eMoney Advisor Releases API-Centric Solution to Streamline Financial Planning

​eMoney Advisor, a financial planning software company that provides technology aimed at empowering financial advisors, has announced a new API-centric solution called eMoney Access. This new service provides APIs that support financial planning, client fact data collection, and … | Continue reading

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Qeexo AutoML Brings Machine Learning to Edge Devices

Qeexo recently announced its AutoML platform. Qeexo AutoML brings machine learning to edge devices. Traditionally, machine learning has not been possible on edge devices because of limitations on compute power and memory size. Qeexo has done it with supported devices currently av … | Continue reading

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MolecularMatch Announces new SDK and Improved Drug Search

MolecularMatch, a clinical informatics company providing Precision Medicine software solutions for oncology, announced the release of MMPower v4, the latest update to its Clinical Decision Support platform. This new release adds expanded therapeutic guidance and a new Software De … | Continue reading

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Daily API RoundUp: Scrapestack, Appwrite, BuddyPress, Impala, Humanity

Eighteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Cryptocurrency, Verification, and Data Mining. Highlights include several cryptocurrency APIs and updates for the BuddyPress API for its social networking platform. Here's a rundown of the late … | Continue reading

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Facebook Deprecating Legacy Instagram API in Favor of Facebook Graph API

Instagram's legacy API platform will deprecate on March 2, 2020. The features which Facebook will keep alive will be accessed through the Facebook Graph API. With the many privacy concerns Facebook has faced in the past few years, privacy is a major concern of the transition. | Continue reading

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New Alexa Tools Empower Developers to Build, Test, and Tune Skills

Amazon recently announced three new tools in the Alexa toolbox. A Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Evaluation Tool, Utterance Conflict Detection, and a new Get Metrics API improve Alexa developers' ability to reduce unintended skill conflicts, and track skills use and perform … | Continue reading

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Okta Introduces DynamicScale for Authentication at Scale

Okta recently announced DynamicScale, an authentication solution built to perform for the most highly-trafficked apps and websites across the Internet. DyanmicScale can perform up to 500,000 authentications per minute, allowing it to handle enterprise traffic and unexpected spike … | Continue reading

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Top 10 Air Travel APIs

Air Travel is more commonplace than ever before, but it still tends to be a tedious chore for most people. New technology is helping the industry become more efficient and more affordable. Driving this transformation are apps created by developers using APIs. Here we examine top … | Continue reading

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10 Top TV APIs

These days, TV viewers have endless channels, networks, streaming platforms, cable platforms, and even endless devices to choose how, where, and when to watch their favorite TV shows. Developers can help viewers out by utilizing these top TV APIs to create applications to reign i … | Continue reading

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Daily API RoundUp: Ziwo, MightyCall, Upscope, ProWritingAid

Sixteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Customer Service, Telephony, and Cryptocurrency. Highlights include an API for copy editing written text and an API for finding Dive site information. Here's a rundown of the latest additions. | Continue reading

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Login VSI Releases New Open API

Login VSI, the provider of application performance testing and monitoring for VDI environments announced today the general availability of Login PI version 3.6. Login PI enables customers to measure the availability of their desktop virtualization platform and the applications th … | Continue reading

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Supercharge Excel Spreadsheets with Dashdash

Dashdash announced its latest spreadsheet superpower tool. Dashdash templates provide users prebuilt, customizable tools to perform integrated functions directly within a spreadsheet. Templates add to the existing set of Excel automation tools that Dashdash introduced through Ins … | Continue reading

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MuleSoft Releases Anypoint Service Mesh to Simplify Microservices Discovery, Security, and Management

​MuleSoft has announced the release of Anypoint Service Mesh, an extension of the company’s Anypoint Platform that aims to simplify how companies discover, manage, and secure microservices. Additionally, Anypoint Service Mesh establishes a microservices marketplace. | Continue reading

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Daily API RoundUp: MeasureOne, Itential, Medici Bank, Data Drum

Fifteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Natural Language Processing, Transcription, Bots, and Security. Highlights include an API for adding subtitles to video and an API for web crawler management. Here's a rundown of the latest addi … | Continue reading

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Understanding and Organizing Successful API Ecosystems

One of the most complex topics, especially for organizations that are new to the API economy, is the concept of an API ecosystem. This whitepaper was written to help you demystify what an ecosystem is and its role in your overall API strategy. This is the second of our ongoing se … | Continue reading

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Kubernetes API Vulnerable to Billion Laughs Attack

Recent reports show that the Kubernetes API is vulnerable to the billion laughs attack. The attack is a specific type of DoS attack targeting parsers. The vulnerability in the Kubernetes environment occurs within parsing YAML manifests. The apiserver does not validate or limit su … | Continue reading

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Appdome's SecureAPI secures all APIs within a Mobile App

Modern, mobile apps contain countless APIs, both proprietary and third-party. Unfortunately, app developers don't always have the resources or access to secure those APIs. Appdome aims to address this shortcoming with the release of its SecureAPI. SecureAPI is a codeless, API sec … | Continue reading

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Review: GraphQL Editor Shows Promise as IDE for GraphQL API Development

GraphQL makes using an API a more flexible undertaking, but it can come with the cost of increased complexity. This is where the benefit of third party GraphQL tools comes into play. GraphQL Editor uses the notion of visual programming to allow developers to create full-fledged A … | Continue reading

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Introduction to weatherstack's Real-Time & Historical World Weather API

If you require accurate real-time world weather data for your application, the weatherstack is worth considering. The weatherstack API provides historical weather data back to 2008 and measurement units for metric, scientific or English. This article provides an introduction to t … | Continue reading

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12 Top Auto APIs

Recent technology is making vehicles more connected, smarter, shared, sustainable, efficient, and automated. At the heart of this digital transformation of the auto industry are APIs. In this article, we highlight the top twelve Auto APIs based on page visits to ProgrammableWeb. | Continue reading

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Daily API RoundUp: Wealthbox, TokenAnalyst, CrimeoMeter, Bespoken, Wakup

Thirteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Healthcare, Cryptocurrency, and Restaurants. Highlights include an API for genotyping and an API for retrieving crime statistics and safety quality by location. Here's a rundown of the latest a … | Continue reading

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Foursquare Introduces Free Tier for Pilgrim SDK

Foursquare if offering up some of its most valuable location based services at no cost to independent developers. A free tier of its Pilgrim SDK is now available to developers whose apps have 100,000 monthly active users or less. The company stressed the need to broaden access to … | Continue reading

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Convoy Now Launches to Give Partners API Access to Convoy’s Digital Freight Network

Convoy today launched Convoy Now, a program that gives shippers, Transportation Management Solution (TMS) providers, Managed Transportation Providers (MTP) and other logistics companies access to Convoy's automated real-time pricing and capacity for both live and drop-and-hook lo … | Continue reading

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Kong Announces Kong Studio and Kong Enterprise 2020

Recently at the second annual Kong Summit 2019 conference, Kong announced updates to several services and introduced a new product, Kong Studio. The new product is designed to help developers build and maintain APIs for REST and GraphQL. | Continue reading

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TomTom Adds Maps Styler to its Maps API

TomTom just added a new tool to its Maps API. The TomTom Maps Styler allows users to customize their maps to match their intended style and brand. With over 900 stylistic features available, brands can easily manipulate items like color, font, patterns, opacity, and much more. | Continue reading

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BuddyPress 5.0 Adds New APIs and WordPress Block Creation Functionality

​BuddyPress, provider of social network components for integration with WordPress, has recently announced the release of V5 of the popular plugin. This latest iteration includes an all-new BP REST API and a new BP Invitations API. Both new APIs aim to take full advantage of WordP … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 14 days ago

Google Enhances Vision AI Portfolio with Object and Logo Detection

Google has expanded its Vision AI portfolio with the addition of object and logo detection capability. Both AutoML Vision Edge and AutoML Video Intelligence now include object detection. The Video Intelligence API has been expanded to track and recognize over 100,000 popular logo … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 14 days ago

Tinkoff Investments Launches Open API for Algorithmic Traders

Tinkoff Investments brokerage platform launches an Open API for algorithmic traders, enabling them to create robots and set up automatic trading. The new solution gives algorithmic traders a unified API and a single brokerage account for trading securities on the largest global s … | Continue reading

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Daily API RoundUp: Lucidtech, Snyk, Birdlance, Occuspace, Instamojo

Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Cryptocurrency, Payments, and Transportation. Also new to the directory is the Samsara API Industrial IoT, and the Snyk API for open source security. Here's a rundown of the latest additions. | Continue reading

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Twilio SendGrid Email Validation API now Publicly Available

Twilio SendGrid's Email Validation API is now publicly available. The API validates email addresses by searching in real-time for errors such as typos, inactive, non-existent, disposable and shared mailboxes. Further, the API checks for proper syntax, DNS records, disposable doma … | Continue reading

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Spotify Testing Voice Controls Thanks to SiriKit

Spotify subscribers who also use Apple products may soon be able to use Siri to interact with the popular music service. Spotify is taking advantage of the SiriKit audio API, which was recently made available via iOS 13, to test the integration. It's not a done deal, but iPhone o … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 16 days ago

Smaato Launches SDK for in-app Advertising

Smaato has been at the in-app advertising game for years now. However, the industry has advanced so much in the last few years, that updating its existing SDKs wasn't good enough to support the current environment. Accordingly, Smaato has completely rebuilt its in-app advertising … | Continue reading

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14 Top Artificial Intelligence APIs

Though there are concerns about AI, it is probably the hottest trend in computer science at the moment. Developers looking to add intelligence to applications can check out the ProgrammableWeb Artificial Intelligence category for the best choices, including these fourteen very po … | Continue reading

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Daily API RoundUp: Missive, NanoNets, Kwik, PlayNetwork, UniCourt

Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Email, Compliance, and Machine Learning. Highlights include an API for retrieving legal data from the U.S. court system and an API for Kwik delivery services in West Africa. Here's a look at wh … | Continue reading

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Seclore Adds Endpoint Auto-Protector SDK to Their Platform

Seclore, a company working to unify data-centric security solutions, announces the addition of the Seclore Endpoint Auto-Protector SDK to their Data Centric-Security Platform. The Seclore Endpoint Auto-Protector SDK enables rapid integration of data-centric security. | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 19 days ago

RouteSavvy.com's Top 6 Tips For Choosing a Routing API

For developers planning to incorporate route optimization in applications, it's helpful to know how to choose a routing API. Here the RouteSavvy team offers the top six tips for choosing a routing API and a case study of how the RouteSavvy API was integrated into a floral deliver … | Continue reading

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Why The Semantic Web Needs a Blockchain Stack

Why isn’t the Semantic web here? Despite some progress, there is still no centralized way to secure the integrity of data. Adding cryptography, standardization and cross-boundary query protocols like blockchain offers a solution to bridge the trust gap and take the internet to wh … | Continue reading

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Firebase Announces Platform Upgrades at Annual Summit

Today at Firebase Summit 2019 in Madrid, Spain, Firebase announced various upgrades to the company’s mobile and web application development platform. The updates are highlighted by new tools that aim to accelerate development while also reducing coding errors. | Continue reading

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Daily API RoundUp: Mercedes-Benz, Applied Recognition, Figure Eight, DroneMapper

Fourteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Backup, Mapping, Auto, and Recognition. Highlights include the Trend Micro Smart Check API for enterprise security, and the Figure Eight API for machine learning data annotations. Here's a rund … | Continue reading

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eToroX Announces New API Trading Program

eToroX, the blockchain subsidiary of global investment platform eToro, today announced the launch of its institutional-grade API trading program, AlgoX Prime. AlgoX Prime is the top-tier API program of eToroX Exchange, the eToro Group's regulated and secure cryptoasset exchange. | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 21 days ago

Protected Media Announces Supply Side SDK for Ad Fraud Detection

Protected Media has moved ad fraud detection to the supply side. This eliminates the burden of traffic validation from advertisers and bakes it directly into the tech stack driving the ad marketplace. The company aims to better control ad fraud increase CPM within fraud-free mark … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 21 days ago

MeasureOne Announces New Developer Platform for Academic Data

​MeasureOne, provider of an academic data API and accompanying analytic products, has announced a new developer platform. The new platform provides developers access to academic data that has already been extracted and standardized from transcripts that are often inconsistent in … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 22 days ago

Microsoft Introduces Azure Blueprint for SWIFT

Microsoft has announced a new Azure Blueprint for SWIFT. The blueprint specifically helps Microsoft enable SWIFT connectivity in the cloud. SWIFT is a provider of secure financial messaging services. Its rapid adoption made it an ideal candidate for an Azure Blueprint. | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 22 days ago

Review: Postman's Newly Introduced GraphQL Support

TK: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in vo … | Continue reading

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Google Announces the Spot Platform

Building on the success of Google Pay in the growing digital payments market in India, Google has announced the Spot Platform. Spot allows both physical storefront and websites to accept electronic payments through the creation of Spots - which are conveniently triggered by a num … | Continue reading

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7 Top APIs for Grocery

Supermarket technology has undergone a transformation recently, and new tools are being introduced to appease savvy grocery shoppers needs. Developers looking to create applications for tapping into the grocery industry should check out this list of the top Grocery APIs from Prog … | Continue reading

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Daily API RoundUp: Ingram Micro, Dataverse, Zaius, PageCDN

Fifteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in the Science, Cryptocurrency, and Financial categories, among others. Highlights include the Chooch object and facial recognition API and the Dataverse API for research data access. Here's a rundown of the latest add … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 25 days ago

Travelex Releases New API-Focused B2B Fintech Platform

Travelex Business allows the company's partners including banks, credit unions, retailers and digital technology companies, to access a broad range of payments and foreign exchange services in one place. The launch of the Travelex Business platform follows a four-year digital tra … | Continue reading

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