Wonders of Google Street View

You know those funny or weird screenshots from Google Street View that enter your feed every now and then? Sometimes there’s an odd-looking building or a person in a puzzling situation. Neal … | Continue reading

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✚ Eggtastic Graph

It is okay to fill the void with something fun.Tags: audience, egg, purpose | Continue reading

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Sankey diagrams to show change in opinion

For Bloomberg, Joe Mayes, Andre Tartar, and Demetrios Pogkas show shifts in public opinion in the UK, based on Bloomberg UK’s Levelling Up Scorecard. I’m into the gradients to show the opinio… | Continue reading

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Shifts in time on the Doomsday Clock

The Doomsday Clock is a metaphorical clock that symbolizes a catastrophic end to the planet due to human self-destruction. Midnight represents an event and the time represents the “minutes… | Continue reading

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Evolution of George Santos’ biography

George Santos, currently a U.S. representative, seems to lie about his background and qualifications. Someone will look into the details, show that they’re questionable, and the Santos story … | Continue reading

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Stripper earnings tracked over four years

Reddit user nerdydancing tracked her earnings on each shift for four years. If any dataset promised stories behind each data point, it is probably this one. | Continue reading

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Battling plant extinction

In a story about how scientists are using drones to fight plant extinction, Reuters Graphics uses a blend of video, illustration, and statistical graphics. I like the part in the middle where the m… | Continue reading

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Generating music from text

Researchers at Google built a model that generates music based on brief text descriptions: We introduce MusicLM, a model generating high-fidelity music from text descriptions such as “a calmi… | Continue reading

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Differing approaches between SpaceX and NASA of sending rockets to the moon

For The Washington Post, William Neff, Aaron Steckelberg, and Christian Davenport show the contrast between NASA and SpaceX using a scrolly tour through 3-D rocket models. | Continue reading

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✚ Visualization Tools and Learning Resources, January 2023 Roundup

Here's the good stuff for January.Tags: roundup | Continue reading

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Misuse of the rainbow color scheme to visualize scientific data

Fabio Crameri, Grace Shephard, and Philip Heron in Nature discuss the drawbacks of using the rainbow color scheme to visualize data and more readable alternatives: The accurate representation of da… | Continue reading

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Cinematic visualization

Using the third dimension in visualization can be tricky because of rendering, perception, and presentation. Matthew Conlen, Jeffrey Heer, Hillary Mushkin, and Scott Davidoff provide a strong use c… | Continue reading

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✚ How to Animate Packed Circles in R

Pack circles, figure out the transitions between time segments, and then generate frames to string together.Tags: animation, R | Continue reading

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Mass shootings calendar

A shooting in Monterey Park, California on Lunar New Year’s eve left 11 people dead. It was the 33rd mass shooting in the United States — for the month. For The Washington Post, Júlia L… | Continue reading

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Unreturned Native American remains

A law was passed in 1990 that allowed Native American tribes to request remains unrightfully attained by museums and universities. Many of those remains have not been returned because of a loophole… | Continue reading

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Mixed Feelings of Happiness and Meaning

Happiness and meaningfulness in what we do do not always go together.Tags: time use, well-being | Continue reading

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Meaning of the Chinese New Year meal

In celebration of Chinese New Year, Julia Janicki, Daisy Chung, and Joyce Chou rotate through the traditional foods served with an illustrated Lazy Susan. | Continue reading

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Reservoir refills in California

There’s been a lot of rain in California, which has been good to relieve some of the pressures from drought, at least in the short-term. For The New York Times, Elena Shao, Mira Rojanasakul, … | Continue reading

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Manual removal of harmful text to train AI models

AI training data comes from the internet, and as we know but maybe forget sometimes, there are harmful areas that are terrible for people. For Time, Billy Perrigo reports on how OpenAI outsourced a… | Continue reading

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✚ More Noise, Better Signal

Sometimes the noise, something we often try to minimize in data, makes for a better signal.Tags: noise, uncertainty | Continue reading

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Barely a map of the west coast

Barely Maps is an ongoing project by Peter Gorman that shows geographic data as barely a map. Gorman strips away almost all context to the edge before being too abstract to comprehend. The above is… | Continue reading

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Scrolly video JavaScript library

ScrollyVideo.js is a JavaScript library that makes it easier to incorporate videos in a scrollytelling layout. The examples look really straightforward, which means I’m saving this for later. | Continue reading

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Snow cover mapped using snowflakes

To show snow cover across the United States, Althea Archer for the USGS used hexbins, but instead of hexbins, she used snowflakes. Archer provided her R code and outlined her process in a blog post… | Continue reading

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Tracking hundreds of pizza slices

For eight years, Liam Quigley tracked every slice of pizza he ate in New York City, which added up to 454 slices. Quigley did not rate the slices to “avoid controversy and bribes”, but … | Continue reading

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✚ Alternative Ways to Represent Data

We've seen data in many forms, but we should dig deeper into using our other senses.Tags: senses | Continue reading

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Happiness and Meaning

There there are things that make us happy. There are things where we find meaning in the everyday. What are the things that give us both?Tags: time use, well-being | Continue reading

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Origins of the world map

Mapping the entire planet is not exactly a straightforward thing to do, especially during a time when there weren’t any flying objects to take photographs from above. Jeremy Shuback rewinds a… | Continue reading

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Tom Brady of other jobs

Tom Brady, the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is 45 years old, which makes him the oldest player in the National Football League. Francesca Paris, for NYT’s The Upshot, places Brad… | Continue reading

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Bias in AI-generated images

Lensa is an app that lets you retouch photos, and it recently added a feature that uses Stable Diffusion to generate AI-assisted portraits. While fun for some, the feature reveals biases in the und… | Continue reading

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Generative AI trade-offs

People have been having fun with generative AI lately. Enter a prompt and get a believable body of text, or enter descriptive text and get a photorealistic image. But as with all things that are fu… | Continue reading

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Every hour tracked, for five years

In the department of tedious and thorough, Reddit user _tsweezy_ tracked every hour of his life for five years. It’s like a personal American Time Use Survey diary for slightly longer than a … | Continue reading

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When Americans Are Happiest

What people are doing when they are happy and not, from age 20 to 70.Tags: happiness, time use, well-being | Continue reading

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Animal extinction over time

Animals are going extinct at a faster rate. Reuters shows a developing pattern across species: Losing hundreds of species over 500 or so years may not seem significant when there are millions more … | Continue reading

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Names that are more dog or more human

There appears to be a trend of using human names for pets. Alyssa Fowers and Chris Alcantara, for WP’s Department of Data, asked the natural questions that come after: “How human is you… | Continue reading

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Mapping the sea floor

Jon Keegan on how USGS researchers collected data for 125 square miles of sea floor: In 2004 and 2005, two research vessels, Ocean Explorer and Connecticut set off into the waters off Cape Ann, Mas… | Continue reading

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✚ Visualization Tools and Learning Resources, December 2022 Roundup

The year's almost up, so let's get right into it. Here's the good stuff for December.Tags: roundup | Continue reading

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Best Data Visualization Projects of 2022

Every year, I pick my favorite data visualization projects, which tend to cover a wide range of purposes but are typically for presentation. Here are my favorites for 2022.Tags: best-of | Continue reading

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Southwest flight cancellations

There were a lot of flight cancellations this week, but Southwest Airlines is on another level. This straightforward chart by Matt Stiles for CNN says it all. | Continue reading

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Apply your daylight saving preferences to the rest of the country

We like to complain about changing time an hour back or forward, and usually it’s in the context of our own geography. Maybe one area gets a lot of later sunsets, but then another gets much l… | Continue reading

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Inevitably super rich

Sometimes it feels like a foregone conclusion that most of the money ends up with a small percentage of people. Alvin Chang, for The Pudding, describes the Yard-sale model, which shows how such a s… | Continue reading

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✚ Finding the Point

Visualization for the sake of visualization is a drag and fleeting. Find purpose for your work.Tags: meaning, purpose | Continue reading

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Lord of the Rings and Santa Venn diagram

Kaitlyn Facista, of Tea with Tolkien, made a four-part Venn diagram that shows the intersection between Gandalf, Dark Lord Sauron, and Tom Bombadil from Lord of the Rings and Santa Claus. | Continue reading

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Visual exploration through emotional granularity

We often talk about emotions in more basic terms, such as disgust, joy, sadness, and anger, but of course it goes deeper than that. When talking to others, it helps to have the words to express the… | Continue reading

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Carbon footprint in the city versus the suburbs

Bringing it down the Census tract level, Nadja Popovich, Mira Rojanasakul and Brad Plumer, for The New York Times, mapped emission estimates so you can see the impact of your neighborhood: A map of… | Continue reading

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VIS 2022 talks are online

With the holidays just about here, I’m sure there’s nothing you’d rather do more than listen to hours of visualization research talks from VIS 2022. Lucky for you: all the talks a… | Continue reading

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xkcd on optimal bowling metrics

xkcd charted optimal bowling in terms of aim, speed, spin, and weight. This…Tags: bowling, humor, xkcd | Continue reading

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Stable Diffusion to generate spectrograms to convert to sounds

Stable Diffusion is an AI model that lets you enter text to generate images. Spectrograms visually represent sound. Seth Forsgren and Hayk Martiros combined the two for Riffusion, which lets you en… | Continue reading

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✚ Mistaken Error

That can't be for real, right? Right? A basic chart is not quite what it seems.Tags: error, mistake | Continue reading

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