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Disputable opinions on Bitcoin exchange rate by famous forecasters prove our concerns: "It's very difficult to predict its price." | Continue reading | 4 months ago

Tesla to begin delivering China-built Model 3 cars next week Darrell Etherington

Tesla will start making the first deliveries of its Shanghai-built Model 3 sedans on Monday, Bloomberg reports. The cars are rolling off the assembly line at the new Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory, which is operational but which also will be expanding in the future thanks to a fresh … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Wikimedia 'deeply concerned' about India's proposed intermediary liability rules

Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit group that operates Wikipedia and a number of other projects, has urged the Indian government to rethink the proposed changes to the nation’s intermediary liability rules that would affect swathes of companies and the way more than half a billi … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Russia starts testing its own internal internet

Russia has begun testing a national internet system that would function as an alternative to the broader web, according to local news reports. Exactly what stage the country has reached is unclear, but certainly the goal of a resilient — and perhaps more easily controlled — inter … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Remembering the startups we lost in 2019

All manner of startups fail for all manner of reasons. But there’s one constant: this is an incredibly difficult business. Launching a successful company isn’t just a matter of drive and finding the right people (though both, clearly, are important). Doing well in this business r … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Elroy Air’s autonomous hybrid aircraft can pick up cargo containers on its own

Autonomous aircraft transportation seems like a sure thing at this point — in particular for cargo, where safety concerns around potential harm to people isn’t as much of an issue. One company pursuing this goal is Elroy Air, which has developed a hybrid-electric vertical take-of … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Russia starts testing its own internal internet

Russia has begun testing a national internet system that would function as an alternative to the broader web, according to local news reports. Exactly what stage the country has reached is unclear, but certainly the goal of a resilient — and perhaps more easily controlled — inter … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

The first trailer for the NEW new Ghostbusters is here

It’s been nearly a year since a teaser trailer revealed a world weary Ecto-1 beneath a tarp in some mysterious barn. Now, a few days after getting its official name, “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” has its first full trailer. The forthcoming film is helmed by Jason Reitman, son of orig … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

VR gear you won’t feel stupid for buying

There have been holiday gift guides for VR for the past five years or so and for most of that time, buying a VR headset was generally a bad call. | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Chinese apps are losing their hold on India to local developers

Apps from Chinese developers have been gaining popularity on Indian app stores for sometime. Last year, as many as 44 of the top 100 Android apps in India were developed by Chinese firms. But things have changed this year as local developers put on a fight. According to app analy … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Micro-angelo 3D-printed ‘David’ one millimeter tall

3D printing has proven itself useful in so many industries that it’s no longer necessary to show off, but some people just can’t help themselves. Case in point: this millimeter-tall rendition of Michelangelo’s famous “David” printed with copper using a newly developed … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

A Twitter app bug was used to match 17M phone numbers to user accounts

The researcher matched 17 million phone numbers using the Android app's contact upload feature. | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Uber Founder Travis Kalanick Is Leaving the Company’s Board of Directors

Uber founder and former CEO Travis Kalanick is leaving the company’s Board of Directors, the ride hailing company announced today. Kalanick will officially resign from the Board as of December 31, to “focus on his new business and philanthropic endeavors,” according to a press re … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Plenty of Fish app was leaking users’ hidden names and postal codes

In some cases the researcher found enough information to identify where a particular user lived. | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Reasons to be thankful for streaming and Star Wars

Since it’s a holiday week for those of us in the United States, we’ve put together an (even more) unstructured episode of the Original Content podcast. Among other things, this gives us a chance to update our initial review of “The Mandalorian” by acknowledging the Disney+ s… | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Spotify sent mysterious USB drives to journalists

Last week, Spotify sent a number of USB drives to reporters with a note: “Play me.” It’s not uncommon for reporters to receive USB drives in the post. Companies distribute USB drives all the time, including at tech conferences, often containing promotional materials or large file … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Rivian adds $1.3B in funding for its electric utility vehicles

American automotive technology startup Rivian has raised $1.3 billion in new funding, the company announced today. The new investment is the fourth round of capital announced by the company in 2019 alone, following prior announcements of $700 million led by Amazon, $500 million f … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

What happened to the next big things?

In tech, this was the smartphone decade. In 2009, Symbian was still the dominant ‘smartphone’ OS, but 2010 saw the launch of the iPhone 4, the Samsung Galaxy S, and the Nexus One, and today Android and iOS boast four billion combined active devices. Today, smartphones and their a … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Burrowing Owls Lead to Vomiting Anarchists(Or SF’s Housing Crisis Explained)

Today, the tech industry is apparently on track to destroy one of the world’s most valuable cultural treasures, San Francisco, by pushing out the diverse people who have helped create it. At least that’s the story you’ve read in hundreds of articles lately. It doesn’t have t… | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Apple reportedly working on satellite technology for iPhone data transmission

Apple is said to be working on satellite technology, having hired a number of aerospace engineers to form a team along with satellite and antenna designers, according to a new report from Bloomberg. The report notes that this is an early-stage secret project that could still be s … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

What we learned on our Tesla Cybertruck ride

After Elon Musk left the stage Thursday evening, the crowd — still excited and a little stunned from the Tesla Cybertruck reveal — converged to the back doors that led outside, where a gigantic queue quickly formed. Media got their own area, the VIPs another and, finally, the oth … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Tesla nears land deal for German gigafactory outside of Berlin

Tesla is making progress on its plan to build its European gigafactory in Berlin, Bloomberg reports. The Elon Musk-run automaker is working with state officials in Brandenburg on the contract to secure around 740 acres of land just outside Berlin in Gruenheide, and the government … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Robocall-Crushing Traced Act Passes Senate and Heads to Oval Office

Somehow during all the partisan furor of the last few days, the Senate found a moment to vote some bipartisan legislation into law — presuming, of course, it survives the president's desk. | Continue reading | 5 months ago

France slaps Google $166M antitrust fine for opaque and inconsistent ad rules

France’s competition watchdog has slapped Google with a €150 million (~$166 million) fine after finding the tech giant abused its dominant position in the online search advertising market. In a decision announced today — following a lengthy investigation into the online ad sector … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Banking platform, launches ‘Curve Send’ for P2P payments in 25 currencies

Curve, the so-called “over-the-top” banking platform that lets you consolidate all of your bank cards into a single Curve card and app, is launching a new feature to make it possible to send money to friends and contacts. Dubbed “Curve Send,” the feature lets you send money … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Hardware IPOs Continue to Struggle

Now that the final technology IPOs of 2019 have touched down, it’s a good time to start looking back at what happened during the year. We’re hunting for trends as the clock winds down. Here’s one that’s obvious: Hardware startups are still struggling. It’s cliché to no… | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Over 1,500 Ring passwords have been found on the dark web

More than 1,500 Ring account passwords exposed, but Ring denies a breach. | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Google buys game developer Typhoon Studios

Google seems to be shopping for game studios as it courts consumer interest for its Stadia game-streaming platform, announcing Thursday that they had acquired Montreal-based Typhoon Studios. The young studio with 26 employees hasn’t released its first title yet, after being found … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Tesla vehicles are getting Stardew Valley

  Tesla owners have seen a bunch of games added to their car’s in-dash display over the last few months, from a handful of Atari classics to the painfully hard Cuphead. Next up? The oh-so-sweet farm living RPG, Stardew Valley. In addition to just being kind of cool, the in-dash g … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Important Letter from Flickr’s CEO

When in April of last year, the photo hosting service SmugMug acquired the photo-hosting service Flickr from Verizon’s digital media subsidiary, SmugMug CEO Don MacAskill said he was committed to breathing new life into the service, calling it “core to the entire fabric of the In … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

India gets more aggressive with internet shutdowns to curb protests

India, the world’s largest democracy, continues to normalize shutting down internet and suspending mobile communications for tens of millions of citizens in the country to thwart protests. Days after Narendra Modi -led government shut down mobile communications in the northeaster … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

A look ahead at blockchain’s next decade

Jonathan Johnson Contributor Share on Twitter Jonathan Johnson is president of Medici Ventures and CEO of More posts by this contributor Three challenges facing blockchain technology The road to the blockchain revolution has not always been smooth. Most tech expert … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Facebook is building an operating system so it can ditch Android

Facebook doesn’t want its hardware like Oculus and Portal to be at the mercy of Google because they rely on its Android operating system. That’s why Facebook has tasked a co-author of Microsoft’s Windows NT named Mark Lucovsky with building the social network an operating system … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

TiVo merges with technology licensor Xperi in $3B deal

Earlier this year, TiVo said it was preparing to split itself into two — a product and IP business — in order to make itself more attractive to buyers. Today, the company announced those plans have been put on hold as it has instead merged with technology licensor Xperi Corporati … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Spotify prototypes Tastebuds to revive social music discovery

Spotify is prototyping a new way to see what friends have been listening to, called “Tastebuds.” Despite how discovering music is inherently social, Spotify has no features for directly interacting with friends within its mobile app after axing its own inbox in 2017 and keeping i … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Paige raises $45M more to map the pathology of cancer using AI

One of the more notable startups using artificial intelligence to understand and fight cancer has raised $45 million more in funding to continue building out its operations and inch closer to commercialising its work. Paige — which applies AI-based methods such as machine learnin … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Anyscale launches with $20.6M led by A16Z

Open source has become a critical building block of modern software, and today a new startup is coming out of stealth to capitalise on one of the newer frontiers in open source: using it to build and manage distributed application environments, an approach being used increasingly … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Indian education startup Byju’s turns profitable

One of India’s biggest tech startups is no longer losing money. Education tech startup Byju’s on Tuesday posted a net profit of $2.8 million on revenue of $188.8 million in the financial year that ended in March this year. During the same period, Byju’s revenue increased to $208 … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Maker of Transformers NLP Library, Hugging Face, Raises $15M

Hugging Face has raised a $15 million funding round led by Lux Capital. The company first built a mobile app that let you chat with an artificial BFF, a sort of chatbot for bored teenagers. More recently, the startup released an open-source library for natural language processing … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Ucommune Files to Go Public

In the wake of WeWork’s embarrassing IPO rout, you might imagine that startups working in similar markets would cool it for a bit. Perhaps they could work on cutting spending, improving their gross margins, and, say, shooting for profitability. Not so, at least in one case. Inste … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Skyryse shows off end-to-end autonomous flight technology with helicopter

Skyryse is a three-year-old transportation startup that is approaching the future of aviation from a different angle when compared to most. You often see startups building new kinds of aircraft, with electric powertrains, multiple rotors for vertical take-off and landing, and mor … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Over 100 PBS local stations start streaming today on YouTube TV

Earlier this year, PBS announced it had secured for its member stations streaming agreements on YouTube’s live TV service, YouTube TV. Today, that deal goes live. PBS says more than 100 of its local stations are now available on YouTube TV by way of dedicated live channels for bo … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

New media investment firm Attention Capital acquires Girlboss

Sophia Amoruso will join Attention Capital as a founder partner as part of the deal. | Continue reading | 5 months ago

LogMeIn Acquired by Private Equity

LogMeIn announced this morning that it has agreed to be sold for $4.3 billion to affiliates of Francisco Partners and Evergreen Coast Capital Corporation, the private equity affiliate of Elliott Management Corporation. The purchase price comes out to $86.05 per share in an all-ca … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Intel acquires AI chipmaker Habana for $2 bn

Intel this morning issued a statement noting that it has picked up Israeli AI chipmaker Habana Labs. The deal, valued at around $2 billion, is the latest piece of some hefty investments in artificial intelligence that include names like Nervana Systems and Movidius. In July, Haba … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Instagram hides false content behind warnings, except for politicians

Instagram is giving politicians the same free rein to spread misinformation as its parent company Facebook. Instagram is expanding its limited fact checking test in the US from May and will now work with 45 third-party organizations to assess the truthfulness of photo and video c … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

Korea poised to enter upper tier of startup hubs

Seoul and South Korea may well be the secret startup hub that (still) no one talks about. While often dwarfed by the scale and scope of the Chinese startup market next door, South Korea has proven over the last few years that it can — and will — enter the top-tier of startup hubs … | Continue reading | 5 months ago

India shuts down internet once again, this time in Assam and Meghalaya

India has proposed groundbreaking rules, akin to Europe’s GDPR, that would require technology companies to garner consent from citizens before collecting and processing their personal data. But at the same time, the new rules also state that companies would have to hand over “non … | Continue reading | 5 months ago