A Sublime Mashup of Aretha Franklin’s ‘Chain of Fools’ With Black Sabbath’s ‘Supernaut’

Bill McClintock combined the Aretha Franklin's vocals on "Chain of Fools" with the music of the classic Black Sabbath song "Supernaut". | Continue reading

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Glen Tickle Presents His Full Comedy Special ‘Glen Tickle Against the World Crime League’

Glen Tickle performed a hilarious comedy special about being a comedian during the age of COVID at SteelStacks in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. | Continue reading

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A Unique Bicycle With Tracks as Wheels

Engineer Sergii Gordieiev of The Q, built a unique bicycle that used non-rotating tracks in place of the wheels. | Continue reading

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Single Shot FPV Drone Footage That Follows a Mountain Bike Down an Extremely Steep Trail

Dutch Drone Gods followed Kade Edwards as he conquered the extremely steep Red Bull Downhill Hardline Mountain Track in Wales. | Continue reading

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Trail Camera Captures Skunk Doing a Handstand

The National Park Service shared amusing trail camera footage of a western spotted skunk doing a defensive handstand. | Continue reading

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Bears Provocatively Dancing With Trees to Shed Their Itchy Winter Coats

A clip from the David Attenborough series "Planet Earth II" features bears dancing against trees to shed winter coats. | Continue reading

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Explaining Every Type of Train Railcar

Engineer Grady Hillhouse of Practical Engineering takes a quick deep dive into the different types of railcars for all sorts of trains. | Continue reading

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Bone and Sickle Podcast Presents Trick-or-Treat by Mail

Al Ridenour of the Bone and Sickle podcast announced a special Trick-or-treat by mail option for listeners who join their Patreon. | Continue reading

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Squeaky Door Laughs Like a Cackling Witch

A squeaky door laughed like a cackling witch as it slowly dragged its way along the floor into the closed position. | Continue reading

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The Difference Between Toxic Narcissism and Self Love

The School of Life explains the difference between toxic narcissism and the need to love oneself in order to approach the world confidently. | Continue reading

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The Benefits That Coffee Has For the Human Body

Weird History Food takes a jittery look at how coffee positively affects the human body in truly beneficial ways. | Continue reading

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How the Circadian System in Your Brain Determines If You’re an Early Bird or Night Owl

A TED-Ed lesson written by Jamie Zeitzer PhD explains how the circadian system within the human brain determines sleep cycles. | Continue reading

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Steve Miller Plays an Amazing Live Acoustic Version of ‘The Joker’ on ‘The Howard Stern Show’

Steve Miller performed an amazing live acoustic version of his 1973 hit song "The Joker" in "The Howard Stern Show" studio. | Continue reading

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The Default iPhone Ringtone as Beautiful Piano Ballad

Toronto musician Tony Ann composed and performed a lovely ballad based upon the early default iPhone ringtone/alarm. | Continue reading

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Little Parakeet Makes Tiny Toast in a Tiny Toaster

A little sun conure (sun parakeet) named Ami adorably prepared a lovely breakfast of tiny, bird-sized toast in a tiny toaster. | Continue reading

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Disabled Pig Completely Captures Her Rescuer’s Heart

A a wonderfully affectionate disabled pig named Little Lilly Jelly Roll completely captured Arthur Acre's founder Todd Friedman's heart. | Continue reading

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Tiny Leaf Boats Powered by Ballpoint Pen Ink

Steve Mould showed how tiny boats made of leaves pens can be powered by fractal ballpoint pen ink, sending them in a spiral. | Continue reading

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Buzz Aldrin Talks About Life After the Apollo 11 Moon Landing in a 1980 BBC Interview

The great Buzz Aldrin opened up about life after the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing mission in a 1980 BBC interview with Sir Ludovic Kennedy. | Continue reading

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John Travolta Auditioned To Play Fonzie in ‘Happy Days’

I Did Not Know That explained that John Travolta had auditioned for the role of Fonzie in the 1970s sitcom "Happy Days". | Continue reading

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Lonely Abandoned Lion Touches Grass for First Time

A lonely lion who was left behind in a cage at a closed Armenian zoo, walked outside and onto the grass for the first time in his 15 years. | Continue reading

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Wary Cat Freezes in Place to Avoid Baby Toddling By

A wary cat named Churchill hilariously froze in place like a stuffed animals as Danilo the baby toddled by. | Continue reading

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Famous Movies Reimagined as Classic Paperbacks

Designer Matt Stevens reimagined popular movies as classic pocket paperback books in his aptly named series "Good Movies as Old Books". | Continue reading

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A Line of Cat Pen Holders Dance the ‘Ievan Polka’

Tomosteen, created an amazing stop motion animation of cat pen holders that danced to the traditional Finnish polka song "Ievan Polkka". | Continue reading

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A 1974 Interview About Boozy the Beer-Loving Snail

BBC's Michael Barrat interviewed Christopher Hudson who explained that his giant African snail Boozy enjoys drinking from a pint of beer. | Continue reading

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A Beautiful Mister Rogers Tribute Song by Kate Micucci

Kate Micucci of the comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates wrote a beautiful tribute song to the late, greatly missed Mister Rogers. | Continue reading

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A 24 String Guitar With Rubberband Strings and Cardboard Bridges

Bernth attached three necks of six rubber band strings with cardboard bridges to his acoustic-electric, making a quadruple-neck guitar. | Continue reading

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Matt Berry Reads a Scathing Letter Robert Crumb Sent to a Swedish Saxophonist Who Asked For a CD Review

Matt Berry read a hilariously scathing letter that cartoonist Robert Crumb wrote to Swedish jazz saxophonist Mats Gustafsson. | Continue reading

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Rescued Piglet Thinks She’s a Dog

A feisty rescued piglet named Tootsie does everything the the family dog at Uncle Neil's Home does as he does it. | Continue reading

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Man Uses Gym Equipment to Prepare for Air Travel

Prankster Kane Trujillo demonstrated how he gets in shape for going to the airport using an automated stair climber and a treadmill. | Continue reading

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Rock Stars Express Their Sincere Admiration for Rush

A clip from the 2010 Banger Films documentary Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage features numerous rock stars expressing their respect, admiration, and sincere adulation for the iconic music of Rush. Featuring never-before-seen archival footage and interviews with some of today’s mos … | Continue reading

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Outtakes of Joaquin Phoenix Being Introduced As ‘Joker’ on ‘The Murray Franklin Show’

Director Todd Phillips shared the different takes that Joaquin Phoenix performed for Joker's intro on "The Murray Frankin Show". | Continue reading

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How Peasants Traveled in Medieval Times

Jason Kingsley OBE of Modern History TV explained the manner in which peasants traveled during Medieval times. | Continue reading

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Mama Bear and Her Cubs Repeatedly Mess With Trail Cameras

Voyageurs Wolf Project shared footage of a mama bear and cubs messing with the cameras on the wildlife trails on five separate occasions. | Continue reading

@laughingsquid.com | 7 days ago

Linguistic Differences Between ‘Uh-Huh’ And ‘Uh-Uh’

Linguist Human1011 examined the linguist differences betwenn English slang terms "uh-huh" and "uh-uh" and how they are spoken. | Continue reading

@laughingsquid.com | 7 days ago

Little Girl Teaches Abandoned Duckling to Swim

A duckling, who was helped out of his shell by a kindhearted woman named Jacky, fell in love with Jacky's daughter who taught him to swim. | Continue reading

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Beautiful Drone Footage of Rare Alpine Chamois (Goat-Antelope) Running Down the Rocky Sides of a Mountain

Stef Stanciu captured beautiful drone footage of Alpine chamois as they were running down the rocky sides of the Ceahlau Massif. | Continue reading

@laughingsquid.com | 8 days ago

Guitarist Plays 25 Menacing Heavy Metal Guitar Riffs

Guitarist Andrea Boccarusso impressively performed 25 menacing riffs from heavy metal and other hard rock songs. | Continue reading

@laughingsquid.com | 8 days ago

A 1940s Jazz Cover of ‘One Week’ by Barenaked Ladies

Postmodern Jukebox partnered with UK singer Emma Smith to perform the Barenaked Ladies song "One Week" as a 1940s jazz cover. | Continue reading

@laughingsquid.com | 8 days ago

How the Three Pillars of Empathy Create Compassion

Empatico spoke about the importance of empathy and how it works to better understand the feelings of others. | Continue reading

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How to Feed a Hungry Pile of Orphaned Kittens by Hand

Kitten Lady Hannah Shaw explained how she feeds a hungry litter of six neonatal kittens while giving each of them the attention they need. | Continue reading

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The ‘Doctor’ Who Might Be Behind the Dr Pepper Name

Weird History explains the history of Dr Pepper and how Doctor Charles T. Pepper may have been the doctor behind the name. | Continue reading

@laughingsquid.com | 8 days ago

A Visual Tour Through Tolkien’s Map of Middle Earth

Victor of Mapster gave a visual tour of J. R. R. Tolkien's map of Middle Earth as published in the 1954 edition of "Fellowship of the Ring". | Continue reading

@laughingsquid.com | 9 days ago

Colorful Array of Birds Visit Costa Rican Bird Feeder

Costa Rica Bird Cam documented the wonderfully colorful array of birds that visited their bird feeder during a quiet morning in Nuevo Arenal. | Continue reading

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Breathtaking Drone Footage of Yankee Stadium

Jay Christensen of JayByrd Films captured breathtaking if not slightly dizzying drone footage of Yankee Stadium, inside and out. | Continue reading

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Squirrels Nervously Enjoy a Custom Charcuterie Board

Squirrels at the Window put together a custom charcuterie board filled with nuts, fruits, and vitamins for her furry-tailed visitors. | Continue reading

@laughingsquid.com | 9 days ago

Stray Mama Dog Finally Sleeps When She Knows Her Puppies Are Safe

Nashville Dog & Cat Rescue humanely trapped a mama dog and used a tracker to find and rescue her puppies so she could sleep. | Continue reading

@laughingsquid.com | 9 days ago

Modern English Words With Greco-Roman Origins

Weird History looks back at the ancient Greco-Roman origins of words and phrases that are still used in the modern English lexicon. | Continue reading

@laughingsquid.com | 10 days ago

Musicians From Around the World Join Jackson Browne in a Performance of ‘Doctor My Eyes’

Talented musicians from around the world joined Jackson Browne in an incredible global performance of his 1972 song "Doctor My Eyes". | Continue reading

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