Hydrogen-Powered Trains Promise for Green Economy in India

Hydrogen powered trains in 2020 is expected to become the year of the hydrogen fuel cells in India. This is the first railway to be run entirely on electricity. Could the Indian help globally in the green crises? | Continue reading

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Introducing the Technologies Set to Redefine Cloud Computing

Business owners and Cloud service providers both understand they needed each other -- but how? And, what should that relationship look like? | Continue reading

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8 Reasons to Implement an MFT Strategy

Today’s businesses adhere to security standards to prevent the high costs associated with data breaches but also to avoid hefty penalties. | Continue reading

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Paving the Way: 3 Industries Ripe for Post-Pandemic Change

A pandemic and a recession are accelerating the pace of change. Rather than wait for it, businesses should look at how they can influence and shape it. | Continue reading

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Why the Next Frontier of Enterprise Sales Growth Will be AI-Powered

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is bringing a wide variety of innovative AI-driven business solutions to the enterprise sales growth. | Continue reading

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5 SEO Writing Tools for Optimizing your Content

Anyone who has been a marketer for a while now knows that SEO is an ever-changing field and what works today might not be the solution in one year. | Continue reading

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Ditch Batteries, Save the Planet with Smart Systems

Technology is booming in the home. But long-range wireless power promises less waste and lower cost with these smart home systems. | Continue reading

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Coway Launches Bargain-Friendly Bidetmega 150

I have written about and reviewed many of Coway’s ingenious products. Coway UAA offers a line of smart home health products, including the Airmega air purifier and the Aquamega water purifier. The company has built a reputation for innovation, research, and engineering capability … | Continue reading

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The Future of Democratized Stock Trading

The sophistication and accessibility of technology has made it easier than ever for average people to get involved with investing in and trading stocks. In the future, as new technologies continue to emerge, it’s going to become even more accessible. This “democratized” stock tra … | Continue reading

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5 Advantages Artificial Intelligence can Give Your SME

How fast do trends in the market advance? Specifically with regards to artificial intelligence. Businesses are taking advantage of artificial intelligence as a breakneck pace. | Continue reading

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Role of Big Data in the Evolution of the Financial Industry

Considering how disruptive technologies like Big Data have reached their maturation, big data can be made a beneficial part of the financial industry. | Continue reading

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4 Ways to Feel Less Stressed During Quarantine

When our source of income is threatened, and our lives have been turned upside down by coronavirus, the stress, and anxiety feels like the new normal. | Continue reading

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Dropshipping in 2020: Does it Actually Work?

Dropshipping is a relatively new business scheme. It gained distribution in the early 2000s, but does it still work in 2020? Read here! | Continue reading

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How Smart Cities Can Help Build a Better Post-Pandemic World

Smart cities, powered by innovative tech and applications can improve our pandemic response. They can show us the path in quick economic recovery. | Continue reading

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Why You Should Allow Employees to do Online Shopping at Work

Employees spend more than half an hour a day on online shopping at work, according to data by DeskTime. Here are three reasons why you should not mind. | Continue reading

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75 Billion Reasons to Talk About Cybersecurity

We need to look at the current forecasts about cybersecurity that says we will have 75 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things by 2025. | Continue reading

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Website Traffic Will Become a Defining Metric for Success (Post COVID-19)

Garnering more website traffic will be the ultimate measure of success in an newly altered digital reality in post-COVID-19. | Continue reading

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The $5B DevOps Stranglehold

A few DevOps companies were beloved by users throughout the 2000s. But there are fantastic alternatives for those not in the world's top 500 companies. | Continue reading

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6 Reasons You Should Start Buying Your Glasses Online

You are going to love these glasses! The benefits of shopping for your next pair of glasses from the comfort of your home are just too good to ignore.  | Continue reading

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Complete Guide to Influencer Marketing in 2020

Influencer marketing uses new technologies and popular influencers from YouTube, Instagram, and other social media sites. Here's a guide to finding yours. | Continue reading

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How RPA Drives Business Productivity

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is enabling businesses and the public sector to make sense of all the data the Fourth Industrial Revolution is ushering in. | Continue reading

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Bevy.com raises $15M Series B from Accel for Virtual Event Community Platform

Bevy.com                                                                               FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  5/19/2020    Palo Alto, CA   BEVY.COM RAISES $15M SERIES B FROM […] | Continue reading

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Tough Leaders Thrive in Tough Times. Here’s How.

There’s no roadmap to leading your company through this crisis. But if you look around, you’ll see a lot of leaders charting a path through it. | Continue reading

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How to Use Quizzes to Get More Leads for Your Business

You have probably taken an online quiz. The truth is that we love quizzes, mostly for their ability to give us a sense of belonging and exclusivity.  | Continue reading

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CCPA for Marketers: What You Really Need to Know

Learn what does CCPA mean for marketers and what they really need to do in order to comply with CCPA. Follow this step by step guide to learn more. | Continue reading

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Giving a Presentation with Perfect UI/UX Design

Every single one of us gives presentations from time to time. What can be confusing about creating a couple of slides with great UI and rich content, right? The reality of a presentation in real life is more difficult than one might think. Here is how to give a presentation with … | Continue reading

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5 Work Culture Trends That Improve Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

You want to feel excited to go in to the office after COVID-19. The office you spend your time in every day plays a huge role in that. | Continue reading

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Latest Accounting Trends: Transforming the Retail Industry

Emerging trends in accounting and overall technological developments have contributed to the transformation of the retail industry in the near future. | Continue reading

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Finance Automation Strategies to Streamline Your Processes

There's numerous ways for businesses to automate. Here is concrete advice on finance automation strategies and how to streamline your processes. | Continue reading

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Can AI Be Fairer Than a Human Judge in the Judicial System?

Humans are prone to error and that can lead to a person being wrongly imprisoned for decades on the basis of flimsy evidence. This is where AI comes. | Continue reading

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A Clear Vision for Online Marketing, Lead Generation and Branding

The Vision Council’s VisionWatch market research reported that the total vision care industry generated $40.36 billion in revenue over the last year (2017). The amount included 22 million pairs of frames sold during the first quarter of 2017. The same report found that the indepe … | Continue reading

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AI Won’t Fix Education, but it Can Help

Founder of an artificial intelligence tool for grading in college argues we don’t understand AI. Historically, the definition of AI keeps changing. | Continue reading

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Biometrics: What the Future Holds for Identity Verification

Back in the mid-2000s, biometric authentication became the future of digital security. We thought fingerprint records and facial recognition were new. | Continue reading

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10 Tips to Create Effective Customer Surveys During COVID-19

you do not have to worry as with these 10 amazing tips, you can create effective customer surveys for your business. Let’s dive into it. | Continue reading

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accessiBe Gets $12 Million To Usher an Accessible Web with Ada Compliance

Web accessibility software accessiBe announced that it has received a $12 million investment from private equity firm K1 Investment Management, LLC. The funding is expected to fuel accesiBe’s expansion, widening its reach across North America and improving its support for its par … | Continue reading

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Developing a Secure FinTech App – Best Practice for 2020

End users can now make financial transactions through a snap of a finger through tech ease of access. With the ease comes danger to financial security. | Continue reading

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How AR Gives an Edge to Business Applications

Believe it or not, AR technology is from the 60s. Augmented reality has come a long way from a Sci-Fi movie concept to a scientifically proven reality. | Continue reading

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How to Measure and Analyze Content Marketing Success

By now, virtually every brand across any industry or niche is doing some form of content marketing. Many of these businesses have formal content marketing strategies with editorial guidelines, content calendars, and posting schedules. But very few take the time to carefully measu … | Continue reading

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How Will Autonomous Cars Affect Insurance?

Self-driving cars are our future, and they'll disrupt the current insurance model. Precisely how the insurance industry will change is still unclear. | Continue reading

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5 Digital Health Technologies Helping to Stop the COVID-19 Pandemic

5 Digital Health Technologies Used to Contain Coronavirus: 1. AI 2. Telemedicine 3. Robots in hospitals 4. Gene sequencing 5. Digital dashboards | Continue reading

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Top 20 Virtual Blockchain Speakers

When you want to understand blockchain technology and get a grip on what’s happening in the cryptoworld, you need to stop and listen. In an environment moving this fast, you need to hear from the people who are building the networks, managing the trades, and watching the changes. … | Continue reading

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8 Best Action Cameras

When this COVID-19 finally gives us a break you are going to have to get out of the house. GO make history with a fantastic camera. Here are the eight best action cameras. | Continue reading

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Why Real-Time Data Analysis is Crucial for Healthcare

Scientists believe Artificial Intelligence can free humanity from performing routine tasks in many areas. Healthcare is that area that seems to need these changes the most. | Continue reading

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Building Creativity into Remote Teams

Building creativity into remote and distributed teams is more important than ever as much of the workforce makes the transition to working from home. | Continue reading

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10 Examples of How to Use Data to Pitch Press During COVID-19

The press loves good data. Use care when you package your data to the press. Here are ten examples of how to use data to pitch press during COVID-19. | Continue reading

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How to Build Your Community with Live Video

A community has at least one thought, issue, feeling, concern, or a goal in common. Use live video to enhance your reach to those who will connect with you. | Continue reading

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How Black Twitter is Shaping the Online World

It was never designed specifically for this particular purpose. Twitter is not a forum that allows users to create communities. | Continue reading

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AI for Dating Apps: How Machines Help People Find Love

For the last decade people have met online. With our hectic lifestyles people lack time to search for a date, so a dating applications comes in handy. | Continue reading

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