Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

Sometimes when people do bad things, alarm bells go off. Other times the act flies under the radar — because the only person who knows about the deed is the person committing it. They oftentimes dismiss the incident as unimportant because they didn’t get caught — and think that m … | Continue reading

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25 Ways to Avoid a Lifetime of Regret

Generally, when you make a mistake, you learn from it and move on. In other cases, however, poor choices become deeply ingrained as habits — which can lead to a lifetime of regret. Here are 25 choices that can change your life forever… Do you: Surround yourself with top-notch peo … | Continue reading

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How to Spot a Two-Faced Hypocrite

Do you know people who are phony? Two-faced hypocrites quickly give themselves away by their behavior. Here are 23 ways to spot one. | Continue reading

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Why It’s So Important to Set Achievable Goals

Why is it important to set achievable goals? When you set ambitious goals, it’s exciting, exhilarating, and if you hit your targets, you’ll receive well-deserved positive recognition. On top of that, thinking big and reaching for the stars is a no-lose proposition. If you achieve … | Continue reading

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Are You Living the Life That You’re Meant to Live?

Are you living the life that you’re meant to live? Don’t just look. See. Don’t just hear. Listen. Don’t just be available. Be present. | Continue reading

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99 Ways to Be More Selfless

Some people confuse giving with sacrificing. They think when they give something away, they’re giving something up — one minute you have it and the next minute you don’t. But the truth is, if you don’t want anything in return for your kind gesture, you gain as well. The recipient … | Continue reading

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What Turns Customers Off?

What turns customers off? Are you or your organization guilty of any of these twelve actions (or inactions)? | Continue reading

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Nobody Can Do This, Except You

Do you want some great advice? I’ll give it to you, even though you probably won’t listen. That’s because if you’re like most people, you receive advice almost every day, and even though it’s sound, you don’t act upon it. Mind you, it comes from folks with excellent qualification … | Continue reading

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What Would You Give Up to Get What You Want?

Life is about trade-offs. After all, you can’t spend money like a drunken sailor and simultaneously build a substantial nest egg, nor can you stuff your face with junk food and expect to lose weight. (At least I haven’t found a way.) This principle applies to most choices in life … | Continue reading

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Are You Selfless or Selfish?

When most folks hear the word selfish, they think of Scrooge-like people who won’t part with money or their highly prized possessions. True. But being selfish is not always about money. In fact, some of the greatest gifts don’t have any monetary value. To put it simply, you don’t … | Continue reading

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Are You Honorable or Afraid of Getting Caught?

Are you honorable or afraid of getting caught? Determine if the following 15 points are clear in your mind. | Continue reading

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Terrible Role Models Make Great Teachers

Everyone knows someone who’s a terrible role model. Some folks have character flaws; they’re rude, selfish, entitled, mean-spirited, or deceitful. Others exhibit poor behavior; they treat people like dirt, break promises at the drop of a hat, and refuse to accept responsibility f … | Continue reading

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Do You Want to Be Heard or Understood?

Did you ever attend a party where one person dominates the conversation? They think they’re on stage, performing for an audience. Similarly, have you ever attended a meeting where one person rambles on and on and on? I assume they’re trying to make a point, but for the life of me … | Continue reading

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It Can Be Lonely to Stand Up for What’s Right

It can be lonely to stand up for what’s right. Quite frankly, it’s hard to remain true to your values when you’re pressured to abandon them, call out bad behavior when everyone looks the other way, and tell the truth when you know you’ll become the object of scorn. You may get bu … | Continue reading

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How to Tell If Your Information Is Accurate

How much of what you hear or read from friends, colleagues, leaders, and so-called experts is accurate, objective, fair, and comprehensive? | Continue reading

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Good Times Build Confidence…Bad Times Build Character

When times are good, people are upbeat. They think the sky’s the limit and good times will last forever. On the other hand, when times are tough, people get anxious, gloomy, and even lash out at others. They think, “Why Me?” Then, they proceed to blame the world for their circums … | Continue reading

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How to Turn a Wrong Into a Right

It’s great to have strong convictions and believe in yourself — to a degree. But there comes a point at which people become so wedded to their ideas, that they never consider, much less admit, that they just might be wrong. I guess that’s human nature. But it’s a colossal mistake … | Continue reading

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What If Everyone Did the Bare Minimum?

What would happen if everyone did the bare minimum? Essentially, you wouldn’t have to work hard, and you’d live a pressure-free life. On the other hand, you’d have food served to you on dirty plates, salesclerks who’d gossip with coworkers rather than help you, and people who’d s … | Continue reading

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How to Determine If Someone Is Trustworthy

Think about why you trust some people and mistrust others. Here are 25 ways to determine if someone Is trustworthy. | Continue reading

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Live with Grace and Dignity

Do you find that there’s less dignity and grace today? There’s no escaping folks who rant on social media, flaunt their success, and rip you apart if you’re not in complete agreement with their views. What happened to folks with class — people who set high standards for themselve … | Continue reading

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A Game Plan to Encourage Greater Civility

When I was a consultant, my desk was cluttered with stacks of paper that were piled to the sky. I had an unwritten rule: What I did in my personal space was my business. But the rule wasn’t valid in common areas because it would infringe on other people. I apply that principle to … | Continue reading

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Poor Habits Lead to Poor Results

We perform several routines each day without even thinking about them. In fact, I wake up approximately the same time each morning, grab a cup of coffee (like my life depends on it), and check my email every few minutes. The problem is that some of our routine activities are coun … | Continue reading

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33 Expressions That Have Stood the Test of Time

Do you remember pearls of wisdom that you heard growing up? They were valuable lessons that were passed down from people who cared about you. In fact, I’m sure you imparted the same wisdom to others you know as well. Some of the expressions served as inspiration while others offe … | Continue reading

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Ask Yourself What Really Matters

How much time do you waste on unimportant stuff? The truth is that many folks get excited when they buy a new toy, get a few likes on social media, or receive a compliment about how they look. In fact, buying something on sale or being told they don’t look their age can make thei … | Continue reading

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Why Are People So Surprised When Someone’s Polite?

Are you surprised when folks have good manners? While common courtesy was expected years ago, courteous behavior is scarce today. In fact, some say that decency and grace are more the exception than the rule. What does it take to pick up after yourself, be respectful of others, o … | Continue reading

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What Were You Thinking?

It’s not easy to become a champion. After all, your courage will be summoned, your strength will be challenged, and your resilience will be put to the test. But one thing is clear: Making it to the top is tough. And while it’s one thing to lose to a competitor, it’s quite another … | Continue reading

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Money Is Only One Form of Wealth

You’re rich when you learn that the best things in life are free. Here are 10 factors, other than money, that contribute to your wealth. | Continue reading

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Meet Author, Frank Sonnenberg

This interview was first published by The Bookshelf Café August 2, 2022. Please meet author, Frank Sonnenberg. Would you work for no pay? You might if you were compensated by knowing that you’re making a difference. As Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life ar … | Continue reading

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Which One of You Will Show Up Today?

Have you ever taken a shower when one minute the water’s cold and the next minute it burns you? It’s unnerving. If you’re like me, you’re uptight for the rest of the shower because you’re afraid it’ll happen again. That said, do you know people who run hot and cold? They’re in a … | Continue reading

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One Day Isn’t Enough to Express Your Gratitude

Just think how much parents give up for their children and what soldiers sacrifice for their country. A lot, right? So why do we pause only one day each year to express our appreciation? After all, do you think that saying thank you one day a year — Mother’s Day or Veterans Day — … | Continue reading

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50 Signs of Rude Behavior

Some people think that having wealth, power, or status gives them the right to be rude. Other folks don’t know how to behave or simply don’t care how they treat others. Shame on them! The signs are too familiar. You have to wonder what they’re thinking or whether they’re even thi … | Continue reading

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Your Code of Conduct Defines You

Never lower your standards, compromise your integrity, or dishonor your name. Your code of conduct defines you,. | Continue reading

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Can You Count on Yourself?

Do you remember learning how to ride a bicycle? You probably first rode a tricycle and thought you were the king of the world. Then came the “big kid bike” with training wheels. WOW. But when those training wheels came off, it all came down to you. Yikes. If you were anything lik … | Continue reading

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Are You Down in the Dumps? Take This Challenge

How much of your day is consumed by negative thoughts? Take this challenge. For the next week, there will be no complaining, no worrying, no judgement, no jealousy, and no self-defeating thoughts. That means that you must be optimistic, see the good in everything, and be a positi … | Continue reading

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Do What Matters Most to You

It doesn’t matter whether you’re rich or poor, powerful or weak, young or old — everyone has the same amount of time each day. What you do with that time is your choice and your choice alone. You can invest it or fritter it away. You can focus on priorities or waste it on meaning … | Continue reading

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Life Lessons: Become The Best Version Of Yourself

To My Readers:  I’m honored to republish, with permission, Life Lessons: Become The Best Version of Yourself by Rodger Dean Duncan that first appeared in Forbes August 9, 2022. In it, he interviewed me about important life lessons. — Frank Sonnenberg Life Lessons: Become The Best … | Continue reading

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How to Overcome Negativity in Your Life

Are you feeling blue? One of the culprits of being unhappy is the amount of negativity that you have in your life. The fact is, worrying, judging, fearing, complaining, envying, blaming, hating, and seeking revenge are destructive, debilitating, and emotionally draining. For illu … | Continue reading

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3 Amazing Words That Can Change Your Life

If you want to buy a house, conventional wisdom says that you need to focus on three words — location, location, location. At the same time, if you want to lead a productive and meaningful life, three amazing words can change your life — do what’s right. Do you: Live with honor a … | Continue reading

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How to Bring Out the Best in People

Do you consider yourself a good friend or colleague? Before you answer that question, ask yourself, “Do I bring out the best in people?” After all, you can be a good friend — kind, dependable, and selfless — yet not bring out the best in others. Do You Inspire People to Be Their … | Continue reading

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30 Practical Tips for Living the Golden Rule

There are many ways to incorporate the precepts of the Golden Rule into your daily life. Here are 30 tips for living the Golden Rule. | Continue reading

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Finding the Right Answer Begins with the Right Question

Ancient Greek Philosophers, such as Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, were among the greatest thinkers ever known. They laid the foundation for Western thought and continue to influence our world today. One of Socrates’ most valuable contributions — the Socratic method of teaching … | Continue reading

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The Top Reason People Fall Short of Their Goals

Why do people fall short of their goals? Is it their inability to overcome obstacles and bounce back from failure? Or is it something more basic? One telltale sign of trouble is how a person reacts to disappointment. Do they claim the setback is out of their control or do they ac … | Continue reading

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Give This Some Thought

Give this some thought. Never risk the things that’ll matter most to you one day because you feel the urge to satisfy yourself today. | Continue reading

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How to Hold Yourself Accountable

How many times have you abandoned your New Year’s resolution? Do you often backpedal on a commitment, telling yourself you will “do it tomorrow” — but tomorrow never comes? You’re not alone. While you may have the best of intentions, your follow-through leaves a little to be desi … | Continue reading

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Think Before You Act

We’re all human. That explains why we sometimes think in the short term, crave instant gratification, and yield to temptation. After all, nobody’s perfect. But although these behaviors may offer momentary pleasure, eventually we have to deal with the negative consequences of our … | Continue reading

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Inner Peace — Be Cool, Calm, and Collected

Some folks are successful, but everyone knows how they achieved that success. Achieve inner peace — Be cool, calm, and collected. | Continue reading

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Knowing Isn’t Doing

How many times did your parents say, “What goes around comes around?” I’m sure they’re not the only ones who gave you guidance. Your doctor probably told you to exercise and eat well, your coach taught you to master the fundamentals, and even your conscience got into the act by t … | Continue reading

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Do You Crave Acceptance?

How far would you go to win acceptance? Would you lower your standards, mimic inappropriate behavior, or compromise your values to please others? Or are you unwilling to sacrifice your principles for any price? It’s easy to say that you’ll lower your standards, one time, to gain … | Continue reading

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