Weekly Platform News: Mozilla WebThings, Internet Explorer mode, GraphQL

In this week's news: Mozilla WebThings provides complete privacy for user data, an Internet Explorer mode is coming to Edge, and other interesting articles. | Continue reading

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The Power of Serverless v2.0! (Now an Open-Source Gatsby Site Hosted on Netlify)

I created a website called The Power of Serverless for Front-End Developers over at thepowerofserverless.info a little while back while I was learning | Continue reading

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The Browser Can Remember Edited Content

You can make the text inside any HTML element editable by adding the contenteditable attribute. Hey, I'm like a textarea kinda now! I wouldn't say there | Continue reading

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Getting Started with React Testing Library

I can guess what you are thinking: another React testing library? So many have already been covered here on CSS-Tricks (heck, I’ve already posted one | Continue reading

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What Does it Mean to Be “Full Stack”?

I was asked this recently by a fellow developer who was at the same web tech conference I was at. This developer had met a lot of new people who literally | Continue reading

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How I Use CleanMyMac X

: I'm a lifelong Mac user. Ever since our family upgraded from a Commodore 128 to an Apple Macintosh Performa 636 (CD) when I was in middle school, I've | Continue reading

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The “Inside” Problem

So, you're working on a design. You need a full-width container element because the design has a background-color that goes from edge-to-edge | Continue reading

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Creating a Diversity Scholarship Program for Your Conference

My partner and I ran a design and development conference company for eight years. During that time, we produced hundreds of hours of conferences, both | Continue reading

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Footnotes That Work in RSS Readers

Feedbin is the RSS reader I'm using at the moment. I was reading one of Harry's blog posts on it the other day, and I noticed a nice little interactive | Continue reading

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About inputmode

The inputmode global attribute provides a hint to browsers for devices with onscreen keyboards to help them decide which keyboard to display when a user | Continue reading

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Weekly news: PWA Issue on iOS, Performance Culture, Anti-Tracking in Browsers

In this week's news: resolving an issue when restarting progressive web apps in iOS, why The Telegraph now vets all scripts before they make it to their codebase, and Microsoft plans to add tracking prevention to the Edge browser. | Continue reading

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Iterating a React Design with Styled Components

In a perfect world, our projects would have unlimited resources and time. Our teams would begin coding with well thought out and highly refined UX | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 9 days ago

A Deep Dive into Native Lazy-Loading for Images and Frames

Today's websites are packed with heavy media assets like images and videos. Images make up around 50% of an average website's traffic. Many of them, | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 10 days ago

Integrating Third-Party Animation Libraries to a Project

Creating CSS-based animations and transitions can be a challenge. They can be complex and time-consuming. Need to move forward with a project with little | Continue reading

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Change Color of SVG on Hover

There are a lot of different ways to use SVG. Depending on which way, the tactic for recoloring that SVG in different states or conditions — :hover, | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 12 days ago

SVG Properties and CSS

There are many Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), but only certain attributes can be applied as CSS to SVG. Presentation attributes are used to style SVG | Continue reading

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Deploying a Client-Side Rendered create-react-app to Microsoft Azure

Deploying a React app to Microsoft Azure is simple. Except that... it isn’t. The devil is in the details. If you're looking to deploy a create-react-app — | Continue reading

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Weekly Platform News: Feature Policy, Signed Exchanges, iOS browsers

👋 Hey folks! This is the first edition of a new weekly update we'll be posting that covers timely news at the intersection of development | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 15 days ago

The Thinking Behind Simplifying Event Handlers

Events are used to respond when a user clicks somewhere, focuses on a link with their keyboard, and changes the text in a form. When I first started | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 16 days ago

A Few Functional Uses for Intersection Observer to Know When an Element is in View

You might not know this, but JavaScript has stealthily accumulated quite a number of observers in recent times, and Intersection Observer is a part of | Continue reading

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Why, How, and When to Use Semantic HTML and ARIA

Semantic HTML and Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) help create interfaces that work for everyone in the most performant, robust, and simple | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 18 days ago

A CSS Golfing Exercise

Code golfing is a type of programming where the goal is to accomplish a task using as few bytes as possible. CSSBattle is a code golfing battleground | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 19 days ago

Making the Move from jQuery to Vue

As someone who has used jQuery for many. years and has recently become a Vue convert, I thought it would be an interesting topic to discuss the migration | Continue reading

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Currently Reading: Progressive Web Apps by Jason Grisby

I’ve been reading Jason Grigsby’s new book on progressive web apps this past week and it’s exciting. Jason explains what PWAs are and how they work while | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 22 days ago

Making Web Components for Different Contexts

Let’s talk about how to work with Web Components, what to consider when making them, and how to embrace them in your projects — By Mattia Astorino | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 23 days ago

The Many Ways of Getting Data Into Charts

Data is available everywhere nowadays, whether it’s in a plain text file, a REST API, an online Google sheet… you name it! It’s that variety of context | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 24 days ago

The Simplest Ways to Handle HTML Includes

It's extremely surprising to me that HTML has never had any way to include other HTML files within it. Nor does there seem to be anything on the horizon | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 25 days ago

Revisiting prefers-reduced-motion, the reduced motion media query

Two years ago, I wrote about prefers-reduced-motion, a media query introduced into Safari 10.1 to help people with vestibular and seizure disorders use | Continue reading

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Oh, the Many Ways to Make Triangular Breadcrumb Ribbons

Oh, the Many Ways to Make Triangular Breadcrumb Ribbons Let’s have a look at how we can create a row of links that sorta run into each other with a | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 26 days ago

Look Ma, No Media Queries Responsive Layouts Using CSS Grid

Not only has CSS Grid reshaped the way we think and build layouts for the web, but it has also contributed to writing more resilient code, replacing | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 27 days ago

The Power of the rgba() Color Function in CSS (2016)

One of the things that I'm really interested in about CSS is the new color-mod function. It will give us the ability to do color manipulations right in | Continue reading

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BEM 101

The following is a collaborative post by guest Joe Richardson, Robin Rendle, and a bunch of the CSS-Tricks staff. Joe wanted to do a post about BEM, which | Continue reading

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I Tried Browsing the Web Without CSS

CSS is what gives every website its design. Websites sure aren’t very fun and friendly without it! I’ve read about somebody going a week without | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 29 days ago

Interviewing for a Technical Position Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Jacob Schatz is a staff engineer over at GitLab and was kind enough to share how he conducts job interviews for technical positions and his thinking | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 29 days ago

Using Parcel as a Bundler for React Applications

You may already be familiar with webpack for asset management on projects. However, there’s another cool tool out there called Parcel, which is comparable | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 1 month ago

That Time I Tried Browsing the Web Without CSS

CSS is what gives every website its design. Websites sure aren’t very fun and friendly without it! I’ve read about somebody going a week without | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 1 month ago

Who Are Design Systems For?

Specific design systems, I mean. Design systems, as a concept, are something just about any site can benefit from. A lot of hype goes into design systems | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 1 month ago

The Circle of a React Lifecycle

A React component goes through different phases as it lives in an application, though it might not be evident that anything is happening behind the | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 1 month ago

Netlify Functions for Sending Emails

Let's say you're rocking a JAMstack-style site (no server-side languages in use), but you want to do something rather dynamic like send an email. Not a | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 1 month ago

Could Grouping HTML Classes Make Them More Readable?

You can have multiple classes on an HTML element: Nothing incorrect or invalid there at all. It has two classes. In CSS, both of these will apply: .module | Continue reading

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So, You Wanna Submit a Proposal to Speak at an Event

You’ve been scouring the web for upcoming events. You’ve subscribed to Developer Avocados and you’ve bookmarked conferences.css-tricks.com. And now you’ve | Continue reading

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Tabs: It’s Complicated™

I've said before one quick and powerful thing you can learn as a front-end developer just getting starting with JavaScript is changing classes. const | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 1 month ago

How to Get a Progressive Web App into the Google Play Store

PWA (Progressive Web Apps) have been with us for some time now. Yet, each time I try explaining it to clients, the same question pops up: "Will my users | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 1 month ago

Faking env() to Use it Now

There is already an env() function in CSS, but it kinda came out of nowhere as an Apple thing for dealing with "The Notch" but it has made it's way to be | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 1 month ago

Creating Reusable Base Classes in TypeScript with a Real-Life Example

Hey CSS-Tricksters! Bryan Hughes was kind enough to take a concept from an existing post he published on converting to TypeScript and take it a few couple | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 1 month ago

Clever code

This week, Chris Ferdinandi examined a clever JavaScript snippet, one that's written creatively with new syntax features, but is perhaps less readable and | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 1 month ago

The Power of Named Transitions in Vue

Vue offers several ways to control how an element or component visually appears when inserted into the DOM. Examples can be fading in, sliding in, or | Continue reading

@css-tricks.com | 1 month ago

A Website is a Car and Not a Book

I’ve been wondering for a good long while why it feels like web design and development isn’t respected as much as native app development= and why the | Continue reading

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