Miracle Morning Apartment in Kiev by SVOYA Studio

Miracle Morning is apartment with unique philosophy, was discussed on first meet with SVOYA STUDIO. The accent is morning the most ... | Continue reading

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Parkwood Residence Exudes Contemporary Elegance Balanced with a Modernized Industrial Flair

Located in the heart of Forest Hill, Parkwood Residence designed by multidisciplinary Ancerl Studio exudes contemporary elegance balanced ... | Continue reading

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Lopez Island Beach Cabin by Graham Baba Architects

The Lopez Island Beach Cabin features natural materials including exposed wood, iron, glass, and local fieldstone to provide a Pacific ... | Continue reading

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By Removing a Wall Full of Cabinets, this Small Kitchen Feels Larger and Looks Refreshed

Small kitchen require careful design to help them live larger. Before this remodel, this petite kitchen was closed off from the rest of ... | Continue reading

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Silk Road Office, A Space where Colour Palette Coordinates with Form

The Silk Road Office project is a corporate office situated on the 33rd floor of Maike Center, Xi’an High-tech Industries Zone, China. | Continue reading

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Pluspuu Holiday House in the Turku Archipelago on a Spectacular Cliff Plot

The Pluspuu Holiday House is 150 m² in size and features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a large living/dining room. | Continue reading

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Toro Dining Chair by OKHA

The Toro Dining Chair is very comfortable, this is a chair to invest in and merge with both physically and emotively. | Continue reading

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Stuart Silk Architects Designs Useless Bay Beach House, a Waterfront Retreat

The focal point for the Useless Bay Beach House is the dramatic, two-story great room. The space—which includes a dining area at one end ... | Continue reading

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Suncrest Retreat, Orcas Island, a Peaceful Home by Heliotrope Architects

The Suncrest retreat by Heliotrope Architects is located on a 26-acre site composed of a mature Douglas fir and Pacific madrone forest ... | Continue reading

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Foster City Affordable Eichler Remodel by Klopf Architecture

Affordable Eichler Remodel - Klopf Architecture helped them modernize their Eichler with a premium appearance on a reasonable budget | Continue reading

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Square Enix Workspace by Oktra

This was the second time Oktra delivered workspace for Square Enix, meaning their team had total confidence in Oktra’s direction from the ... | Continue reading

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POAN Educational Institution by CUN Design

POAN Educational Institution is located in the local core business district, and supporting facilities in surrounding communities is ... | Continue reading

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Apfelhotel Torgglerhof by noa* network of architecture

The entire Apfelhotel Torgglerhof reflects the nature and passion of its family-owners, whose aim is to make people feel truly at home, | Continue reading

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Stuart Silk Architects Designs Selah Residence, a Modern Stone Farmhouse

Selah Residence, situated high on a plateau in the arid landscape of eastern Washington, offers sweeping views across the agricultural valley | Continue reading

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Hillside Home Retreat by Coates Design Architects

This hillside home retreat is 2600 square feet with two bedrooms. Similar to its sibling shoreline home, Seaview Escape, it is done in ... | Continue reading

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Silver Hair Silver Lining by Sim-Plex Design Studio

Sim-Plex therefore takes the living habits of the silver-haired people as the core of the design, making this project as an example of ... | Continue reading

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Willmott’s Ghost in Seattle by Heliotrope Architects

Willmott’s Ghost is the vision of James Beard Award-winning Chef Renee Erickson. Serving Roman-style pizza al taglio and Italian aperitivo ... | Continue reading

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Grasshopper Courtyard Studio by Wittman Estes

Grasshopper Courtyard Studio offers an alternative density called courtyard urbanism. Maintaining the small footprint of a 1940s house ... | Continue reading

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Magnolia Modern in Seattle by Rerucha Studio

The Magnolia Modern house is laid out on a grid. Structure, materials, windows, and casework, all align to create a harmonious design. | Continue reading

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BeneBaby International Academy by VMDPE Design

The new campus of the BeneBaby International Academy is located over the Lanjiang Hills of the Futian District in Shenzhen, China. | Continue reading

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House Inside a Ruin by ORA Studio

House to house, house inside a ruin. We found a house that suffered significant damage, a former homestead rebuilt under the communist ... | Continue reading

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Furrow Table by Taeg Nishimoto

FURROW table is a prototype of outdoor/indoor side table made of cast concrete for the top, using the corrugated cardboard roll as ... | Continue reading

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Palio Tsifliki House by T&T Architects

The Palio Tsifliki house is built on the far side of a sloping corner lot with dense vegetation. Facing east and south, it is shielded ... | Continue reading

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Railway Residence, Montana by Cushing Terrell

Nestled on 4.5 acres in the eastern outskirts of Whitefish, Montana, the Railway residence is located at the nexus of three ... | Continue reading

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Exhibition Space: Split in Two by Paolo Cesaretti Arch

The exhibition space is divided in two distinct areas with different vocations. The first one is characterized by product-specific ... | Continue reading

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Cozy Apartment in Kyiv for a Family with 3 Kids and a Dog

This cozy apartment in Kyiv consists in two united flats. A huge hall appeared as the result of it. Designed by Bogdanova Bureau | Continue reading

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Outdoor Space for Relaxing and Entertaining / dSPACE Studio

The owners of this property wanted to create outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining. Their vision was to promote an open-air lifestyle | Continue reading

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Verisure Office Design in Newcastle by Oktra

The design of Verisure Office uses the full-height glazed perimeter of the building to preserve natural light levels in the workspace | Continue reading

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Private Office Design in Newcastle by Oktra

The project " Private Office Design " uses the full-height glazed perimeter of the building to preserve natural light levels in the workspace | Continue reading

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White Street Loft by Kimberly Peck Architect

The White Street Loft in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City was purchased by a growing family to make into their family home. | Continue reading

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The Portland Residence on the Island of Montreal: a Full Renovation with Classic, Timeless Lines

The Portland Residence is a historical stone house located in the Town of Mount-Royal, a “model city” built in the early 20th century. ... | Continue reading

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Oxnard Beach House by Montalba Architects

Oxnard Beach House intended to be a second home and gathering point for family and friends. This beach front house combines intimate | Continue reading

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Repose Sofa: How OKHA Designed the Perfect Chaise Longue Sofa

Repose Sofa came about via an interior design project, a coastal villa for which OKHA created bespoke furniture. The open plan living space ... | Continue reading

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Bespoke Romance Showroom by Paolo Cesaretti Arch

Due to pure architectural shapes enhanced by a theatrical use of light, the entire Bespoke Romance showroom space is characterized by a ... | Continue reading

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Clarksville Infill House by Tim Cuppett Architects

Clarksville Infill House located in downtown Austin, was designed to blend within the context of shade trees and bungalows. | Continue reading

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Breezeway House / David Boyle Architect

At Breezeway House, refuge and prospect are found in a garden between the Pine and the Figs. It offers a joyous and engaging destination for .. | Continue reading

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Greenbelt Overlook Residence / Baldridge Architects

The Greenbelt Overlook Residence is a home for a family of three overlooking the greenbelt in Austin, Texas. At once serious and playful, ... | Continue reading

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House Liu in Hangzhou by Bob Chen Design Office

The plan layout of House Liu is quite special. That is why most of the furniture needs to be custom made. By Bob Chen Design Office | Continue reading

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Tsubo Niwa House by Fraher and Findlay

Tsubo Niwa House is a Victorian large single family dwelling situated in Hackney. The client were the founders of Studio XAG. | Continue reading

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Lake Washington House / Suyama Peterson Deguchi

Lake Washington House was conceived as a 21st Century retreat – an escape from expectations of modern life to a lakefront cabin near the city | Continue reading

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Montalba Architects Completes Construction on Airy Venice Beach Home

The Venice Beach home was designed with the intent of blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces to achieve a warm, tranquil home. | Continue reading

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Southeastern Rail Workspace in London by Oktra

The new space of Southeastern Rail Workspace includes a wide range of breakout spaces and work areas suited to different working styles ... | Continue reading

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Lone Pine Compound House by Carney Logan Burke Architects

The Lone Pine compound house is set at the base of the Teton Range in a resort development at the edge of an open valley. | Continue reading

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Historic Details Meet Contemporary Brooklyn Lifestyle

Baxt Ingui Architects has transformed two family house into a spacious single family home suitable for contemporary Brooklyn lifestyle. | Continue reading

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Hufeng Courtyard Model Villa, A Modern and Poetic Chinese-style Dwelling

The Hufeng Courtyard Model Villa showcases a modern Chinese-style dwelling, which incorporates mountain and water elements to interpret ... | Continue reading

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Eva Street House, Major Remodel and Addition in Austin, Texas

Attached to the back of the Eva Street House, a new dining space frames the outdoor entertaining space while opening onto the deck again ... | Continue reading

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South Villa, a Contemporary Five-Story Penthouse in Cape Town

South Villa is a five-story penthouse in the award-winning Clifton Terraces apartments on Victoria Road, Cape Town. By SAOTA, ARRCC and OKHA | Continue reading

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Elemental House, Vermont / Elizabeth Herrmann Architecture + Design

On a rural hillside property encircled by fern-carpeted woods with breathtaking Green Mountain views, owners of the Elemental House ... | Continue reading

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