Daily API RoundUp: Omron, MediaMarkup, Sketch, ING, Decentraland

Fifteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Healthcare, Design, and Cryptocurrency. Highlights include an API for the Sketch graphic design editor and an API for Decentraland virtual reality platform. Here's a rundown of the latest additi … | Continue reading

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Research Indicates Rampant GitHub Data Leaks

A research team at North Carolina State University has published findings regarding API token and cryptographic key leaks. The team scanned public GitHub repositories for almost six months and covered 13% of public repositories. Thousands of leaks occur daily, many go unremedied. | Continue reading

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7 Top Nutrition APIs

There are no shortage of applications for getting and staying fit available these days. Developers looking to create or enhance applications to keep us healthy and fit can look at our list of APIs from ProgrammableWeb's Nutrition category to drill down to the nutrients in recipes … | Continue reading

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Google Chromium Flaw Put Android Users' Data at Risk

Researchers found a flaw in Chromium-based browsers that left devices open to attack. A bug in WebView made it possible for hackers to install malware and/or instant apps that could then hook into the owner's browsing and log-in data. The problem impacts all versions of Android s … | Continue reading

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How Postman can Improve Your QA Engineering Practices

Good QA engineering is all about automation and replication. In this article, we'll take a look at best practices in QA engineering and how Postman can help fill the gaps in your QA practices, including how to inspect API responses, test for specific results, and run tests at the … | Continue reading

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Vonage Introduces Number Programmability for Business Cloud platform

Vonage is bolstering its cloud communication suite with the APIs it purchased through its Nexmo acquisition. A new feature for its Vonage Business Cloud platform, called Number Programmability, leverages the Nexmo API suite to empower Vonage numbers with a host of new features. | Continue reading

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Twitter Imposes Updated Rate Limits to Flush Out API Abuse

Twitter has been working to protect their platform from spam and abuse by imposing additional restrictions on new developers. Twitter seems ready to double down on these efforts, as the company today announced that it will soon adjust the rate limits for two Twitter API endpoints … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 3 days ago

Whitepages Pro Introduces Transaction Risk API

Whitepages Pro, a digital identity verification company, has introduced its Transaction Risk API. The API provides instantaneous risk scoring for transactions of all type. The risk score is based on email, IP, phone, address and name of the party attempting to complete a transact … | Continue reading

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Daily API RoundUp: Harry Potter, FusionAuth, Chef, Digi.me

Sixteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Internet of Things, Open Data, and DevOps. Today's highlights include an API for returning Harry Potter data, and an API for forecasting surfing reports. Here's a rundown of the latest additions … | Continue reading

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BigBelly Launches Smart Waste Management API

BigBelly is a smart waste management company. BigBelly customers can manage their fleet and waste/recycling stations through the CLEAN platform. Now, BigBelly is opening up API access to the many datasets collected through the CLEAN platform. API access is available to CLEAN plat … | Continue reading

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New Steam APIs Allow Partners to Utilize Steam's Internal Network

Steam has built out a global network over the years to ensure low latency, QoS, and protection from DoS attacks. A recent Steamworks SDK update allows Steam partners to access Steam's internal network so that the partners can leverage the same infrastructure that has made Steam r … | Continue reading

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How the Top Text Processing APIs Stack Up

ActiveWizards presents a valuable profile of the most capable text processing APIs. No longer just robust search engines, test processing evaluates many aspects of a document, such as its subject, tone, classification, and more. Let these APIs give you control of your growing con … | Continue reading

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Massive API Breach Claims New Victim: The CEO

ProgrammableWeb recently reported on a security breach that LandMark White, Australia's largest independent property valuation and property consultancy firm, had blamed on an insecure API. The aftermath of this incident has led to several key executives stepping down from their p … | Continue reading

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11 Interesting APIs for Stocks

Recent tech advancements for stock trading are changing the game for brokerages. APIs that analyze sentiment or predict prices based on historical data can up the ante for stock trading apps. We've sifted through hundreds of API entries in our Stocks category to bring readers the … | Continue reading

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Daily API RoundUp: Konduto, iDefendo, Proposify, Miro, TurnTo

Nineteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Holidays, Payments, Time Tracking and Background. Highlights include APIs for business proposals, pet adoption, air quality, and team collaboration. Here's a rundown of the latest additions. | Continue reading

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Why a Holistically Conceived Digital Strategy is Key to Monetizing APIs

The decision “to API or not to API?” should not be a technology conversation. Many companies fail after attempting to monetize APIs without specific business outcomes in mind. That journey, marked by a four pillar API strategy blueprint, starts with a business conversation and "o … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 8 days ago

Google Makes Android Q Preview Available to Developers, Provides Fresh APIs

Google this week released the first developer preview of Android Q, marking the beginning of a months-long journey that will eventually see the operating system reach phones, tablets, and more. As it does each year, Google jammed the OS upgrade with a batch of APIs for developers … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 9 days ago

RingCentral Launches Embeddable Platform and Compliance APIs

RingCentral further integrated its communications features within enterprise systems. RingCentral Embeddable uses RingCentral's core voice and SMS features and allows access to such features within third party apps. The new e-Discovery and message retention APIs allows better com … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 9 days ago

Tune Chrome Extension Limits Toxic Web Comments

A recent showed that 27% of Americans have chosen not to publish something online for fear of harassment. Some of tech's most innovative companies are scrambling to combat toxic and abusive online speech. A new Jigsaw/Google Chrome extension, Tune, allows users to limit their vie … | Continue reading

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Daily API RoundUp: Openwhyd, Multicycles, SignUp Genius, Shrimpy

Fifteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Bitcoin, Food, Music, and eCommerce. Featured today are an API for enhancing baby care apps, an API for bike sharing services, and an API for retrieving hiking trails data. Here's a rundown of w … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 10 days ago

How APIs Benefit the Commercial Auto Insurance Industry

The insurance industry, one traditionally very apprehensive of technological innovation is now seeing the need for an enhanced digital experience for its business technology consumers. APIs are seen as a technology that can help the industry in a number of ways that are explained … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 11 days ago

Bandwidth Enables Burst SMS Campaigns with Local Numbers

As many carriers begin to block burst SMS campaigns from short codes and toll free numbers, Bandwidth is empowering businesses with the ability to perform burst campaigns from local numbers. Using 10DLC SMS routes, Bandwidth has introduced its Local A2P API to build trust through … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 11 days ago

Facebook, Google Are Connecting More Personal Dots. But Should They?

Facebook has come under fire for what the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and others are calling a gross abuse of data collected to facilitate two-factor authentication (2FA). The problem: Facebook is using phone numbers it collects for 2FA for other purposes that are not cl … | Continue reading

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Call of Duty API Update Temporarily Blocks Stat Tracking

Call of Duty gamers that track their stats through third party stat tracking apps aren't pleased with a recent API update. For the time being, third party apps cannot track stats through the Call of Duty API. Activision intends to turn stat tracking back on, but needs to make pri … | Continue reading

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Top Social APIs in 2019

Despite the recent privacy snafus from some social media platforms, developers are just as interested in creating social applications as they ever were. Here we take a look at some the social APIs in ProgrammableWeb's directory that get the most traffic, and what developers can d … | Continue reading

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Daily API RoundUp: Amazon Moments, ShotTracker, Tanker

Ten APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Sports, Identity, Privacy, Statistics, and Rewards. One highlight today is the ShotTracker API which utilizes IoT sensors to provide real-time basketball stats. Here's a rundown of the latest additi … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 14 days ago

Google Debuts Coral to Speed Up Local AI Development

Google this week made Coral available to developers as a public beta. Google built Coral to boost the presence of on-device artificial intelligence. Making the AI calculations possible on a local, rather than server, level eliminates latency and improves the turn-around time for … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 15 days ago

Automotive Grade Linux Updates Open Source Speech Recognition APIs

The Linux Foundation's Automotive Grade Linux project is an open source project aiming to build an industry standard for infotainment and telematics. The project has released its latest version, Unified Code Base 7.0. The new release moves the project closer to speech-enabling al … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 15 days ago

Microsoft Band and Health Dashboard Kill-Off Suggests Platform IoT Focus

Last week, Microsoft announced that it is shuttering Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health Dashboard apps and services effective May 31. Band users will be able to export their data before that date, and some active users will be eligible to receive a refund for their troubles. | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 16 days ago

TensorFlow 2.0 Now Available in Alpha Preview

A preview version of TensorFlow 2.0 has been expected for a number of months. The alpha preview release is now available. Google announced its release at the TensorFlow Dev Summit 2019. The focus of the latest release is ease of use, simplicity, and accessibility for developers. | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 16 days ago

How to Start Using Big Data in your API Trading Strategy

Traders have the opportunity to leverage the value of big data with their trading strategies. Most traders are accustomed to looking at price data to generate signals, however non-traditional sources of data can also be used to identify opportunities and eliminate inefficiencies. | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 17 days ago

W3C and FIDO's Web Authentication Standard Now an Official Web Standard

The W3C and FIDO Alliance have been at work developing their Web Authentication specification. The specification uses biometrics, mobile devices, and FIDO security keys instead of standalone passwords for logins. While already supported by most major browsers, the spec is now an … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 17 days ago

Daily API RoundUp: TrueLayer, Site Stacker, One Legal, CoinGecko

Nineteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Cryptocurrency, Dictionary, Holidays, and Non-Profit. Featured today is the Google Trusted Types API to aid in preventing cross-site scripting attacks. Here's a rundown of the latest additions. | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 18 days ago

Google Ads API Now Production Ready

Google has been at work on its replacement for the AdWords API. The Google Ads API is a more modern API that will soon have all features from the AdWords API and more. The new API just moved from beta to production ready. The beta version will sunset at the end of April 2019. | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 18 days ago

Payments NZ Announces First Two API Standards

Payments NZ, an organization charged with payments governance in New Zealand, has released its first two API standards. The Payment Initiation specification and the Account Information specification were both piloted by major NZ banks and API providers. Version 1 of both are now … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 19 days ago

Microsoft Updates Cognitive Services Speech SDK

This week Microsoft announced its updates for the month of February to its Cognitive Services Speech SDK, currently in version 1.3. Included in the update is the selection of the desired input microphone by using the AudioConfig class, beta support for Unity and new sample code. | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 20 days ago

Daily API RoundUp: Penguin Random House, eBird, Referral Rock, Daneel

Fifteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Travel, Referrals, Lyrics, and Books. Highlights include a geofencing API from TomTom, an API for blockchain news aggregation, and an API for bird data. Here's a rundown of the latest additions. | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 21 days ago

CannaTrac Unveils API for its Cannabis Industry Cashless Payment Solution

CannaTrac, a provider of a cashless payment solution for cannabis dispensaries and retailers, has announced the launch of an API that allows third-parties to integrate with its offering. The company says that the API will make it easier for third parties to add support for its Ca … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 22 days ago

GuideStar Announces Upgrades to its Nonprofit Organization Info APIs

​GuideStar has recently announced significant upgrades to two of its APIs. The company’s Essentials and Premier APIs have received new capabilities that range from filtering nonprofits based on their standing with the US IRS, to demographic data that nonprofits have shared about … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 23 days ago

Facebook's Collection of Sensitive Data Through its Analytics SDK Lands it in Hot Water

Facebook is once again under fire in the press after the Wall Street Journal published a report detailing how a number of popular apps are sharing data with the social network's analytics platform through its SDK. In some cases, sensitive health data related to health was being s … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 24 days ago

Daily API RoundUp: Rev.ai, Mountain Project, IOST, ScoreBat

Thirteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Blockchain, Events, Transcription, and Sports. One highlight is the Europeana Record API for retrieving data about Europe's art and historical artefacts. Here's a rundown of the latest addition … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 24 days ago

Microsoft Expands Bing Maps API Autosuggest Capability

The Autosuggest feature of the Bing Maps API now includes business suggestions from eight new countries. The feature prompts users with suggestions for intersections, location, businesses, and more. The new countries include Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ital … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 24 days ago

Google Introduces Cloud to IoT Device SDK

Google has introduced an SDK that allows the direct connection of microcontroller-class devices directly to the Google Cloud IoT platform. The Cloud IoT platform is designed to simplify the connecting, provisioning, and management of IoT devices. The SDK support many third party … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 25 days ago

Flutter 1.2 Focuses On Refinements

Google today released Flutter 1.2, what it calls the first "feature release" for the software repo. Flutter first made its debut at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February 2018. Google later released the 1.0 version of Flutter in December 2018, so it's nice to see a featur … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 25 days ago

Google Punts Plans to Add RCS APIs to Android Q

Google has apparently backtracked on the idea of allowing third-party messaging apps to access RCS on Android phones. Though RCS is a public specification, APIs are needed to connect messaging apps to the RCS protocols employed by wireless network operators. No API means no RCS f … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 26 days ago

Verizon Launches Ads SDK

Verizon has developed and acquired a number of ad networks and monetization assets over the years. With a new Verizon Ads SDK, Verizon is looking to consolidate all of its monetization assets under a single SDK. The SDK allows for developer choice and easy integration with future … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 26 days ago

4 Ways Shutterstock Creates Lasting API Partnerships

Customer and partner retention is a mission-critical metric for your API programs success. After first launching its API in 2012, learn how Shutterstock has expanded it today and how it focuses on partner engagement to discover how best to offer exactly what their API partners ne … | Continue reading

@programmableweb.com | 26 days ago

PayJoy Announces Global Access to Lock API

PayJoy, a provider of pay-as-you-go smartphone financing, announced today global availability of its patented Lock API. The API allows PayJoy's lending partners to secure financing with compatible smartphones and allows finance companies to turn the lock on and off programmatical … | Continue reading

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