When is it safe to burn fields? In Thailand, farmers can turn to a new app to check.

Researchers at Chiang Mai University developed a system that aims to reduce deadly smog from agricultural burning, while shifting the blame away from farmers. | Continue reading

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The $1.7 billion bet on American-made EVs, explained by the Secretary of Energy

Jennifer Granholm tells Grist why the Biden administration is paying to convert auto plants into ones that can churn out EVs. | Continue reading

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Timeline: The Georgia Public Service Commission’s key decisions  

A look at the state board’s most important moments in the last 15 years, from new nuclear reactors and gas plants to lawsuits and bill increases. | Continue reading

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Meet the jacked vegan strength athletes defying stereotypes

These powerlifters and strongmen are lifting heavier weights with a diet that's lighter on the planet. | Continue reading

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Homeowners associations in Michigan now have to allow rooftop solar

A new law makes it difficult for HOAs to say no to sun power. | Continue reading

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Dangerous heat grips the US for another record-shattering summer

The longer this lasts, the deadlier it gets. | Continue reading

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Can a new version of Catan, the cult-favorite board game, make climate change fun to talk about?

I'll trade you a brick and a sheep for an energy token. | Continue reading

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FEMA will now consider climate change when it rebuilds after floods

The federal agency is overhauling its disaster rules in a bid to end a cycle of rebuilding in unsafe areas. | Continue reading

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How the last queen of Hawaiʻi is influencing the debate over deep-sea mining

As the UN weighs ocean floor mining, Hawai'i just banned the practice. | Continue reading

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‘Sip, return, repeat’: How this California city is trying to normalize reusable cups

Restaurants in Petaluma are collaborating on a novel experiment to reduce plastic waste. | Continue reading

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Climate change has forced America’s oldest Black town to higher ground

Princeville, North Carolina, is relocating with help from a new federal grant. But much of its history has already been lost. | Continue reading

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Taking a train during a heat wave? Watch out for ‘sun kinks’

As tracks heat up, they expand and buckle. That's forcing rail operators to adapt as the climate warms. | Continue reading

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What is a liquid? Utilities sue to avoid coal ash cleanup — and lose

With the definition resolved, will the EPA come for polluting coal plants? | Continue reading

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Farmers and EU face off over bogs, Ireland’s largest carbon store

Irish farmers have been burning carbon-rich peat to heat their rural homes for generations, but the practice has come under fire. | Continue reading

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Colorado’s dirty secret: A $500 billion mining industry built on Indigenous land

A new report says that it’s only a fraction of the almost $2 trillion the state has made on stolen land. | Continue reading

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Barbara Kingsolver on climate change: ‘Words are what I have to offer’

The novelist explains why she wrote a pledge for the American Climate Corps. | Continue reading

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To save the Amazon, what if we listened to those living within It?

Aiming to prevent “climate and ecological collapse,” rainforest inhabitants release a detailed plan to save their home, honing in on ending fossil fuel subsidies and securing Indigenous land rights. | Continue reading

@grist.org | 5 days ago

Inside the University of Chicago’s controversial solar geoengineering initiative

The university is attempting to position itself as the place for serious scientific consideration of Earth system interventions aimed at reversing or counteracting climate change. | Continue reading

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Albuquerque made itself drought-proof. Then its dam started leaking.

Cities across the West rely on fragile water sources — and aging infrastructure. | Continue reading

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How America’s ‘most powerful lobby’ is stifling efforts to reform oil well cleanup in state after state

In New Mexico, oil companies agreed to work with regulators to find a solution to the state’s more than 70,000 unplugged wells. After months of negotiations, the industry turned against the bill it helped shape. | Continue reading

@grist.org | 8 days ago

No Parm, no problem: How modern chefs are veganizing the Caesar salad

On its 100th birthday, the Caesar is still king of salads — even without the cheese, anchovies, and egg. | Continue reading

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These TV shows are leaving emissions on the cutting room floor

As climate themes become more common onscreen, the entertainment industry is also grappling with how to decarbonize. | Continue reading

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The quick, quiet death of Biden’s natural gas export pause

Climate activists saw the policy as a major win. It fizzled out within six months. | Continue reading

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A Biden effort to conserve oceans is leaving out Indigenous peoples, report finds

U.S. Pacific territories bear the burden of marine protected areas while missing out on economic benefits. | Continue reading

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Biden admin unveils first-ever heat protections for workers. Here’s what to know.

The proposal comes as Americans endure another summer of record-breaking temperatures. | Continue reading

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These Supreme Court decisions just made it harder to solve climate change

Four key rulings limiting federal power will curtail the ability of the EPA and other agencies to write and enforce climate policies. | Continue reading

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How to create a ‘world without waste’? Here are the plastic industry’s ideas.

A deep dive into the petrochemical industry's proposals for the global plastics treaty. | Continue reading

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Hurricane Beryl makes landfall, fueled by record-breaking ocean heat

No storm in recorded history has reached Category 4 this fast, this early. | Continue reading

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The Biden administration is inching closer to a heat standard for workers — if the election doesn’t doom it

The long-awaited rule could be finalized before November, but it faces political hurdles either way. | Continue reading

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Controversial measure overturning oil well restrictions won’t be on California ballot

The decision to withdraw the ballot measure means that state rules protecting homes and schools near oil and gas wells will go into effect. The companies say they will challenge the law in court. | Continue reading

@grist.org | 12 days ago

Flouting Biden pause, agency approves largest LNG terminal in US

Whether the Louisiana project is built may hinge on federal study of climate and economic impact of the burgeoning liquefied natural gas industry. | Continue reading

@grist.org | 13 days ago

The Supreme Court overturns Chevron doctrine, gutting federal environmental protections

Scrapping the legal precedent could send a "convulsive shock" to decades of federal environmental, financial, and healthcare regulations. | Continue reading

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The Tule River Tribe of California recruits an old ally in its fight against wildfires: Beavers

Beavers were once abundant in North America. Bringing them back could have serious climate benefits. | Continue reading

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Scientists just got closer to solving a major Antarctic puzzle

Two new papers find threats that climate models haven't accounted for, including a tipping point under the ice. | Continue reading

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How to survive a heat wave on a fixed income

As a scorching summer kicks off, New York City’s cooling centers aren’t up to the task. | Continue reading

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Climate change got a question in the presidential debate. It didn’t get much of an answer.

Biden alluded to the Inflation Reduction Act, while Trump went on an incoherent rant about "H2O." | Continue reading

@grist.org | 14 days ago

Supreme Court blocks an EPA plan to curb ozone air pollution

Environmental advocates say the court’s decision in Ohio v. EPA shows it "is no longer neutral in cases involving environmental regulations.” | Continue reading

@grist.org | 15 days ago

How do you convince someone to live next to a nuclear waste site?

Engineers know how to build a site that can safeguard nuclear waste for 100,000 years. The challenge is convincing people to live next to it. | Continue reading

@grist.org | 15 days ago

The secret to decarbonizing buildings might be right under your feet

It's already happening in Massachusetts. | Continue reading

@grist.org | 15 days ago

Need a new outfit? Try the library.

Serving looks along with books: For 6 weeks last winter, Dover Public Library offered the city an alternative to fast fashion by lending clothes. | Continue reading

@grist.org | 16 days ago

Can Claudia Sheinbaum solve Mexico’s water crisis?

The country’s incoming president made water her “main concern” when she was mayor of Mexico City. | Continue reading

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After SCOTUS decision, Georgia will keep ‘problematic’ voting system for energy regulators

The state's Public Service Commissioners have stayed in office beyond their terms while a Voting Rights Act challenge moved through the courts. | Continue reading

@grist.org | 16 days ago

A group of young people just forced Hawaiʻi to take major climate action

The historic agreement comes two years after 13 youth plaintiffs sued the state Department of Transportation. | Continue reading

@grist.org | 18 days ago

Extreme heat kills 1,301 pilgrims during the Hajj in Mecca

Some Hajj pilgrims say authorities failed to provide adequate water, shade, or medical assistance, which is contributing to the rising death toll. | Continue reading

@grist.org | 18 days ago

The climate case for mock meats is clear. But who can afford them?

An often insurmountable price barrier is keeping many people from buying plant-based alternatives to beef, pork and chicken. | Continue reading

@grist.org | 18 days ago

Pollution from Ohio train derailment reached 110 million Americans

A new study found traces of hazardous chemicals from the East Palestine disaster in 16 U.S. states. | Continue reading

@grist.org | 18 days ago

How a ‘citizen map’ is helping Brazil prepare for its next big flood

In the wake of last month’s disastrous flooding, researchers are asking residents to use their smartphone cameras to document the damage and high-water marks. | Continue reading

@grist.org | 19 days ago

This coal-heavy rural co-op utility is buying its first solar plants

Colorado-based Tri-State will soon serve half its customers’ electricity needs with renewable energy, thanks to new Inflation Reduction Act policies. | Continue reading

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