US sues Edward Snowden for failing to submit book to government for clearance

The Justice Department said it was seeking to recover "all proceeds earned by Snowden because of his failure to submit his publication for pre-publication review in violation of his alleged contractual and fiduciary obligations." | Continue reading | 14 hours ago

Bill Gates gave away $35B this year but his persona net worth didn't drop

Microsoft founder Bill Gates added $16 billion to his net worth this year, despite giving away over $35 billion to charity, according to Bloomberg. | Continue reading | 1 day ago

Amazon Music HD promises high quality music, difference hard to hear

Amazon launched new Music HD, which promises CD-quality music that's better than services such as Spotify. So I tried to see if I could tell the difference. | Continue reading | 1 day ago

Facebook Partnering with RayBan to Develop AR Glasses

Facebook has partnered with Ray-Ban maker Luxottica to develop augmented-reality glasses, people familiar with the matter told CNBC. The glasses, code-named 'Orion,' are being developed in Redmond, Washington, and would allow users to take calls, show information to users in a sm … | Continue reading | 1 day ago

Elon Musk testified he worried Thai cave diver might be 'another Epstein'

New court filings reveal that Elon Musk's family office spent tens of thousands on a private investigator to dig up details about Thai cave rescue hero Vernon Unsworth, after Musk called him a "pedo" on Twitter. | Continue reading | 1 day ago

Google Pixel 4 announcement set for Oct. 15

Google on Monday sent out invites for an event in New York City where it is promising new products. The Pixel 4 is expected to make its official debut. | Continue reading | 2 days ago

19% of Americans are considered ‘upper class’ – here’s how much they earn

About one-fifth of American adults live in "upper-income households," according to a 2018 report from Pew Research Center. Here's the median income of that group. | Continue reading | 2 days ago

19% of Americans are considered ‘upper class’

About one-fifth of American adults live in "upper-income households," according to a 2018 report from Pew Research Center. Here's the median income of that group. | Continue reading | 2 days ago

Apple is becoming a camera company

Apple's new iPhones can still send texts, download apps, and make video calls, but the company spends a lot of time and effort marketing its new phones as powerful photography machines. | Continue reading | 3 days ago

‘Stop the WeWork deal’ – Cramer says embattled IPO could wreck the market rally

WeWork should pull its IPO because the negative sentiment around slashing its valuation could be contagious in the overall stock market, says CNBC's Jim Cramer. | Continue reading | 4 days ago

Democratic FTC comm:We’re not going to fix Big Tech monopolies with little fines

Chopra's remarks on antitrust concerns come hours after the House Judiciary Committee said it requested documents from Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google. | Continue reading | 4 days ago

Bob Iger Resigns from Apple Board

Disney's forthcoming Disney+ will compete with Apple's Apple TV+ in the online streaming service market. | Continue reading | 5 days ago

MoviePass will shut down for good on Sept. 14

MoviePass announced on Friday it's shutting down and ending service for all subscribers on Sept. 14. | Continue reading | 5 days ago

Average FICO score hits all-time high

Your credit score plays a big role in daily life. It can determine the interest rate a consumer is going to pay for credit cards, car loans and mortgages — or whether they will get a loan at all. | Continue reading | 5 days ago

Apple disputes negative Goldman call hitting the stock, says TV+ will not have ‘material impact’

Apple told CNBC in a statement that it does not expect the launch of Apple TV+ "to have a material impact on our financial results," as Goldman estimated. | Continue reading | 5 days ago

Cloudflare stock pops 22% in first day of trading

The web security company made started trading on the public markets | Continue reading | 5 days ago

Budget deficit smashes $1T mark, the highest in seven years

The total shortfall rose to nearly $1.07 trillion, thanks to a difference between revenue and expenses of more than $214.1 billion in August. | Continue reading | 5 days ago

FDA approves GE AI system to detect collapsed lungs

The FDA grants clearance to GE Healthcare's new artificial intelligence-powered X-ray device for patients suffering from a collapsed lung. | Continue reading | 5 days ago

Whole Foods to cut health-care benefits for 1,900 part-time employees in 2020

Less than 2% of its workforce, or 1,900 employees, will no longer be eligible for medical coverage in 2020. | Continue reading | 5 days ago

Google antitrust investigation to focus on advertising business

A new report said investigators are asking Google to provide explanations and documents related to online advertising. | Continue reading | 5 days ago

It now costs $350k a year to live a middle-class lifestyle in a big city

You can certainly live on less, but it won't be easy if your goal is to raise a family in a big city, save for your children's education, save for your own home and save for retirement (so you can actually retire at a reasonable age). | Continue reading | 7 days ago

Stanford psychology expert: Making kids indistractable

Want to raise smart and successful kids? Teaching them how to stay focused and indistractable is a skill that will serve them well no matter what life path they pursue. Here's how to do it. | Continue reading | 7 days ago

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey scores $1B+ valuation for virtual border wall

Anduril, the start-up founded by Palmer Luckey, has secured a funding round, with money from Andreessen Horowitz, valuing the defense company at over $1 billion. | Continue reading | 7 days ago

Airbus testing “cabin of the future” collecting data on passengers

Airbus is testing connected aircraft that would monitor everything from the use of its lavatories, how much food is consumed and how many bags are in its bins. | Continue reading | 7 days ago

WeWork presses on with IPO, ignoring pleas from Softbank

he WeWork initial public offering is full speed ahead, sources familiar with the matter tell CNBC's David Faber. | Continue reading | 8 days ago

Apple’s original TV service will cost $4.99 a month and launch Nov. 1

Apple released new details for its new product, Apple TV+, as it enters the increasingly competitive streaming space. | Continue reading | 8 days ago

Bill Gates: I met with Epstein because “he knew a lot of rich people”

The billionaire founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, tells The Wall Street Journal he never had meetings with Epstein at which women were present. | Continue reading | 8 days ago

WePay launches faster payments to Chase accounts

Same-day deposits could give JP Morgan an edge as it faces fintech competitors that have taken the payments world by storm. | Continue reading | 8 days ago

McDonald’s acquires A.I. company to help automate the drive-thru

Apprente, a Silicon Valley company founded in 2017, uses artificial intelligence to understand drive-thru orders. | Continue reading | 8 days ago

China will win the trade war and wean off American technology in 7 years

"China will never trust the United States again, and it will achieve its technology independence within seven years," said David Roche, Independent Strategy's president and global strategist. | Continue reading | 8 days ago

Jack Ma steps down as Alibaba's chairman

Jack Ma, along with 18 others, founded Alibaba in 1999 and worked out of his apartment. Now the company is China's biggest e-commerce player, expanding into areas like cloud and food delivery. CNBC takes a look at the key moments in Alibaba's history. | Continue reading | 8 days ago

Facebook warns about iPhone privacy change that could unsettle Facebook users

The blog post appears to be a way to get out in front of software changes made by Apple and Google that could unsettle Facebook users given the company's poor reputation for privacy. | Continue reading | 8 days ago


In videos shared online and with CNBC, Tesla drivers were caught apparently asleep at the wheel, a violation of the company's terms of use for Autopilot. | Continue reading | 8 days ago

Real US debt levels could be 2,000% of economy

Putting all that together paints a daunting picture but one that requires nuance to understand. Paramount is realizing that not all of the debt obligations are set in stone. | Continue reading | 9 days ago

Google faces a new antitrust probe by 50 attorneys general

The news follows the announcement of a joint state Facebook probe led by the attorney general of New York. | Continue reading | 9 days ago

Tim Cook Needs to Step Down: Angel Investor Jason Calacanis

Dan Niles, AlphaOne Capital Partners founding partner; Jason Calacanis, angel investor and first round Uber investor; Dick Costolo, former Twitter CEO, join "Fast Money Halftime Report" in San Francisco to discuss Apple and why they're turning away from the stock. | Continue reading | 9 days ago

JP Morgan index to measure impact of Presidential tweets on financial markets

President Trump's market-moving tweets most often address trade and monetary policy, with keywords including "China," "billion" and "products." | Continue reading | 10 days ago

America’s aging population is leading to a doctor shortage crisis

As America's population ages and demand outpaces supply, a physician shortage will intensify. | Continue reading | 10 days ago

Sam Zell slams WeWork: ‘Every single company in this space has gone broke’

Office-sharing firm WeWork is not doing anything new, argues the Chicago billionaire real estate investor. | Continue reading | 12 days ago

Puma Fossil Group smartwatch price and specs

Puma on Thursday announced it will launch its first smartwatch, in partnership with American brand Fossil Group. | Continue reading | 12 days ago

Alphabet’s legal chief, already in hot water over relationship, married employee

The marriage comes as Drummond, who made more than $47 million in 2018, toes the line of company policies discouraging employees from dating subordinates, a source of significant employee discontent at the tech giant. | Continue reading | 13 days ago

Porsche debuts Tesla’s newest competition with the all-electric Taycan

The company unveiled its first fully electric car, the Taycan, at simultaneous events in Germany, China and Niagara Falls, Ontario, on Wednesday. | Continue reading | 13 days ago

Slack plunges 15% after hours after reporting their first earnings report

Slack's revenue got impacted in its first earnings report as a public company by service issues that caused the company to offer credits to customers. | Continue reading | 14 days ago

Gut health startup uBiome files for bankruptcy five months after FBI raid

UBiome said a statement that it will continue to sell some tests to consumers as it seeks a buyer. | Continue reading | 14 days ago

YouTube will pay $170M to settle claims it violated child privacy laws

The FTC's probe found that the company violated privacy policies aimed at protecting children. | Continue reading | 14 days ago

Walmart’s CEO on pulling back on ammunition sales, asking the government to act

Walmart on Tuesday announced major changes to its stance on ammunition sales, following two deadly and "horrific" shootings at Walmart stores over the summer. | Continue reading | 14 days ago

WeWork CEO returns $5.9M the company paid him for ‘We’ trademark

WeWork CEO Adam Neumann has returned about $5.9 million worth of stock that was originally paid to him to acquire the trademark "We." | Continue reading | 14 days ago

The Big Short’s Michael Burry says he has found the next market bubble

Michael Burry, one of the first investors to call and profit from the subprime mortgage crisis, is seeing a similar bubble in passive investing, according to Bloomberg News. | Continue reading | 14 days ago