A15, fast and slow ↦

AppleInsider reports that Geekbench users are uploading scores for the iPhone 13 that show a 10 percent increase over the iPhone 12 in single-core performance, and a 21 percent increase in multi-co… | Continue reading

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Apple’s chip operation and the A15 ↦

Dylan Patel, in a post with a laughably doom-and-gloom headline that nevertheless makes some interesting points about Apple’s chipmaking division and the A15 processor: It appears Apple has n… | Continue reading

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(Podcast) The Rebound 358: Frenchy Blue

We’re feeling blue. By which we mean the blue shade of the new iPhones. | Continue reading

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(Podcast) Clockwise 416: The Waterfall Feature

The last time we used the full capabilities of the iPhone’s video camera, the Apple products we still want to see this year, whether we’re tempted by the Apple Watch Series 7, and all t… | Continue reading

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A few extra notes about Apple’s September 14 event

Good morning! (Photo: Apple) Dan’s got the quick reactions to Tuesday’s Apple event covered, but I had a few notes left on the cutting-room floor that I wanted to get out before shiftin… | Continue reading

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AT&T iPhone Upgrade Program units ship with an eSIM

As a subscriber to the iPhone Upgrade Program for lo these many years, I’ve been glad to see that Apple has streamlined the process year after year. What once required you to go into a store … | Continue reading

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(Podcast) Upgrade 371: Midnight Is Starlight’s Best Friend

Apple announced new iPhones, Apple Watches and iPads on Tuesday, and this is our quick reaction to the news. What color is the saddest rainbow? Why was Joz locked out of Apple Park one night? Why i… | Continue reading

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Quick reactions to Apple’s iPhone 13 event

Sure seems like Apple’s got the whole “slickly produced video” thing down to a science, doesn’t it? As expected, today’s event saw the wraps taken off the new iPhone 1… | Continue reading

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Latest Apple updates fight zero-click exploits ↦

Apple released a bunch of software updates Monday to counteract dangerous security vulnerabilities in its operating systems. Ivan Krstic, head of Apple Security Engineering and Architecture wrote: … | Continue reading

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(Sponsor) Daylite

This week, Six Colors is being sponsored by Daylite, the award-winning CRM and productivity app made for Mac-based small businesses. Daylite is the only CRM and productivity app that seamlessly int… | Continue reading

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‘What Does It All Mean?’ ↦

If you can read only one legal analysis about the ruling in the Epic-Apple lawsuit, let it be John Voorhees’s at MacStories: While the decision is undeniably a win for Apple in many respects,… | Continue reading

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(Podcast) Upgrade 370: The 2021 September Event Draft

It’s another emergency draft! In this bonus episode, Jason and Myke predict what will happen at Tuesday’s Apple media event. What form will the new iPhones take? Will a new Apple Watch make a… | Continue reading

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Apple bests Epic, but change is coming to the App Store

On Friday, Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers issued her judgment and counter-judgment on Epic Games’s lawsuit against Apple. The result largely favors Apple, to the extent that Apple released a st… | Continue reading

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6C Podcast: September 10, 2021

Breaking Apple legal news, and what we’re excited about for next week’s Apple event. | Continue reading

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Updated Marvel Unlimited adds vertical comics and better following features ↦

Marvel has revamped its Unlimited app, and The Verge’s Chaim Gartenberg has the details. One big part of the push are “Infinity Comics”, which are designed vertically, to be scrol… | Continue reading

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(Podcast) The Rebound 357: I Stopped Punching You

What will Apple announce next week? I guess we’ll find out next week, because we don’t know. | Continue reading

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Getting ebooks from your library is still fraught ↦

Daniel A. Gross, writing for The New Yorker: The high prices of e-book rights could become untenable for libraries in the long run, according to several librarians and advocates I spoke to—librarie… | Continue reading

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(Podcast) Clockwise 415: We Come Bearing Internet

How we’d upgrade our tech setups if we had the space, the tech parts of our emergency preparedness plans, our thoughts on cashierless “just walk out” stores, and whether we would … | Continue reading

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Apple’s car project has a long track record (Member Post)

Tim Cook reportedly wants to usher in one more new product category before retiring. Here, he can be seen practicing hailing a driverless cab. (Or just greeting a keynote audience. Your call.) For … | Continue reading

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Apple’s “California Streaming” next week

It’s official: Apple’s next product-launch event will come on Tuesday, September 14 at 10 a.m. Pacific. Apple marketing chief Greg Joswiak announced it on Twitter and the emailed invita… | Continue reading

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(Podcast) Upgrade 369: The One With How Titles Are Made

As Jason and Myke wait for the announcement of an iPhone launch event, they discuss Apple’s curious set of incremental changes to App Store policies, what those changes mean, and how they inf… | Continue reading

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Apple delays CSAM scanning rollout ↦

As relayed by TechCrunch and many other outlets, Apple has announced it’s delaying the release of its CSAM (Child Sexual Abuse Media) scanning features. Here’s the statement Apple PR fu… | Continue reading

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6C Podcast: September 3, 2021

Apple’s negotiation strategy, and anticipating a September hardware event. | Continue reading

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Tools we used to make a “call-in” podcast

This week’s episode of Upgrade was a “call-in show,” in which we answered audio questions sent in by listeners. I’ve heard from a few people who wondered how we put the show… | Continue reading

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Apple to let “reader” apps link to their sites

Late Wednesday, Apple said that, prompted by an investigation from the Japan Fair Trade Commission (JFTC), developers of “reader” apps—a category that Apple has previously defined as pr… | Continue reading

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(Podcast) Clockwise 414: Doctor Pin Dan

China’s new limit on video games for those under 18, the software features that are gone but not forgotten, Apple Watch exercise accuracy, and our writing on paper vs. typing preferences. | Continue reading

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(Podcast) The Rebound 356: The Pain Wall

The gang’s back together and it’s an Apple Watch show again. | Continue reading

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Tip: Reform wayward Apple News links (Member Post)

On iOS, translate an Apple News URL into a real one via Shortcut. A Six Colors subscriber writes: If you have an Apple News link, is there a way to get the internet source link from it? Apple News … | Continue reading

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(Podcast) Upgrade 368: Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs

It’s the first-ever Upgrade Call-In Show! This week, Myke and Jason answer listener questions about Apple, themselves… and popular dance steps. Go ahead caller–we’re listeni… | Continue reading

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Review: Sonos Roam is a worthy travel companion

I picked up the Sonos Roam on a whim. As we’ve gotten prepped to move to our new house, I’ve decided to switch up my TV audio setup from my old stereo receiver and bookshelf speakers to… | Continue reading

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Apple to revamp classical music offering with Primephonic acquisition ↦

Apple Newsroom: Apple today announced it has acquired Primephonic, the renowned classical music streaming service that offers an outstanding listening experience with search and browse functionalit… | Continue reading

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Command line 101: grep, sed, and awk for newbies ↦

Great resource from Jim Salter at Ars Technica that runs through the basics of three useful command-line programs: grep, sed, and awk: Trying to read the man pages for the utilities most frequently… | Continue reading

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The Safari 15 fight isn’t over (for Mac and iPad) ↦

The design of Safari 15 on the iPhone has gone to a better place, but Stephen Hackett reminds us that trouble on the Mac and iPad remain: The ordering of the UI elements at the top of the screen… | Continue reading

@sixcolors.com | 20 days ago

The Back Page: Introducing Safari 15’s Brand New Interface, Which We Got Right on the First Try (Member Post)

Here at Apple, we know how important browsing the web is to our customers. It’s how many of us pay our bills, manage our health care, and attempt to figure out exactly what an ‘updog’ is. So when i… | Continue reading

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(Podcast) The Rebound 355: We Share The Same Queen

Ted Lasso, upcoming Macs, and Apple’s gross lobbying efforts. | Continue reading

@sixcolors.com | 22 days ago

(Podcast) Clockwise 413: Not My Parcel, Not My Roof

Whether we see ourselves one day carrying foldable phones, our thoughts on drone and robot delivery, changing the rules of copyright, and designing our own computers. | Continue reading

@sixcolors.com | 22 days ago

iCloud Private Relay will launch as optional beta ↦

Apple, in its iOS 15 beta 7 release notes: iCloud Private Relay will be released as a public beta to gather additional feedback and improve website compatibility. (82150385) Essentially, Apple has … | Continue reading

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TestFlight for Mac (finally) lands ↦

Apple has put TestFlight for Mac into public beta testing. After years on iOS, in June Apple announced that its tool for beta-testing apps would come to the Mac this year. It’s been missing i… | Continue reading

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Balanced between sherlocking and irrelevance

Notes in macOS Monterey includes a lightweight tagging feature. What do you think of when you think of the apps Apple includes with macOS and iOS? Are they too simple, too complex, or just right? D… | Continue reading

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(Podcast) Upgrade 367: My Experience With the Floating Lozenges

This week we kick off our annual fundraising for St. Jude, ask listeners to call in with their questions, and discuss how Apple approaches putting features in–and taking them out–of its… | Continue reading

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(Sponsor) Tempo

My thanks to Tempo for sponsoring Six Colors this week. Tempo is an email client with a calming interface, with unique features designed to remove email anxiety and put you in control. Tempo delive… | Continue reading

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6C Podcast: August 20, 2021

Dan’s got an Existence Reveal, Apple shows some restraint regarding OS features, and built-in iOS apps get smarter. [We’re taking next week off. The Six Colors Podcast will return Sept.… | Continue reading

@sixcolors.com | 27 days ago

At long last, iOS is getting Smart (Member Post)

Apple has spent a long time moving its operating systems and the apps that run on them closer together. Take a look at Apple-built apps like Music, Photos, Notes, and Reminders and you’ll see… | Continue reading

@sixcolors.com | 28 days ago

How Roblox exploits young developers ↦

As someone who wasn’t that familiar with the wildly popular software platform Roblox, this video by People Make Games was incredibly enlightening. It’s a remarkable piece of journalism … | Continue reading

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(Podcast) The Rebound 354: [Heavy Sigh]

Lex has a list of topics, some of which he even remembers. | Continue reading

@sixcolors.com | 29 days ago

‘Color-blind Accessibility Manifesto’ ↦

A few months ago, I volunteered to be interviewed by Italian student Federico Monaco for his thesis project about Web accessibility for the color-blind. (I am red-green color-blind.) The results of… | Continue reading

@sixcolors.com | 29 days ago

(Podcast) Clockwise 412: Nope, Changed My Mind

Can anonymity online be a good thing? The first smart home device someone should buy. Our technology collection habits. The “technology anachronisms” in our lives. | Continue reading

@sixcolors.com | 29 days ago

The mess that is Apple Podcasts Subscriptions ↦

Ashley Carman at The Verge details a lot of complaints about Apple Podcasts Subscriptions: But in the months since Apple Podcasts’ announcement, podcasters say the platform has failed them in vario… | Continue reading

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