On-Page Optimization Lets You Take Control of Your Business Success

Continuously improving your site - a process known as website optimization – is required for long-term growth and prolonged market relevance. As such, an intelligent approach to integrating digital marketing and website maintenance will improve your bottom line. | Continue reading

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Omega Charger: Smallest 200W & 100W GaN USB-C Charger

Sydney-based Chargeasap is the first to market with its launch of Omega, considered to be the world’s smallest 100W & 200W GaN USB-C Charger through a Kickstarter crowdfunding program. About Chargeasap Chargeasap is a consumer electronics start-up company that is based in Austral … | Continue reading

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Discussing the Potential Health Risks of Sitting Down All Day

Within six months because of COVID, we can see the drastic effects sitting all day has had on our children’s health and wellbeing.  | Continue reading

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Walnut Secures $2.5M in Seed Round Led by NFX to Enable Remote Sales

Walnut has raised $2.5 million in seed funding to roll out an inside sales platform that re-imagines how demos work and increases conversion rates. | Continue reading

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Molekule Air Pro: Designed For Large Spaces

This review covers the Molekule Air Pro, which is an air purifier that covers up to 1,000 square feet and protects you from all types of pollutants. | Continue reading

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What the Future of Startup Funding Will Look Like

As tech enthusiasts, we’re constantly looking to the next wave of tech startups likely to change the world. As a society, we like to see plucky young startups—just a few people building something in a garage—turn into mega-corporations that have the power to improve how we all li … | Continue reading

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Is Automation Truly Coming for White Collar Jobs?

For years, we’ve been hearing that automation is coming to white collar jobs, crossing a barrier that we previously thought uncrossable. But is this truly the case? And if so, which white collar jobs are the most susceptible to being replaced? Blue Collar vs. White Collar: The Au … | Continue reading

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Mackie CR5-XBT 5″ Multimedia Monitors with Bluetooth: Studio-Quality Sound

In looking for Bluetooth speakers for my laptop set up in my office, I stumbled upon the Mackie Cr5-XBT 5" multimedia monitors with Bluetooth. Priced at $220, these multimedia monitors deliver on the price point. Here's my review. | Continue reading

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The 5 Fundamental Principles of Managing a Remote Team

In the wake of the corona crisis, remote workforces are booming. During the height of the pandemic, millions of workers set up home offices, in an abrupt shift to work online. Now, as the first wave of the pandemic ebbs in many countries while hitting another crest in the US, it … | Continue reading

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How AI can Change the Future of Telemedicine

Explore various work areas of telemedicine and how Artificial Intelligence can change the life of healthcare systems even with challenges over the years. | Continue reading

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Calendar.com Aims To Build The Modern Day Scheduling Tool For Teams

Most of us use a calendar app that’s a step up from a paper version, but the way we work is changing. We need a calendar that can keep pace with the times. | Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes: Insight into Large Scale Organizations to Apply to Small Businesses

What can we learn from large organizations so that we can improve our business. Are expectations to high? Are we involving the right stakeholders? | Continue reading

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Improving Surgical Performance and Physician Proficiency With AR/VR Simulations

ReadWrite Q&A with FundamentalVR. Multiple studies have shown surgical simulations can improve physicians' cognitive, psychomotor, and technical performance | Continue reading

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Web Accessibility Solutions: How accessiBe Stands Out from the Crowd

Find out the three main web accessibility solutions and how accessiBe turns out tobe the best among them making websites accessible on autopilot. | Continue reading

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6 Smart Insights You Can Use to Guide Your eCommerce

When eCommerce revenue hit $700 billion in 2017, statistics confirmed how rapid and constantly it will grow by 23 percent year over year. Meanwhile,..... | Continue reading

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A Look at How the IoT is Transforming Law Enforcement for the Better

Law enforcement is always looking for ways to improve technology and expand capabilities. Could the IoT provide the boost these departments need to enhance safety and achieve better results? Refresher: What is the IoT? If you’re in the law enforcement industry, you’re probably no … | Continue reading

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The 8 Most Impressive Web Hosting Providers Of 2020

Reliable web hosting will enable your website to be seen by an online audience. Find out what the most impressive web hosting providers of 2020 are. | Continue reading

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Why Big Tech Companies are Building Cities, and Why Many are Worried

Facebook employees will be able to work, live, and sleep without leaving the property of the 5th most valuable tech company in the world. | Continue reading

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Security, Connectivity, and Privacy: Plume’s CEO on the Importance of Smart Homes in the World of Remote Work

The problems caused by a newly remote workforce call for advanced technological solutions like Plume, a smart home services pioneer co-founded by Fahri Diner. | Continue reading

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Keeping WFH Teams Engaged — Live Webinar

2020 has thrown the entire world a real curveball when it comes to where and how we work together.  Just a year ago, as a company, we were mulling over the benefits of having some of our employees work from home. We considered that we would start with a few trusted team members w … | Continue reading

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Smart Technology at The Edge: Five Reasons this Transformation is Here to Stay

The COVID-19 pandemic has sped up much of the technology change that was already underway. People have found themselves working and learning at home. | Continue reading

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Why Apple’s iPhone Struggles in India and Why it Matters

Apple, the world’s most profitable company, has a most valuable products. India, home to 1.3 billion people, is on track to beat China as the most populous country on the planet. | Continue reading

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ReST Smart Bed: A Customizable, Smart Mattress

The ReST Bed is one of the latest mattresses to hit the market, offering a truly smart mattress. Especially for couples who have different sleep preferences -- but want to sleep in the same bed. | Continue reading

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What’s the Future of AI Writing?

For the past several years, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) experts have worked on algorithms that can write articles and other types of content in ways previously thought to be exclusively writable by human beings. As these technologies get more advanced, … | Continue reading

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How to Use an Agile Workflow to Grow Your Business

The speedy progress in the world forces business to be flexible and respond quickly to changes. The good news is that Agile workflow manages uncertainty in advance and, thus, helps your business flourish no matter what happens. | Continue reading

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The RPA Noise: The Long and Short of It

Is Robotic Process Automation all the fireworks it claimed to be? We get a reality check on where, how and why it works and not. | Continue reading

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How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps

Artificial intelligence in the mobile app is a great way of tracking user behavior & patterns. Your users can get personalized experience through AI apps. | Continue reading

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Facial Recognition Technology – All You Need to Know

Facial recognition technology -- the massive collection of data includes thousands of photos and videos that we have no control over. | Continue reading

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Is Low-Code the Future of Development?

How does low-code development fit into the bigger scheme of computer programming code? | Continue reading

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It’s Time to Shift Digital with Visual AI

From popular day to day business apps to binge watching your favorite show on a rainy weekend, Visual AI is behind the scenes, improving digital quality. | Continue reading

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6 Top Resources For Business Leaders To Thrive During COVID-19

These resources can help you understand what your next steps should be and how they may affect your business for years to come. | Continue reading

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Killer Tips to Keep Your Startup Team Motivated

If you are running a startup, there is a good chance that you may have hired a few employees. Keep your startup team motivated. | Continue reading

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Payment Solutions that will Flourish your e-Commerce Business

Go beyond a simple payment API and get a hosted customizable payment page | Continue reading

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Avoid Burnout and Loneliness from Remote Work

Working remote or from home can be lonely at times. Here are some tips to avoid burnout and loneliness while working in a remote job. | Continue reading

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Why it’s Time to Move to an Event Driven Architecture

In the IoT world, solutions depend on streaming data. But with the growing need for real-time analysis, most application developers need to update how they process that data. | Continue reading

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How to Onboard Remote Engineers: A Practical Guide from an Expert

Onboarding a new remote developer is arguably one of the most important things you can add to your core competencies if you want to assure your new hires’ success. Here is how to onboard remote engineers — with a practical guide from an expert. Today, with COVID-19 making every n … | Continue reading

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Baseus Tag Trackable HiFi TWS Earbuds: Consumer Electronic Brand Delivers New Product

Baseus, a well-known consumer electronic brand headquartered in China has put out an affordable earbud. You can recover if lost -- a standout feature to me. | Continue reading

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How Today’s Startups Can Adapt to a Globally Distributed Model

The digital office means that jobs don’t necessarily need to be done in-person, and today’s startup leaders are realizing that many projects can be done at a lower cost remotely, without any drop in quality. | Continue reading

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Cherry DW9000 Slim Keyboard and Mouse: Productivity and a Cool Design

The Cherry DW 9000 slim keyboard and mouse has a full-size layout and comfortable keys, making it an ideal low-cost investment. | Continue reading

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Why You Shouldn’t Use Statista to Make Business Decisions

You must use more than Statista to find your business roadblocks in the ever-changing market trends, and the hidden growth opportunities. | Continue reading

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7 Psychological Hacks to Boost Sales Numbers of Your Business

Looking to improve your business sales number? Follow these tested psychological hacks and attract more customers for sales and revenue. | Continue reading

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How to Get Access to Free Internet, TV, and Phone Services

Do you want access the world wide web for free? Find out everything about free internet. Charter Spectrum is offering free internet service during COVID-19. | Continue reading

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How AI and Machine Learning Are eCommerce Tech Game Changers

The trend in eCommerce has been driving quickly towards AI and Machine Learning. It's essential to integrate ML and AI technology into your eCommerce site. | Continue reading

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How to Outsource as an Entrepreneur

How to outsource as an entrepeneur. A quick how-to guide, so you can start growing your business today not tomorrow. Read and start scaling your business. | Continue reading

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Anker PowerExpand Elite 13-in-1 Thunderbolt 3 Dock: The New Must-Have Gadget

Every time I think I've got all the tech gadgets I ever need, someone comes along and proves me wrong. The Anker PowerExpand Elite transforms into every port you'll need. | Continue reading

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AI Powers the Growth of Intranets and Extranets

The much-heralded Internet of Things relies on interconnectedness of personal and business systems. Intranets and extranets, Business collaboration tools will play their part in this interconnectedness. | Continue reading

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I Used These 5 AI-Powered Background Removers and Here is What I Found

Have you ever needed to remove the image background? There are so many use cases in business and marketing when you need to do it quickly and professionally | Continue reading

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How to Make Your Own Crytocurrency

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and a handful of other cryptocurrencies have broken into the mainstream, but what if you want to start a cryptocurrency of your own? There are many valid motivations for doing so. For example, you may not like how the mainstream coins operate; you may … | Continue reading

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