When Intel calls, Skype listens (2006)

Making a conference call from a dual-core PC? You'll be able to dial in more people if it doesn't have AMD chips, Intel and Skype say. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 day ago

The Far Side cartoonist Gary Larson debuts first new comics in 25 years

Cow monsters, aliens, and bears, oh my! Larson releases on his website the first set new of comics since his retirement in 1995. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 6 days ago

The luxury nuclear bunker protecting the mega-rich from the apocalypse

A climbing wall, a waterslide, a gun range... preparing for nuclear war just got deluxe. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 6 days ago

Apple's 'walled garden' walls will get even higher

The tech giant is building long-requested features into iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and MacOS Big Sur that tie the devices together, giving people fewer reasons to try competing options. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 8 days ago

2020 Space Calendar

Keep track of every rocket launch, mission to Mars, eclipse, meteor shower and more. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 11 days ago

BMW considering monthly subscription model to enable heater seating in cars

As services-based economies sweep every industry, it's time for the automotive realm to carry on. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 11 days ago

How the Apple Watch tracks sleep — and why

Apple Watch chief Kevin Lynch explains the company's sleep approach in a conversation with CNET. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 13 days ago

We deciphered all of the complicated 5G speak, so you don't have to

Here's what you need to at least sound like you know what you're talking about when it comes to the next-gen mobile network. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 13 days ago

Bluetooth Face Mask

It was really only a matter of time. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 16 days ago

Uber, Lyft may be forced to make drivers employees

The state's attorney general files a preliminary injunction against the ride-hailing companies. Meanwhile, drivers protest in front of Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi's house. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 17 days ago

Playstation announces bug bounty program

Hacking the PS4 could get you $50,000 or more from Sony. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 18 days ago

Everything you need to know about watching the Broadway smash hit online, including the Hamilton trailer. Plus, details about how to stream on your TV, phone or desktop. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 18 days ago

Collision between black hole and 'mysterious object' puzzles astronomers

Ripples in space-time hint at a black hole or a neutron star like we've never seen before. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 19 days ago

Republicans push bill requiring tech companies to help access encrypted data

The proposed legislation is Congress' latest attempt to weaken encryption from tech giants. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 19 days ago

Tech giants blast Trump executive order suspending H-1B visas

Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft among giants criticizing order that prevents highly skilled foreign citizens from entering the US through the end of the year. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 20 days ago

The music industry has been rocked by technology since CNET's start in 1995 and so has how we discover, create, collect and listen to it. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 21 days ago

Merchants pull out of Amazon Auctions (2002)

Some companies complain that shoppers are confused by auctions of items that are also available at retail prices. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 25 days ago

FCC has 'serious doubts' about SpaceX's broadband service

The agency said it doesn't believe low earth orbiting satellite broadband services like SpaceX's Starlink can meet latency requirements for its rural subsidy program. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 25 days ago

Scientists find way to pollinate plants with soap bubbles as bees decline

"Whimsical" experiments with a bubble gun, a pear orchard and a drone show the new technique has promise. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 25 days ago

Private Facebook groups are using 'Justice for George Floyd' as a cloak

Experts say these groups serve to indoctrinate and radicalize like-minded people with racist rhetoric. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 27 days ago

KFC trolls Sony and Microsoft with fake console reveal

The fast food chain trolls Sony and Microsoft on social media with its own fake console reveal. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 27 days ago

SpaceX launches 58 more Starlink satellites in Saturday ride-share mission

For its third launch in two weeks, Elon Musk's rocket company sends more Starlink satellites and three Planet Labs satellites to orbit. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 28 days ago

Sony Playstation CEO says PS5 design is 'bold, daring and future facing'

The PlayStation head, in an interview with CNET, discusses the new PS5 design, launch games like Spider-Man, and pre-orders. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

'Master' and 'slave': Tech terms face scrutiny

During Black Lives Matter protests, a movement grows to update terms used with hard drives, camera flashes and databases. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

Hydrogen fuel could be as cheap as gas in 5 years, study finds

That not to say the infrastructure or fuel-cell technology will be ready for primetime by then, but it's promising. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

Amazon announces one-year pause on police use of its facial recognition tech

The moratorium follows protests against police brutality and criticisms against Amazon's ties to law enforcement. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

Encrypted messaging app Signal adds facial recognition protection for protesters

Signal adds a blur tool that can obscure faces. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

CES 2021 plans to be live in Las Vegas physically and digitally

One of the world's largest tech events will look a little different next year. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

Singapore to launch wearable device for coronavirus contact tracing soon

The new device can reportedly be worn on a lanyard or carried in a bag. You won't need a phone to operate it. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

Google faces $5B lawsuit for tracking people in incognito mode

The search giant is accused of invading the privacy of millions of Americans. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

Volkswagen makes official investment in Argo AI, will share costs with Ford

Ford says VW's investment not only helps both automakers, but gives Argo AI scale like no other company. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

Trump got the FCC involved in his war against Twitter

President Trump has put the anti-regulation FCC into an awkward spot as he asks the agency to police social media sites for political bias. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

Technologies that have changed the world

For better or worse, these techs and gadgets changed our lives in the past quarter century. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

Google sued by Arizona over location data and alleged consumer fraud

The search giant collects data without users' "consent or knowledge," Arizona's attorney general claims. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

Brave builds privacy-focused video chat right into its browser

Inviting others to a videoconference is as simple as sharing a web address -- if they already have Brave installed. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

Clearview AI faces lawsuit over gathering people's images without consent

The ACLU is suing the facial recognition firm in Illinois, the only state with a privacy law on biometrics. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

Bezos defends Amazon firing of activist employees

At the company's shareholder meeting, Bezos says Amazon has "no problem" with employees rights to protest. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

HBO Max launches May 27: Discounts, free upgrades, shows and movies to expect

The service will include all of HBO's shows and movies, plus extra licensed content and exclusive originals. Do you qualify for a free upgrade? | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

Google won't be fully remote, CEO says

"I expect us to need physical spaces to get people together," Sundar Pichai says. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

Uber has paid out $19M in aid to drivers, but it's not enough

Commentary: That sounds like a big number, but it's not enough to help the company's 1.3 million North American drivers amid the coronavirus pandemic. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

iPhone's Face ID now unlocks faster when you wear a face mask. Here's what to do

Apple's latest iPhone update, iOS 13.5, makes it easier to wear a face mask and use Face ID. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

US recession? Unemployment, the current situation and where to get help

Economists suggest a recession is looming. Here's what that means for the economy and you. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

Face mask selfies could be training the next facial recognition tool

Researchers are crawling the internet for photos of people wearing face masks to improve facial recognition algorithms. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

Unitree A1 looks like Boston Dynamics' Spot robot but costs less than $10K

The A1 from Unitree isn't the first advanced quadruped robot we've seen, but it may be the most affordable. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

Zoom outage affects many users in US, UK

Users report being unable to host or join videoconference calls. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

Tesla poised to reveal 'million-mile' battery as soon as this year

It's not the first we've heard of a long-lasting Tesla battery with greater long-term performance and charging capability, and it could come this year. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

Apple Arcade on TV: Seven months later, still not much progress

Apple's subscription game service still doesn't translate all that well to the big screen. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago

Apple buys NextVR, which broadcast sports and music in virtual reality

It's the latest sign that Apple is closer to revealing its augmented reality and virtual reality headset. | Continue reading

@cnet.com | 1 month ago