and different crunchy bits and with a chewy crust. Bread that would be served at … | Continue reading

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Hither and Yon

A hollow way at La Meauffe, Manche, France By Romain Bréget, CC BY-SA 4.0, By Romain Bréget, CC BY-SA 4.0"Also known as holloways, they have inspired literary and artistic reflection, conjuring images of fantastic landscapes" ... cupcakeninja leads our path to a "serene and tranq … | Continue reading

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Are You A Peach, Or A Coconut? :emoji:

Tell me some more about two types of people ... A Terrible Llama asks for examples of (lesser known) "two types of people" tropes, and you will either find the answers fascinating, or not. | Continue reading

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Oh, That's Not the Door I Wanted

Go to hell? Ok fine, the United Kingdom has a large selection of entrances that will allow one to do that, complete with some true-ish backstories. Just step this way, dmd will hold the door... | Continue reading

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Hey, You Can't Park That Space Station Overhead

How do you deal with edge cases? Vincebowdren posted about "No Vehicles in the Park", an interesting (and short) game/quiz that looks at the difficulty of having policies that everyone agrees on. | Continue reading

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Who's A Good Kitty?

There is a cat named Fraggle Rock in this world! Come check out the illustrated diary (shared by Pallas Athena) of the adventures of settling in to their home, as told by the artist 'AM'! ‍⬛ | Continue reading

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40+ Fitness: How, What, Why

Photo by Eric Sonstroem on FlickrA mefite with the definitely-not-funny-in-this-context user name "knownfossils" is looking for info from people who are finding themselves in the best shape of their lives at age 40. | Continue reading

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Curious But Distinctive Signs

via antigonejournal.com, The Linear B postcard written by John Chadwick to Michael Ventris, digitised by the Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge.The reviews are in: "A fascinating story well told. Truly the Beat of the Web." chavenet posted the excellent article Cracking … | Continue reading

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"This is Ridiculously Fun"

Photo by hanulsieger on Flickrsimmering octagon posted Mixtape Garden, a collaborative mixtape-making site, and mefites have been sharing their creations ... and their sweet misty mixtape memories. | Continue reading

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Hello New Web Development Team Member!

Cat on laptop via dougwoods (https://www.flickr.com/photos/deerwooduk/).newhire { name:kirkaracha position: joining web development team background: decades of front and back end development background-padding: years of MeFi membership previous experience: sportsfilter … | Continue reading

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"Are You Drinking With Me Jesus?"

Ari Braginsky photo on Flickr: Alternative Tentacles 33 1/3rd Birthday ShowI did do a purple hooter shooter last night in his honor when I heard the news ... teleri025 shares a reminiscence in the Mojo Nixon obit thread. | Continue reading

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Uncookie the Cookie and Start the Debate!

Photo by Iryna Yeroshko, via Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/mandarina94/)Metasyntactic needs a cookie idea, but not a cookie, cookie, you know? Something that looks like a cookie, but isn't necessarily one and most importantly, starts a debate a whether it is cookie. MeFit … | Continue reading

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Mobile Games That Aren't Trying To Lock You In!

You like mobile games, but hate the subscription model that is designed to lock you in? Then check out this post by wowenthusiast that has examples of healthy games and avoid hamster wheel of repeatedly paying for content! ️Photo by Johan Larsson, via Flickr (https://www.flickr.c … | Continue reading

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Beyond the Fork and Spoon!

Photo by Marco Verch via Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/30478819@N08/The time has come and you're about to move out on your own! But like The Almighty Mommy Goddess, you have questions about how to stock up for your perfect kitchen. From rice cookers to bowls to utensils, … | Continue reading

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Still Living On the Air

Screenshot of Howard Hesseman as DJ Johnny FeverRadio station WKRP may be no more than a fond and fuzzy memory, but thanks to the efforts of WFMU we can still enjoy an actual three-hour radio set from the one and only Dr. Johnny Fever. Nice find, Alvy Ampersand! | Continue reading

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Tagged As "Resolved"

Art by Eddi van W. on FlickrAsk Me synchronicity ... 18 years later: In 2006, ninazer0 asked for help identifying three works of English Juvenile Historical Fiction, later finding the answer to one of the mystery texts. In 2024, tangerine asked about mid-century kids' historical … | Continue reading

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Oh Hey, Turns Out Arithmetic DOES Have Its Uses!

"What am I ever going to use math for?" kids often ask. How about for triangulating where an air cannon is being used, as shown in this post by mpark. Now get off my lawn! | Continue reading

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Say It To My Face In Over 100 Languages!

Art by Ron Mader, via FlickrDon't limit yourself to just one language when using slang! Be multi-lingual via gwint's sharing of the untranslatable.co site and bask in the warm glow of being a language weltenbummler! | Continue reading

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Oh, Look!

Screenshot via bleuje.comOh, look, it's a rabbit hole! Or vortex! Or swirling, snaking, spinning, curling, looping, rippling, throbbing, tumbling, bubbling, pulsating, erupting sinkhole of digital diversion. AlSweigart posted random computer and mathematical animations by Etienne … | Continue reading

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Wikid Good

Screenshot from the 1929 Soviet silent documentary film Kattullus posted WikiFlix and WikiVibes, nifty tools for searching films and music uploaded to Wikimedia, and we're WikiGlad! | Continue reading

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England Gets Spicy With America

There was recently a bit of saltiness over an American describing the perfect cup of tea. Much outrage ensued over this international incident, as cheerfully chronicled in rory's post! | Continue reading

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Let's Stay In and Watch Our Favorites!

photo by "Amy Gallatin / Montclair Film", via FlickrIt's cold in much of the world and who wants to go out when its like that? Wowenthusiast certainly doesn't and is asking for your most favoritest documentaries to watch while avoiding winter weather. | Continue reading

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Fill Your Headphones With Words

Happy Throwback Thursday! This week we're hitting up the internet archive for the radio dramas that the BBC has been produced for close to a century, thanks to this post by gwint! | Continue reading

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Transported Into A New (old) World

Please allow autopilot to introduce you to Margaret Cavendish, science researcher, fashion designer, and writer, who crafted science fiction stories back in 1666! Come explore her 'Blazing World'!... | Continue reading

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All Fun and Games

Nice weekly free thread discussing the games we play! Don't miss Wobbuffet's commentary about the history of parlor games from antiquity to the present, and how old games reveal themselves in modern equivalents. | Continue reading

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Music For Flagging As Fantastic

protorp posted the Best of 2023 lists from Headphone Commute, featuring stunning ambient, instrumental, experimental, electronic, and modern-classical music. | Continue reading

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Curmudgeon Approved!

Inspired by Escher - Photo by See1,Do1,Teach1 on FlickrIn case you missed it, zamboni served up a great list of WTIIF (What The Internet Is For) links in chasles' Metatalk post looking for an Ask Metafilter question about "websites that are amazingly specific, usually maintained … | Continue reading

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Start Often, Finish Rarely

Art by Kars Alfrink, from FlickrDo things! ALL THE THINGS! But not forever, unless you want to! Hop on the SOFA and learn a technique/way of thinking for doing projects, courtesy of this post by brainwane! | Continue reading

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Going With the Flow

Ocean drainage basins of the world Robert Szucs / Grasshopper GeographyWhere are the maps that show which ocean rivers drain in to? They're in this post about Hungarian cartographer Robert Szucs that was shared with us by rory. | Continue reading

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Grandma Loves Uptown Funk

Screenshot from the video!Come watch as people show off their favorites dance moves with Ed People in this fantastic video shared by storybored! Grandma has the moves! | Continue reading

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What Are Australian Magpipes Really Interested In?!

Magpie female by Jean and Fred Hort, via Flickr8-year-old Emma had a question about Australian magpies. 30,000 people (not a typo) responded. Oh the results are interesting, in this community science centered post created by sciatrix! | Continue reading

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And Now For Something Completely Comics

Ritesh Babu's choice for best of the year: chavenet posted Comics were real good last year, a short list of lists for best comics of 2023 | Continue reading

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A Small Good Thing

Tasty allyship! (Cookie images via gssc.us)the kids are under attack this year more than ever, so let's give them some joy: Bella Donna posted about how to support trans girl scouts (and enjoy some delicious GS cookies in the process)! A nice article and list from Erin Reed, and … | Continue reading

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We Put On Our Robe and Our Wizard Hat ...

Photo by Scott Swigart on FlickrWobbuffet casts a mage hand with a smashing megathread for Dungeons & Dragons 50th birthday (more or less)! | Continue reading

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Good Things Happen

Photo by Sam Churchill, from Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/samchurchill/14986641448/in/photolist-oQjsnN)Did you dial the wrong number? That's ok, it's a good opportunity to make new connections! DirtyOldTown posted about how Maasai herders in Tanzania have been using misd … | Continue reading

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Mefi Community News

MeFi Nascent Nonprofit Update: a brief recap of the Jan. 3 meeting of the MeFi Nonprofit interim board. | Continue reading

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New RSS Feeds

Update: Resubscribe to MeFi’s RSS feeds. We have replaced most RSS feeds with new Metafilter-hosted versions, so be sure to resubscribe if you use RSS to access the site at all! | Continue reading

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Help With Reducing Clutter!

Photo by Tim Walker, from Flickr (https://www.flickr.com/photos/timjoyfamily/)Seeking help on getting organized? Community member toucan is also and they're looking for information on creating storage systems and posted in Ask MetaFiilter for tips and oh, the answers! | Continue reading

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Choose Your Throwback Thursday Adventure!

You are looking for something interesting on the internet. Do you: A. Choose a random post on MetaFilter B. Click the link for a look back on the Choose Your Own adventure book series | Continue reading

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They've Heard It All

Ok, you're in therapy or thinking of going to therapy, but worried that no one else has had these thoughts/feelings/experiences etc. "Nah," says multiple therapists in a post created by BellaDonna. Click to read the most common thing clients have been afraid to tell therapists th … | Continue reading

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What Some Mice Do While You Sleep!

Screenshot from the video About that mouse that's been tidying up a shed: sciatrix relays some information about what kind of mouse it might be and possibly what's it doing and why! | Continue reading

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"H" is Happiness ... and Habits

Eyelash is looking for Things that make you happier when you do them. Is there anything that reliably helps your well-being that's not on their list? | Continue reading

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Made You Laugh, Cry, Or Cheer

In Metatalk, Monkeytoes is asking folks to Share the Hidden-Gem Comments of 2023! | Continue reading

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Love To See It

7th Annual Mefi Valentine card Exchange signups are open until January 12! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you, SunPower, for organizing! | Continue reading

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And We're Live In 1...2...3...

"What is your favorite live webcam that you keep open during the day" asked GernBlandston in Ask MetaFilter. "Oh, we have many excellent suggestions," replied the community! | Continue reading

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