"My Work Feels More Like That Of A Detective Than An Editor"

Photo by Ed Robertson on UnsplashThere's a growing band of people digging through library stacks and second-hand bookshops in search of lost classics. I'm one of them. Wobbuffet posted Lucy Scholes' Meet the archive moles about surfacing worthy forgotten or overlooked books for r … | Continue reading

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Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Image via neal.funGoogle Street View, curated: Having fun with Neal Agarwal's "Wonders of Street View." | Continue reading

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"The System Can't Handle Her Real Name"

Illustration by Toby Morris via The SpinoffEtrigan has posted The Side Eye: The Stink A, linking to The Spinoff's really well-done and fascinating infographic on "the glitchy macron" that highlights how font decisions and usage can have an outsized impact on non-Anglo populations … | Continue reading

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Space Trek

NASA photo of Jupiter moonsdoctornemo boldly goes where ... well, it turns out almost everyone has gone before, with an impressive roundup of current space busyness and business in orbit, moon news, ambling among the astroids, snack time with a black hole, and what's stirring re … | Continue reading

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Which Stitchery

image via pixel-stitch.netIn Ask Metafilter, HotToddy is asking about the best needlepoint kit sellers, and SinAesthetic posts about an app to convert your images into cross-stitch patterns. | Continue reading

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Japanese Music Sirens

image via Evan Vander Stoep at airraidsirens.netRash linked an amazing deep dive post on the remaining mechanical Yamaha music sirens of Japan at airRaidSirens.net. The sirens have signaled the start of the working day at some locations, but "some were being removed or are going … | Continue reading

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Harmonica and Minds: Completely Blown

Will Wilde video screen capA truly astonishing Free Bird harmonica solo, plus interesting insight and context from msbrauer. | Continue reading

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Eye On History

In Ask Metafilter, Thorzdad wonders, Are there any accounts of how poor eyesight may have affected history? and asks for writings, studies, research or ancient documentation of world events affected by vision problems, pre-spectacles. | Continue reading

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The Enshittifying

Giant Teddy Bear by focusc (cc by)Great link on the enshittification of the internet and how platforms die by Cory Doctorow | Continue reading

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Standup Comedy Recommendations?

Photo by Louis Smit on UnsplashIn Ask Metafilter: My New Year's resolution was to watch more standup as it brings me joy! Please recommend me your favourite standup comedy specials, I like feminist, pro LGBTQ+, no punching down comedians... | Continue reading

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Modular Homes, Kit Homes, and DIY Homes

Modern Wooden House (cc by)A nice roundup from rebent: "Rural Studio is a post-grad program that researches affordable design principles. a handywoman in northern Michigan vlogs herself building a modular house (ongoing). A designer researches sustainable homes and decides to bui … | Continue reading

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What is "knolling"?

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash"... a totally different organizational method born from the studio practices of artists, designers, and DIYers that involves laying out related objects—paint pens and ink markers, wrenches and chisels, metal chains of all sizes—in a precise but s … | Continue reading

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Wild About Harry?

Spare Barnes & Noble by Phillip Pessar (cc by)There's an interesting ongoing discussion of "Spare" in FanFare with a 2-part extensive summary in the comments. | Continue reading

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rainbow unicorn butterfly kitten by dogwelderHi, gang! I made this, and I've still got the psd file laying around here to prove it! Oh hey, it turns out Metafilter member dogwelder is the original rainbow butterfly unicorn kitten creator. "My friend's daughter wanted a rainbow un … | Continue reading

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Brr ⛄️

Shelters strategically placed along routes that are far from town and stocked with emergency blankets, clothes, cots, food, first aid, and other supplies you may need if you're caught out in a storm or experience an injury.Tedious posts about infrastructure ... but in Antarctica! … | Continue reading

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"There's No False Valour In Autism"

mandalaZumbador has assembled an amazing, expansive collection of helpful links about autism in adults."Where possible I've prioritised resources created by neurodivergent people." | Continue reading

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Organizing A Life

In Ask Metafilter, artisthatithaca asks How Do You Keep Track of Your Life? "I need a system! I need ... something! I've got my work and life calendar under control, but I need a place to keep all the little tidbits I notice, ideas, writing, things from books, lists of books I've … | Continue reading

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Every Day is Caturday

Credit: US Army Corps of Engineers/Public DomainYou are the Army Corps of Engineers. You design a cat calendar. | Continue reading

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"Need More Suggestions!"

Sparton "Saguenay" Television (Model 23M4-C), circa 1960 - Advertising Postcard by Shook Photos (cc by)We watch entirely too much TV. Help us watch more. In Ask Metafilter, paper scissors sock is looking for the crime drama and dark comedy/dramedy sweet spot. | Continue reading

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Bubble, Without Toil Or Trouble

Bubble Tea by ljguitar (cc by)All The Ways To Make Bubble Tea. Interactive bubble tea with 12,775,875 possible combinations! | Continue reading

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Best Dam 3 Minutes On Youtube So Far This Year

Rescue beaver makes Christmas dam in house Also, Describe your dog's tail. | Continue reading

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Signups for the 6th Annual Mefi Valentine Mail Exchange have begun! | Continue reading

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"Each weekday, you receive a new task to get your living space clean, bright, and ready for the new year. Come join us for asynchronous cleaning, accountability, and conviviality": mochapickle has posted a group thread in IRL for the Apartment Therapy January Cure 2023, starting … | Continue reading

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Cozy New Year

cozy by maisha.paradox (cc by-nc)In Ask Metafilter: "I want to have a nice cosy new year's weekend - good food, crazy cats, and something nice to read/fun to watch. The first two are covered, but suggest me something for the rest?" | Continue reading

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"Waves Of Fuzz"

By Wednesday - https://wednesdayband.bandcamp.com/album/i-was-trying-to-describe-you-to-someone-2The New Wave Of American Shoegaze - "While there're so many revelatory new sounds coming out of Philly, the reason we're on the crest of a New Wave of American Shoegaze, not just one … | Continue reading

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How To Remember Things You Learn At An Inconvenient Time

brain mechanics by lady-traveler (cc by-nc)"If someone tells me something or asks me to do something while I'm already doing a task, I will say "sure" and immediately forget the thing they told me, forever. Since most of my time is spent in tasks, that means I forget almost every … | Continue reading

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Some Very Good Links

Legend of Zelda Wallpaper art by PigMasterOraZelda Day 2022: 841 facts you probably didn't know about Zelda games | Continue reading

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Favorite Internet Radio Stations

Radio dial by Honou (cc by)In Ask Metafilter, COD is looking for the best streaming radio recommendations | Continue reading

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9th Annual MST Club Xmas Video Marathon: "Going from the early morning on December 23rd (going by US Eastern time) and going to midnight December 25th and usually a bit beyond, three solid days of riffing, weird movies and Christmas specials! It all takes place in MST Club's vide … | Continue reading

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Idle Hands

In Ask Metafilter, Browser based games that don't require commitment or much attention? | Continue reading

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The Tiny Paris Pastel Shop That Changed Art History

"The Maison du Pastel shop, off rue Rambuteau, opens only on Thursday afternoons. In this small window of time, Isabelle and Margaret serve their customers like they are selling elixirs for the soul." ... If you missed it, this post on La Maison du Pastel, the Parisian shop selli … | Continue reading

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Cool and Chill

Mefites are sharing some of their favourite winter images in the Solstice art thread | Continue reading

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Tenement Town

This is great: Uncovering Edinburgh's forgotten lives, one stair at a time. "Each entry starts with a specific Edinburgh front door and takes us step by step through 200 years or so of the individuals who've lived there." | Continue reading

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About Those Tidings ...

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplashlimoncello asks, How do I plan a joyful 2023? | Continue reading

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oed 008 by freeformkatia (cc by-nc-nd)Everything you didn't know you wanted to know about "countersink": xueexueg drills down on the etymology. | Continue reading

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"My Patients Aren't Fools"

Slow dancing: No music, no partner by brendan ó séSo I'm a family doc and I've spent the last ten years doing addiction & HIV medicine out of a syringe exchange in a large city on the east coast. Fentanyl has been the predominant street-obtained opioid for several years here, oft … | Continue reading

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Reminder: Here is the Metafilter events list at eventbrite, with several events remaining for this final week, through Sunday ✨ | Continue reading

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Posts Recently Flagged As "Fantastic"

Wow! by id-iom (cc by-nc)Books of the Year, etc.Your platform is not an ecosystemprivatization, technological innovation & other familiar bromidesMaterial Innovationcat-related Christmas tree security attempts.... Cookie Monster. | Continue reading

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The Secret Sauce

⭐️ MetaFilter Events: Week 4 -- For the final week of 2022's Metafilter Events, it's MetaFilter Week! Get to know Jessamyn and the admin, meet the Steering Committee, discover the secret sauce in MetaFilter's approach to moderation, check out creative performances by fellow Mefit … | Continue reading

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🗣 MetaFilter Fundraiser Auction - How it went and what we're planning: all about how the inaugural auction turned out, and what's coming up! | Continue reading

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A Reader's Treasure Box

Under the stars by Fan.D & Dav.C Photgraphy (cc by)IYKYK, but Wobbuffet has made a list, and that's always a reason to celebrate. This one breaks out recommended books that authors have enjoyed reading this year, plus adds links to excellent readable online works by each of those … | Continue reading

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Podcast 189: Snowperson Trauma is now up! | Continue reading

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The Flowers

detail of painting by Jan Davidsz de Heem, Vase with Flowers, circa 1670A touching reminder that sometimes people are really grand, actually. | Continue reading

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How To Take It Easy?

anyone for a cuppa? by conall.. (cc by)I am very good, very very good, at taking it easy. It's the thing I do best. You could say I'm a C1 in lounging about. Here are my hottest tips ... | Continue reading

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Show-off Cookies?

Top view Closeup mini cookies in vintage box with paper by shixart1985 (cc by)In Ask MetaFilter, What are the fanciest cookies, besides macarons? | Continue reading

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MetaFilter Events: Week 3

This week, we're moving on to themes and topics around social justice, government, policy and research. You'll learn more about advocacy and activism — and how you can have your voice heard on issues that matter to you! | Continue reading

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Podcast 188: 'Big Stride Moonshot' is up! 🎧🌙🚀💫 | Continue reading

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No Longer To Praise

07 pole by london road (cc by)A very interesting discussion of architecture, operational energy, design, density, carbon costs, and urban planning in this thread. | Continue reading

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