Why self-checkout is and has always been the worst

Automation is often presented as an inexorably advancing force, whether it’s ushering in a threat to jobs or a promise of increased leisure or larger profits. We’re made to imagine the robots rising, increasingly mechanized systems of production, more streamlined modes of everyda … | Continue reading

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What Consciousness Looks Like

Most of the time, it’s easy to tell when someone is consciously aware. But there are many tragic cases when it’s unclear whether a person who is unresponsive after a serious brain injury is truly no longer conscious. That ambiguity can raise ethical questions about how to manage … | Continue reading

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The Brilliantly Insane Plan to Reconstruct Leonardo Da Vinci's Genome (2016)

An international team of scholars has just unveiled plans to science the shit out of Leonardo da Vinci, the man who gave us the Mona Lisa and envisioned futuristic technologies like helicopters and tanks 500 years ago. Goals of the fledgling “Leonardo Project” include recovering … | Continue reading

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Reddit, Banned in China, Set to Land $150M from Tencent, a Censorship Powerhouse

Who really thinks about where the money is coming from as long as you get the money? | Continue reading

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The Star Trek: Discovery cast sings an ode to nerds in Rent parody

Nerds: they’re what makes the world go round. Well, the smart ones do, while the rest of us just watch lots of Star Trek. | Continue reading

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