Torry Harris Integration Solutions Launches New Product Portal

Torry Harris Integration Solutions (THIS), is an advisor to enterprises worldwide in extending the power of digital access through integration. The company recently announced the launch of its product portal with new SaaS plans to ease the purchasing journey of customers. | Continue reading | 1 hour ago

Project Soli Earns Developer App 6 Months Late

Google recently released Soli Sandbox, an Android app for Project Soli on the Pixel 4 phone. Project Soli, enabled by a dedicated chip on the Pixel 4, allows Pixel 4 owners to interact with their phone via certain gestures. The timing of the app's release is puzzling, given Soli' … | Continue reading | 2 hours ago

Five Major Vulnerabilities in GraphQL

An overview defining GraphQL and outlining five common vulnerabilities found in GraphQL developing: inconsistent authorization checks, vulnerable REST proxies, flimsy validation of custom skalars, inappropriate rate-limiting, and failure to shield public information. | Continue reading | 2 hours ago

Excelfore Launches SDK for eSync Standard data Pipeline

Excelfore introduced a new SDK for eSync standard. eSync is a multi-company alliance for the development of over-the-air (OTA) updates and diagnostics standards. Excelfore's new SDK provides an out of the box solution for embedding the eSync standard into the cloud platform of ch … | Continue reading | 3 hours ago

Western Union Shows How Use Cases Make for a Great Developer Experience

One proven method of engaging with decision makers who visit your portal is to show example use cases that address how your APIs can solve a developer's specific problems. This article looks at how Western Union leverages use cases to improve the DX for visitors to its API portal … | Continue reading | 5 hours ago

Google Cardboard Gains Unity SDK to Support Open-Source Dev

​Late last year Google discontinued active development of the company’s smartphone-based VR platform: Google Cardboard. At that time, the announcement was made that Google would open-source the project, an olive branch for developers hoping to continue improving the product. | Continue reading | 1 day ago

XCM Expands Tax and Accounting API Portfolio

XCM announced the launch of a new API that retrieves audit data from XCMworkflow. XCMworkflow is XCM's accounting and tax productivity product. The new API adds to XCM's portfolio of more than 50 APIs that XCM users can use to integrate with XCMworkflow and XCMscheduler products. | Continue reading | 1 day ago

EsriX Announces Crypto Block Trading API

ErisX, cryptocurrency derivatives platform provider, has announced a new REST API for its Block trading facility. Through the API, users can trade spot and regulated-futures products for all exchanges available through ErisX. Currently, that includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ether, … | Continue reading | 1 day ago

Daily API RoundUp: Peddle, Meisterplan, Synchro MSP, OMERO, Benzinga

Thirteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Financial, Science, and Mapping. Highlights include APIs from U.S. Veterans Affairs and an API that returns data and visualizations about agricultural crops. Here's a rundown of the latest addi … | Continue reading | 1 day ago

Teleroute Launches New Mobile App and API

​Teleroute, a provider of freight exchanges in Europe, in its objective to continue responding to the needs of its growing number of customers, launched two major improvements to its current offering: an advanced API interface and a new version of its mobile application. | Continue reading | 2 days ago

Zappar Provides SDK Access to AR Libraries

Zappar announced SDK access to its computer vision libraries. Zappar previously provided web browser access, and that is now extended by allowing developers to integrate AR into their own systems and applications. SDKs are currently available or Unity, JavaScript, Three.js, A-Fra … | Continue reading | 2 days ago

Fastly Launches Developer Hub for its Cloud Platform

Fastly today announced the launch of its new Developer Hub, a central place for developers to access all the tools they need to build applications. The Developer Hub includes a testing sandbox, ready-to-deploy code snippets, and a repository of tutorials, reference materials, and … | Continue reading | 3 days ago

10 Top APIs for SEO

Successfully marketing a website can be a tricky endeavor. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to success. SEO Application Programming Interfaces can help website developers meet their marketing goals. An SEO API enables developers to add SEO features to applications. Her … | Continue reading | 3 days ago

Daily API RoundUp: CDC, Dolby, AFP, Assembled, Chargetrip, Labelbox

Sixteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Health, Media, and Auto. Highlights include an API for EV navigation routing, APIs for media platform, an API for AFP news, and APIs from the CDC. Here's a rundown of the latest additio … | Continue reading | 5 days ago

Microsoft Moves updateRecordingStatus API Into General Availability

​As a part of Microsoft’s cloud communication API set on Microsoft Graph, the company provides an API called the updateRecordingStatus API. This resource allows for bots to programmatically set up policy-based recordings. Microsoft has now moved this solution into general availab … | Continue reading | 6 days ago

CreditRegistry API Aims to Fight Dud Checks in Nigeria

CreditRegistry, Nigeria's largest credit bureau, has launched an API to help financial institutions validate status checks on potential customers. The CreditRegistry Dud Cheque API should help lenders, retailers and other businesses from accepting checks from serial dishonored (D … | Continue reading | 6 days ago

New York City’s Response to COVID-19 Demonstrates Agility of API-Led Organizations

New York City has turned to Twilio and it's API-based communications platform to help power its cloud-based contact tracing initiative in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It's a reminder of how APIs are a key driver that allow organizations to be agile in response to changes in … | Continue reading | 6 days ago

Apple, Google Exposure Notification API Now Generally Available

Apple and Google announced in early April that they were collaborating on an API that would enable cross-platform data transfer, allowing governments around the world to create contact tracing applications that operate seamlessly on both Android and iOS. | Continue reading | 7 days ago

Virtu Financial Launches Open Technology Platform for Access to Market Data

Virtu Financial, Inc. announced the launch of Open Technology, a new data-as-a-service platform. Open Technology hosts a growing catalog of services and data endpoints enabled by a unified, high-performance application programming interface (API) architecture. | Continue reading | 7 days ago

Supermetrics Overhauls its Marketing API

Supermetrics has updated its the Supermetrics API. Supermetrics has always been about extracting data from marketing and advertising platforms for use in analytical tools. The new API expands on that vision and delivers more user friendly tools and abilities for custom solutions. | Continue reading | 7 days ago

IKIN Releases Android SDK for Holographic Reality

IKIN announced the release of its RYZ holographic reality SDK for Android in Unity Technologies' real-time 3D development platform. IKIN engaged with Unity Professional Services to collaborate on the development and certification of the SDK for release. | Continue reading | 7 days ago

HERE Technologies Moves Its XYZ Mapping Platform to General Availability

​HERE Technologies, a provider of mapping technology and services, has announced that its XYZ platform will move into general availability. HERE XYZ is designed to provide end-to-end support for developers that are working on map publication and data management. | Continue reading | 8 days ago

Upstart Launches Credit Decision API

Upstart, an AI lending platform, today announced its Credit Decision API. By tapping into Upstart's AI models, banks and other lenders can deliver instant credit decisions for auto loans, personal loans, and student loans with higher approval rates and lower loss rates. | Continue reading | 8 days ago

Microsoft to Unify Win32 and UWP APIs under Project Reunion

At this year's virtual version of Microsoft Build, Microsoft introduced Project Reunion. The project lays out the next steps Microsoft will take to break down the remaining barriers between the Win32 APIs and the Universal Windows Platform APIs. The result is a common platform fo … | Continue reading | 8 days ago

Daily API RoundUp: Apple and Google Contact Tracing, Cognito, Speechly, ChemSpider

Fifteen APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Coronavirus, Science, and Open Source. Highlights include the Apple and Google Contact Tracing API and an API for retrieving product information from Amazon. Here's a rundown of the latest addit … | Continue reading | 8 days ago

Openprise Adds API Factory to its Product Lineup

​Openprise today announced the availability of Openprise API Factory, the first and only solution that transforms any automated business process into a custom API with a single click, making it easy to add custom API-based services to enterprise systems without writing a single l … | Continue reading | 9 days ago

Portshift Launches Extended Kubernetes Cluster Protection Tool

​Portshift, a provider of Kubernetes runtime security solutions, has announced that they will release an Extended Kubernetes Cluster Protection tool. The company designed the new service to provide Kubernetes API protection by monitoring activity to help preemptively detect runti … | Continue reading | 9 days ago

VoltShare Brings API-based, Keyless Encryption to Enterprise Apps

Volterra has introduced an end-to-end, encrypted data sharing solution: VoltShare. It is available as software, an API, or SDK. It is used in conjunction with existing data sharing platforms, and aims to both simplify and increase security over other encryption services on the ma … | Continue reading | 9 days ago

Enjin Launches Crypto SDK for Godot Game Engine

Godot, a popular open-source game engine, has gained an SDK developed by Enjin that will allow game developers to easily integrate with the company’s blockchain technology. The SDK was announced last week via Twitter and is the product of several years of collaboration between th … | Continue reading | 10 days ago

How Will Facebook's Acquisition of Giphy Impact API Integrations?

Last week, Facebook announced its acquisition of Giphy. The Giphy team will become part of Instagram which has enjoyed API integration with Giphy for quite some time. The question becomes, how will app integrations outside of the Facebook family be impacted by the acquisition? | Continue reading | 10 days ago

Why API Gateways Still Matter in Service Mesh Deployments

Most of the organizations have become brave enough and spend a lot of time on R&D to convert their underlying business infrastructure to match with the next generation. Most of the time people are focusing on totally revamping their architecture by choosing to go with a microserv … | Continue reading | 10 days ago

13 Popular Shipping APIs

These days, everybody is getting almost everything shipped, and eCommerce developers need to make sure they are using the best tools to create shipping options within applications. In this article we highlight 13 Shipping APIs that developers love from ProgrammableWeb's API direc … | Continue reading | 10 days ago

Daily API RoundUp: TomoChain, OpenPayd, Soundtrap, Learnifier

Eight APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Cryptocurrency, Music, and Insurance. Highlights include an API that can recognize face masks on humans in photos, and an API for dental insurance eligibility data. Here's a rundown of the latest … | Continue reading | 12 days ago

Garmin Simplifies Third-Party Route Syncing with the Connect Courses API

​Garmin, a provider of GPS solutions, has announced the release of the Connect Courses API. The new API will allow developers to integrate with Garmin’s GPS devices and directly import course directions. The API has already been implemented in the extremely popular Strava and Kom … | Continue reading | 13 days ago

APIs to Track Coronavirus COVID-19

Over the past three months, as COVID-19 has proliferated, ProgrammableWeb has been tracking APIs that provide access to data related to the pandemic. The World Health Organization now reports that the virus has infected more than 4,000,000 people across more than 200 countries. | Continue reading | 13 days ago

Google Ending Support for JSON-RPC and Global HTTP Batch

Google first announced its intention to discontinue support for JSON-RPC protocol and Global HTTP Batch in its APIs in 2018. Its original timetable was to discontinue support in March of 2019. That timetable was extended, but the new deadline is fast approaching. The new date is … | Continue reading | 13 days ago

Utah State Government Finds Apple, Google Exposure Notification API Insufficient

The ​Apple/Google Exposure Notification API, which enables cross-platform contact tracing functionality, has been greeted with varying degrees of acceptance. Some municipalities, including my home state of Washington, are jumping headfirst into incorporating the functionality. Ot … | Continue reading | 13 days ago

Media Feeds API for Chrome Would Enable Recommended Video Feeds

Google Chrome is in the early stages of developing a tool that would bring YouTube-like video recommendation feeds to most any website that has the content to support one. The fresh feature has already found its way to Canary builds of Chrome, where it lets people see what videos … | Continue reading | 14 days ago

The 5 Best Healthcare APIs for Medical App Development

mHealth, also known as mobile health, is a completely new way of patient interaction with a doctor and patient care. It relies on mobile devices and wireless technologies to facilitate the process of obtaining medical care for patients. This article looks at some of the best mHea … | Continue reading | 14 days ago

myCOVIDrisk API Allows Companies to Track COVID-19 Risk to their Business and Workforce

Lepton Software, a GIS software provider, has announced myCOVIDrisk software and API. The new COVID-19 risk mapping solution helps businesses understand COVID-19 risks associated with their workforce, routes, assets, products, and more. The API tracks quarantine and containment z … | Continue reading | 14 days ago

Node.js v14 Has Arrived With Some New API Features

Version 14 of Node.js was released on April 14, and it brings several new features, some experimental, which can be a benefit to API providers and consumers. Node.js relies on an internal JavaScript engine called V8 that recently released a new version that is now a part of Node. … | Continue reading | 14 days ago

Rapidops Announces API Accelerator for Enterprise Resource Planning

Rapidops Inc. today announced its new API Accelerator to rejuvenate legacy ERP systems. Changing ERP systems is not necessary today, and not viable in most cases due to the high switching costs and the time-consuming endeavor that is fraught with business risks. | Continue reading | 15 days ago

Daily API RoundUp: COVID-19, Treez, CircleCI, Confluent, Backblaze

Twenty-three APIs have been added to the ProgrammableWeb directory in categories including Human Resources, DevOps, and Storage. Also new to the directory are ten COVID-19 APIs, CircleCI API, and APIs for cannabis dispensary software. Here's a rundown of the latest additions. | Continue reading | 15 days ago

Google adds temporary closures field to Places API

Google has added a temporary closures functionality to the Google Maps Places API. Whether a business is closed for a season in the ordinary course of business, or it is temporarily closed in response to a global pandemic, the new feature provides real-time, operational informati … | Continue reading | 15 days ago

Pelican AI Announces Service Availability Statistics

​Pelican AI, a provider of AI-powered payments and financial crime compliance solutions, has announced that the Pelican API Interoperability Hub now offers open API connections to 2,187 banks across Europe. A milestone for PSD2 connectivity Europe-wide with connectivity spanning … | Continue reading | 16 days ago

Codugh Pays Developers for Every API Call

Codugh wants developers to directly earn money for their APIs. It's building a marketplace where developers publish APIs. As those APIs are used, regardless of integrated application, the API developer gets paid. Codugh has partnered with Bitcoin SV (BSV) to pay developers per ca … | Continue reading | 16 days ago

Dolby Simplifies Access to Audiovisual Tech via API Platform,

​Dolby, a provider of audiovisual solutions, has launched an API platform to support the media and communications industries. The new platform,, will offer a collection of APIs that streamline integration with the company’s real-time AV technology. | Continue reading | 16 days ago

Rank One Adds Periocular Algorithm to Facial Recognition SDK

Rank One, facial recognition SDK provider, announced a periocular recognition algorithm. A periocular approach to facial recognition uses images of the eye and the eyebrow area to perform facial recognition. The release is timely given COVID-19 related social distancing and mask- … | Continue reading | 17 days ago