3D-Printed vibration-powered robots are the size of the world's smallest ant

Researchers have engineered a new type of tiny vibration-powered 3D-printed robots. | Continue reading

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New AI software developed for facial recognition of wild primates

Studying animals in the wild may have become a lot simpler thanks to researchers from Oxford University. | Continue reading

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Bill Gates Is Funding a Chemical Cloud That Could Put an End to Global Warming

Planes would fly at high altitudes, spraying millions of tons of particles around the planet to create a massive chemical cloud that would cool the surface. | Continue reading

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World’s biggest single weather changing project

China is planning on building a large-scale rain-making network to secure water supply. The weather modification system uses chambers to burn fuel to produce silver iodide that forms rain clouds. | Continue reading

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Structural Engineering Mistake Killed 114 People in 1981

The Hyatt Regency Hotel walkway collapse is the worst structural engineering disaster in history that should never have happened. | Continue reading

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Scientists Made a Robotic Hand So Soft It Can Handle a Jelly Fish

A new impressive step in soft robotics. | Continue reading

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Researchers Create Polymer That 'Self-Destructs' Upon Completing a Mission

The technology resembles something out of a spy movie and is currently being developed with support and funding from the Department of Defense. | Continue reading

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Researchers Demonstrate the World’s First Quantum Radar

The device works by using pairs of entangled microwave photons. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 23 days ago

Friction Stir Welding: Principle, Benefits, and Applications

Friction Stir Welding or FSW is a welding method that uses heat from friction to join two metals. Invented in 1991, friction stir welding has since become an industry favorite. | Continue reading

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Mathematics Applied to Kirigami Creates Impressive Shapeshifting Sheets

An old Japanese tradition might help to create an impressive engineering framework. | Continue reading

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NASA Scientists Create Biomarker for the Sleep Deprived

Researchers have come up with a simple and accurate method that tracks eyes to measure sleep loss. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 1 month ago

French Inventor in a Flyboard Finally Crosses English Channel

After failing his attempt last week, the French inventor finally crossed the English channel on his flyboard. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 1 month ago

Einsteins theory of general relativity holds-up for now

Scientists at UCLA studied a star for more than two decades and concluded Einstein's theory of general relativity still holds up. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 1 month ago

Researchers Find Black Nano Gold Can Convert CO2 Emissions to Fuel

Researchers were able to create black nano gold that can be used to convert C02 to fuel. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 2 months ago

3D Model of Stonehenge Proves the Actual Structure Had Excellent Acoustics

A team of researchers have built a 3D model one twelfth of the size of the real Stonehenge, in England. The team discovered the extraordinary acoustic capacities of the structure. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 2 months ago

BMW Says Diesels Will Survive Another 20 Years and Petrol Engines 30

BMW will continue to invest heavily in internal combustion engines for the near future. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 2 months ago

Nuclear Fusion Power in the 21st Century

Nuclear fusion is capable of producing enough power to solve our world’s energy problem, but why aren’t we using it? | Continue reading

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The US Has Generated More Electricity from Renewables Than Coal

Renewables such as wind and solar energy are increasingly becoming a more attractive proposition, for the planet and for businesses. | Continue reading

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What Would a Martian Colony Look Like?

What exactly would a colony on Mars look like and how would it operate? | Continue reading

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Researchers can use brain activity to measure how well you understand a concept

The research team focused on teaching STEM topics to participants in the study and observed how they applied their new knowledge. | Continue reading

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Google's Quantum Processor May Achieve Quantum Supremacy in Months

Hartmut Neven, Google's director of Quantum Artificial Intelligence lab, began to see signs of explosive growth in Google's quantum processing power in December. Now, "Neven's Law," the doubly exponential growth in quantum processing power relative to a classical computer, could … | Continue reading

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Super-Hearing Helps Owl Hunt with Insane Precision

This video explains how the great grey owl uses its hearing to hunt in the Arctic. | Continue reading

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IEEE Bans Huawei Employees from Editing Scientific Papers

Huawei employees have been banned from editing papers and journals related to IEEE due to the export ban imposed by the US government. The academic world is shocked by the news. | Continue reading

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Nasa's Curiosity Confirms Clay on Mars

NASA's rover has found evidence of clay in the rocks on Mt. Sharp on Mars. The exciting news provides scientists better insights about how Mars was formed over billions of years. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 3 months ago

James Webb Telescope Passes Final Thermal Vacuum Test

The James Webb Space Telescope completed its final thermal vacuum tests this week. The powerful scientific instrument is on track to head to space 2021. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 3 months ago

Apple Wins Folding Phone Patent

Apple has won another patent for a folding electronic device, but we are unlikely to see a new product for several years. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 3 months ago

Quantum Algorithms and the Future of Post-Classical Computing

As classical computers approach the physical limits of their power, scientists and mathematicians are preparing for the post-classical world by using quantum algorithms that anticipate and give us a preview of the radically different world quantum computers running quantum algori … | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 4 months ago

Hacking Bodies to Hold Their Breath Underwater for over Fifteen Minutes

These tips and tricks are definitely cool but do not try them at home. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 4 months ago

New Discovery Could Make Methane-Consuming Bacteria the Future of Fuel

The finding could lead to human-made catalysts that can convert methane to readily usable and sustainable methanol. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 4 months ago

Researchers Take the First Steps in Creating a Brain-Like Computing Chip

The optical neurosynaptic network is able to learn from information and use that same information for computing and recognizing patterns. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 4 months ago

Climate Change Is Making Trees Grow Faster

A new study found that Dahurian larch in China's northern forests grew more from 2005 to 2014 than in the previous 40 years. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 4 months ago

Elon Musk's Uber Competitor: Fully Autonomous Tesla Cars Will Pay for Themselves

Tesla CEO says the company plans to introduce a ride-sharing system once the cars become fully autonomous. Tesla owners will be able to make money without needing to do anything. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 4 months ago

A Tesla Model 3 Produces More CO2 Than a Diesel Car, Says New Study

Think tank ifo is revealed that electric cars are not as eco-friendly as they have been made out to be. | Continue reading

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Folding Secrets of Protein Unlocked by Artificial Intelligence

A scientist from Harvard has used Ai to create a method for successfully predicting the folded shape of any protein. The work could have massive implications for the design and development of life-saving medicine. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 5 months ago

Grace Hopper Laid the Foundation for the Information Age (2018)

We look back on how Grace Hopper's groundbreaking work is responsible for the world we live in today. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 5 months ago

Humans Produced Complex Technology Without Understanding It

New research shows that humans had no idea how the complex technologies they developed or used to adapt to the world around them even worked. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 5 months ago

Could Consciousness Come Down to the Way Things Vibrate?

What is consciousness and what causes it? Many great minds have attempted to answer this question, but new research shows the answer might be something as 'simple' as vibrations. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 5 months ago

Boeing receives first public order cancellation

Indonesia's PT Garuda Indonesia airline revealed on Friday that they have sent a letter to Boeing requesting that the aircraft maker cancel their open orders for the embattled and currently grounded 737 MAX 8 aircraft. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 5 months ago

Crypto Exchange Can't Unlock Their Vault, $190m at Risk

Head of Canadian Bitcoin exchange QuadrigaCX dies without telling anyone how to unlock the user’s deposits, which are now feared lost forever. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 7 months ago

Ultra-Thin Device Turns Wi-Fi into Electricity

A new study describes a thin, flexible device that can convert Wi-Fi into DC current, paving the way for wireless powering of electronics over the air. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 7 months ago

The Russian Woodpecker: The Soviet Signal That Could Be Heard on the Radio

The Russian Woodpecker was set of massive antenna arrays built by the Soviet Union during the final stages of the Cold War. They were so powerful they actually interfered with radio signals. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 7 months ago

This Is How Water Towers Actually Work

Water towers are a ubiquitous sight across urban areas, but did you know they do more than just store water? This educational video will give you all the answers. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 8 months ago

NASA Conducting First Real World Test of Its Planetary Defense Spacecraft

NASA will launch its first demonstration of the kinetic impact technique to change the motion of an asteroid in space. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 8 months ago

Clever Robot Can Autonomously Inspect Sewers

ANYmal is a robot designed to traverse subterranean environments. Its international team of creators hopes to develop it to be able to be used in a range of challenging underground environments. | Continue reading

@interestingengineering.com | 8 months ago

Half a Century Lasting Japanese Experiment Creates Stunning ‘Crop Circles’

Taking a half a century to complete, this experiment produced some eye-catching crop circles. | Continue reading

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Boeing Company Opens New Chinese Factory Amid U.S.-Chinese Trade War

Boeing is making big bets on the Chinese aviation market even during US and economic China tensions. | Continue reading

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New Brilliant Iron Molecule May Be the Key to Cheap Solar Energy

A brilliant iron molecule created by researchers is shaping up to offer a less costly alternative for solar energy production in the future. | Continue reading

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China Asks Electric Car Manufacturers to Share Location Data

For companies like Tesla to succeed in China, they'll first have to hand over heaps of information about the people who drive their electric vehicles. | Continue reading

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