What does the future of the Apple Watch look like? (Macworld/Jason Snell)

Six years in, the Apple Watch is at a bit of a crossroads. After a few years of explosive growth in terms of improving the hardware, Apple seems to have hit a bit of a lull. Last year’s Apple Watch… | Continue reading

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(Podcast) Upgrade 317: Upsettings

This week’s show features an iOS 14 home-screen aesthetics revolution, some watchOS 7 follow-up, the need for a Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 12, and the horrible ways we use our keyboards. | Continue reading

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20 Macs for 2020: #13 – Mac IIcx and IIci

Thanks to reader David for sending me this IIci earlier this year. The original Macintosh was a squat, cute beige box with a little black-and-white screen and tiny keyboard. For a couple of decades… | Continue reading

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Enabling the Debug menu in Safari 14 on Big Sur and Catalina

With new Apple software updates come new questions, and reader Martin has one related to an old tip of mine: Thanks for the great tip on fixing tab behavior. However, the directions on how to get t… | Continue reading

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Roger Angell turns 100 ↦

The best baseball writer ever, Roger Angell, turns 100 today: Above all, Roger Angell is best known as the bard of baseball; he was honored by the Baseball Hall of Fame, in Cooperstown, in 2014—alo… | Continue reading

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‘The Glorious RBG’ ↦

New York magazine’s Irin Carmon, co-author of the book Notorious R.B.G., on the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Two visionary lawyers, the leftist feminist Dorothy Kenyon and the queer Black th… | Continue reading

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(Podcast) 20 Macs for 2020 podcast 7: Mac mini (#14)

The popularity of the iPod led Apple to create a Mac designed specifically to tempt people to switch from Windows. It didn’t go as planned, but the result was a Mac model that’s been wi… | Continue reading

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Relay FM for St. Jude ↦

This month Relay FM is raising money for St. Jude, a remarkable organization that is both a hospital that provides free medical care for kids with cancer, and a research institution that’s co… | Continue reading

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(Sponsor) Mobi

My thanks to Mobi for sponsoring Six Colors this week. Mobi has been around since 2005 as the regional wireless carrier for Hawaiʻi, but is now bringing its rethought approach to wireless to the ma… | Continue reading

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6C Podcast: September 18, 2020

Watchers watching watches. Bundlers bundling bundles. Give to St. Jude. | Continue reading

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Service Station: An Apple announcement that saves me money (Member Post)

Good news! Apple just announced a service that might actually save you money. Or you could just ignore it, and that’s fine too. It’s AppleOne, the new bundle of a bunch of existing Appl… | Continue reading

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Cheaper air quality sensors attack the climate catastrophe ↦

Justine Calma at The Verge: As smoke from wildfires chokes the West Coast, social media has been flooded with crowdsourced maps providing near-real time updates on just how horrendous the air reall… | Continue reading

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Apple launches new OS versions on one day’s notice ↦

Samuel Axon of Ars Technica: The immediate timing of the releases might seem like a positive for consumers who were clamoring for new features, but it’s been highly disruptive to developers&#… | Continue reading

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The reluctant debut of the A14 processor

On Tuesday Apple unveiled a bunch of new stuff, including two new Apple Watches, two new iPads, a new fitness subscription service, and a bundle of its many services And, oh yeah, the A14 processor… | Continue reading

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iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and watchOS 7 are out

Surprise! Today’s the day. We will have more coverage of all the new OSes as time goes by. In the meantime, you can read Dan’s first look at the iPadOS 14 beta and my first look at the … | Continue reading

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(Podcast) The Rebound 307: Jony Ive’s Parting Shot

Hey, real Apple news! | Continue reading

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The difference between medicine and wellness ↦

Nicole Wetsman, reporting for The Verge, answers a question I had about exactly how Apple is marketing the oxygen sensor in the Apple Watch Series 6: The Apple Watch’s blood oxygen sensor isn’t a m… | Continue reading

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Why the new iPad Air is great news for the iPad Pro (Macworld/Jason Snell)

iPad Pro, you’re on the clock. Tuesday’s announcement of the new iPad Air continues Apple’s aggressive importation of iPad Pro features into the lower ends of the iPad product line. But it also bri… | Continue reading

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Apple’s Sept. 15 event: Good, Better, Best

Good, Better, Best. It’s a classic approach to selling products. Get people in the door with a low price, and then steer them upward to a more expensive model with more features. It’s a… | Continue reading

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(Podcast) Upgrade 316: Why Tomorrow?

New Apple Watches and iPads! Here’s our quick reaction to the news. Shockingly, we walk away feeling pretty good about… Apple’s services? Plus: Surprise! Apple’s OS updates are co… | Continue reading

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Some quick thoughts on today’s Apple event

Apple’s concluded its latest event and it was a quick, efficient affair at just over an hour. Still, Apple didn’t waste too much time, rolling out a handful of expected announcements, o… | Continue reading

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What was new at the Apple Sept. 15 event

Apple held an event on Tuesday that focused on the iPad and Apple Watch, though there were some more products announced than that. Here’s a summary: A new iPad Air that picks up many of the f… | Continue reading

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Apple Sept. 15 event – Live Updates

Apple’s special event live stream will begin at 10am Pacific, in less than an hour as I type this. We’ll be posting some live thoughts at the @sixcolorsevent Twitter account, which is a… | Continue reading

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(Podcast) Upgrade 315: The 2020 September Event Draft

In the first of two episodes of Upgrade this week, Jason and Myke predict what will happen at September 15’s Apple event in the traditional form of a draft! We’ll be back on Tuesday for… | Continue reading

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20 Macs for 2020: #14 – Mac mini

Most evidence suggests that birds, as unlikely as it seems, are the only surviving descendants of the dinosaurs. I’d argue that the Mac has its own analog to this unlikely relationship, a fam… | Continue reading

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(Sponsor) Mobi – help build a new kind of wireless provider

Mobi has been around since 2005 as the regional wireless carrier for Hawaiʻi, but we’re expanding to the mainland U.S. and rethinking how to do just about everything in wireless! We’re … | Continue reading

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What to expect at Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ event (Macworld/Dan Moren)

Sooner than perhaps any of us might have anticipated, Apple news is upon us. On Tuesday, the company will unveil its first products of the fall as it ramps up for the holiday quarter to come. A Sep… | Continue reading

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Command performance: Mission Control (Member Post)

One of the reasons I still gravitate toward my Mac for most of my working needs is its unparalleled implementation of multitasking—it’s one place that the iPad still hasn’t really caugh… | Continue reading

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Marco Arment on in-app purchase rules ↦

Marco Arment provides a summary of Apple’s not at all complicated rules for in-app purchases. | Continue reading

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6C Podcast: September 11, 2011

Jason’s back from a mini vacation, the sky is orange, and Apple’s launching something next Tuesday. | Continue reading

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Apple codifies policy for game streaming services on App Store ↦

Apple has updated its App Store Review Guidelines to add specific rules about streaming games, in the wake of its disputes with Microsoft and Epic: Streaming games are permitted so long as they adh… | Continue reading

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(Podcast) 20 Macs for 2020 podcast 6: DayStar Genesis MP (#15)

One of the most important developments in the history of the Mac was not created in Cupertino, but by a Mac clonemaker in a tiny town in Georgia. | Continue reading

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Auto-posting the podcasts

Since Dan and I do a lot of tech podcasts in addition to our tech writing, a feature of this site since the beginning has been posting links to those podcasts. It’s been a largely manual proc… | Continue reading

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(Podcast) The Rebound 306: Phone Delay

Guesses and picks. As you do. | Continue reading

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(Podcast) Clockwise 363: No Guinea Pig Applications

Apple event hopes, finding joy, our NFC uses, and how virtual conferences have changed things for the better. | Continue reading

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Apple fall event happening September 15 ↦

Some of Apple’s announcements may be delayed, but it looks like the company will still be holding its fall event more or less right on schedule. Set your calendars for September 15 at 10am Pa… | Continue reading

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(Podcast) Upgrade 314: Beta Tourism

Jason dives into macOS Big Sur and has to podcast from exile, Apple gets excited about Emmy nominations while prepping for fall product launches, and the release of “Mulan” leads us to … | Continue reading

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20 Macs For 2020: #15 – DayStar Genesis MP

DayStar Genesis MP (from Macworld magazine). Today, the chips that drive all of Apple’s products have multiple processing cores, able to do work in parallel. The iPhone 11 has six. My iMac Pr… | Continue reading

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Does the Apple TV have a future? (Macworld/Dan Moren)

The Apple TV: perhaps the most unloved of Apple’s major platforms? Even though the Apple TV has been around about as long as the iPhone—it was actually shown off by Steve Jobs before the iPho… | Continue reading

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BitBar, PHP, AppleScript, and Dark mode

I woke up this morning to find a challenge from Reader Max Velasco Knott. Max apparently enjoys Dark Mode on macOS — and my BitBar plugins don’t consider the existence of Dark Mode, mos… | Continue reading

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6C Podcast: September 4, 2020

It’s been a busy week, but do you see us sweat? We’re like ducks–proverbial ducks. | Continue reading

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(Podcast) 20 Macs for 2020 podcast: Blue & White G3 (#16)

Professionals were dragged out of their beige towers by an iMac-inspired Power Mac that featured a drop-down door, big plastic handles, and a raft of new technologies. Guest Starring James Thomson,… | Continue reading

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Descript: Making podcast editing more like text editing

As a part of my ongoing 20 Macs for 2020 project, I’ve been releasing weekly podcast episodes featuring the voices of a bunch of people I know discussing the Macs I’ve placed on my list… | Continue reading

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The Hackett File: It’s time to expand the Apple Watch line (Member Post)

Since first introducing the Apple Watch, Apple has worked hard to clarify the product, steering it to where most users found it the most useful — notifications and activity tracking. The fanciful d… | Continue reading

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(Podcast) Clockwise 362: My Default Mode Is Skepticism

This week, on the 30-minute tech podcast that’s ready to eat, Dan and Mikah are joined by special guests Shelly Brisbin an Joe Rosensteel. Hot topics include: What’s your online fact-finding … | Continue reading

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(Podcast) The Rebound 305: Put Ted Lasso in the Name

We’re here to preach the gospel of Ted Lasso and tell you how you can get anointed by a fav from Jason Sudeikis. Turns out it’s pretty easy. | Continue reading

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What Apple silicon Mac will we see first? It might be a familiar face (Macworld/Jason Snell)

For those of us who spend a lot of brain power thinking about where Apple is heading next, this week has been a bit of a head-scratcher. New reports from the China Times suggest that the first Mac … | Continue reading

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Bloomberg on Apple’s fall lineup ↦

Bloomberg’s Debby Wu and Mark Gurman have a rundown of much of what Apple’s expected to announce this fall: Among a comprehensive product refresh in the fall, Apple is also preparing a … | Continue reading

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