This is why it's such a crime that the NYT got rid of Donald MacNeil. This piece belongs in the NYT, not on a Medium site that almost no one sees. | Continue reading | 1 month ago

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Ring Vaccination Won’t Stop Monkeypox. Can Montreal?

The WHO may soon declare a global emergency. Montreal has abandoned ring vaccination. In the U.S., we’re counting on ring-vaxing and… | Continue reading | 11 months ago

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All epidemics end, even the Black Death and Spanish Flu. But it won’t be abrupt, and mine may end before yours does. | Continue reading | 2 years ago

I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Lab-Leak Theory

Read writing from Donald G. McNeil Jr. on Medium. New York Times, 1976–2021. Global health beat 2002–2021. Last assignment: lead reporter on the Covid-19 pandemic. | Continue reading | 2 years ago

How I learned to stop worrying and love the lab-leak theory

In early spring 2020, I reported an article for The New York Times on which I put the tentative headline: “New Coronavirus Is ‘Clearly Not… | Continue reading | 2 years ago

As has been described elsewhere, this was a Times “Student Journey” arranged by the Putney School in Vermont. They’re expensive, and most… | Continue reading | 2 years ago

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NYTimes Peru N-Word, Part Two: What Happened January 28?

At 11:17 A.M. on January 28, I got an email from the Daily Beast. It was from Lachlan Cartwright, and said: | Continue reading | 2 years ago

On February 5 this year, one week after an article about me appeared in the Daily Beast, The New York Times announced that I would be… | Continue reading | 2 years ago