Daily API RoundUp: SonicWeather, Firebase ML Kit, Planet, FullStory, LeadIQ

Thirteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Weather, Financial and Contacts. Highlights include an API for hyper-local weather data, an API for adding satellite imagery to apps, and the Firebase ML Kit SDKs. Here's a rundown of the lates … | Continue reading

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13 Notable Transportation APIs

New technology and transportation applications have transformed the way commuters, delivery services, fleet operators, and travelers get places. Driving these applications are Transportation APIs, and developers can find hundreds of them in the ProgrammableWeb directory. Here are … | Continue reading

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1,100 Insurance-related APIs Now Available through EIS DXP

The EIS Group has been a leader in providing open API connection to many innovative features available in the insuretech space. The company recently announced that its open API count just hit the 1,100 mark within the EIS digital experience platform. The uses cases are seemingly … | Continue reading

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Mapbox Shifts API and SDK Pricing to Pay-As-You-Go

Mapbox has completely revamped the pricing model for its API and SDK portfolio. The company has increased its free tier, and transitioned to a completely pay as you go model. Volume discounts apply, and automatically activate as a user's consumption grows. No commitments are requ … | Continue reading

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VoiceSell Pitches Secure Voice Support to eCommerce Vendors

Don't let the name fool you: VoiceSell will not sell your voice data to third-party entities. In fact, quite the opposite. The company, which emerged from stealth today, offers e-commerce vendors a secure way to add voice support to their web sites. The idea is to improve accessi … | Continue reading

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IEX Cloud Provides Developers Access to Curated Financial Data and Services

IEX Group, Inc. has announced the release of IEX Cloud, a new platform that provides developers with access to curated financial data and various tools that streamline integration. This new offering will operate as an independent company, separate from IEX Group’s flagship stock … | Continue reading

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Daily API RoundUp: Lumo, Clinked, Flapit, Conotoxia, Bancor

Sixteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in the Demographics, Advertising, Telephony and other categories. Today's highlights include an API for retrieving over 350,000 memes, and an API that lets applications predict air travel delays. Here's a rundown of th … | Continue reading

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Postman 7.1 Allows Devs to Create APIs Directly in the App

Postman now allows developers to create APIs from directly within the app. Prior to the latest release, 7.1, Postman was an API development tool that allowed certain features to be created within the app, but others outside the app. Now, the entire lifecycle of an API is managed … | Continue reading

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BNP Paribas Announces Open Banking Developer Portal

BNP Paribas recently announced the release of a developer portal that helps to streamline the discovery of resources including PSD2 compliant APIs. The service is aimed at Payment Service Providers (PSP) and features extensive documentation as well as an API testing environment. | Continue reading

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Dwolla Adds Labeling Functionality to API for Fund Allocation and Organization

Dwolla has long used a ledger based organization system to track funds allocated through the Dwolla API. Now, Dwolla is exposing this functionality through a new API feature it calls Labels. Labels allow developers to track and identify fund allocation without duplicating account … | Continue reading

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10 Most Popular Movies APIs

Retrieving data about films, TV shows, and movie related details can be easy with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Developers looking to create applications for film buffs should check out this list of ten most popular APIs listed in ProgrammableWeb's Movies category. | Continue reading

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Daily API RoundUp: IPinfo, SafetyLocker, Cloverly, SiteWhere

Twenty APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Email, Real Estate, Internet of Things, and Natural Language Processing. Highlights include APIs for IP location services and an API for determining carbon offsets. Here's a rundown of the latest … | Continue reading

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How IPinfo's Customer Focus Drives Developer Loyalty To Its APIs

According to Ben Dowling, founder of IPInfo, an API provider specializing in IP-based geolocation, the key to success is staying customer-driven. Of course, when your organization is an API provider like IPinfo is, "customer-driven" is synonymous with "developer-driven." Dowling … | Continue reading

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Latest iOS, watchOS Betas from Apple Set Stage for WWDC

Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference is slated to kick off on June 3. With just weeks to go, Apple has framed its forthcoming WWDC keynote with what are likely the last builds of iOS 12 and watchOS 5. The biggest update in these new OS versions is support for the Apple Card. | Continue reading

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Twitter Unveils Twitter Developer Labs, First Step Toward Next Gen API

In an apparent effort to improve its developer relations, Twitter has announced its plans to build what it calls "the next generation of the Twitter API." The first step: a new program called Twitter Developer Labs, which will allow developers to test and provide feedback on new … | Continue reading

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Mastercard Introduces API-Driven Digital Customer Experience Platform

Mastercard recently announced the Mastercard Innovation Engine. The engine acts as a marketplace for next generation digital customer experiences. The marketplace allows Mastercard and collaborators to offer API access to customer-focused digital experiences through plug and play … | Continue reading

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Google's Jetpack Takes Flight with Bevy of New Libraries

Google recently overhauled Jetpack and added a variety of alpha, beta, and stable features to the developer toolset. Google says 11 new libraries are available within Jetpack to help app writers zoom through select processes as they create their apps. The idea is to make things a … | Continue reading

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MuleSoft Updates Anypoint Platform, Debuts API Community Manager

MuleSoft announced updates to the Anypoint Platform, providing organizations with tools to help build collaborative ecosystems. With the debut of API Community Manager, MuleSoft has brought together a collection of resources that will enable users to build customized digital expe … | Continue reading

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Daily API RoundUp: LeanIX, PacketTotal, Ploi, Zebpay, Hexnode

Seventeen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Enterprise, Security and Web Site Management. Featured today is an API from Smashrun for data analytics for runners, and an API for Little Green Light donor management. Here's a rundown of the … | Continue reading

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Twilio's Super SIM Allows IoT Devices to Connect to Multiple Mobile Operators

Twilio has launched a new offering dubbed Super SIM that promises "instant global connectivity on a single SIM". With Super SIM, creators of IoT devices can deploy, configure and manage connectivity for their devices across multiple tier-one mobile operators in over 180 countries … | Continue reading

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How to Reduce the Cost of an API Outage on Your Mobile App

TK: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in vo … | Continue reading

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10 Most Popular Medical APIs

As modern medicine advances, it gets more connected, and driving this innovation are APIs. Any developer looking to create applications in the medical arena can look to ProgrammableWeb for finding useful APIs. The 10 most popular APIs based on visitor traffic are listed in this a … | Continue reading

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Daily API RoundUp: Idobata, Readable, Fivetran, Feedier, BlockChyp

Sixteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Payments, Entertainment, Feedback and Writing. Highlights include an API that returns readability scores and an API for software team chat features. Here's a rundown of the latest additions. | Continue reading

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Research: Old School Integration Habits Are Stubborn Obstacles To Digital Transformation

Recent research indicates that, across organizations surveyed, old point-to-point integration habits are dying hard. In fact, they could be getting worse, resulting in an increasingly intractable situation as enterprises struggle to digitally transform themselves and avoid fatal … | Continue reading

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Amazon Explains, Changes its S3 Path Deprecation Plan

Last week, Amazon announced a plan to end path-style API requests for its AWS S3 object storage solution starting on September 30, 2020. Currently, Amazon offers S3 users the ability to choose between two URI styles, path-style and virtual-hosted style, and it had decided to reti … | Continue reading

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Shutterstock Launches Self-Service API Subscription Plans

The Shutterstock API has been used by over 10,000 developers. The company includes names like Google, Facebook, and IBM in its list of developer partners. To offer these partners an additional revenue stream through the Shutterstock API, Shutterstock has launched self-serve API s … | Continue reading

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Daily API RoundUp: Windows Defender ATP, Chooch, GitLab, DigitalPour

Seventeen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Payments, Artificial Intelligence, Demographics, Movies, and Monitoring. Highlights include the Windows Defender ATP API and a GraphQL API for GitLab. Here's a rundown of the latest additions. | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 16 days ago

Google Predicts IoT Devices to Overtake Non-IoT by 2025

Bill Huan (Senior Project Manager, Google Coral Team) presented Google’s prediction that the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices will outpace standard computing devices in 2025. Huan presented the prediction during his talk, Introducing Google Coral: Building On-Device, Thurs … | Continue reading

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Google Proposes New Features for WebAssembly

This week at Google I/O, Software Engineer Deepti Gandluri presented a session titled “WebAssembly for Developers.” In this session she proposed new features for WebAssembly which have already been implemented in the current version of the Chrome Web browser. | Continue reading

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Google Highlights Updates to BiometricPrompt API

Today at Google I/O, the company highlighted key updates to the API that will allow developers to fine tune the way that end users interact with authentication prompts, as well as providing new tools for recognizing device compatibility. | Continue reading

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MicroBilt Launches Developer Site and Consumer Data APIs

MicroBilt has taken the next step in automating and scaling access to its robust suite of consumer data sets. The company consolidated access to its data assets through a developer site and cohesive set of API packages. The APIs cover credit, background check, business verificati … | Continue reading

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Microsoft Unveils ElectionGuard SDK to Help Protect Democratic Elections

At the its Build developer conference on Monday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced ElectionGuard, an SDK designed to make voting systems more secure. It is part of Microsoft's Defending Democracy Program and will be offered free of charge under the MIT Open Source License. | Continue reading

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Google Recommends AssemblyScript for Web Assembly Programming

Surma (Web Advocate at Google) today recommended using AssemblyScript in order to convert code written in TypeScript into the portable binary format, WebAssembly. WebAssembly makes it so that code written in C/C++ and Rust is able to run on Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge Web br … | Continue reading

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Google Gives Devs More Play Store Power

Android app writers are about bathe in newfound powers within the Google Play Store. A handful of features will improve star ratings, ease the process of dealing with user feedback, customize their landing page, and force app updates even when the app is in active use. Here's the … | Continue reading

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Developer Beta 3 Gives Android Q More Shape

The latest developer preview of Android Q adds an incredible array of user- and developer-facing features. The company focused on innovation, security, privacy, and digital well being in Android Q. These should help developers build for the cutting edge tech that's just around th … | Continue reading

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Google Focuses Machine Learning on Mobile with ML Kit

Google continues to update ML Kit to enable developers to create applications for mobile devices that utilize the power of machine learning. Google recently reported that improvements in ML Kit make it possible for mobile devices to perform ML functions even when disconnected fro … | Continue reading

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Google I/O: Android App Bundle Updated to Reduce App Size and Increase Customizable Delivery

Today in a session at Google I/O, Kobi Glick gave attendees an overview of some of the key updates to the Android App Bundle. These updates include new metrics added to Android vitals, upgraded security features, and options for conditional delivery of application features. | Continue reading

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Google I/O: Android Privacy Changes and How to Design for Them

Today at one of Google I/O’s morning sessions, Svetoslav Ganov (Android Team engineer) and Charmaine D’silva (product manager) discussed some of the privacy changes in Android Q. They also highlighted best practices for building privacy forward apps. | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 17 days ago

Google Announces the “Kotlin-First” Approach for Android Development

Google announced the Kotlin first approach to Android development at the developer keynote presentation on Day 1 of the yearly Google I/O developer conference. Google’s intention is to position Kotlin as the favored programming language for Android application development moving … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 17 days ago

Google to Retire the Works with Nest Developer Program

Google has announced that it will shutter the Works with Nest developer program effective August 31. To date, this program has allowed developers to integrate Nest smart home devices with their own products, apps and services. It will be replaced by a new program dubbed Works wit … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 17 days ago

Google I/O: 5 Tips to Improve Your Google Maps Development Skills

During Google’s I/O 2019 conference, the company announced several updates to its Google Maps Platform that include a new Maps SDK for Android and the addition of deck.gl support. Travis McPhail, an engineering lead for the Maps Platform, shared these updates along with several b … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 18 days ago

Google I/O Keynote: Accessibility and Security for All

​Today at Google I/O 2019, the company’s annual developer conference, CEO Sundar Pichai proclaimed that Google is working to “build a more helpful Google for everyone.” In addition to new features that increase accessibility, the company also addressed key concerns over data priv … | Continue reading

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Azure Takes Center Stage at Microsoft Build Day One

Microsoft kicked off its annual developer conference, Build, yesterday. Most of the day 1 headlines surrounded Microsoft Azure products and services. Azure products making news included Azure IoT Edge, Azure Maps, Azure SQL Database Edge, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Managed Dis … | Continue reading

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Microsoft Announces New APIs for Azure Cognitive Services

Microsoft has announced preview versions of its Personalizer API, Conversation transcription API, Form Recognizer API, and Ink Recognizer API. All four APIs enhance existing machine learning and artificial intelligence-driven features within the Cognitive Services portfolio. | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 19 days ago

10 Most Popular Database APIs

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and data go hand-in-hand. No wonder the Database category on ProgrammableWeb is such a popular place to visit. In this article, we highlight the most visited API profiles in that category, including APIs for access to food, barcodes, and … | Continue reading

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Daily API RoundUp: Google Cloud Private Catalog, DocuSign, bookitLive, CrowdfundHQ

Twenty APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Internet of Things, Religion and Food. Highlights include new APIs from Google Cloud for enterprise catalog administration and from DocuSign for organization administration. Here's a rundown of t … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 21 days ago

10 Most Popular Mapping APIs

Mobile application users love maps, and developers have many API choices to add mapping features to their apps. If you want to add navigation, location based features, route planning or other mapping related features to apps, here's a list of popular APIs from ProgrammableWeb. | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 22 days ago

Google Announces Apigee Extensions

​Google announced the release of Apigee Extensions, a feature within the company’s API management platform that aims to simplify the process of interacting with various Google Cloud Platform services. Previously developers were required to use the ServiceCallout function to acces … | Continue reading

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