Binance CFO Says Crypto Exchange Looking to Add New Stablecoins

Binance sees stablecoins like tether, and potentially the Gemini Dollar, as "critical for our ecosystem," the exchange's chief financial officer says. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Ripple's Head of Information Security Leaves for Token Startup

Sujay Jaladi will leave Ripple to join another blockchain startup, Harbor. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Tezos Is Giving Away Grant Money to Crypto Developers

The Tezos Foundation is launching a grant program to encourage its community to participate on its platform starting next month. | Continue reading | 5 years ago

Many ICOs May Be Frauds, Says Hong Kong Securities Watchdog

The deputy head of Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission has taken a skeptical tone in statements on initial coin offerings. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Shot Taiwanese Bitcoin Miner Blames Trading Crackdown in China

Toughened bitcoin trading rules in mainland China may have led to a Taiwanese bitcoin miner being shot by gangland investors, a report suggests. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

New Regulation for Crypto? US Senate Hearing Rekindles Debate

A hearing at the U.S. Senate Tuesday saw top lawmakers debate the need for new legislation to increase crypto industry oversight. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

BIS Chief Slams Bitcoin As Ponzi Scheme and Threat to Central Banks

The head of the Bank for International Settlements has blasted bitcoin as "a bubble," "a Ponzi scheme" and an "environmental disaster." | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Warren Buffet's Railroad Firm Joins Blockchain Alliance

A major U.S. freight railroad network operator owned by Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway has joined the Blockchain in Transportation Alliance. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Taiwan Official: Government Should Prepare for Crypto Collapse

A senior official from Taiwan's executive branch has cautioned on the potential impact of cryptocurrencies on the island's financial stability. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Bitcoin's Price Has Nearly Unwound Its Futures Boost

Futures may have boosted bitcoin above $10k, but it appears that rally has all but unwound. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Sanctions Showdown Looms for US and Cryptocurrency

If OFAC turns its eye toward cryptocurrencies, it could be only a matter of time before it makes an example of one or more entities to send a message. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Singapore Lawmakers Question Prime Minister Over Crypto Regulation

Members of Singapore's parliament have asked if the government will reconsider the country's stance on cryptocurrency regulation. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Cryptocurrency Market Drops to Lowest Value Since November

The total value of all cryptocurrencies fell to $276 billion today – the lowest level since Nov. 26. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

CFTC to Take 'Do No Harm' Approach on Crypto Regulation

The chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission has spoken of the need for balance when regulating cryptocurrencies. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

ICO Tokens Are Already Changing Traditional Startups

Crypto tokens are making some companies, especially those with existing virtual currency businesses, rethink the way they make a profit. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Coinbase Confirms 4 Banks Blocking Bitcoin Purchases on Credit Cards

Coinbase has confirmed that users from four banks in the U.S. are now barred from buying cryptocurrencies using credit cards. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Bitcoin Slumps to 12-Week Low Below $6K

Bitcoin prices plunged to a 12-week low below $6,000 this morning, reporting double-digit percentage losses amid a continued crypto market sell-off. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Ex-PayPal President: Facebook Messenger Unlikely to Support Crypto

Facebook Messenger is unlikely to adopt cryptocurrencies soon, says vice president of messaging David Marcus. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Augur Ahead? One of the Oldest ICOs Is Close to Going Live

When Augur first goes live, it's going to invite everyone to break the protocol. But don't worry, it's all part of the plan. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Korean Exchange Halts Trading Over KYC Concerns

South Korea cryptocurrency exchange Coinpia has halted trading amid concerns it has been unable to comply with new government rules. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Startup Raises $20 Million to Build 'YouTube on the Blockchain'

Silicon Valley startup Lino has raised $20 million to take on YouTube with a decentralized, blockchain-based platform. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Illinois Eyes Blockchain for IDs and Public Asset Management

An Illinois government task force is eyeing blockchain tech in the management of state citizens' identification and tokenizing public sector assets. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

When Crypto Exchanges Hold More Than Your Money

Regulators want cryptocurrency exchanges to know who their customers are – but that requires these companies to collect very sensitive information. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Bitcoin Sinks Below $10k After $133 Billion January Loss

Bitcoin has seen huge loses since early January, and may drop below $9,000 if the bulls don't take charge. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Cloud Network Xunlei Hit By Class Actions Over ICO Activity

China-based cloud content delivery network Xunlei has been hit by two class action suits over alleged illegal ICO activity. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

China's Cheetah Mobile Launches Cryptocurrency Wallet

Chinese mobile app company Cheetah Mobile has released an Android-based digital wallet for ethereum and bitcoin. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Alt-Right ICO? Social Network Gab to Sell $10M in Tokens

A controversial social network seeks funding via an ICO to develop its platform for those disaffected by today's social media monopoly. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Cambridge Blockchain, IHS Markit Ink KYC Partnership

Cambridge Blockchain has partnered with IHS Markit to help financial institutions resolve compliance issues relating to know-your-customer information | Continue reading | 6 years ago

This Startup Lost $160 Million But Still Wants to Shake Up Ethereum

After a year in which the company suffered a high-profile hack, ethereum startup Parity is now moving forward on key project development. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

FedEx Moves Forward With Blockchain Logistics Plans

Global shipping company FedEx has become the latest to join the Blockchain in Transport Alliance. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

NEM Foundation: Stolen Coincheck Funds Not Sent to Exchanges

The 58 billion yen worth of XEM tokens are on the move, according to the NEM Foundation, but no attempt to sell them on exchanges has been made. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

SEC, CFTC Chiefs Set for Senate Crypto Hearing Next Week

The heads of the SEC and the SEC are set to testify on cryptocurrencies before Congress next week. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

KodakCoin Token Sale Delayed By 'Several Weeks'

Photo company Kodak announced it was delaying its token sale by "several weeks" on Wednesday, the day it was originally supposed to launch. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Square Adds Bitcoin Buying for More Cash App Users

Digital payments company Square has rolled bitcoin payments out to most of its Cash App users. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Bitcoin Tax Payments Bill Advances in Arizona

Lawmakers in Arizona have advanced a proposal that would allow residents in the state to pay their taxes in bitcoin. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Italy's Economy Minister Blasts Crypto Market Bad Behavior

Italian Economy Minister Pier Carlo Padoan warned on Wednesday that cryptocurrencies are dangerous, but that blockchain technology is not to blame. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Venezuela's President Announces 'Petro' Token Pre-Sale

The president of Venezuela has said the pre-sale of the country's proposed oil-backed cryptocurrency will launch next month. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

US Court Freezes BitConnect Assets as Lawsuits Mount

A temporary restraining order freezing BitConnect's assets has been granted in the U.S. after a second lawsuit was filed against the exchange Monday. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Bull Breakout? LSK Jumps 60 Percent on Exchange Listing

The price of the cryptocurrency LSK saw a boom Wednesday on news it will list on a major exchange and see a rebranding soon. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Crypto Exchange Bittrex Outlines Token Listing Criteria

Cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex has exclusively shared with CoinDesk its list of criteria for listing and delisting tokens on its platform. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

State Retirement Funds in Tennessee Could Face Bitcoin Restriction

Tennessee lawmakers have put forward a new bill that would bar state government retirement funds from investing in cryptocurrencies. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Davos Elites Still Don't Get Blockchain

"It's not useful for anything," Krugman and his cohort claim. The problem of this blinkered mindset is that it fails to recognize the cost of trust. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Bitcoin Back Above $10K But Gains Could Be Short-Lived

Bitcoin is back above the $10,000 mark, but may soon head back below $9,800, the technical charts indicate. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Line Pay App to Launch Cryptocurrency Services

Japanese messaging app provider Line Corporation has announced the launch of a new company that will provide in-app cryptocurrency services. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

Samsung Is Now Building Bitcoin Mining Chips, Report Says

Samsung is manufacturing bitcoin mining chips in partnership with an unidentified Chinese firm, according to an Asian news report. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

South Korea Won't Ban Crypto Trading, Says Minister

South Korea does not intend to "ban or suppress" cryptocurrency trading, the country's finance minister said today. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

The New "It" Blockchain Projects Investors Want to Fund

With ICO burnout coming, investors at the Blockchain Connect conference last week discussed what projects really pique their interest. | Continue reading | 6 years ago

South Korea: Cryptos Mixed up in $600 Million Illegal Forex Trade

The South Korea government is investigating the use of cryptocurrency in illegal foreign currency exchange, according to a statement. | Continue reading | 6 years ago